Gundam The 3D Battle Pops Into Stores In March

By Spencer . January 11, 2011 . 2:18am


About a month after the Nintendo 3DS launches in Japan, Namco Bandai will release Gundam The 3D Battle. This game has mobile suits from Gundam, Z-Gundam, and Char’s Counterattack. Namco Bandai claims the stereographic 3D effects makes the sense of distance between enemy ships easier to see.


Gundam The 3D Battle is slated for release on March 24.



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  • malek86

    This is the case for pretty much any Nintendo console, but… man, these titles have no imagination at all.

    Having 3D in the title will probably become like when everybody and their mothers made DS games with the “D” and “S” letters in the subtitle.

    • ECM

      Err, well, yeah? It’s called smart marketing. Imaginative doesn’t sell–easy to understand by the consumer does :) (It’s no different than Super, well, everything during the SNES era.)

      • malek86

        I don’t know. I mean, if you see a DS game on the shelf, do you really need the title to tell you it’s for the DS?

        • You’d be surprised at the number of stupid people who would.

        • Ragnika

          Have you considered how many PSP titles have “Portable” on them?

          • malek86

            That too.

            Although, in that case, it’s usually because they are the PSP version (different or not) of an already existing game, rather than a completely new game made from the ground up.

            Anyway, like I said in the other post, it all goes hand to hand with companies wanting to differentiate portable games from console games.

  • joesz

    Sounds… like just any other gundam’s game..

    • Looks like you haven’t played Gundam VS series

      • joesz

        Sir what I meant was that it doesn’t really sound interesting to watch gundam in 3D

        • Actually, if made right, Gundam space fights in 3D could turn out to be really amazing, there’s a lot of things which would be cool in 3D here, alone all the beam weaponry.

        • Please accept my apologies, kind sir. Keep it classy

  • the fact that a game has 3D is something innovative
    something new and gimmicky like 3D technology sells…

    Also this is a DS with 3D and better graphics
    this is a win no matter what, just look at the Ds this is a ds with steroids, now lets see if developers have steroids themselves…

  • onilink888

    So, Gundam’s made it over, huh?

    Man, I really hope Macross makes it on the 3DS, too. What with the second Frontier movie coming out soon, it’d be great if we could get a game tie-in to it at least.

    • They’ve already got Triangle Frontier on the PSP… Since they don’t seem to have yearly Macross releases compared to gundams, probably it’ll arrive later on the 3DS

      • Was there ever a Macross game for the Nintendo(not counting SRWD and L)? I can’t remember, but I think the Macross series has it’s home on the Playstation.

        • I know that there’s a Robotech Macross saga on the GBA, but I’m not too sure about anything else on Nintendo systems… There’s not that much Macross games anyway :(

          • Yeah, however if the 3DS gets region locked, i donĀ“t think Harmony Gold will let a true Macross game get overhere :(

          • It’s not like Harmony Gold have any means of bringing any kind of game or anime, Macross related, to the states anyway. Damn annoying. :(

          • Licensing issues are really annoying. Why did Tatsunoko licensed it to Harmony Gold back in the 80’s?? Argh. Its not like they’re doing anything with it :

            Edit: I missed harmony gold back there

          • Guest

            Pretty sure there was a Robotech game for the Gamecube and a Macross game for Super Famicom and of course that Crystal Dreams game for N64 that got canceled (but you could find the demo rom for it online)

  • Hopefully Bandai lets this come out over here.

    • Guest

      aaaaaaand that’s a likely no

      • This is unrelated to the main article, but maaan, i just started to watch some Danganrompa videos and the freaking game impresses me so much, and of course it reminded me to your avatar lol, i wish it could get localizaed, ohh aksys, after 999, this could be a great one to bring.

      • Well actually, for some reason it’s listed as games to be released around 25 March at several UK retailers. It’s not concreate of course but it does give me hope that the UK will be getting it. Which means North America is likely to get it to should it be the case that it is getting a PAL release :D

        • Wow if that comes to fruition, perhaps they are actually serious about trying to become a top 5 publisher

  • Dimentionalist

    I can’t wait to import th-

    Oh, wait, what’s this? Why isn’t it working on my 3DS? Oh, wait, Nintendo had to go and region lock it. Way to encourage piracy…

    • Maybe if we’re lucky it’ll be a selective region lock as with the DSi.

      • Wait, where does it say something about region lock?

      • malek86

        DSi region lock isn’t actually selective. It’s simply that there are very few games enhanced for DSi.

  • So the Gundam Battle series have officially jumped ship to the 3DS…

  • I would honestly prefer a G Generation game than an action game based on three of the main series of UC. Speaking of G Generation, I think I’m to be broke after importing the wii version ;_;

    • Well like Macross, the next G Gen is going to be on the PSP, so maybe later this or next year.

      • 2012 is way off lol. Anyone feel like this game is just an experiment for the capability of the 3DS?

        • Guest

          I dont like G Generation. It’s like a dumb version of SRW

          • Exkaiser

            I like messing around with units, like putting Kincaid in a Magella Top.

            But other than that, the gameplay isn’t as fun as SRW by far.

          • Sorry I think you’re forgetting to explain your reason for saying “It’s like a dumb version of SRW”. Don’t mean to act like a fanboy but it would be nice to know why.

  • 1. Has an Nintendo handheld ever not allow you to play a import game? Don’t think so ! So we should be able to import this! My only real problem is why this game instead of Gundam vs Gundam or something with all Gundam series!

  • LynxAmali

    Why no Double Zeta?


    I want Double Zeta so I can beat the douchebaggery out of CCA era Char with Judau whilist spamming the freaking Hi-Mega Cannon. T_T Guess I'll have to save that for DWG3.

  • 5parrowhawk

    They also announced RIIIIIIIDGE RACER! 3D and some Pro Baseball game.

    I’d be cautious about this one, though. We don’t know who exactly is working on it yet. IIRC Bamco’s in-house teams don’t have a good track record with Gundam games.

    If it’s an Artdink production, though, I am so there.

    • Yup, we mentioned all three (Pro Baseball Famista 2011 being the baseball game) before and have some impressions of Ridge Racer 3D in the queue…

  • Very surprised several UK retailers have this listed (well they just named it “Gundam”). Hopefully – with two months to go – it will actually be the case they Europe recieves it :D

    • If that’s true, then I am REALLY confused with their marketing strategy. If they are risking to bring a new title to a new platform just months after launch with no gameplay videos whatsoever, why not release Gundam Senki, which had marvellous reviews from all around the globe. I need confused-chan now

      • Whats the gameplay videos for? Its not like we have any gameplay videos in English of 3DS games (maybe enough to count on one hand?)

        • For showing what can people expect from the game? One of the PS3’s earliest titles was a Gundam game, which was mediocre at best, got crap reviews and Bandai we never got another game for the console although people praised Senki :( …

          I don’t know what to say…. sob sob

          • I guess I was more confused at your statement in response to the statement that at this month (january) that there are no gameplay videos for a game that is soon to come in months after launch.

          • I’m sorry for sounding really confusing. This is what happens when you write a comment when your lecturer could be at your back at any minute ^_^

            Edit: God, why do I keep missing sentences? Am I posessed?

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