Peek At Hyperdimension Neptunia’s Premium Package

By Spencer . January 11, 2011 . 5:42pm


From the console world to ours, NIS America has a Hyperdimension Neptunia premium package. This version of includes the PlayStation 3 game and an artbook with concept & character art packed in a box with the original Japanese cover art.




Standalone copies of Hyperdimension Neptunia have different cover art. Hyperdimension Neptunia comes out in North America in February.

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  • shy_mel

    I like the new box. Now I just have to pick, this or At3 first?

    • Both, like me, both, 1st day (well, they will reach my shores in like 2 weeks after) BUT HELL I WANT THEM.

      And i already ordered atelier rorona, ahh i love NISA <3

    • Barrit

      AT3 comes out a month later than this I believe, so you have a little time to save up money if that’s the issue.

      • shy_mel

        Money isn’t the problem (I save most of my Christmas money), but I can only get so many games at a time, as my mom somewhat controls my spending. Mom thinks they’re really expensive.

    • Neptunia first, and next month AT3, amazing rpg combo, is amazing.

      • Life is beautiful, isn’t it? *~*

        • It really is, sometimes you think nothing is going to happen, but then it strikes you Fist of the North Star like directly on the face x3

      • Ereek

        Not only that, but Dragon Age 2, Radiant Historia, PB, Tactics Ogre, Third Birthday (supposedly Q1, at least), Ys,and Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, among others I probably missed.

        Q1 is going to be very solid for RPGs of all types. Actually, all year long will be excellent for RPGs. Later we have things like Disgaea 4, Dissidia, Witcher 2, Mass Effect 3, Deus Ex, Agarest Zero, and Skyrim. Maybe Xenoblade/Last Story/Persona 2 Portable/Catherine as well.

        2011 is going to murder my pocketbook. Again.

        • ….oh! Sorry, I think I was unconscious for a moment here, this is quite a wonderful year for the RPG I think I have to cry…for me being broke by the end of this year.

        • TRAILZ IN THE SKY!!

          Ahh god! Just reading all you wrote about made my grin surface xD

  • Ereek

    And here I just now read the Prinny Bomb about this.

    Any news on when the set will be available on the NISA Store?

  • any word if Hyperdimension Neptunia premium package is a nis store exclusive or if it will be available at other places as well?

    If it comes to some other store I will likely pick it up, if it’s nis store only I will just settle for the normal version :/

    • OneOkami

      I wish NISA will realize things like that. I backed out on buying the Mana Khema 2 set they had on sale over Christmas because of their ridiculous shipping.

      • I think domestic shipping is free for most orders now. If not, it’s something we’re implementing soon so that point will become moot. Steve G.’s question may get answered soon enough…

        • SolidusSnake

          I just ordered Prinny 2 earlier today — no free shipping unfortunately, but the price was only ~3$ which is pretty reasonable IMO.

          • OneOkami

            You probably live relatively close to California. I’m over on the east coast.

          • SolidusSnake

            It shouldn’t be that big a difference… you see the link that says “est. shipping” on the left side of the screen? click on it and put in your zip code, you should get a cheaper price. I tried a few east coast addresses just for lolz and I got a shipping price of 3.26 each time.

          • OneOkami

            In reply to SolidusSnake: The $8.50 was my price at checkout, not the estimated which can be WAY off.

        • OneOkami

          I just checked and I currently would have to pay ~$8.50 on top of retail price of Prinny 2 to have it shipped to me. I’m certainly glad to hear you guys are addressing this, though.

          It was getting harder and harder for me to justify paying $10-$20+ more than what Amazon was charging to get the NISA-exclusive bonuses and I became increasing content with just settling for standard editions.

          If what you’re saying is true then I certainly look forward to buying directly from you guys again. I already have Chou Jigen Game: Neptune but I don’t have Ar Tonelico 3.

          • Yes, OneOkami, I agree completely especially consider most retailers offer free fast shipping as well noy just amazon/prime.

        • That is great news. I love Nis as a company, and would love to preorder games and support you guys through your store (and get the little bonuses), but that whole adding $8 to the price for shipping was just scary to look at @[email protected]

          thinking about it you guys are going to get a lot of my money this year (neptune, disgaea 4, and prinny 2 for sure) :P

          • Thats odd that the site just defaults to $8 when choosing the item. But then its $3 for first class USPS, and then 8 for priority. But they still charge so much for UPS shipping.

        • Pesmerga00

          Great news!

  • Getting the artbook one, it looks like its hardcover, which is awesome! Though how will I decide to play this or MvC3, since they both release on the same day. >.<

    • Simple. Play MVC3 first. Play through the story mode with all the characters, then start playing this. Either when you’ve finished this or when you’re taking a break from it, go back to MVC3 and play the challenge modes and online modes. That’s the beauty of a fighting game, you can go back and play it way after you’ve “beaten” it.

      It’s like what I’m doing in the next few weeks with Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2. Picking up both on launch day, but not even playing ME2 until after Dead Space 2, as I get the feeling ME2 will be more of a time investment, while Dead Space 2, I will probably finish in a week, unless I decide to platinum it like I did the first one.

      And yes, I will be playing and beating Extraction before I start with 2 proper.

      • Ill have to find a way to finish Mass Effect 2 on my PS3 and then on my PC (a friend gifted it to me around Christmas, so to get ready for ME2 Ive been playing ME 1 hopefully can finish it by next Tuesday! SN: Ill hopefully play as female on the ps3, and continue as myself on PC, cause Im super “good” and not a “renegade”)…but yeah I guess I could do that. I love that about fighting games, I still boot up the phenomenal Naruto UNS2 from time to time to finish getting all the characters and explore the games world, its awesome.

        Im too scared of Dead Space 2, wouldnt wanna play it alone! :( I already scream and cry in horror movies in the theater and the games looks as scary as the scariest movie I ever saw!

        • See, I’m the opposite with horror games. I play them, in the dark, with a note on my door to my roommate to not knock or call me unless it’s an absolute emergency. I love that whole feeling of dread that they bring and how a really good one makes your heart actually beat faster.

          It’s actually funny because I see A TON of horror movies, but none have ever scared me like a game can. In fact, none have ever scared me. But that’s probably because the first movie my parents ever took me to see was “Alien,” so I grew up with horror, pretty much. I remember seeing “The Omen” as a kid and really wishing I had Damien’s powers.

          • Shall I suggest you some asian horror movies? Usually they’re scarier than Hollywood as they rely less on cheap scares but rely on ambience and psychology (well, some of the movies i watched anyways. Current horror movies uses the same old cheap scare tactics).

          • Oh, already into Asian horror. Been into it for years now, ever since I first saw Miike’s “Audition.”

          • I see.. For your first Asian horror you started with Audition. That’s hardcore :D

  • Barrit

    Nice that they are included the original box art as the art book cover. Wow 3 different covers in the premium edition. Are the standalone copies going to have 1 of those 3 copies or a completely different boxart cover? I’m guessing the standalone copy will have the big box art cover?

    • I’m actually guessing the standalone one will have the one you see here on the CD cover on the first picture, though I wouldn’t care, as all of them look gorgeous!

      • Barrit

        Yea you’re probably right, just how it was for the Rorona premium package.


    And im freaking dying for any info for ar tonelico 3, my god, i can’t even imagine how will i feel when NISA starts talking about it, maybe the same i would if persona 5 is announced, or Catherine’s game localization announcement, ahhhhh!! AHHHHHH!

    • Barrit

      Yea, I can’t wait for the premium info for Ar Tonelico. It won’t be too long though since it’s coming out in March. We probably only have to wait one more month!

    • NeoTechni

      Gamestop doesnt have it instore either, they didnt even have the regular version till last week.

    • Kai2591

      lol relax…But I understand the anticipation!

  • The box looks so stylish, I just can’t withstand it, so have to buy that version!

  • HarryHodd

    Oh gosh. All I need is this to be up on Amazon. The book looks nice and the color pallette of this game has always appealed to me.

  • neetloaf

    I can imagine this will look damn good next to my Atelier Rorona premium box.

  • PrinceHeir

    i am tempted to buy this :D

    Atelier Totori, Ar tobelico Qoga and this. i still haven’t even bought the Rorona one. arghh

  • Argh, when is it up for pre-order anywhere? I’m really scared that it might go out of stock before I know it!!

  • I’d love to get all that, but I have a feeling it’ll just be online and not through Gamestop purchases, so I guess I’ll just be getting the standard edition.

    Now, Ar Tonelico, on the other hand, if any of the editions come with a soundtrack, I don’t care if I have to pre-order it in the middle of Hudson River, I’ll do it.

  • Darkrise

    What I want to know, is if this is NIS store exclusive, and/or Gamestop U.S exclusive…

  • … Do I have to play through the game again?

    • No, but that doesn’t stop you from getting it again, does it!? (i guess it would o.o)

      • I’ve been sick the last couple of months, so I’ve been mostly focusing on back end and testing, not writing up things. Some of the video testing has been quite interesting, only if you understand web and physical broadcasting though, although I’m still in the market for an electrical engineer/programmer…

        I’m not sure if the same person doing the play test for the Japanese version should do it again – on one hand it means I know exactly what I’m looking for.

        On the other hand, it means that I’ve already had a nearly fully set view, which could impair a fair overview, because I may expect too much.

  • krokounleashed

    I’m glad that I just ordered a PS3 with Demon’s Souls and Valkyria Chronicles. I always thought, this will come to Xbox 360, too. When I searched for exclusives, this was on the list. Anyway, good that I own now every current-gen system ( Yeah, that includes Wii, PSP and DSi).

    • Why would you think NISA games would be coming to 360? If you read any interviews with them, they’ve said that they’re only working on Sony and, to a lesser extent, Nintendo systems, with no plans for anything on the 360.

      Sure, a few years back, their parent company said they were looking into 360 production, but they’ve changed their mind since, probably after seeing the Japanese 360 market.

      Well, anyway, it’s good that you’ve everything you need to play any game out there.

      • krokounleashed

        Oh yeah, I was such a fanboi thinking there was actually coming some games for xbox360 who totally fit the target audience. They guys who already own a xbox 360 for like say [email protected] etc. I know they’re close to sony, but there was cross edge for example.

        • I’m sure Cross Edge Dash was just an alternative to get sales off the 360 front in Japan, but I’m guessing it didn’t work out too well, which is why it didn’t make a domestic release.

          • Cross Edge Dash was never localized, though, and if you remember correctly, Nao Zook from NISA said that she was actually just as surprised as anyone that there was a 360 version in Japan.

            EDIT: This was in response to krokounleashed, not Garyuu.

  • Now I have to get this!!! I love Nis America premium packaging xD

  • I will be pre-ordering this as soon as NIS’s store puts it up. I can’t wait!

    • Ill only get it from their store if its, A) free release date shipping B) not available at any other store…

      Until then I will hope the premium edition is offered elsewhere.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Looks like both of them popped on GS site today. Neptunia 2/8 and 3/15 for AT3. Neither show what is included, but both are showing a $59.99 price point which was what the GS Rurona bundle went for.

  • kroufonz

    That is not the original “limited edition ” japanese cover art

    NISA using original “standard edition” japanese cover art for their premium edition instead of the original japanese “limited” edition cover art (what’;s up with this cutephobia syndrome nisa??)

    – the original japanese and korean limited edition cover art is consist character before their henshin form(or simply the one with less boob more loli and cuter version)
    – what NISA use in premium edition cover art are the one after the character henshin (or the one with more boob and more skin exposure and the less loli version)

    still it is amaze me how NISA refuse using the cute loli version of character in some of their recent games, while they are still manage to left it intact in trinity universe for example

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’d still call it an acceptable sop to the retailers. We don’t need another repeat of GS trying to act like Agarest didn’t exist. I’ll pretty well guarantee that artbook will have everything.

      • kroufonz

        in neptune case it more acceptable for me since atleast the regular version still has character in it unlike rorona.

        but what NISA do with cover art is quite confusing they take different route each game:
        -rorona standard edition cover didn’t have character in it but the premium one has the beautiful anime art in it
        -while neptunia both have character art but the premium edition didn’t use the more cute/beautiful version of art( the one with character before they are henshin/transform)
        -while on the other hand trinity universe and last rebellion cover are left as original untouched (with character)

        from that 3 case we can see their policy is still quite a mystery to me

        it just still hard to get conclusion maybe siliconera could ask some question regarding this question

        altough if you compare with agarest it is still not make sense, since NISA neptunia choice of premium cover is more close to agarest naughty edition(with more boobs and revealing outfit), while the original japanese/korean limited edition box art are far more “safe” than the US premium edition cover.

        • Barrit

          Yea it confuses me as well. I think when games like this come to the US they try to stay away from any loli type covers (like removing Rorona completely). Although for the premium version, lolis wouldn’t really matter since the people who would buy the premium versions in the first place most likely wouldn’t really mind the loli type characters/very anime-ish covers. Maybe that cover will be included in the artbook at least.

          I know in Rorona another weird change to the actual game was the changes of their ages. I think their ages in the Japanese version were listed as 14-15ish in the status menus, but 16-17 in the US version. Very strange in my opinion. Anyone wouldn’t really even see that unless they bought the game already, so I don’t really get it. Just as long as no changes are made to the actual game, then I don’t mind too much. Just kinda makes you think “wtf?”.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            It’s a benefit/side effect of a successful modern culture. Age may be just a number, but in today’s western world, the magic numbers of 18 and 21 have major social impact. Less than that and your a child, and beneficiary of a greater degree of protection.

            Not that such is bad. Girls no longer need to marry by 14 because they no longer have worry of half their babies dying or pregnancy itself as a major killer. Boys no longer need declared providers for life at 18, doing the same job and living the same life their great-grandfather did.

            It’s far easier to not fight to change every mind and thought. As you noted, long as we get the products and any changes are simply paper, enjoy our hobby and wait til the next great release.

  • Wow, that’s the best looking premium box case yet.

  • NeoTechni

    Larger picture please

  • Did you guys notice the box art was censored? :( I took a look at the original Japanese one, and her boobs weren’t blocked. Although, it’s in its original form if you look at the art book.

    • Barrit

      Yea, I noticed it a while back when they first released the trailer. Didn’t you know: Boobs = the devil!

  • Guest

    I need details!

  • Testsubject909

    Oh great… my money is still going…

    P.S. Where’s the freaking pre-order for this on Amazon!? Come on!

  • Dosen’t sound like a premium package to me. Unless the “Japanese box art” is such a thing that makes it premium o_O

    • It doesn’t? As far as i know the normal games doesn’t bring a hard cover and an artbook

      • Wow they are pretty benevolent if every copy is coming with the hard cover artbook!

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