And The Most Popular 999 Character Is…

By Ishaan . January 12, 2011 . 9:29am

…Snake. Quite the difference from the Japanese popularity poll, which marked Clover as the undisputed winner.


On Aksys’ poll, Clover came in close behind Snake at #2, with Santa following at #3. Despite being the lead, poor Junpei himself was only to be found at #5.


Aksys say that June, who beat Junpei at #4, scored the higher spot by a narrow margin. 12.4% of the votes went to Junpei, while 13% went to June.

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  • Lol Junpei is the 5th, quite fitting xd

    sad that he always is relatively low in the charts, he was my personal fave after June.

    Snake is cool though, really liked him in the true ending.

  • I like the differences between the J and US polls :D

    Also, very cool that June and Junpei were the closest to each other in percentages with a .6% difference between them ;)

    • joesz

      Well,Miku style girls always comes in first place in Japan:)

    • Destiny exist even on games >83

  • Oh, good. I liked Snake, especially in the Safe Ending. Still, I was hoping June would win. :( Oh well.

    How did the rest of the characters fall into place?

  • its understandable. i mean he’s called snake, what not to like about that?

  • A lot better than jap’s also, a little disapointed with junpei’s and June’s but is ok, i already said all i did on twitter when i saw it yesterday xD

  • Pichi

    Happpy with both the JP and US results. Clover still did well and Snake winning this is good.

  • Good, one of my favorites won.

  • Roses4Aria

    You go, Snake! I knew your total awesomeness would win out in the end!

    All in all, I was much happier with this than I was with the results of the Japanese poll. I liked Clover well enough, though I wish Junpei had scored a bit higher. I definitely preferred him to Santa, but I guess you can’t win them all.

    I wonder if this is an indication that more females voted in this poll? Hmmmm….

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Kinda disappointed Seven didn’t place higher. He’d be my #2 man to Snake.

  • vadde939

    I like the results of the Aksys poll better than the Japanese one. Having all the girls as the top 3 was just -_-

  • Good. Even though I voted for Santa, it is still a great choice IMO. Loved Clover too, but not as much as I liked Santa and Snake (He was awesome in all his participation through the game, but I loved how he reacted during the Safe Ending. It made me like him even more.).

  • Zero_Destiny

    While I like the response better than the Japanese poll having just beaten the game for the first time I have to say Snake didn’t leave much of an impact on me. I mean he was cool and everything but I don’t think I even went through a door with him once. Oh well maybe in my next play-throughs he’ll be more important.

    • DlanorKnox

      His crowning moment of awesome is in an ending you can only get by going through a door with him. :)

  • Joanna

    Heh, I guess I’m the only one who liked Seven best (at least from the comments on here). I liked how he looked like a gangster yet was the total opposite, his fights with Lotus, his little alcohol jokes…kind of sad he placed so low on both polls.

    And my second favourite character was Lotus (yeah I know you guys are going to be shocked) but I found her cold calculating personality a breath of fresh air. The true ending sort of defrosted her but I still found her interesting as a character (and I personally think her coldness was a front to deal with the pressures of the game and what kept her going was obviously her desire to see her daughters again)…too bad she had so little bearing on the actual plot.

    Snake is my third favourite, and Clover, I liked too, so I don’t mind seeing them up there in first and second. Actually I don’t think I hate a single character from the game (which is pretty rare).

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