I Think Otomedius Excellent Is The Only Game To Come Bundled With A Chair

By Spencer . January 12, 2011 . 12:47am

imageKonami set a date for Otomedius Excellent in Japan. Its release isn’t too far off either since the gals shooter will be in stores on March 24.


There’s also a massive limited edition scheduled to ship out of Konami’s warehouses on the same day. The Otomedius Excellent limited gorgeous set includes a card with a DLC product code, soundtrack CD, and artbook. The book has 128 pages (standard letter size) of full color artwork to flip through.



image image image


You also get Aoba and Hanafuma polyester sheets. What for, you ask? A gaming chair. Seriously. The green rocking chair is a bit more than 2.5 feet tall and has a speaker in it. Actually, three speakers. Two 8W speakers and a 20W subwoofer. You can use the sheets to cover the chair to make your own Otomedius pilot seat.


image image


The limited edition costs 36,651 yen ($440), which is actually more than the Otomedius Gorgeous limited edition and its special touch pad arcade stick.

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  • Kris

    Let’s hope that the US release isn’t long after this! I’ve heard that Excellent is distinctly better than the original.

    • Aoshi00

      I thought the first game was kinda boring and sold it, and there were a lot of expensive DLCs.. but the artwork’s really nice for this one.. I was surprised the FF13 Int’l booklet was hardcover.. wonder if the eventual US release would have this artbook as well.. They should remake Sexy Parodius or something..

      • I couldn’t even get pass the first boss on Sexy Parodius ;__; I suck

        • Kris

          Keep trying! Shmups are a matter of patience, pattern recognition, and a lot of death. It’s hard to just start out “good” at a shmup. If it was that easy, Japanese arcades would lose a lot of money. :)

          • Yarr, I shall try harder to conquer it! I’ve just finished ESP.Ra.De… How could I live for this long and have not even heard of that game before..

      • Kris

        Man, Sexy Parodius HD would be awesome. Especially with 5.1 surround sound! I love how weird the Parodius soundtracks are.

  • PrinceHeir

    where’s my PS3 version konami?

    i want this since it reminded me of Bizarre Jelly 5 from No More Heroes :)

    “The limited edition costs 36,651 yen ($440), which is actually more than the Otomedius Gorgeous limited edition and its special touch pad arcade stick.”

    if only i had the money :(

    • Hraesvelgr

      If you want shmups, you get a 360. I don’t know how or why it happened, but the 360 ended up with Japan’s more niche games, like shmups or VNs.

      • godmars

        It happened in part because apparently they can get away with asking $70~$90 for a SHMUP in japan. The other is its on disc which would make it more expensive to make on Blue Ray.

        Though it could probably be offered as a download on PSN/XBLA, but then they’d likely want more than $15 or it.

        • PrinceHeir

          i just don’t know why developers won’t include shump on PS3 and Wii considering their the dominant force in japan. im just guessing on this but isn’t a shump game consist of only maybe 5-10 GB? i maybe wrong about this but that’s just what i speculate. if that’s right they can make a cave shump collection for PS3, not only their market will expand but it will allow importers to import the game(though i would prefer they bring it stateside) i don’t know but that’s just me.

          • *they’re
            And a schmup in 5-10gb? Dear god that would be a huge game. Hell, Wartech was only like 2gigs. And Ikaruga is in the tens of megs iirc. Shmups are SMALL.

          • PrinceHeir

            well that’s good ^^ they can make a shump collection for PS3. i would buy it in a heart beat :D

    • Testsubject909

      Now that you mention it… This pretty much IS Bizarre Jelly 5…

      Great, now I want…

  • NeoTechni

    How the hell does a chair cost $440? Even with speakers it shouldn’t cost more than $50

  • Darkrise


  • neocatzon

    that eyes.. did Mine Yoshizaki drew the character design?

    • Yup, he’s the character designer for Otomedius

      • I wish there are guest characters in this game *coughdeliciousakihinatacough*

    • Yes he did the design for the Otomedius series, his style is very outstanding if you ask me, gotta love Keroro Gunsou xd

      I really love his style, so cute and funny x3

  • I for one hope to God they change that atrocious cover art. It’s just contrast for the sake of contrast.

  • There are new pictures of Emon 5 here, who wasn’t confirmed to be in the game. Does this mean he’ll be a DLC character?

  • Hentai warning: “Sit on the face of your favorite Otomedius pilot.” That should be the sales pitch, no?
    The chair covers can go on upside down after all.

  • I think we ALL know what the Chair is really for. To paraphrase the great Sora: “Starts with an F”.

  • So do you lay on the chair with your stomach facing towards it?

  • YEAH, it is true, many chairs together in those games.

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