Pre-Order Dragon Quest VI At Gamestop For A Slime Plush

By Ishaan . January 14, 2011 . 11:03am

Dragon Quest VI, when it releases on February 14th, will come with a bonus if you pre-order the game from Gamestop — a slightly creepy-looking Slime plush.


We don’t see the plush listed on other retailers’ websites, so there’s a chance it’s Gamestop exclusive. Pre-orders are up now, in case you’re interested in reserving a copy early. Here’s a a batch of new screenshots of Dragon Quest VI released earlier today.


A helping of Luida’s Pumpkin Salad and Slime Meat Buns for Ereek for her detective work!

  • Since when have slimes never been creepy looking, aside from their spin-off games? Anyway this is an awesome pre-order bonus, better then some soundtreack or tiny art-book. Wish the UK would get a pre-order bonus like that, though I think we have a few Gamestops in our country.

    • Exkaiser

      …I never thought slimes were creepy…

    • xhunter

      I would much rather have a soundtrack or a decent artbook(Nothing like those jokes that came with Ar Tonelico 2 and Xenosaga 3) than a plush. =/

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yeah there’s never been any real good pre-order incentive with Dragon Quest since like the original nintendo games that came with the maps. It’s nice to see any bonus really. I would love some American artbooks for Dragon Quest since the three or four I have I had to get from Japan and pay an arm and a leg lol. Would love to have one in english too lol.

        • If this was a console DQ game then I would agree with you. But the art books that come with handheld games tend to be disappointing. Also Soundtracks tend to be like a “best of” instead of the whole collection, which is understandable but for me slightly lacking.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Naturally Artbooks are the bigger the better lol. An OST would be nice too, I sort of get what you’re sayin’ with the best hits but some portable OSTs are awesome. The OST I got with YS I&II (on DS) had like thirty songs and was like 75 minutes long. But then there was the OST I got with Super Robot Taisen which was only like 10 songs long :( Strange since Atlus did both of those releases. I guess when it comes to whether or not we get a quality OST it depends entirely on luck lol. But really just glad to be gettin’ any pre-order gift and I love me a slime.

  • What?! Argh I was planning to enter the Dragon Quest series at Dragon Quest X or something but now this preorder bonus is tempting me to just get VI. Im such a sucker for these bonuses. No I mustnt cave in!!!!

    • Zero_Destiny

      No do it and cave in!!! lol Dragon Quest VI is my fav Dragon Quest it’s awesome. All the DS Dragon Quest are solid RPGs really, if you’re interested you should honestly check them out. Since you seem to like graphics (all those fancy bells and whistles lol) I at least suggest you try to give IX a chance. Graphically on Par with Golden Sun DS and in my opinion way more fun, especially if you play multi-player.

    • Given your taste in games, I would recommend DQIX over VI.

      • Zero_Destiny

        I second that as well (if only just to get more people out to play it)
        edit: lol seems like I already said that in my comment under this one, sorry.

  • Pichi

    So cute!! Now I’ll have to pre-order it. I hope its a medium or higher size plushie. Gah, SE got me once more.

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol plushie FTW. I do wonder if it was really the Enix side or the nintendo that decided this pre-order though. SE has never really given Dragon Quest games much of a pre-order bonus B4. The best thing they ever did was bundle a demo of Final Fantasy XII with VIII so I am curious on whose idea this was.

  • Zero_Destiny

    OMG that’s awesome. We didn’t even get a pre-order gift for IX!!! Now I have to pre-order it, even though it just looks like the run of the mil slime plushie that are a dime a dozen on the internet the thrill of pre-order compels me!!! lol

  • thebanditking

    Ugh, GameStop. Likely won’t get this because I just can’t bring my self to go in those stores. I use to shop there when I was younger but after repeatedly not getting my bonus items I stopped. Not to mention my games often having box cutter slices in the cover art (because people must know how to open cardboard without one) and most of the locations having terrible employees and often smelling like a mix of BO and ass, I’m sorry not even for the slime………..

    • Wow your store sounds just plain terrible. Mine always had classmates working so I never had that isshu, or I would buy games on day 1 so there wouldnt be any lack of bonus item or that box cutter slices (they needed boxcutters?

      • Zero_Destiny

        Gamestops aren’t my fav stores either. Buildings are too small and it’s always crowded to the brim with kids. Not like middle school kids either but like six year-olds. It’s not fun. But my main beef is they NEED two counters. 1 for trade-ins and one for actual purchases. I can’t even count the number of times I ended up waiting like 40 or 50 mins behind like three different families who each have a huge paper bag full of games and are trading them in. Then the parents always get in a fight with the employees over why their sports games are only worth a couple of bucks and there kids are running a muck and … and Ugh… Gamestop why? BUT that aside IT is nice to have a store dedicated to games and I’ve found some good deals there. I’ve gotten many cheap used games and even found some out of print games that go for unreasonable price on the net but are the standard MSRP at Gamestop so it’s not all bad. lol sorry for the rant.

        • Ive been buying from AMZN for so long that the only times I ever make it into the gamestop is, if I get a giftcard, pokemon event, or some special gamestop only bonus. But the two counters would have been excellent as Ive got stuck behind people trading in before, and then they let them go off to find something to spend their credit on, then the family cant decide, and then more minutes of waiting.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yeah it’s never fun to be behind those families and their trade-ins. But it is nice to have a store to go to. And for someone who still actively buys and plays PS2 games it’s great. Plus I did buy Dragon Warrior VII there years ago. New too. I’ll forever brag about how lucky that was. Spent like $30 on it. On the internet it can an upwards of $100<!!! So if you're willin' to dig there's always a treasure here and there.

        • Exkaiser

          Gamestops around where you live have two counters? All the ones I’ve ever seen (including the ones that used to be Electronics Boutique) are small mall-size affairs with only a single counter. No kids running amok, usually, either.

          I don’t really buy games from there anymore, though.

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol No I WISH they had 2 counters. That’s my main complaint. Stinks waitin’ behind people makin’ their trade-ins. Kids always seem to be there whenever i go too. lol Just unlucky I guess. Honestly I made it a rule of mine to never go on weekends (that’s when the kids practically flock to the stores) It’s like their school buss drops them off there on fri and they don’t leave until mon. Not that I hate kids but yeah havin’ to deal with other people’s children is never fun.

  • Pro_from_Dover

    Aw~ It’s adorable!

  • Icon

    An easy day-one purchase. I’ll be pre-ordering this now, thank you very much. *Slurp*

    • Zero_Destiny

      You da man!!! *slurp*

  • PrinceHeir

    DO WANT :D

  • Well, I totally pre-ordered! Of course, I would have anyway, after I had a heck of a time tracking down a new copy of DQ V recently…

    Btw, not sure if it’s been mentioned anywhere yet, but speaking of reserves, if anyone’s been waiting, the new Ar Tonelico for PS3 is available for pre-order too.

  • Hraesvelgr

    If they’re going to make a slime preorder item, it should be… slime-like, as opposed to a plush.

  • runesong

    Do want!!!!

  • That looks literally exactly like the one I gave my bf for Xmas. It was about 3.5″.

    That’s a pretty neat preorder gift.

    • Zero_Destiny

      You sir make one great BF lol

      • You mean “ma’am” and “GF”

        • Zero_Destiny

          Oops! You never really know on the internet and I was never good at wording things in a unisex matter. Well the sentiment still stands. You Ma’am make one great… while actually typing out all of that sounds funny comin’ from me lol.

  • Hmm… I already got a “It’s Party Slime” T-shirt… Should I actually get more DQ/Slime goodies?

    • Ereek

      You can never have enough Slime goodies.

      When I went to the DQIX events all of the employees kept the shirts, so we didn’t get any. You’re lucky! On the other hand, I do have a beautiful Slime-shaped controller back from when DQVIII was released.

      • Joanna

        Huh, that’s weird. The event I went to had a draw with a DSi and Slime shirts up for grabs. I managed to win one of the four slime shirts (3 new, one used at the event – I got a brand new one in a plastic wrap). You just needed to bring a copy of DQIX to the event to sign up for the draw. Maybe it’s a case of different locations having different policies?

        But I didn’t get the Party Slime shirt. I got a blue shirt with a slime and the DQIX logo on the back.

  • …Is this for Canada as well?

    If not, I’ll just go over there and save my money for Tactic Ogre instead.

  • Guest

    Can’t wait for a Euro release. If not this a definite import. Still haven’t completed IX yet, which was my top portable rpg of 2010.

  • Goo the heck wouldn’t want a Slime Plush!? Obvious 1st day buy for a seasoned DQ fan.

  • Joanna

    gah, if only I was up to date with Siliconera. I guess it’s not too late to cancel my preorder on Amazon and check if the offer is extends to EB Games….ah, nevermind, the Canadian site doesn’t mention a slime plushie and the price is 5$ more so I’ll just stick with my Amazon preorder and I’ll buy myself a slime plushie to feel better. :P

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