Finally…An English Inazuma Eleven Trailer

By Ishaan . January 15, 2011 . 6:01pm


Had you forgotten that Inazuma Eleven is releasing in Europe just 12 days from now? Here’s a trailer to remind you! Nintendo of Europe have Level 5’s soccer RPG scheduled for release on January 28th, and seem to have given the cast British accents, which is a nice change from what we’re used to hearing in most games.

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  • This looks kind of fun.

    • The 2nd and 3rd are even better. Even if you dislike Level-5, as I do, you’ll find something to love. It’s the best new property of this generation.

  • Wow!!!!!!! We Americans live in an unfair world! This game looks awesome even for a DS game! I so want it now!!!!! Where in the world is our US release?! All those special moves were just to die for, voice acting and animated cutscenes too!!! Epic!

    • FlamingSausage

      You know you can import the game, right?

    • Do you know what the Chicago Fire, Columbus Crew, D.C. United, Colorado Rapids, Real Salt Lake, San Diego Earthquake, or Portland Timbers are? No cheating now.

      • D.C. United is an America Soccer team right that had a bright upstart?

        • … Darn. Knowing where you live I shouldn’t have included the United in that list. =P Seriously though, not that many people can tell me that they know any of those teams. Although the FIFA video games have made the sport somewhat more popular, association football, which soccer is short for, isn’t popular enough in the United States to get a release of this game. At the very least, it’s not the best testing ground for the West’s reception to the series. Well… That would be my reasoning not to release the game in the U.S. if I were in charge of Level 5. I could be wrong though.

          • Well my previous roommates loved soccer to death so in order to have somewhat of a discussion with them I had to know of teams, lol.

            If only people here were more into soccer then we wouldnt miss this fantastic game :(

    • You know they get mostly half of the games we get? And they get it like (depending on the game) maybe 2 years after the japan release , they have to put like 4 languages in there…

      • But they get special and collectors editions for all their games with great steelbook cases, and soundtracks, and figures, and plushies, and special cases, while we get, well nothing. I cant see how anyone thats an American can not feel like we are being treated unfairly.

        • Really, just no. Not only does the US get a lot more games than Europe like WildArms said, in most cases the games that are Europe only are not even that good(this might be an exception). And, while EU games are often special editions, they are mostly just cheap versions of a “true” limited edition or collector’s edition or what not. I never saw a game here that had figures or plushies in the special edition, soundtracks are mostly halfassed, and sometimes the cover is just ugly.

          • Notice, you said “while the games are OFTEN special editions,” the key here is that, they ARE special editions. Anything special edition is better than a no edition you know! I cant see how people can even complain about the editions, its better than getting what we get, nothing. Weve been cheated so much this generation that it is just plain, argh! Be glad for these “ugly and lacking” editions. Sonic Colors (Colours*) had an excellent edition with a figure or something if I remember, the first LBP had the sackboy if I remember, etc. What did we get, no special edition with Colors, no special edition with LBP1.

          • ….

          • So if that is the keyword, you wouldnt mind getting a naruto game once every 3 years meanwhile it has some “special edition”? And barely get any other game at all?

          • Chippel

            For a change of pace(from the Sawada-guy bashing), I will say that the Europeans actually have two advantages here. Not only do they get special editions that we are jealous of despite them not always being great, but they have the advantage when it comes to importing and exchange rates, and that our games are less expensive in the first place. (which should hopefully make up for the shipping rates a bit)
            But every country has its advantages and disadvantages with gaming.

          • @WildArms Well even this year Europe received a special edition to Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, while what did America get? Nothing just the game itself. I will honestly say, I wouldnt mind being offered a special edition if the game had it.

          • Ren

            Trist, let’s put it like this. No circurventing my questions, no commentaries, just answer with the number of the option you prefer. This isn’t a exact replica of the situation, but might as well be.

            1 – You get a lot of games, both mainstream and niche, and around 3 to 12 releases each month, with around half of it being games you would like to play. There’re mostly one limited edition per two months and there’s rarely swag.

            2 – You get some games, pretty much mainstream, and around 1 to 7 releases each month, and you have interest in only one, maybe two or three games. You know the rest of the world gets the games you want, but they won’t come where you live, and if they do, it’ll take some years. You get a good amount of limited editions, but then, they don’t tend to have swag, and aside from being pretty on a shelf, they don’t really have any utility and would be a waste of money that could be put into other games just because you need your bragging rights for paying for something costing more than your friends did, or because since games you want are so rare and far you might as well splurge when they lauch, if they launch.

            Choose wisely…

          • Is there an emoticon that represents me rubbing my temples? If I knew how to post pictures here, there’d be a big ol’ Captain Picard, face-palming.

            You know, I have to agree with PersonaBull here. Often, I think people are just riding you too hard, but here, the problem is that you’re wrong. We do get a lot more than Europe does. Looking at the top ten games doesn’t reflect the reality of the situation. Those are big titles with a lot of PR dollars behind them. Of course, they’re going to come out in all territories.

            However, if you look at games that don’t have huge amounts of hype behind them, there is a definite trend in gaming to just skip Europe, altogether. In fact, that’s why it’s considered a big thing when Europe gets something that we don’t.

            Looking back over the various generations of gaming I’ve lived through, the only big title I can think of, previous to this gen, that Europe got that we didn’t was the Genesis/Megadrive Megaman: The Wily Wars, which never came out in the States. Otherwise, it has traditionally been, Japan got just about everything cool, the States would get maybe 75% of that (if you go back to the era from the NES to the early PS1, it’d be maybe 50%), and then Europe would get maybe 75% of what the States would get.

          • @Charles Lupula that awkward moment when Im wrong…

            I just look at the big ten, because more often that not, those are the games I find enjoyment with and would be up for at least getting the special editions in Europe and coming out the same week they come here. Looking around, maybe Kirby Epic Yarn is the only title I can think that just didnt come out same week in Europe and the US; and for non big titles, well I guess I never paid attention to them to notice. Do they really not get the same number of games that the US gets? That just doesnt make sense, the games are in American, it cant be that hard to get it to English?


            @Charles Lupula
            Is this sort of what you wanted?

          • It isn’t so much that the games are in American English, as it is licensing issues. Often games come out in Europe with a different publisher than the States. You have to remember that licensing deals are usually divided by territory. Hypothetically, let’s say you make a game and you make a deal to get it published in the States, most of the time, you’d have to make a separate deal to get it published in Europe and then a separate deal to get it published in Japan. That’s why you see Mass Effect 2 not going to Japan until last week or BlazBlue: Continuum Shift not going to Europe until a few months ago, while it came out in the States and Japan in the Summer.

            I’m not even going to go into Japanese games, where sometimes there will be two different translations. One for Europe and one for the States. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have different divisions in the different areas that determine what they feel will sell in their regions, so often Europe has ended up getting the short end of the stick when either licensing issues get wonky or someone determines it won’t sell as much in Belgium as it would in Germany.

        • *sigh* Now you’re getting an entire continent angry at you… You should count your blessings in that we get many more games than they do.

        • So, when did Rune factory 2 come out in North America? November 18, 2008. When did Europe get it? October 8, 2010. So, when did Rune Factory 3 come out in North America? November 9th, 2010. When did it come out in Europe? Never did.

          They didn’t have any special editions either.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Oh, come off it! It is usually the Americans and Japanese that get all the cool stuff.

      • Darkrise

        Mostly the japanese. =(

    • badmoogle

      Give us Chrono Cross you ungrateful Americans and then you can have Inazuma Eleven!!!:p

      • PLEASE do not lump all Americans with the likes of Tsuna. He’s barely fit to represent himself, let alone an entire country!

      • If it’s Chrono Cross you want, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to throw in Tales of Eternia or NO DEAL! :)

        Seriously it does seem like Europe gets cheated on a lot of releases, so I’m glad to see that localizers seem to be getting better about getting more games like this to Europe. And at least we could import from each other, but the news about a 3DS region lock is discouraging.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Oh wow that makes me feel guilty because Chrono Cross and Tales of Destiny II (Eternia) are some of my fav games. And I may be in the minority here (and dependin’ on who ask I maybe crazy) lol but I actually think Cross is better than Trigger. On that note I thought Europe got Tales of Eternia on the PSP in english like they got Breath of Fire III. Was I mistaken?
          edit: Well sakurairomemori there you go. Hopefully you have a PSP and it won’t be too hard to hunt down a copy of that version.

          • Yeah, they got Eternia over there. I plan on importing my copy someday.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yay!!! I loved Tales of Destiny II(Eternia). One of the better Tales titles if you ask me. Does the PSP version still have the same *awesome* voice actin’ as the US release on PS1? Say what you will but I liked that acting in a cheesy fun old school kind of way and honestly think Reid’s actor was great. Its’ also got one of the best opening for Tales games too. Love Garnet Crows.

          • Haha, sorry for the confusion, I meant trade CC to Europe for Eternia and Inazuma to the US. :) Although I still need to play Cross.

          • Zero_Destiny

            That’s okay. But I what I said still stands. lol Cross is good so if you can snag a copy or maybe if we’re lucky SE will pity us and give it to us ala PSN I suggest gettin’ to playin’ it. And if you have yet to play Tales of Destiny II (Eternia) give that a go too. It’s aged but I love it none the less.

          • As a member of an English country, I shouldnt have needed to import Tales of Eternia from Europe (which at the time I had to pay the cost of an HD title for), simply preposterous, thats like paying 1/4th more than than the cost of a regular PSP games.

          • Ren

            First, you’re not a member of an English country, you’re a USA citzen, and nothing that relates to another country wich speaks the same language as you has anything to do with you and you won’t get any special treatment for that. It’s an european game, not an american one, if you want it import it and shut up. European and Australian people have it hard when it comes to the games they get. They sometimes get lucky and get earlier releases, and they tend to get most the major games, but some major games(I think a certain rockband had this problem) never come or take a lot of time to come. We’re in a site for niche and japanese gaming, and those are the ones that are normally affected by this.

            And second. As a member of a non english country, I need to pay around 130 to 170 of my currency to get portable games and up to 440 to hd games in my own country, and when I import, I need to pay around 200 to be able to ship the game. Consoles and portables are around the tousands in the scale of price. Go whine somewhere else Trist, somewhere where you won’t sound like an egocentrist.

          • You just disregarded the efforts of the Founding Fathers, when they fought to make us NOT an English colony. We are an English-speaking country, not an English country.

          • @Ren Yeah youre right, Im a member of an American speaking country. I just think it odd to have to resort to importing to be honest. It seems like a worthless workaround and a DS game at that. To be honest, the site seem like it has a focus for all games…and not just Japanese ones (doing a search most of the companies in question in tags, well have numerous branches across America and the whole world). This is just such an exciting game and I perhaps let my disappointment that it wasnt coming to such a fine country get the best of me to lead me on this huge tangent in which the cries of numerous americans were felt. Ill refrain from further statements of disgust at how we have to import to get the game. :(

          • Your language=English
            Your dialect=American

            Another example: People in Britain don’t speak “British” because their dialect is called British English, they speak English.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Wait what are you sayin’? English isn’t the most popular language in the world but it’s certainly spoken all around the world. What about place like Singapore, Sierra Leone, the Philippines, South Africa, etc. Do you think it’s not fair for them too? Plus you’re importing the title of course it’ll cost a bit more, it’s not like shipping is this magical process that happens over night. And besides the US got it good games are just cheaper here.

          • I have Eternia and BoFIII. They’re both direct ports of the originals.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I have Breath of Fire III as well, it was actually cheaper than hunting down the ps1 copy lol. As for Tales of Destiny II (Eternia) does it still have the voice acting that American version of the ps1 game?

          • Everything’s the same, even the voices are there. The only thing they had to do was remap functions that had to do with the L2 and R2 buttons.

    • vadde939

      Are you really so ignorant? Or are you just trolling? I really can’t tell with you.

      • What do you mean? This is another case in which we Americans are missing out on a game, and even worst is that this game is in English, dude!

        • Darkrise

          *ahem* Import?

          • vadde939

            EDIT: ah sorry didn’t notice you were talking to Tsuna and not me. My bad.

          • Darkrise

            It’s alright, happens. Everything here is just a little mixed up thanks to a possible troll.

          • He’s… not a troll I’m afraid. Just check his tumblr page and how many pages he has. I don’t think a troll would put in THIS much effort.

            I do really wish he was though. Then I would still have some faith left in humanity.

          • FireCouch

            Nah, he is still a troll. There is no way someone could continuously change his opinion on everything all the time to go against what everyone else thinks. Not to mention he always happens to love the worst and most complained about things in video games.

        • vadde939

          Firstly, I am not American. Secondly, Americans get a TON of games that are NEVER released in other English-speaking countries. Thirdly, When games are released in these countries they are often released as long as 1-2 years after the American release. So do yourself a favour and just shut up.

          • What games are these? When I look at the previous article and the top 10 best selling games in the US through December and the year, I see that “ALL” of those games came out in Europe in quick fashion. And even worst looking to the future, Europe is getting the 3DS as fast as we are, Pokemon is coming out days before it hits here, and other games are coming out the same week they release here, except with bonus and special editions, like ALL the ones from Square Enix.

          • While I’ll admit your complaints aren’t all that unfounded…



            Look at how many pages the first link has and how the second link does.

            There are certainly a lot more games that we have that our peers in the EU wish they had than vice-versa. Your complaints that they get some limit editions is like a child complaining about his or her friend getting a slightly better version of a toy while he or she has many more toys than his or her friend.

            Btw, don’t use the PS2 All games pages for a counter-argument. It seems like the EU developed a lot more games for the PS2 on their own than the US did.

          • PersonaBull

            The thing to note about your argument: “10 best selling games.” It was never argued that Europe didn’t get most mainstream games. That was actually corroborated. What was argued was most of the niche games out there hardly make it to Europe in a timely fashion, if at all.

            For example: Odin Sphere took an entire year to get released in Europe after the nearly simultaneous release in US and Japan.
            Rogue Galaxy took 9 months after the release of the US version and almost 2 full years after the Japan copy initially came out (also 6 months after their “Director’s Cut” version).
            Persona 3 Portable still has yet to be released in Europe.

            These are recent examples with generally high ratings and wider audiences compared to most games considered “niche”.

          • vadde939

            Major releases and mainstream games from huge companies with lots of money obviously are released in all territiories. Siliconera is a site about niche and Japanese games. America gets MANY of these sorts of games which are never released in other English-speaking countries despite the games being in English. And those few that are released are usually released very late after the American release. That is a fact. America is second only to Japan in terms of being the most fortunate for game releases, Americans also pay lower prices than any other country for their games. You are not being treated unfairly. So you should be able to understand why I am offended by your comment that Americans are treated unfairly when it comes to game releases. There are plenty of people here who have tried to explain to you why you are very wrong about this. Stop whining. Listen to them.

          • You guys got Etrain Odyssey II n III while we (the UK) will probably never see them… and Persona 3 psp version isn’t even out yet… and when we do get awesome Japanese games, it’ds a ‘blink and you miss ’em’ with most shops only having 2 or possibly 3 delivered (at least, that’s how many copies the shop I worked at got of Persona 3 and 4).

            How games can take up to two years to be ported from America to the UK is beyond me, I mean, they’re already in English :( but then again, I suppose we do often have up to 6 other European languages as well, so it takes up to 6 times longer for a European release.

            Sorry – but the number of times I’ve stared in envy at the American releases for games that will never see English stores.

            Hell, you guys even got Fable III before us, and we frickin made that game! :O

        • Zero_Destiny

          Wow don’t mean to sound mean but really? There’s a few games here and there that NA misses out on and euro gets but NA usually gets way more and the releases are usually faster compared to euro (or at least that’s what I’ve been lead to believe, if anyone from Europe wants to but in on this that’s cool). Except for like WAY back in the 90’s I don’t think European releases were any better than American. And this is just personal opinion, mainly because since euro is consider to be a bit less conservative than US they got more games with religious overtones that Nintendo USA would never let slide back in the day. Case in point the masterpiece of a game Terranigma. But yeah I don’t know why your so upset about it either since you can just import it, DS is region free, what’s the prob. I did it to get YS Tactics and the Tingle game. It’s not hard.

      • Hate to break it to you, but he’s really not a troll. It would actually be better if he was though.

    • PersonaBull

      You know, I’ve been getting pretty tired of seeing people bash on your every comment for no apparent reason other than you made it. I was fed up with that more than your more…colorful comments, to the point where I was actually going to defend you the next time I saw it happen when you didn’t really deserve it.

      That said, are you serious? Even after being told that you could import it quite easily and being shown various reasons why “us Americans” are so very lucky in the share of games, also in a timely manner, we get from Japan compared to the rest of the world, you’re seriously still arguing that the US not directly getting this game is a great injustice?

      Come on, man. Stop stirring this crap up when you can easily take a step back and think before you post. I often see you as the very first comment on articles, yet they hardly reflect what was already said in the articles themselves. Bring something more than just “WOW OMGZ this game looks SO COOL!!!!!!!” Excitement can be shown with a single “!.” That’s what it’s there for. It’s great that you’re so enthusiastic about something, but all anyone will see in your posts is blatant immaturity which, amusingly enough, simply sparks even more immaturity in people bashing you just because it’s the cool thing to do.

      Bring some actual discussion, or don’t comment on that particular article. This comment doesn’t go out to just you, either. There are plenty of people that comment on here only when it’s just to bash on other people, which is sad. If you really have to let everyone know you’re excited about a game, be reasonable about it. “This game looks pretty impressive for a DS game! I’m pretty sad it’s not coming out in the US, though. I really liked the special moves, as well as the voice acting and animated scenes!” If you had commented like that you wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much backlash, if any. People would have responded with reasonable comments such as “you can always import it” and maybe people would have even agreed with you, saying “Those special moves were pretty cool! I wonder how many different kinds there are!” or “Yea, Level 5 does a pretty good job with voice acting.”

      This is just food for thought. For everyone. I’d like to see my favorite gaming news site a little less hostile and a little more on-topic.

      • But we are being treated unfairly. Like I mentioned above, Europe gets all the major games and such that we get the same week, and even upcoming games the same week. This is one of the times that Ive seen Europe get a game that the US is simply not getting. Furthermore the people are actually complaining and being ungrateful about how they get special editions while us in America do not, which is just weird and simply outlandish. It just adds more to the fact that Americans live in an unfair world.

        I do not ever see what is wrong with posting sincere and unbridled enthusiasm. Changing it just doesnt even reflect my true feelings on the games, and well just doesnt sound like myself. Shouldnt I remain true to myself and freely express myself than abandon that in an effort to not be seen as immature (I dont see how enthusiasm can reflect immaturity though)

        • One exclamation point is usually enough to show how enthusiastic you are about something. You can sometimes use three of them if you want if you really are that enthusiastic, but if you use more, it feels intrusive to the reader. If you want people to take you more seriously it’s better if you stick to one, two, or three as a measure of how enthusiastic you feel about something.

      • badmoogle

        “Bring something more than just “WOW OMGZ this game looks SO COOL!!!!!!!”

        But this is part of his character.:)Personally i like that he is authentic to himself.I get the feeling that when he says something like this he really means it so i really don’t like it when i see people bash him for voicing out his sincere feelings.I mean i haven’t seen him bashing other people,if someone doesn’t like what he says they could easily ignore him.

        I like that there is variety in personalities here and i think that even the most “unthoughtful” comments can stir an intelligent discussion.:)

      • FireCouch

        You do realize this is where the “Feeding the troll” phrase comes from right?

        • Aoshi00

          I used to give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not a troll.. but it seems that most of the time he just posts to incite something knowing what he says would upset people, by saying the most asinine and controversial stuffs even though they don’t make the slightest sense. Being Enthusiastic or convicted in your statement has nothing to do w/ it, it’s like OJ believes “he didn’t do it”. And if he’s really in his 20’s and still sound like 14, then it’s a bit sad..

          He switches position all the time on everything just for argument’s sake, like he’s been saying for the longest time graphics trumps gameplay, then later he switches the other way around.. games that sell are proof that they are good games, etc, it’s just not worth our time, he’s pretty much made the discussion section of this once great site not worth the time anymore..

          Europe gets it better than the US when it comes to games? Are we living in a Bizzaro world or something? They always get the short end of the stick, other than some recent limited edition, and like some fellow Euro gamers pointed out, the LE aren’t even all that great. Since they’ve been shafted for so long, why would anyone complain when they’re being treated something nice once every blue moon?

          The DS game is region free and is now in English for pete’s sake, just import it… If not for this European localization, one would need to be able to read Jpn in addition to importing the game from Japan. I hope no one thinks TS is a representative of any American gamer…

          And last time I check, soccer is popular in everywhere else except in the US (I’m aware it’s popular to an extent, but nowhere near the other mainstream major sports like football, basketball, baseball, etc), so it’s no wonder this might not be on top of the list of US localization.

          • The only times he hasn’t used the graphics over gameplay argument is when something’s on an HD console or the PSP.

          • Aoshi00

            Exactly.. blocky fingers in Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS are distracting but not blocky fingers on Vanille and Lightning in FF13? That stood out even more because everything else looked so good in HD. I’m replaying FF13 now and saw Vanille holding the chocobo chick, go tell me that’s not blocky fingers.. Anyway, he’s all over the place on his views it’s hard to take him seriously.. I think the bottom line is he has fun on getting people riled up though, so technically he is a troll. How the heck could anyone think Sonic 2006 was one of the best Sonic games? That game needs to be buried out in the desert like ET.. otherwise like I said, he has some extremely questionable taste…

          • @Aoshi00 Dude :( youre selectively piercing my comments. I even stated on RE:Revelations in one topic that even some console developers, like Ubisoft, have difficulty even with sequels of not having blocky fingers. I pointed out the murky grass in FFXIII at one point as well. And for Sonic, Sonic 2006 was simply fun, fast paced, and if one could overlook minor glitches was a great entry for Sonic for the HD consoles. Perhaps people were disappointed because they entered playing the game with astronomically high aspirations and hopes for the game, I kept mine in check and was able to enjoy the game for what it was worth.

            I can assure you that I am far from being all over the place.

          • Well if I may speak, or maybe it should be, well if people may listen; others have brought up the same thing, and as I responded in the past. I had to change position because, well people presented so many examples of where gameplay should be enjoyed more than graphics and after some experience with games with beautiful corridors but bland gameplay, and vice versa, well it just seemed logical to conclude that my focus was on the wrong thing? You know. It only makes to me at least that as one gains knowledge that it can alter their position on things. I thought Golden Sun Dark Dawn was a blast to play, even though I thought it looked ugly, but thats the flaw of non phenomenal Naruto DS games, in my opinion.

          • Aoshi00

            If you think graphics aren’t that paramount and is second to gameplay, then don’t complain about stuffs like fingers in a 3DS game and say that’s more important than even longer battery life (which you complained about in the first place), you always contradict yourself.

            I can’t speak for everyone on this site, but it’s safe to assume you have brought major pain and frustration to 80% of the posters here (that’s a conservative estimate) since you have come and made silly comments about anything and everything while you don’t know what you’re talking about most of the time.

            It’s nice that you keep “learning” and I do find your comments interesting “occasionally”, but then in the next post you would go back to the same thing, ad nauseum.. I don’t even want to bother listing any examples anymore..

            So if you said you focus/view was wrong, do you see that you complaining about European gamers got it better than the US is silly? Their releases come so much later, and when they import they have to pay a big 20% VAT, how is that better than American gamers? Their PS3 are 600 Euro instead of $600 during launch, you think they got it better? US gamers have it the best since our games are so much cheaper compared to Jpn or Europe.

          • Aoshi00

            No one had high hopes in the new Sonic games for a while, people are just content if the new Sonic games turn out to be playable and don’t bomb. Grass in FF13? Why would you have a problem w/ grass when their blocky fingers are right in front of your face. I didn’t notice any sloppy grass, how did you spin the camera, I know some site pointed it out before being nitpicky.I’m saying you contradict yourself because you said the blocky fingers in RE are distracting, while you didn’t even “notice” the blocky fingers and arms in FF13 which stood out even more because of the numerous prominent cutscenes.

            I have to say, there were many times I did agree and defend you, and occasionally your views are interesting that’s because you said so many things, one or two things bound to make sense.. but like some said, the way you said things are immature for lack of a better word… and Europe getting it better than the US is just ridiculous, like the FF13 LE, believe me, it’s not that great (the hardcover artbook/script/epilogue novel that came w/ the 360 Int’l ver was worth it IMHO). We get limited edition on everything here if you’re willing to spend $10-20 more..

            I don’t mean to lecture you or anything, but you have certainly caused a lot of grief to many people here, I’m sure you know that, but I don’t know if you understand why.

            If you want something, import it (sounds like money is not an issue to you too). Whining doesn’t help. If the US is not getting this game, it’s understandable because at the end of the day Soccer is not a big sport in the US. How many people know Captain Tsubasa here other than a handful of anime fans? Captain Tsubasa swept the world in Asia, Europe, and South America.

          • @Aoshi00 I agree that graphics is second to gameplay, but if the game has a flaw visually then I can not help but point it out. Sure it wont, make or break the deal (as I stated in topics on voice acting, the lack thereof wont mean I wont buy the game), but it still is something to point out and lessen the potential of the game having such a phenomenally epic experience. I do not see how identifying a visual flaw is contradictory to that thought? Simply identifying and expressing disappointment that the game isnt all that it could be is much what I do, as well, I want a game to be essential as close to flawless when I see it and pick it up.

            We are all different people with different minds and are affected by what we read and see differently. The benefit of comment and discussion is that we all post about how something affects us, interests us, or sticks out to us. Isnt it odd to say that the comments I make are silly? I mean I dont say that of others. And I can assure that if a comment of such nature as commenting on harmless news posting is invoking pain and frustration, then the person in question really needs to reevaluate how they are reading and taking things, as often times these are not sensitive subjects on politics or religion.

            But back to the subject at hand, I was basing my statement off of the most popular games which is perhaps acceptable to do, but not the most correct to do. And the European gamers get special editions that those of us in the US do not get, which should offset the fact that they are paying whatever that VAT is.

          • PersonaBull

            “Isnt it odd to say that the comments I make are silly?”

            When you demand things that are more often than not in the article you’re commenting on, yes. Just recently you asked something like “so where are some screenshots?” when a link to them had already been given. Yes, I’d call that silly. Also, posting in all caps and excessively using exclamation points is impolite and an improper use of the English language. The internet age seems to give many people a highly disrespectful air about them. While commenting on a gaming news site doesn’t necessarily require extreme formality, it would be nice to see a degree of respect towards the author of the article you’re commenting on. You’re not talking to your friend in an IM, you’re giving your opinion in a forum setting. Go to any forum centered around discussion and you’ll see people getting so far as banned for excessive abuse of English and high amounts of topic derailment. It’s simply common courtesy.

            “And I can assure that if a comment of such nature as commenting on harmless news posting is invoking pain and frustration, then the person in question really needs to reevaluate how they are reading and taking things, as often times these are not sensitive subjects on politics or religion.”

            Again, why so disrespectful? Just because you don’t hold what you’re talking about as valuable, it does not give you the right to assume the same for everyone. Gaming can be a serious career for people, and sometimes it’s the only thing they have a passion for. Disrespecting someone’s passion will lead to conflict.

            You can be yourself without being hated and obnoxious. That’s really all I was getting at with my initial post earlier. Being disrespectful shouldn’t be an important quality trait, especially for someone usually wrong about whatever you’re being disrespectful about. You wont lose your identity just by learning a little courtesy for others.

          • @PersonaBull Well that just from overlooking the article because I was either eating or cooking or something. A simple mistake. But I do make every effort to be as respectful as possible through the obeying of correct laws of american as taught her in america. I just assume that what I post is correct, as the leaders here havent brought to my attention that my unbridled enthusiasm through excited posts have been wrong? In fact the only thing I remember being reprimanded for was perhaps making blanket statements, well thats what Mr. Ishaan said, and Ive done well to make sure never to do that I think.

            And Ive learned from disrespecting peoples passion, I dont call the vintage olde games olde anymore, actually I try to avoid the matter so that I dont incite negative emotions from people since its a touchy subject that I can not understand and would just avoid it completely. That, true gamer, elitist, being egocentric, just more things to add to my notepad list of things not to do. The list is so long and now with this to add to it too. So much to follow to just try to remain in somewhat good ranking here, gah.

            I didnt mean to say that the stuff isnt valuable, but what I post, I cant imagine is enough to get people that frustrated and in anger? Maybe Im just not understanding this.

            “Again, why so disrespectful? Just because you don’t hold what you’re talking about as valuable, it does not give you the right to assume the same for everyone. Gaming can be a serious career for people, and sometimes it’s the only thing they have a passion for. Disrespecting someone’s passion will lead to conflict.”

          • PersonaBull

            I’m sorry to break it to you, but “We Americans live in an unfair world!” is a blanket statement. I’m an American, and I most certainly hold that fact to be advantageous in many situations. The fact of the matter is that, because you have to import to get the special bonuses, you think things are unfair for you. You do this not realizing that many gamers in the UK have to import games simply to play them, regardless of the swag that comes with it. A frustrated UK gamer that has to go through this process often seeing someone complaining about having to import a single game is quite likely to be offended.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I guess it’s kind of fair, Europe usually doesn’t get most of the games we Americans get. Though, we will miss out on a great game…
    Does Europe love Level 5 games? lol

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol I think it’s just because euro loves soccer(futball) more than Americans. At least us americans can import this one since the DS is region-free.

      • badmoogle

        It’s “football.” -__-

        • Zero_Destiny

          Not in euro!!! lol I actually don’t know what they call it there but I remember in Spanish class we spelled it with a U.
          edit: Found it out on wiki, the Spanish spell it Futbol, lol I don’t know why I still remembered something like that.

          • futbol? footy?

          • badmoogle

            In the UK it’s called football.In the U.S. it’s called soccer.

            @Zero:No i’m Euro.:P
            I used to be a soccer fan but not anymore.European national league football is very corrupted for my taste.But i still watch matches of Champion’s League from time to time as well as the world cup games (go Japan!)

            Edit 2:When i said “corrupted” i meant the bribing lol.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Cool, you English or something? Or maybe just a soccer fan. Thanks for the clarification. Always nice to learn something new I guess. To this day I still don’t know how we(us Americans) came up with the name soccer.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I never really cared for it. But I do remember hearin’ that European soccer is a lot more violent and dirty than it is in the US so I hear you there.


            Read it so you don’t get confused next time.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Just glanced over the North America sec, informative, excuse me if it comes up in later parts but just from the NA part I still don’t know how people came up with the word “soccer”. And the Spanish spell it Futbol, so I guess I was kind of close lol

          • It’s actually in the first section labeled background. Basically Oxford, ironically, abbreviates and/or alters some words and add the suffix “-er” to it. Association football is one of the terms they chose to do that for. Rugby football, rugby for short now, used to be called ruggers. The British as a whole grew to like that fad, and they use it to abbreviate many things. It’s been growing out of fashion since the 1950’s though. Americans probably got that term from them when the game started being more popular around the world.

            You can take a quick glance of names and words they abbreviated here:

            Using the word “soccer” though became much less common sometime in the 1970’s in Britain because there was a misconception that it was an American term for some reason.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Man you know your stuff! I feel bad for just glancin’ over the NA section and callin’ it a day. lol Really interesting to hear about. Now I’ll go brag about it to all my sports friends. Heh heh heh. None of them knew where the name came from (and they all called it Football because that’s what REAL soccer fans call it). lol For some reason soccer is really popular where I live and I have no clue why. I live near Buffalo NY it’s like winter six months of the year, no idea how you play in the snow lol.

          • I remember looking that up a while ago and found it pretty interesting. Not being a sport person it doesn’t matter to me, but when I hear people get worked up and say “it’s called football! Go play your hand/eggball” I can’t help but snicker. “But… it was originally the British that coined the word…” :P

          • Well, I’m an aspiring anthropologist, and linguistics is a subset of anthropology. I pretty much study anything anthropology related in my free time whenever I’m not here, playing games, watching anime, or reading manga. I should actually be studying more things than “Why is soccer called soccer?”, but usually it’s just whatever piques my interest for now.

            I know soccer has been gaining more popularity overall in the country lately, so it’s not that surprising there would be towns where it’s really popular. Still, it does make me curious for the reason.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Anthropology huh? I’ve always loved stuff like that. As a just now turnin’ Social Studies major (yes I’ve only narrowed it down this much) I guess we have similar taste lol. I get why hockey is so popular here but yeah soccer is a mystery to me.


  • badmoogle

    Finally i’ll be able to see what all the fuss is about.Looking forward to play it!
    The trailer reminded me a lot of Shaolin Soccer which is a good thing!:)

    • Guest

      Or…..Captain Tsubasa

      • Aoshi00

        This reminds me more of the over the top like Shaolin Soccer too w/ the evil league and all (like people out to break your legs…). Other than a couple of special movies, Captain Tsubasa is more grounded in reality, espeically having matches all over the world in Europe and South America in the later arcs. I liked the original series the best though when they were in elementary school.

        I used to be a huge soccer and Captain Tsubasa fan, but I’m not that interested in the Inazuma Eleven games after trying the demo..

        I guess w/ the British accent, now the anglicized names wouldn’t sound too bad :)

        • badmoogle

          Which Inazuma demo did you try?And why you didn’t liked it?

          • Aoshi00

            It was the demo of the first game, it came w/ the Jpn ver of Layton and the Diabolical Box. I just tried playing the demo again, I guess it’s kinda fun, but I couldn’t get a shot at Teikoku, I’m not sure if you can win in the story, the demo doesn’t let me use items or equip the players. I thought the sliding and passing w/ the stylus was hard before, but now it’s easier maybe I have a bigger touchscreen on the XL.. I guess I should’ve picked up the Jpn ver when it was on sale one time for $25.. Still hard to imagine Endou’s voice going from Naruto to a British accent though.. are they even giving creative and pun English names to the players like Phoenix Wright?I’m not even sure what’s the difference btwn the several version of the 2nd and 3rd game.. the anime was pretty fun, but I only watched several eps..

          • badmoogle

            Hmm i hope the controls are smooth and precise enough.I have a DS Lite…

  • Zero_Destiny

    Cool I haven’t heard British accents in games since like DQVIII!!! Now I want it even more. lol

  • nyobzoo

    doesn’t most level-5 games have some sort of European accent to them, I mean look at DQVIII, Professor Layton, even Rouge Galaxy had some

    • alastor3


  • eliel

    sweet trailer gald to c the game is gonna come to Eur i hope the Us gets a release date soon as well, it would be cool if they could combined the first 3 games to 1 cartridge….

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Nintendo of America better not be thinking we won’t play this game just because it has soccer. They better damn well think again if they are.

    • Well, we got River City Soccer Hooligans on the DS ;)
      I don’t think even Europe got that.

      Although, seeing how the 3DS is region locked, I’d hope the Nintendos of the world will be a little more generous with global releases.

      • Aoshi00

        How is the DS game? There’s not many reviews out there.. I remember the old ones on the Famicom were fun, I would play anything River City back then, like the beat em ups and dodgeball games, so violent and funny :)

        • I really enjoyed it. Although it doesn’t play exactly like the original (the player’s movements don’t feel quite as tight as I remember. My thumb on the dpad gets a little tired as I mostly dash to get an edge against the other team) they added some bits like moves and items to spice things up. It’s quite challenging!

          Ah, you remember the Famicom version, which I just recently saw a video that showed how much those who only played “World Cup” on NES missed:

          Oh man, they gutted the poor thing, but the gameplay itself is still golden. The DS game resembles more of the N.A. version as you’re facing against other nations as opposed to other schools, Yakuza, samurai, etc.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, Kunio games were the best, maybe I’d check out the DS game if I could pick it up cheap or something… lol such a funny video, the crazy school team motif was funny, had no idea they actually butchered the Famicom game, and people were upset we’re getting Eng. names in Inazuma Eleven, the British accent is pretty charming though. I like how when they get kicked by the ball and their eyes popped out.. and those crazy shots that drive players and goalkeepers into the net.. Shaolin Soccer was an awesome movie.

        • Phoenix_Apollo

          I’ve never played it, though I’ve seen it for sale. Sorry.

          • Aoshi00

            No prob. matty up there mentioned it’s good, I just got it on ebay for $10, guess I’d find out soon.. I used to love all the Kunio-kun games..

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        Aksys gave us that though. I totally get what you’re saying, but Nintendo wasn’t in charge of that decision.

    • PurpleDoom

      I’m willing to bet that Level-5 will localize this in-house and do the publishing. After all, they’ve got to be doing something with that US division!

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        Probably White Knight Chronicles 2, if anything. Unless they’re working on more than one thing, that’s my guess.

        • PurpleDoom

          I thought Sony handled the localizations for White Knight Chronicles? They do own the IP, and I believe they published the first one.

          • Phoenix_Apollo

            You’re right. I just checked up on the articles again, and I guess Sony is publishing it. I guess Level-5 is wide open right now.

  • I can’t find this on any of the big european online stores. I need to pre-order it ASAP, so help me outtttttttt.

  • urbanscholar

    I can’t wait to import this people

  • Guest

    Looks pretty awesome. Glad this actually made it over.

  • I would complain of the long wait, but then again we did wait for ages for White Knight Chronicles I somewhat use to it. Should be another awesome experience from Level 5 and finally I can talk to the cosplayers who went last year to MCM Expo about it lol.

  • Ephidel

    I think it’s a little cruel to publish a trailer with brit accents for a game no English stores seem to be taking orders for, and that Nintendo have supposedly said isn’t actually going to come out in the UK until the anime is airing :(
    (Although hopefully that’s a mistake. The fact it doesn’t seem possible to order it is worrying though)

    All that said… those are some dodgy accents :p

  • mikedo2007

    They really need to bring this game to US, and Funimation can bring the anime to US just like Sand of Destruction.

  • I hope Ni no Kuni comes to the US, I could care less if this soccer game comes. But hearing the English accents makes me doubt it’s coming to the US. Usually you would hear Americans and then assume it is coming here (although Disaster never did so I imported it)

    • PurpleDoom

      Well, the Professor Layton games by Level-5 usually come out in America, British accents and all. I think the reason for the absence of announcements regarding Level-5 games in the states is because they’re still setting up their US office. They’ll announce stuff when they’re ready.

  • Garrytyrant

    A small question, is the game localised in the U.K? (like Dragon Quest was) As in British VAs not Americans impersonating Brits.

    • lucy1986

      As a British person myself, I can confirm, that those accents are not done by British people.

      • Garrytyrant

        I myself am Scottish and suspected as much. It’s a shame, not many games get localised here any more.

      • Aoshi00

        Just curious, is Luke from Prof Layton voiced by a true Brit? Someone mentioned that’s an American doing a fakecent but it sounded pretty British to me.. Luke just sounds so cute and funny :)

        • vadde939

          The American and Euro Professor Layton games actually have different voice actors (well both VAs are actually women) for Luke. I believe the US version is an American with a fake accent but the Euro VA is a true Brit.

          • Aoshi00

            Really? I’m surprised the Euro ver has a different dub because I heard Euro gamers say usually their games just use the American dub if it already exists, and most Lvl 5 games always have British accent in one form or another (fake or not) like DQ8 & Layton.. I still can’t make out Luke is being voiced by someone non-British pretending an accent though, sounded so real to me.. and Layton as well… that’s why I’m asking anyone from the UK for an opinion.. It’s still better than the Jpn ver. I guess since they weren’t even speaking English :) I always play the Layton games in Jpn first and then get the US ver to see what the Eng. dub is like..

          • vadde939

            Only Lukes voice actress (Lani Minella in US and Maria Darling in EU) is different. The rest of the dub is identical. I believe it had something to do with UK playtesters testing the Euro release of Curious Village really hated Lukes US voice and how fake it sounded or something so they got a different VA.

          • Aoshi00

            Hm.. so Luke really sounded that fake to people from the UK huh, guess you have to be a native to tell.. I could only tell the obviously fake ones like Queen Ming or Prince Tolten from Lost Odyssey, they were just doing the British accent for the more regal chars.. I don’t mind if it’s fake or real though, I always like accents to make characters from different background stand out, like how Vanille and Fang from Gran Pulse were given an Aussie accent in Eng, or in FF12 they had so many different accent, it made the fantasy world more diverse mirroring our own..

          • vadde939

            Yeah real or fake I really like accents as they really help add to the diversity of the characters and the feeling of multiple cultures in the game world. Also Vanille and Fang had Aussie accents? I’ve never played FFXIII (not much of an FF fan) but as an Aussie myself I’d love to hear how they sound. First I’ve ever heard of any videogame character with an Aussie accent. :D

          • Aoshi00

            Vanille and Fang sound fun and unique. Siliconera did an interview w/ the voice actress (Georgia Van Cuylenburg) before, think she was famous there.. and Georgia said Fang’s actress was a fellow Aussie, so at least the accent was not fake, made the two chars from Pulse really stand out in addition to their exotic outfits (it took me by surprise at first because the Jpn chars didn’t have accent, but in the story it makes sense). I think they really did a heck of a good job localizing FF12 and 13.

            Wakka’s Jamaican-like accent in X was fun too :) He was voiced by Bender in Futurama/Marcus Fenix/Joker in Red Hood, he could do anything.

  • karasuKumo

    LOL English accents? Last time I heard a kid with an accent like that was from watching Oliver and I live in England! I guess it would have sounded odd if they were like people today (Dappy from N-Dubz should be a good example) haha

  • Guys how do I import this game!? I’ve checked out what I believe to be all the main game import sites, but nowhere seems to have the European version of this game available. And I want it so bad! You guyyyyys heeeeelp please~

  • Yea I cant find anyplace to import this…

  • Totally still mad that the US isn’t getting it and I don’t know where I can import it

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