Now, Game Arts Have A Twitter Game App, Too

By Ishaan . January 15, 2011 . 10:40am

Some of you might remember Followars, a Twitter game app for the iPad developed by Marvelous Entertainment last year. Followars has your Twitter followers fight against another group of tweeters, complete with randomly-generated stats.


Now, Game Arts — who you might know as the Japanese publisher of the Grandia and Lunar games — have an iOS Twitter game app, too, published by parent company, GungHo Entertainment. This one’s titled Twimon.


The premise of Twimon goes something like this: You make tweets in order to acquire and raise monsters, of which there are 60 in the game. Once you’ve got monsters, you can use GPS tracking on your phone to tell them to attack buildings (called outposts) in the real world close to your present location, or even search for outposts in other countries.


Since it runs on Twitter and includes all the functions of a normal Twitter client as well, naturally, Twimon has a social element to it. Players can help one another conquer outposts with their monsters.


Twimon is a free-to-play, micro-transaction-based game. GungHo let you play the game for free, but charge money for items such as “Level-down Milk” which devolves your monster, in case you don’t like how it looks after evolving (it appears you can’t control their evolution).


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  • That’s cute and clever, reminds me of kinda similar pet signature games I’ve seen on forums

    • Not a personal stab against you or anything Sieg, but it gets a little annoying when people do that. We usually discourage people from turning every post into a “Why isn’t this game…” or “Why can’t this company…” argument, since that effectively halts any productive discussion of the topic at hand. :)

  • …Huh. In the US store, but not the Canada store. So Americans can play it, but not Canadians. Maybe they’ll fix that before long, though.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I don’t get how companies like this can stay in business when they essentially have no products to sell. Additionally. I’m still confused as to why they are incapable of making Lunar 3; it’s not like they seem to be terribly busy with other projects.

    It would seem to me that with fans clamoring for a Lunar 3 for well over a decade, Game Arts would finally do something about it. Or at the very least they could release a PSP version of Eternal Blue. I don’t get why Lunar 2 has been ignored to the extent it has; was the first game really that much better?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Agreed!!! Not to accuse Gamearts of doin’ nothing or bein’ lazy but Lunar 3 is SO needed. At least give us another Lunar 2 remake (since it seems like my dream of a PSN release was crushed) Lunar 2 is like my second or third fav game of all time but all we ever get is like a billion remakes of 1. At least try to hold us over with another Grandia or something.

      • Eh Game Arts have been busy, so there is no need to do a Lunar 3 in their minds. They can’t just release a game because Lunar fans want it, since there’s probably not that many to justify a huge success (same goes for Grandia). They are probably waiting for a time where they can release it that will bring in new fans as well as old.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Honest question busy with what? I haven’t really heard any news from them? Not doubting you though, just inform me. Anyways I would love to see a Lunar 3 even if it’s just a downloadable game on PSN or something. (though a full game would be better) And if they honestly want to bring in new and old fans than why not port/remake Lunar 2? And sadly yeah Grandia probably will be ignored for a while, I’ve heard sales on III (which quite honestly I was surprised they even made) weren’t so great.

  • my opinion personally they should get WORKING DESIGNS back cause thats the best publishing company that i have seen that I actually loved the games and I am a die hard RPG fan for some time I loved the psp version of lunar but it still will never top the best game in the world lunar 1 and 2 for SEGA CD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i believe that they would of had lunar 3 already too. Look at how the shining force series went after cd it bombed and sucked!

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