Final Fantasy Type-1, Type-2, And… Type-3?

By Spencer . January 16, 2011 . 4:30pm

So, it appears Final Fantasy Type-0 may be bigger than a single game. In addition to the enigmatic trademark and we discovered, Square Enix also filed three related trademarks. In Europe, Square Enix registered Type-1, Type-2, and Type-3.




Yes, those are Japanese numerals, but not common kanji. Square Enix wrote 1, 2, and 3 in daiji or formal numbers often used for contracts and other legal documents. While Square Enix registered a domain name for Final Fantasy Type-0, they didn’t do the same for Final Fantasy Type-1. This suggests these trademarks are, perhaps, protective trademarks, just in case Square Enix decides to release Final Fantasy Type-1 in the future.


But, what is Final Fantasy Type-0? With all of these trademarks it seems like something we’ll see at next week’s Production 1 press event.


A debu chocobo sized thanks to Bastien from FF-Ring for the tip.

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  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Could it be possible that they’re just naming the different divisions of games they’re making based on the franchise? For example, Type-0 could deal with proper numbered installments, while Type-1 could work on sequels to those as well as ports, Type-2 providing follow up on the MMOs and possibly doing the one-offs and Type-3 handling the Crystal Chronicles series.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Oh like how the Tales games have the Mothership titles and the Escort titles? That seems possible I guess.

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        Kind of. Or, more like how Team Symphonia made the 3D games while that other team made the 2D ones. Type-0 would be the studio names, like the Capcom Production Studios.

    • Could be a great way to finally make people understand that stuff such as Versus – is – a spinoff, I guess.

    • Tokyo Guy

      I see this as very much in line with the Final Fantasy Unlimited series.

  • Maybe it’s episodic?

    • Dude if its episodic then I think you would have pinned the tail onto the donkey! You stated exactly what I was thinking.

    • which can only mean 1 thing….ANOTHER GOD DAMN CELL PHONE GAME

  • OneOkami

    I have traditionally been one to defend the “Final Fantasy” brand from those that complain that Square has overly milked the franchise and wish for it to die by arguing that they have been, for the most part, unique, self-contained games that just happen to take advantage of the power in the name. I think I’m going to stop now.

    While I realize my reasons for defending the Final Fantasy name are still mostly valid, I do feel Square Enix’s painful overuse of the name is turning into abuse and may end up diluting the “Final Fantasy” name for many. It has certainly been that way for me.

    I think “Square Enix” and I have to delve deeper than the top of my head before any names come to mind that aren’t “Final Fantasy” or “Kingdom Hearts”. Thats a shame, IMO.

    • badmoogle

      Well there is quality milking and there is bad quality milking.Imo SE have done both…
      Personally i like many of their spin off games and i understand that the Final Fantasy name on the cover gives them a safety net to try things they wouldn’t dare to try in any other case.Crystal Bearers is a good example of this situation although i admit it could have been better executed.

      However what i don’t like to see them doing is making sequels (or prequels) of the FFX-2 type.That game imo was a cheap cash-in (although i enjoyed many of its aspects) which obviously took advantage on FFX’s success.

      I would like to see them keep the main series for stand alone games only and perhaps have less teams in order to focus more on quality than quantity.

      • Tokyo Guy

        I don’t quite understand how Square managed to make Final Fantasy 8 and 9 in spite of the mainstream success of 7, but why it took a major turn when it came to 10 and onwards. You would think they would have tried to “ruin” the series back then and yet it was still quite respectable.

  • What type of games are these? x’D

  • Zero_Destiny

    So am I the only one who thinks these games are goin’ be like a Pokemon thing. With like multiple version of the same game. It’s that or a new series of games, that’s all I got.

  • NoElixirs



    • It’s time to come from the white plains towards the blue, blue sky with the sword that cleaves evil?

      • Exkaiser

        It’s time to stand up for what you believe in, to go.

        • I feel so close, yet so far from remembering where that comes from… >.<

          • Exkaiser

            It’s also from the lyrical version of Time to Co-
            >so close, yet so far
            Tricky, tricky.

          • I really did feel that way for a minute or two though, and then I actually thought that exact sentence. When I did figure it out though, it was like some psychic energy from my guardian angel hit me from over the time flow or perhaps it was just fate. =D

            Okay I should stop now.

    • Happy Gamer


  • skyblaze

    Final Fantasy diabetes?

  • Barrit

    Probably anime or something.

    • FFXIII anime would be excellent! Hope as the main character would be amazing! Hes perfect!

      • Ren

        Wouldn’t Eclair(forgot how to write her name in english and I’m lazy) have more hope into being the main character of any Final Fantasy XIII based anime since she’s the actual game’s main character?

        • Claire.

          • Ren

            I meant I forgot how to write lightning, but that works too.

      • Yui

        This is possibly the best comment I have ever seen.

  • Aiddon

    this is getting ridiculous, especially since the series’ credibility has been dead for YEARS

    • neon6

      I believe it started around the time Square lost Sakaguchi considering 7 was their last good game.

      • Aoshi00

        But Sakaguchi himself considered 9 being his best FF and one of his favorites though..

        • The last good Final Fantasy game in my opinion was Final Fantasy X, I liked XII but not very much.

          • Aoshi00

            I agree w/ you, X was the last good one for me as well, 12 and 13 I’m mixed and hard to totally like or dislike them. 11 & 14 of course shouldn’t be numbered.. way too much stuff sporting the FF brand now… Tactics/FFCC/sequels/prequels/spinoffs/cellphone games/MMO RPGs, etc..

          • Zero_Destiny

            I liked X But after a while there was NO way I could take it’s story seriously. Still some DARN good game mechanics though. I couldn’t care less for MMO’s (if you like’em cool but I don’t) so yeah I still think XI and XIV should of been called Final Fantasy Online I & II or something. Personally I think the series peeked at VI (it’s the best in my opinion). VII was cool but was where it started to lose me with guns and all the tech. Rather have Knights and Wizards (airships, Moon-men, and Steam-Punk Robots are OK too lol). VIII’s story was a joke. (don’t hate me for this it’s my opinion, if you like it, that’s cool, more power to you and sorry to dis a game you like) To me it seemed like they wrote all these cool elements and amazing plot twist and THEN attempted to find a way to connect’em. It’s like watching lost lol. IX was what I wanted out of a Final Fantasy. I actually liked XII and XII wasn’t horrible and I liked it. But my least fav FF would probably have to be either XIII or VIII. The series isn’t really horrible or gone off the deep end in badness, but over the past generation or two it just hasn’t really delivered like it use to. At least that’s what I think.

          • Aoshi00

            If I remember correctly, I think you mentioned you only played about 10 hrs of X right, you should finish the game one day if you have a chance to see if you still like it by the end. It was quite an emotional journey for me. The world and culture of Spira was very interesting, and it was the last FF Uematsu co-composed music for (not counting 11, I don’t care for MMOs either). I wish they would get Uematsu on board to compose for a flagship FF one day again (not MMO), but he alrdy did it for Lost Odyssey and Last Story w/ Mistwalker, seems like he’s sticking w/ Sakaguchi :)

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol I’m glad other people actually read what I write. But no I beat X all the way thru to the silly Spider final boss inside sin thing-form (that I have no idea how you can take serious) lol. Good game but still think it’s story is a little silly and hard to take serious at times. Not hatin’ on it though. X-2 was the game I didn’t play for more than like 10 or 11 hrs. Besides the crazy amount of side games and XI/XIV (which I’ll never play since I don’t care for MMO’s) I’ve played every Final Fantasy to the end. Even the Hella hard have to be a masochist to complete Final Fantasy II (the only game that rewards you for beatin’ yourself and your party half to death) lol

          • VII, X and XII are my favourite Final Fantasy games.

            I wouldn’t say the FF credibility is dead, just it has seen better days.

        • neon6


          • Aoshi00

            Hm.. the Gooch said time and again IX was the last FF he put the most effort in and it was very special to him (kind of like how Last Story is very special to him now), he was glad to go back to the more medieval fantasy setting like FF1-6 after the more technological 7 & 8.. I thought it was common knowledge.. too lazy to go look for any reference though, you should dig around if you like :)..

          • SoulEater98
    • You’re being a little judgemental…

  • vadde939

    I’m going to guess that this is either the beginning of a new spinoff series like Crystal Chronicles or it has something to do with that possibly-a -FFXII-sequel project Fortress.

  • PrinceHeir

    please don’t let this be a western final fantasy game. maybe that Fortress game?

    • Testsubject909

      Nah… Watch and marvel as they make Cell Phone/iPhone social Final Fantasy games, an entire series of it going from type 0 to type 3, complete with matchmaking and suiting all four different blood types as per Japanese beliefs when it comes to romance!

      With the shifting interest from console to cellphone over in Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised…

      • PrinceHeir

        well it might shift to handheld though, since the 3DS is going to be big in japan.

  • X360 only because Wada thinks the 12 000 sold units of FF13 in Japan were amazing!
    Not counting the 5 Billion $ M$ is paying

  • Meh I’ll get excited when I hear some gameplay information and see some screenshots.

  • I call Final Fantasy: Pokemon

    Each type will have specific final fantasy summon to go with it, and you can only trade for creatures which are not available in your type

    • Zero_Destiny

      THAT’s what I said lol. Great minds think a like.

      • I’d totally buy it :3

        • Zero_Destiny

          I’d know right, where could you go wrong?

          • By having Odin as your first summon and then killing him midway to replace him with Gilgamesh who uses Excalipoor exclusively. That’d be the ultimate trolling method

          • Zero_Destiny

            Lol My fav was always the Knights of the Round. They = PWNage!!! That and Ifrit just because he’s practically in all the games and love me my fire type Pokemon/Final Fantasy Summons.

  • Fail Fantasy…

  • Guest

    Contrary to popular opinion I loved XIII (and the soundtrack…ooh just bliss!) all the way through from start to finish. I still, and will continue to, look forward to flagship entries of the series.

    I do think however that shameless tie-ins (which this seems likely to be) need to stop, now.

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