Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming To PS3 And Xbox 360 This Year [Update]

By Spencer . January 18, 2011 . 1:54am

ffx132It’s official, Final Fantasy XIII is getting a direct sequel. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is in development and it’s multiplatform. At their Production 1 press conference Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Motomu Toriyama, director of Final Fantasy XIII, took the stage to talk about Final Fantasy XIII-2. He’s reprising his role as the director. With six million units sold worldwide, Toriyama says he came to unveil a sequel.


According to Toriyama, many fans have voiced their request for a sequel. Toriyama promises another dramatic story with Lightning as the main character. A new character, perhaps the one in the logo, is Lightning’s rival. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is in simultaneous development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 is on track for release this year in Japan.


Update: A trailer will be released on the 20th.

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  • *Gives up hope*

  • Hope they learned from their mistakes and will make this a better game… And finish Agito and Versus. Please? Pretty please?

    EDIT: Agito’s pretty much on track now.. YOSH!

    • Agito has been renamed to Final Fantasy 0 Shiki. I’m guessing that Type-0 thing is Agito.

      • My brain just asplode… Yeah, a direct translation of 0 shiki is type-0. But what about the other types? Arghhhh naming tragedy. I want a newype!! (bad pun, I know)

        • I’m hating the new name myself they plan on making it a series that explains the Type-1 and other registrations. Atleast the game’s got a summer release.

        • Zero_Destiny

          No any pun relating to Gundam is a good thing!!! XD Especially UC Gundam.

    • karasuKumo

      I agree so much! It has been such a long wait :( Hopefully we’ll get the release dates today :D

      • Ishaan just posted Agi… *cough* Type-0’s release date! Hurrah! But I doubt it’s a worldwide release though.. But alas, it’s COMING

    • badmoogle

      Well Toriyama said FFXIII-2 will be their answer to all the criticism XIII received so i bet they learned a thing or two from their mistakes.

  • Square Enix needs some money really bad! So lets go back to the wall again. I wonder will they pull a FF X! Have all the male characters in a boy band or something?

  • Trisagion

    Will Lightning, Vanille and Fang be able to switch dresses in real time and crack feminist jokes?
    If so, day one buy!

    • I’m wondering if Serah is a playable character.

      • All the power to Serrah!

      • Aoshi00

        Wonder how many years passed by since the ending, it was 2 yrs for X-2.. maybe now Hope has grown up to be really handsome and got a thing for Lightning and Snow is a dad, but that would make Serah a milf lol..

        Well, alrdy got FF13, Int’l (easy mode comes in handy if you’re really stuck), OST, the prologue and epilogue novels, and the drama CDs, might as well, they’re milking every last cent out of me w/ this…

        But now that Hamauzu has left S-E, wonder who would be the composer.. hope there is some new music too.. and they should improving over the first one after so much feedback..

        • Hamauzu will probably be on board again, and this seems likely listening to the trailer’s snippet of new music.

          It’s very common now for video game composers to go freelance and still continue to write music for the company that used to hire them as employee (see Uematsu for FFXIV, Shimomura for Versus XIII, Sakimoto for XII, etc. they all had left S-E already)

          • I wish Yasunori Mitsuda composes music for a Final Fantasy game I really love his compositions.

          • Aoshi00

            That’s true, it just didn’t occur to me because it hasn’t been very long since Hamauzu left S-E, so I thought he might not want to work w/ them again so soon (otherwise he wouldn’t have left), of course I didn’t know the reason why he left if there’s any disagreement or he just felt like going freelance.. sigh, they should let Uematsu do a non-MMO FF. I liked the music he did for X and 13 though.. too bad Sigma Harmonic was horrible the music was okay..

          • From what I’ve read it just seemed that with the highly positive reaction FFXIII’s OST received, it was the perfect moment for him to go freelance.

            I wish Sigma Harmonic had came out in N.A., I won’t get a chance to play it as it is, and the OST was really good. It’s a shame really.

    • Considering the ending i doubt we’d get to control Vanille and Fang

      • Aoshi00

        They do want to figure out a way to bring their friends back after the ending in Ep i, so you never know.. could happen in XIII-2.

  • Ereek

    While the story’s premise doesn’t sound particularly interesting, I will withhold judgment on the title until I play it myself.

  • How many of you guys think this game is going to come out before Versus?

    • Eri

      I Really HOPE Versus will be out first. But I’m afraid this one might be first.

  • Christian Wright


  • Well this is probably the deleted content from the Version as 13 was still a PS3 exclusive…Now for full price instead of a 2nd BluRay like it was thoght to be

    2011 it is coming…This means no Versus 13 probably this year?
    Crap….Gives Wada the chance to rape Versus 13,delete all the stuff for a 360 Port…Well the conference isn’t over now….Bye bye Versus – You had the chance to be the 1st good game of SE this Gen :<

    • Deleted content from when it was a PS3 exclusive? You ARE aware that Final Fantasy 13 was originally a PS2 game right? One that shifted to the PS3/360 mid-development? There was never any of these “deleted content” you talk about, only added content from the ability to use dual layer DVDs, and BDs, instead of single layer DVDs. As for the first good Square Enix game this generation? Are we talking about published or developed by them? Because development-wise “Infinite Undiscovery” was a pretty awesome game.

  • karasuKumo

    Fair enough, I still think it is a good thing. I doubt it could be worse than the first.

    Nothing about Versus yet? :(

  • What the hell just give me Versus already! Oh well, hope this one is good though I doubt it. Probably a rehash of XIII to make a quick buck

  • even a sequel?? i haven’t even bought FFXIII…partly because of the english dubbing (the lack of the original japanese dubbing is unacceptable for a PS3 JRPG!)…and partly because of the boring westernized characters…

  • maxchain

    Huh, he makes it sound like the decision was a no-brainer. The first one was pretty polarizing from what I’d read, but hey, sales are sales.

  • Didn’t bother with the first one, hope this one is worth playing

  • malek86

    So soon? I bet they mostly reused previous assets.

    But it looks like they just don’t wanna finish Versus, doesn’t it?

    • OneOkami

      Took the words right out of my mouth. I guess it makes sense to reuse assets and tech from its predecessor which would make the development time shorter, but my goodness, Versus is like borderline vaporware.

      I wonder if it has a lot to do with Tetsuya Nomura juggling something like 500 projects at a time.

      • Guest

        But will it have TOWNZ??

        • OneOkami

          When I read that the sequel will “exceed” its predecessor in every way, that was one of the first things that came to mind.

  • badmoogle

    Didn’t they mention FFXIII-2 will be coming in 2011?If so i don’t expect massive changes in terms of level design.

    The Agito name change was very surprising.

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully the customization and battle system is similar to X-2(being able to use multiple characters, tons of customization, extra missions, tons of mini games, being able to use airship and so)

    will definitely looking forward to this(hope they learn alot right now)

  • Oh SE… I forgive you… I will still get FFXIII-2.. What to do aye? I am a die hard fan of yours… lol…

  • Pesmerga00

    There are sites up now.

    Doesn’t look like there is much there yet.

  • Pesmerga00

    The other character in the logo looks very similar to Lightning. I’m guessing Dark Lightning or something like that.

    • karasuKumo

      Possibly another relative?

      • Pesmerga00

        With that armor image, I guessing now that there might be a job system in this one.

  • Hmm I’ll bite I haven’t played FFXIII fully I think I stopped after getting the Shiva Sisters even though it is action packed it felt boring to me so here is hoping this sequel does justice to the game I don’t hate the game but will take some time to go back and play it again.

  • Chiupon

    It somehow seems like this one might be good. The prospect of them focusing on Lightning means character development, and giving her a rival means… More development. My gosh, even if it’s linear as hell, I think it might be bearable!

  • Pesmerga00

    I guess this is Lightning’s new look.

    Maybe there will be a dress sphere after all. LOL.

    • As long as they keep her tough as nails personality, it’s cool. I’d cringe if Lightning suddenly turned yandere

      • Darkrise

        That just made me grin even more.

      • Pesmerga00

        Sarah and Vanille will sing. Lightning will sit back, cross her arms, and look annoyed. It all makes perfect sense.

      • Yeah, I know. If they change her personality, it’ll be like my worst birthday ever.

    • IceRomancer

      paladin dress sphere anyone? xP

  • cjeromek

    Yes!!! Cannot wait for this!!! While I can see why others would not care for this announcement I hafta say I’m pretty damn excited. I enjoyed the first one and I’m really anticipating this one.

  • Should have just announced it as an Xbox 360 exclusive just to see the reaction. Yeah I guess this is why I’m not in charge of any important video game business decisions :D

    • malek86

      FF15 exclusively for iPhone!

  • You know, I’m excited. Loved XIII, so I will definitely get this.

    I’m just shocked at the 2011 release date. I guess that means March 2012 for North America, then.

  • Pesmerga00

    The next summon should be Doomtrain. It’s gestalt mode is built in. Plus, running over enemies would be so awesome.

    • Guest

      I’m stealing that name for a band if I ever get one together

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    And I still can’t help but get excited about a new Final Fantasy! A brand name is a powerful thing…

    Anyway, about the artwork: light and darkness? “Darkness Lightning” has a more savage looking sword and… unruly hair? (xD)

    Also, the armor Lightning has on that screenshot from the teaser site looks kind of out of place… And reminds me of Odin.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Considering the amount of money they had to spend on developing XIII, a direct sequel isn’t very suprising. They’ll want to reuse the engine and assets as much as possible before having to make such an investment again.

    That said, Square Enix will have to use this chance to redeem itself and resolve the issues a great deal of people had with the original. While FF XIII was a blunder of serious proportions, it still managed to sell well thanks to the amount of hype it enjoyed as one of the most anticipated titles since the launch of the PS3. Not only will XIII-2 not have that going for it, it will also be under the shadow of the negative reception its predecessor received. So people are going to be much more cautious this time around.

    If Square Enix thinks they can release a game just like XIII and expect a similar amount of success, they are sorely mistaken.

  • Looks like the online vocal majority opinion is actually the minor one in this case as the game is the spawn of fans of the game. I know Im in for this sequel. So can not wait!

  • pridesin

    Well, this explain why they announce that there will be no DLC for the final fantasy 13.
    So, they were just planning to release sequel.

  • Kaz

    IMO this is a lose lose for Square
    if they change to much they isolate their fans of FFXIII who “demanded a sequel”(who the hell wanted a part two to this crap) or if they keep it somewhat the same sales will definitely decrease because the people who fell for the trap the first time won’t even touch this game.
    I feel this is just a milking opportunity to make a half -assed game and make money to redeem for FF14 failure.
    If this game has ONE town it’s already better than the first one js

    • Guest

      people want a sequel to continue the storyline and characters. I think it’s fair to say it wouldn’t hurt to fix the problems the last game had

  • Darkrise

    I really need to finish XIII now. =/

  • Bruce

    just make it an action RPG game and everybody will buy it …

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    I’m actually pretty psyched about this one, I’m kind of glad agito got knocked Out of Fabula Nova Crystallis (I prefer to keep my RPGs on consoles) hopefully this game introduces new characters or maybe It’ll take place in the past seeing as vanille and fang are crystals now lol and evryone else had a happy ending

  • Woooho:)

  • says the release date is Dec 31, 2011. I’m so getting this! (I will be buying FFXIII asap as well)

  • sorry double post!

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