Sonic Creator Takes To The Sky And 3DS With Machinist Of The Sky Rodea

By Spencer . January 18, 2011 . 6:04pm

imageWhen we last spoke with Yuji Naka, he told us his next game involved an original character and the sky. Today, Famitsu revealed the title, Machinist of the Sky Rodea. Yuji Naka and Takumi Miyajima are working on creating this sky fantasy game.


Rodea, the regal looking character with tail fins… on his tail, is the lead character. Ion is the girl with the goggles to Rodea’s left. Princess Cecilia is looking over them.


Similar to Prope’s last title, Ivy the Kiwi, Machinist of the Sky Rodea is coming to Nintendo 3DS and Wii. In the Wii release, players only use the Wii remote to control the game. You point to remote to move and rapidly shake the remote or press the B button to get there faster. Pointing the remote and pressing A makes Rodea use a gun attack.


Development of Rodea began in the fall of 2009. A prototype of the game was deemed to be too complicated and Naka thought of a the Wii remote as a solution to make give the game simple controls. The result is a completely new action game.


Kadokawa Games, publishers of Metal Max 3 and Earth Seeker, are publishing Machinist of the Sky Rodea in Japan.


Naka also told us the main character is based on an animal he thought was "interesting." Any idea on what kind of animal Rodea is?

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  • thebanditking

    Wow 3DS seems to really be gathering up some serious support, my only question is how far off are most of these titles? The system is going to need some fantastic software to sell consumers on a $300 portable game console in this economy. I mean its always nice to know great stuff is coming but when most of your announced big titles fall into that category it can be problematic. Hence why I am sticking with PSP and DS for at least the next 12 months.

    As a side note I find it a real shame that the only place games like this exist are in the portable realm now, back in the glory days this would have been a full fledged console release. I miss the mascot era consoles in that regard.

    • kylehyde

      Aside for the fact that nobody has said how much the 3DS is going to cost in the west, the fact that direct convertion doesn’t work (even if ¥25,000 is around $300) in this kind of cases because prices in west are lower than in japan and that it will be until tomorrow that the real price for west is going to be formally anounced, you have a point, unless that the good games are released in less spaced times it could find some problems to sell. I liked the line so far it will be great for the first two or three months but after that I don’t see too much action unless that some companies and nintendo themselves have some things under the sleeve that can capture the market attention until the rest of the big games come.

      About your note, the only guess that I can make is that the development costs for the HD are still too expensive for many small and medium companies. So many companied with lot of creativity but little resources have to port their ideas to more economic grounds.

      • Aoshi00

        I’m really guessing it’s $249.99 if it’s 25,000 yen, could be lower but can’t be higher (if Nintendo really wanted to sell it for $300 in the US, the Jpn price would’ve been 30,000 yen), guess we would find out tmw. Too bad it’s region locked though, so I would need to get a Jpn one which would be a lot more expensive (like getting a Jpn 360), and most online sellers would probably sell it for $450-500 for a while.. a Mario or Love Plus would be killer app though.. I got the original DS for Goemon and Castlevania :)

    • No one knows the price yet. Joystiq promises the price will be announced tomorrow though.

    • jarrodand

      The article isn’t clear about it, but this is also a Wii game. Going by Naka’s comments, it’s leading on Wii too, and 3DS is getting a port.

  • joesz

    It seems like its going to be a decent game….hopefully a great one.

  • 3DS rules, 11.5 hours to go!!! :D

  • Alright, another new project from Yuji Naka. Colour me excited. :)

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder how he feels about the new 2D sonic games?

    another bag on the 3DS ^^

  • So glad he found a publisher.

    Time to start pestering Rising Star Games for a PAL release.
    Premature of course, but Prope managed to make a game that is nothing but blocks and an auto-moving character (Ivy the Kiwi) my favourite platformer of 2010, so I have full confidence in Naka and his team.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I saw the word “sky” and then “sonic” and intermediately thought of Skies of Arcadia =(
    But this game sounds promising!

  • puchinri

    I’m looking forward to the title. I like the character designs, looking forward to more news. Nice that it’s going to be a Wii title too. (3DS support is way schway too though.)

    And seems like Kadokawa is getting their hands on some interesting stuff. (Speaking of Earth Seeker, is there going to be anything covering the updates? Like that we now have two player characters?)

  • puchinri


    And I’ve really been considering playing it since I hear good things about it (I have somewhere I know). It reminded me of Kirby Canvas Curse (which I love), so that made me consider it more. The controls and gameplay are pretty solid then, I suppose?

  • High hopes for this one. I guess Naka wants to go in a new direction, considering his most famous work and legacy has been driven into the ground various past outings…

  • neocatzon

    I bet Rodea is a catfish

  • Guest

    Really hope this is Yuji Naka’s big return to something truly special. The promo pic has a Skies of Arcadia vibe to it, which can’t be a bad thing.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I don’t know why, but the title “Machinist of the Sky Rodea” seriously reminds me of “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Yay I love when Yuji Naka goes off and makes something un-Sonic, I loved Billy Hatcher but that was sadly pushed aside by most reviewers :( And Ivy was fun and gimmicky for what it was worth. Let’s hope this is good too.

  • This game could be great….could. Please be the real followup to Sonic and Nights!

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