Ridge Racer 3D Comes With A New “Drift” Button

By Ishaan . January 22, 2011 . 3:32pm

Namco Bandai are releasing a new Ridge Racer alongside the Nintendo 3DS close to (or during; we aren’t certain yet) the system’s launch. Ridge Racer 3D comes with a few 3DS-enhanced features aside from the 3D visuals, like being able to take a picture of your face and use it as an avatar in the game.


The real addition Namco are pushing is the Drift button, which sounds like it functions similarly to the drifting from Mario Kart DS. You hold down the button to enter a drift and let go of it to exit. If that doesn’t sound like it’s for you, you can toggle back to the default drifting system the series uses.


Unfortunately, multiplayer modes are restricted to 4-player over local wireless. To put things in perspective, though, Ridge Racer 3D’s closest competition at launch, Asphalt 3D: Nitro Racing, is also restricted to local multiplayer (although that game supports up to 6 players).


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  • Maybe the game will allow for firmware updates to enable online multiplayer? Its is baffling that in this day and age of phenomenal multiplayer experiences games on Nintendos systems are more often than not lacking these modes, its a shame really, as racing games are utterly enthralling with online.

    Though it seems tragic that Ridge Racer is probably an irrelevant racing series these days in this age of the epic and high selling Need For Speed. They should have put Shift 2 Unleashed and Hot Pursuit on the device.

    • xxbrothawizxx

      maybe, but most likely if it isn’t in the retail version, they probably wouldn’t bother doing it through an update.

    • NeoTechni

      “Maybe the game will allow for firmware updates to enable online multiplayer?”

      No, game updates would do that.

  • kylehyde

    It would be funny (or maybe annoying) if you could actually made sneaking with that feature.

    • Argh, I remember disliking snaking until I actually got the hang of it myself…after which I started to find it a whole lot of fun. Still can’t compare to some of those crazy Japanese players online that can snake all the way down a straight road though.

      • My housemate could actually do that.. He showed me in front of my eyes, and I wondered “How many hours have he spent with this game? @[email protected]

      • kupomogli

        I could snake but I disliked doing it. I disliked losing more though so I would snake if other people were. If people were racing normally I wouldn’t bother as I’d rather lose from a legitimate race rather than people cheating to win.

        It’s also fairly easy to snake on straightaways, jump to the side turning inward and keep hitting left and right until it sparks the boost and let go. Practice on that one Gamecube Mario Circuit.

  • ‘Scuse me, but that’s not how you make a car drift. >8[

    I want another game that follows Burnout Paradise’s control setup. I’ve gotten drifting down to a science almost.

    • GamerKT

      Drifting IS almost a science?

  • First let me state that not to include online is the choice of the developer. Some on here are already going to blame Nintendo for this game not having online. SSF4 and Dead Or Alive will have online. Also games like Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing will too. Namco decided to half step with the game. The same way EA has already stated that Madden will not have online. When developers are being lazy you can’t go blame the hardware manufacturer. So please direct all you comments towards them. It’s pretty clear Nintendo has a better system this time. Their online was already decent just lack features. The features are coming you just have to use them.

  • xxbrothawizxx

    I’m sorry that incorrect reporting has turned some of you off from the game. It is believed that both Asphalt 3D and Ridge Racer both have online multiplayer. For Ridge Racer it was confirmed by the localization manager.

    • Sorry, but we’re more inclined to believe official Namco Bandai documentation than the word of someone we’ve never even spoken to personally. As of now, the only thing Namco indicate is local multiplayer, and it is worded very specifically in their press assets about the game.

      You’re wrong about Asphalt as well. It is 1-6 players local only. Ubisoft also word this very specifically in their documentation on the game. We’d appreciate it if you did your research the next time you make claims of “bad reporting.”

      • xxbrothawizxx

        Here is the link to the video of the localization manager confirming online capabilities. Skip to 5:00, srry about slamming your article but it is wrong. I have no doubt you made an honest mistake. I guess going by official press releases comes to another conclusion.

        For Asphalt, I read the press release and though it does say only local wireless, further research could have brought you to the conclusion that these capabilities are there. I admit that for Asphalt I may very well be wrong, but who knows I could be right too.

        If anything you could have added a side note about these

        • Again, we would rather trust official documentation than the word of someone that a single site has spoken to. And we’re well aware of that OFLC rating. It says nothing specifically about online multiplayer, which is why we chose not to run it when we first discovered it weeks ago.

          Side note? Why? To report vague rumours and unconfirmed specifications from other websites? To me, that’s the definition of “bad reporting.”

          • xxbrothawizxx

            I definitely admit that the Asphalt thing could be categorized as vague rumors. I guess I’m just gonna have to submit on this, I see your point on the Ridge Racer side too. I was a bit harsh and quick to judge. When they do confirm it (assuming it really does exist), I’ll be here to read the article. Keep doing what your doing, no hard feelings.

  • I’ve never owned a Ridge Racer game, so I’m thinking of getting this at launch along with Super Street Fighter 4.

    • The DS Ridge Racer game was fun, actually all were once the drifting is mastered the game is epic (if not unrealistic)

    • Ridge Racer Type-4 was awesome, though a little too easy (albeit I played with the special controller made for it which is why I was probably so good at it). Apparently the PSP Ridge Racer games are fantastic as well.

      The drfiting sounds neat as has made me more interested (hopefully it will make it as fun as Type-4)

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