Maybe…Just Maybe…There’s A Tales Game Announcement Coming

By Ishaan . January 24, 2011 . 10:50pm

This is a puzzle by Namco Bandai:

This is the solution to aforementioned puzzle: thanks to Zach on Facebook for solving it! The “f” was given out as a clue on Twitter. Note the position of similar glyphs (A, C, O, R, and T) fit in the solution.

Why, yes, that does look a bit like a “Tales of” logo. The question is, which one? It most likely isn’t Tales of Xillia on PS3 or Abyss on the 3DS, as those aren’t even out in Japan yet. This leaves us with Tales of Graces (Wii or PS3) and Tales of Vesperia (PS3). We’re betting on the former.


Thanks to everyone (yes, there were quite a few of you) who sent in the tip!

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  • androvsky

    btw, by an odd coincidence, I discovered the tiles also work out to a scrambled “Tales of Graces Future May”, minus the spaces, just going by a simple frequency analysis.

    • Are you sure? The f would need to be the same, but there is only one “F” in the gyphs, the yellow tile seventh from the left on the top row.

      • androvsky

        I’m assuming it’s case sensitive with no spaces, otherwise it all falls apart.

  • Personally, I hope this is a Facebook game, but Spencer thinks Namco might tying up with MySpace. But clearly, Facebook is the more powerful of the two platforms, so that’s gotta be it!

    • Kris

      Your Tsunayoshi Sawada impression is uncanny.

      (I kid because I love)

      • Combined with the awesome and wondrous power of Facebook, this game will bring us to a new, genre-defining standard in role-playing connectivity, with fully-voiced scenes and online multiplayer. DAY ONE BABY!! BELIEVE IT!

        • vadde939

          Just wait and see what the real Tsuna might say about this announcement O_O

          • joesz

            Man.. Tsuna is our Ke$ha and Lady Gaga in siliconera.He’s probably the most known person on the site..siliconerally awesome! filled with epicness!

          • vadde939

            Yup. I just checked the Top Commenters and with 2779 posts Tsuna is apparently the most prolific commenter on this site. He’s like our very own celebrity ;)

          • M’iau M’iaut

            12:15 AM PST, 58 posts…….and not one yet from Tsuna………

            Perhaps all those checks regarding the end of the world missed something.

          • Lol, when you said that i checked the top commenters too, im the second! but woah, i have so many likes :D, but i dont get it though, when i click my Disqus’s avatar it says i have 3.1k post, but it only shows 1.8k in that window :0… Oh well

          • Maybe the counter is laggy, though mine seems to just be off by less than 100, though dude, more shocking is the fact that I have so many posts. I didnt think that I commented that much…especially since July, lol. Whats that say for those who have commented here for years…


        • SolidusSnake

          I came

        • Your comment is truly epic.

        • Tales of iPhone.

          • I’d prefer Tales of coming to the UK

          • vadde939

            Yeah no PAL release for Abyss and Legendia sucked. Whatever Tales this is Namco had better give it a PAL release. >_<

          • I’m pretty sure the game will be region-free.

        • Code

          rar, genius >w<

        • I woke up in the morning and first thing I see is Ishaan being possessed by Tsuna D:

          Great way to start my day :3

        • Darkrise

          This comment has just made my day.

        • Exkaiser

          Ishaanyoshi Sawada?

          I love it.

        • Barrit

          COTY 2011

    • PrinceHeir

      i actually though this was a facebook game too.

      will namco have a heart of change?

      will fans scream with joy once a tales of game is localize

      or be disappointed that it was only a facebook game?

      stay tuned on the next episode of The “Tales of” Drama Edition :D

      you better localize this Nacmo X_X

    • a tales of two richards… well it is most probably graces F (even if i still want vesperia ps3 too).

      Because (with less spoilers as possible) you first meet a richard, who is important (really important) to the MC, and later, that richard starts acting like another richard… And there are 2 crowns and Richard is a prince and becomes king…

      Still, if that is the case, i cant think why namco bandai would choose something so specific…

      • PurpleDoom

        Probably more they just needed a silly title for a placeholder website than anything.

    • throwing the ball to spencer uh? xD

  • Tales of Graces F, stick it into my veins! :D

    • Kris

      You and me both!

      • My black magic HD capture card is finished with Umineko and needs a new game to satisfy it XD

        (Though Ar Tonelico 3 will probably be next to capture from ;) )

        • Kris

          Ooh, glad to hear that you got that working! I’d love to see some of the Umineko art sometime! (hopefully spoiler free, I still need to finish Higurashi)

          • Ironically I finished all of Higurashi last weekend :D Was pretty great!

            And here’s a downsized sample of my wares from Umineko PS3 capturing :3


          • Man I would <3 you if you end up linking to all of these captures somehow.

          • And one more for good measure haha

            Sorry for the OT XD;


          • Kris

            Wow, those look awesome! That capture card must be incredible.

          • Rarutos

            Oh god that is AMAZING. If you can screencap more, I think a lot of people will love you forever.

          • @Rarutos: Already captured all 50 + pics in-game XD;

          • SneakyHawk

            What kind of capture card did you use?

          • @SneakyHawk: Black Magic Intensity Pro HD Capture Card

        • AR TONELICO 3!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!111111!!!11!!ONE!1!!!ELEVEN!!!1!ONE!1!!!

    • Yea, Tales of Graces Facebook. :)

      • Namco Bandai would really hit the bottom if its a facebook game…

      • More like Tales of Facepalm if that happens

        • That would be hilarious. “Touching Your Palm to Your Face RPG,” with the all-new Linear Retweeting Battle System (LRBS) to broadcast your achievements and trophies.

          • Exkaiser

            You’re really on a roll with this!

          • Sorry, I don’t know what’s come over me. ><

            (actually, we just figured we'd have some fun with the thread, since, really, what else is there to say for now until an official announcement of what game/platforms/content?)

          • I can’t stop laughing >_< That, kind sir, is statement of the day. Hear that, Bamco? We want that tagline!

    • A ToGf copy will be mine this thursday thanks to the trip to Japan of a friend, so I hope is Xilia xD But I wouldn’t mind owning an English Copy too. :P

      • vadde939

        Oh its not Xillia. I am 100% certain that blurred logo is Graces.

        • well anxious fans can be… well, let us just be patient and wait, if it is, I’ll gladly buy a copy! I must admit that “T” looks a lot like the ToG logo one, but I won’t say anything, I’ll wait until is official.

        • If it truly is graces, then I hope people buy it in droves so it can help to guarantee Xillia

  • vadde939

    YES! I’m hoping both versions of Graces get localized as I know alot of people who want the PS3 version but I really want the Wii version so:
    Both versions=everybody happy :)

    • Caligula

      if Namco hated money, they would do that. If they’re truly releasing Graces, guaranteed it’ll only be on one system.

      • vadde939

        Yeah I know the Wii version wouldn’t sell so well so most likely this is
        Graces F only but I want the Wii version because I don’t own a PS3 and if this is Graces F only I will be severely tempted to rush out and buy a PS3 right now which will hurt my wallet.

        • thebanditking

          There is next to no chance that this is for the Wii version, as above the Graces curvy F is present in each of those logo revisions on that website and the Wii version can’t be branded with that logo as its missing the content associated with it and Namco is not going to spend the time down porting the bonus features back into Wii code. If you can afford it, the PS3 is a great console to own; especially this year. Also there are some other great RPG’s on it as well (I recommend Valkyria Chronicles, Resonance of Fate) .

      • jarrodand

        After Enslaved, Splatterhouse and Majin, it seems pretty clear Scamco hates money.

        That said, pretty much every Tales game ever has bombed hard on a PlayStation system when brought over, while they’ve generally done better on Nintendo consoles. Given the track record, and the previous rumors about Graces coming over for Wii, it wouldn’t surprise me if f went multi overseas, or even Wii instead.

        • Caligula

          But there have only been three games released on Nintendo game systems? Symphonia sold well, I agree, but DotNW only sold okay because it had the “Tales of Symphonia” name on it. I’m pretty sure ToP sold like crap.

          • vadde939

            Yeah Phantasia bombed but DotNW and Vesperia both outsold Abyss (which also bombed) and I believe they outsold Legendia too so I don’t know where this idea that Tales sells best on Sony systems came from. Maybe its true for Japan but in the west I think the Tales fans are spread pretty evenly on all platforms.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Wait I’m pretty sure Symphonia 2 bombed hardcore on the Wii and I thought Abyss did Okay for the PS2. Maybe wrong about Abyss lol but I know Symphonia 2 bombed and I think Phantasia bombed on the GBA as well.

          • Guest

            DotNW didn’t bomb. It sold around the same or more as Vesperia 360.

          • Caligula

            haha, no, Abyss definitely bombed big time. Too bad… imo it’s the best of the series.

          • Zero_Destiny

            SAD :C Here I thought a good game did all right. That’s okay I was just guessing anyways which is why I said maybe I was wrong. It is weird thou because every TALES fan that I’ve meet (who doesn’t import) has played Abyss just figured it did all right.

          • vadde939

            Actually Abyss bombed while Symphonia 2 sold okay. Although it was more because it said Symphonia on the box rather than the quality of the game.

          • Exkaiser

            Even then, Symphonia 2 sold less than half what Symphonia did.

            Though, in this case, perhaps that’s reflective of the quality of the game.

          • Caligula

            I can see how you got that impression, considering that Abyss is generally the most well-regarded localized game among fans. It’s just that basically nobody outside of the really small fanbase has played it.

          • Exkaiser

            Most of the really small fanbase hasn’t even played it, if AC is any indication.

          • Caligula

            I got the impression that basically everyone there except for Sam has played it, but I’ll take your word on it.

        • Exkaiser

          I don’t get why people call them Scamco.

          What have they ever done that was a scam?

        • thebanditking

          This is more likely to be a facebook game then the Wii version. For one the original graces logo did not have the curvy F in it, which is clearly visible no matter how many blurred layers they add. Also the Wii version was a buggy mess even after being reworked and would not qualify under the Graces F banner as they are not going to go back and down port the new content into another re worked Wii release.

          • jarrodand

            A rumor was making the rounds two months or so back that Namco was planning to release the Wii version overseas with the added F content. Add in the GameInformer listing for a Tales Graces Q1 2011 Wii release that appeared a few weeks ago out of nowhere, and I think there’s at least some possibility we might see a Wii release for this (or even Wii/PS3 multiplatform). At the very least, it’s more likely than “Tales of Graces Facebook”. ;)

            Was the bugfixed Graces reissue really that buggy though? Nintendo and Namco are rereleasing it in Japan this March as part of their Minna no Susume line, perhaps it’s getting another going over then?

          • That rumor if its the same one went on to speculate that they would introduce an online mode into the game as well…

            Why would they choose to bring the Wii version?

          • jarrodand

            Well, the source of the rumor is certainly questionable, but the timing is weird. As is the sudden GI listing, which seems a bit more weighty. Nothing wholly indicative here, but these things raise flags and questions, that’s all. It puts a Wii release somewhere within the realm of possibility, at least ahead of ToG facebook. ;)

            As for why they’d bring a Wii release, why not? The franchise has had it’s greatest success on Nintendo consoles and translation work was already started on it before the Hometek layoffs last year. Making the project multiplatform would also automatically increase it’s potential reach to fans, at least 100,000 of which we already know have Wiis from DOTNW sales (which was pretty decent for a non-mothership release). I’m actually more curious why they’d bring F to PS3 exclusively, given it’s on a dramatically smaller userbase (PS3’s less than half the Wii base in the US currently), PlayStations historically being weak for the franchise (and PS3 being historically the weakest PlayStation on top of that), and the “Future” portion meaning a significantly more involved translation (about 30% more)… but then, it’s Namco, so who the hell knows what they’re ever thinking when it comes to Tales? I can’t think of a more schizophrenic mishandling of a JRPG franchise than what we’ve seen Namco do with Tales over the years. A PS3 only release wouldn’t surprise me in the least, and when it tanks, we can probably kiss the IP (and Xillia) goodbye for another 2 years…

          • @jarrodand Im quite sure as I think people indicated the Game Informer listing had more errors.

            I do not think that the Wii landscape for third parties is as peachy as you are making it seem. There has been a reason why companies have abandoned efforts there with only Disney pledging support with Epic Mickey and now even fleeing with abundant layoffs due to un epic performance from Epic Mickey. Sure they could put it on the console because there were 100K people who bought Symphonia 2, but why not put it on PS3. I do not think they will use history as their guidance. If that was the case then why did they even decide to put Vesperia on PS3 over there, if we use history? Over here, it would possible be wiser to try the waters with a PS3 version. No one knows how it will sell, they could compare it to other RPGs on the Wii and see that there is demande for the rpgs here, looking to all the ones that have made it over here. The rumor is too brave with speaking of online mode, porting the F content back to the Wii just for release in the US, and waiting until the middle of the year for a PS3 version if ever. Its a massive problem if they avoid putting it on the PS3…

            I dont know the cost of development but with the title readily available from Japan they just need to translate and put it on it. A wii version of graces f, wouldnt that require more work, its not even out in Japan, lol.

          • @Jarrodand – The Wii is a graveyard for third party games. Over and over again, there are articles on how disappointed third parties are with their Wii releases. Why do you think so many games are being ported over to the HD systems?

            Does the Wii have a higher overall user base than the PS3 or 360? Definitely. But I’d wager a good 70% of that are casuals. Moms and girlfriends who wanted to play Wii Fit. They played with it once and never touched the system again. Games that aren’t first party titles traditionally do awful on the Wii.

            The PS3, however, has shown that it has a dedicated fanbase when it comes to RPG’s, even in the West. Look at the word-of-mouth sales of games like Valkyria Chronicles (almost 600,000 copies), Demon’s Souls (550,000), and 3D Dot Game Heroes (220,000). Do you remember seeing a single commercial or billboard for any of those three games? Compare that to the sales of Wii RPG’s like Sakura Wars (35,000), Arc Rise Fantasia (98,000).

            Of course, I’m not saying that just being on PS3 guarantees good sales for an RPG. All one has to look at is the criminally low numbers Resonance of Fate did (but even that outsold any of the Wii RPG’s). But when there’s a lot more hardcore fans of the genre on PS3 than Wii and if there’s a series that they put their minds towards getting behind, it will sell fairly well.

            Now, Namco aren’t exactly known for their logic, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did do something stupid and made this a Wii only release or something, but if you want to look at the logic of the situation, a PS3 release makes total sense.

          • jarrodand

            @Tsunayoshi Sawada

            I think you should recheck your sources on Epic Mickey, it’s the best selling Disney title in the company’s history and it’s first NPD it outsold the previous record holder (Kingdom Hearts II) by over 2:1. Disney’s scale back has to do with a shift in focus and ideology (which was even in the works before Epic Mickey hits shelves), in fact they already came out and said they were happy with Epic Mickey’s sales. If you want bombs from the company, titles that actually contributed to effecting this change, look no further than 360 and PS3 titles like Split Second, Turok or TRON.

            @Charles Lupula

            You need to recheck your sales on Valkyria, the game sold close to (but still sold less than) Symphonia DOTN in the US. And that’s only after heavy discounting, at full price it only sold around 70k according to NPD. PS3’s actually been something of a graveyard for JRPGs in the US; Valkyria Chronicles, Resonance of Fate, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean, Last Rebellion, Nier, White Knight Chronicles, Enchanted Arms, Disgaea 3… none of these passed 200k (most didn’t pass 100k even), pretty much everything on the system has bombed or underperformed bar FFXIII and the very un-JRPG-ish Demon’s Souls. Expect the same story for Graces F, it’s going to bomb big time.

            Your mom based Wii Fit scenario seems pretty unlikely too given Wii’s attach ratio is the same as PS3’s… unless core Wii owners are outbuying games versus PS3 owners by a significant margin?

          • @jarrodand Im also sure Split/Second didnt bomb, they even released it on PSP months later (surely not like Blur… ) and was most likely profitable (more so than Pure) as well as with its extensive DLC offerings it probably soared to profitability. Black Rock didnt get layoffs…

            How can you say Disgaea 3 “bombed”? Isnt its sales good for the company? Last Rebellion as well, didnt NISA even say why the game didnt do bad and that the games quality was questionable? And the other three you list are all late ports, Enchanted Arms, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean International, its difficult to say what “bombed” when no one knows what the sales targets were in the US…

            I really think it would be to their advantage to try the Tales series on PS3 here, versus just going the Wii route. Surprises like Demon’s Souls could happen…

          • jarrodand

            @Tsunayoshi Sawada

            Split/Second bombed hard, it sold something like 30k across platforms it’s first NPD. Epic Mickey on just Wii, for comparison, sold 1.3m it’s first NPD. We don’t know if there have been layoffs at Black Rock yet, the mass layoffs for restructuring at Disney Interactive haven’t all been identified yet. Junction Point did get hit with some redundancy layoffs, but they were also simultaneously hiring for new positions, so it’s hard to really get much insight on staffing being an indicator of anything performance wise there. Black Rock didn’t handle the PSP port of S/S either btw, it was farmed out to Sumo Digital. Pure actually did pretty well though, but that’s solely because it had a 360 hardware bundle to help it along.

            Disgaea 3 undersold the PS2 games iirc, the last NPD leak we saw put it around 100k I believe. Disgaea 1 on PS2 sold over 200k… I wouldn’t call D3 a “bomb” exactly, but I don’t think it’s out of bounds to claim it probably underperformed relative to the franchise. Last Rebellion was a straight up bomb though, so much so that NIS completely cut ties with it’s developer (Hitmaker).

            I agree that efforts on PS3 for JRPGs haven’t exactly been top tier (it *has* been mostly low budget stuff and late ports) and that general genre malaise may be holding things back, but really that sort of argument goes double for Wii, which has unquestionably had a far worse effort put forward from developers and publishers. You get out of these systems what you put into them, in a very real sense.

            Honestly, I don’t hold out much hope for Graces sales wise on any system, though I still think a Wii exclusive would outperform a PS3 exclusive, due in large part to the US Tales and Nintendo fanbases having significantly more historical crossover and dramatically better sales. The smartest move would really be multiplatform though, I don’t see any real logic in not going for the largest potential audience possible. I also think Vesperia should’ve been multiplatform though, Namco would’ve been better served holding the 360 version back and adding the extra content.

          • malek86

            “unless core Wii owners are outbuying games versus PS3 owners by a significant margin?”

            That wouldn’t be too surprising. Didn’t the Gamecube have the highest attach ratio in the past gen? Nintendo consoles usually have the advantage that Nintendo fans will blind-buy pretty much everything the company churns out, so that will definitely influence the numbers a bit. If you think that even Wii Music sold some 3 million copies, that’s gotta tell you something. This gen, on the other hand, the 360 attach ratio is higher than the Wii. It’s obvious that the expansion strategy means the userbase also has many people who don’t buy too many games (grandmas? but not necessarily). Pretty much like the PS2, everybody had one because it played DVDs and stuff, but then they didn’t really buy any games for it. As usual, a console can’t get too popular without a diluted audience. I’m actually surprised the 360 managed to get as far as 50 millions with its relatively limited appeal (Kinect might have changed things slightly, but it’s too early to tell).

            I’d say that the 360/PS3 is still a more attractive choice for third-party developers. I can’t really say that for JRPGs, though, simply because there hasn’t been any proper effort on either console (including the 360, but that was doomed from the start, and at least they did manage some decent numbers with LO) so we can’t make any predictions. But if Graces did indeed get released on both PS3 and Wii, it would be interesting to compare the two.

          • See, here’s the thing’s funny. He’ll talk about how Disgaea 3 bombed, yet, it did only 10,000 less than Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, which he will cite as a big hit.

            Meanwhile, he’ll say that Valkyria Chronicles only sold 70,000 in its first month and then will say that the only reason it sold 600,000 eventually was that it was discounted, completely ignoring the whole “word of mouth” segment of my original post. Yet, how much can you pick up Sakura Wars Wii for? Arc Rise Fantasia? Hell, even TOS:DOTNW? Why didn’t they pick up 600,000 sales when they got discounted? I had already said that Valkyria Chronicles had no advertising, no P.R. and was destined to have poor initial sales, but the PS3 RPG fanbase spread the word. Did discounting its price help? It certainly didn’t hurt. But to claim that’s the only reason is just an example of ignoring other facts.

            And besides, he’s speaking in “Reggie-speak.” Once someone starts citing Pumpkinhead, you should stop listening.

  • I’m hoping for the best.

  • Kris

    I’m pretty positive that this is going to be the long awaited killer app for the Android. Android-exclusive, Atari 2600-level demake of Tales of Vesperia. However, all of the DLC from the PS3 is included in-app and there’s going to be a new character who’s a young shounen space marine.

    • lol dude, what are you talking about. Why would they release it for a weak system like the Android when the market leader in innovative smartphone gaming by Apple could do full justice to an epic game like this with gorgeous graphics and online leaderboards?

      • PersonaBull

        <3 Oh, Ishaan <3 So lulzy today


        • PersonaBull

          Woah….WOAH! No friggin’ way!

          • It’s the only explanation!

        • …he WOULD choose this exact moment to not show up, wouldn’t he. ><

          • PersonaBull

            Ishaan will forever be seen as the master troll of Siliconera to me.

            I…I trusted you… ;o;


          • H-hey now, someone might start to believe you… ><;

          • M’iau M’iaut

            He must be off on some massive Narupieceleach marathon.

          • Code

            oh snap, just proof your even trolling yourself xpx’ lol. rar, seriously this whole topic is pure gold >w<; I have Tuna sitting on my PS3 and even I’m questioning if he really existed, or if he was simply the residue left over from siliconera’s niche audience that combined together to form the ultimate mainstream being opo’

          • Tuna? He’s a fish now?!

            But wow, I never even thought of that residue theory. It all makes sense now!

          • To test that theory, someone(not me) has to actually friend him on Facebook and see if he’s actually been tagged in other people’s albums or not.

          • Code

            Tuna is the biggest fish I know +o+ Seriously that’s gotta be it, rarr, the internet demands balance, for all our niche ways, it created Tsuna EatDeath Sawada, the ultimate mainstream being to troll balance Siliconera! He’s here to bring us the definitive truth of intuitive high definition technology and how it’s made everything we know and love meaningless. Bow down for there are no stars any more, no life, no death there is only, 3D without glasses.

          • I hope you have an old school 60gig then, because I can’t imagine a slim could support a human being’s weight. Those first gen ones, though, they’re built like tanks.

          • Code

            @Charles Lupula Yep! yep! first gen >w< it really is a tank, sadly I did have to replace the disc drive once opo; But it's been a good system otherwise.

          • Wow, Mr Ishaan, that was too, lol, amazing. For awhile I thought I had somehow lapsed on remembering what I posted again. You truly made the day awesome!!!

          • I’m just pulling your leg.

          • Im starting to think that tsuna is another account Isshan made to entretain us…

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Naw Wild Arms, if Tsuna was an undercover megahate troll account created by management and mods to make folks jump for the mods own amusement, you would be on AnimeOnDVD, not Siliconera.

        • Code

          Nah I know Ishaan isn’t Tsuna, believeitbelieveitbelieveit!

        • Kris

          Ishaan is actually every Siliconera user. You might not know it yet, but even you may be a physical manifestation of his multiple-personality disorder. The website exists entirely inside his head.

          • It’s called “dissociative identity disorder”…

          • The disorder can be called one or the other.

    • malek86

      I would actually buy a 2600 JRPG. I don’t think there ever was one.

  • Dimentionalist

    Gosh darn you to heck, Namco Bandai Games! I hate your guts! I’m going to spill my entire being and all of my condensed hatred into this single post! You never localize your games, and you keep them all in Japan! I hope you go out of business, you awful, poor excuse for a corporation! So why don’t you take your Naruto Ball Z: Raging Ninja Dunce and shove it right where the sun don’t sh-

    …what?… No, shut up, don’t joke around like that… what the heck do you MEAN, Tales of Graces F might come to America. You blasphemer! I hope someone picks you up and throws you into the pit with Namco Bandai! And that URL is fake! “A Tale of Two Richards!?” You’ve gotta be kidding me! I bet this post sounds like every comment ever made on a Siliconera Tales post! I swear, if you’re pulling my l-

    …what. WHAT. WHAAAAAAAT. I’m on drugs, I’m dreaming, this is a hallucination… this… no, this is real… all those terrible things I said I’d do to your company, and all the times I wished you to fall from high altitudes into hazardous liquids… did… did you go and…

    …oh enough melodrama HAVE MY CHILDREN NAMCO!

  • holyPaladin

    Tales of Graces F please

  • nyoron

    Hahaha if this is true all of the work on that fan translation down the toilet… hopefully they don’t get too discouraged because I still want Vesperia PS3 :)

    Anyway looks promising but I’ll believe it when I see it!

    • vadde939

      Yeah I guess thats just one of the risks involved with being a fan translator. I would feel bad for them but I’d prefer an official localization over theirs anyday. Assuming this is only the PS3 version (as I swear I can see the F in the picture) I wonder if they’ll keep working on the Wii traslation as they were working on that before the PS3 port was even announced.

    • HarryHodd

      If a Wii version isn’t announced then thier fan translation will still be useful to Wii owners.

      • lostinblue

        I still want to buy it though. Gimme gimme namco.

  • superdry

    WTF? Now everyone will be like “OMG…Bamco USA you’re the best!”

    Hmm…looks to be Tales of Graces F. Sweet!

    Hmm…besides the DS, the rest of the current gen has at least one Tales game for it. I wonder what the chances are for Xillia in the future.

    • PurpleDoom

      If we want Xillia, buying this and getting a lot of other people to buy it as well would be a good idea. They’re giving us another chance to redeem ourselves, let’s take it!

  • I must remember to drink lots of fluids the next few days. One way or another I am going to have a good cry in me (hopefully tears of joy and not tears of disappointment)

  • vrakanox

    Aw crap man just bought this game in Japan. Haha oh well, if anything I might as well burn my money on my favorite game series.

    • Extra_Life

      I also bought it just before Christmas, and even commented on a previous Tales post that if I bought the game, it would probably get localised so that I’d have to buy it twice, just like I bought Symphonia twice…

      • Phlo

        Well, our bad luck is the good luck of countless others. I’m just happy that a lot more people are going to get a chance to play this.

        • Extra_Life

          I wouldn’t say it is bad luck – it helped me to refresh my knowledge of Japanese and it is a great game which, for me, has the best battle system of a Tales game yet. Plus, it is also nice to get a taster of the full experience when I can finally read 100% of it!

          • Phlo

            Well, yeah, but it was kind of expensive for a taste.

  • Caligula

    Imagine if Namco was just trolling. I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s funny how upset the fanbase gets.

    Anyway, I’m not believing anything until Namco explicitly states they’re localizing it.

  • zhemos

    2011 damn. I’m gonna have to quit my job so I can play all the RPG’s coming out this year. ><

    Really happy to see this. I knew It would happen eventually. They just can't ignore the demand.

  • Draparde

    I don’t care what tales of it is (Graces(f) or vesperia) i wana play one in english! so i have high hopes for either.

  • Guest

    I really hope this doesn’t lead to the cancellation of the Wii translation. I’m too poor at the moment to buy a PS3. =( But hey maybe they’ll do both….no they won’t.

    • HarryHodd

      I don’t see the Graces translation project being canceled. You should be fine.

      • Ren

        Actually, if the game is formally annouced to be Tales of Graces F, they will stop the translation. They said that before. Altough they may still translate the vanilla Graces.

  • If this ISNT Tales of Graces F I’m pretty sure it counts as cruel and unusual punishment for Tales fans D: especially with the F spelled out in pac men (mans?)

  • zhemos

    It’s clearly Tales of Graces F for PS3. The URL makes me think it’ll be multi plat. He did say on facebook that everyone would be happy. That means Wii fans and PS3 fans get it. ^^

    You can make out the stylized F if you look closely at the bottom.

    • HarryHodd

      It could be multiplat but “the tale of two richards” fits nicely with the story of Tales of Graces f as well.

    • vadde939

      Oh now you’ve got my hopes up. I can clearly see the f in the logo so PS3 version will be released for sure but I can still hope that they reverse-ported Graces f to Wii to give it a multiplat release. *Insists on being crazy-optimistic due to my lack-of-PS3ness*

    • Zero_Destiny

      Oh man if that’s the case I better buy both versions so to make sure Namco knows us fans means serious business XD

      • Oh yes you should. We all should. Or at least, those who wants the other title to come… This is for Xillia!

  • A Tales of Game coming to the US? Did someone divide by zero?

  • i swear scamco… if this isnt Graces F im goin overdrive on their asses

  • tales of hearts I say!!
    look at the logo ->

    or graces -> inverted. Richard is one of the characters.. An for some reason it has three of those images o-o odd.

    • Would explain the rainbow.

      • Darkrise

        Maybe it’s Namco’s western Tales developped game. Expect Space marines and long haired woman with tight black leathered outfits with guns and story about an apocolyptic world. The rainbow of course maybe has to do with someone who was high during the design of the logo.

    • Even if i like the game, i hope is not hearts, i really want my ps3 with some tales of love

    • no1curr about Hearts. Why would they release a flop DS game when the 3DS is right around the corner?

  • I mean, dreaming is free, right? And the “T” looks a lot like the Graces Logo and Xilia one… :3 Dreaming is free after all :P

    • vadde939
      • neogeno

        TALES OF FACES!!!! The hottest new facebook game for Tales fans!!

      • Yamaneko22

        Maybe these are two logos merged? Graces F and Xillia? Meaning we get those two localised? Ahhh getting way too optimistic perhaps:D

        • OMG DUDE You are blowing my mind!!!! Two announcements in one?! That would be, gah, I cant even think of words to describe it!

          • Darkrise

            Dude, it’d be AWSOME! Oh man, it’d be the most awsome thing we could get!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Hurriedly checks all the regular news sites to see if Conquest, War, Famine, and Death have been spotted somewhere. (nope)

    Hurriedly checks the NASA website for an incoming earth killer asteroid. (all clear)

    Still expecting a release date of December 21, 2012!

  • Namco, you better not be teasing me! Pulling at my heartstrings like this! Vesperia, Graces or Xillia; I don’t mind at all. I just wish they’d just give me a straight answer for once!

  • HarryHodd

    I’m trying to hold back my excitement but it’s difficult. What a great surprise if true.

  • We know its going to be Tales of Graces. It was on a list in a Nintendo Power, last month I believe it was.

  • Why is the Daedric “O” used in Oblivion on there?

    EDIT: I’m not liking the fact that the obscured logo image is named “apple.png”. >8[

  • DemonicX

    Hmm….Looks colorful..
    Tales of Graces is a very colorful game…

    My spider senses are tingling! Maybe localization.? =D

  • Fonic

    Have to admit I’m kind of excited now.
    Although on the not so bright side if whatever this is doesn’t do super well then we may once again be in for quite a Tales drought in the west.
    I just really hope Bamco keeps their expectations reasonable and/or puts some true effort into promoting it. No weird release dates either as long as I’m asking.


  • cjeromek

    Has anyone else noticed that the tales of graces opening animation was posted on their facebook page on January 22 with an English version of the theme?

  • Oh bugger, this is all ridiculously exciting, which leads me to believe NB will somehow announce this as a US-only region locked 360 release. I don’t know how that would happen, that’s just what I expect my levels of disappointment to warrant.

    But goddamn, if this -is- Tales of Graces F, be and NB are gonna be BFF’s forevs.

  • hey guys, i found this on another site (ishaan forgive me for posting another gaming site)

    They seem to have put the logo off that site on a black background and ti becomes pretty clear what game is being hinted at.

  • SupaPhly

    check their facebook page and there’s a video of the opening in english. but it seems to be under “video by others”, so i’m not sure if it’s fanmade

    • No, Namco Bandai did made a english version, i remember i heard it a long time ago, but yes, it is in the “by others” videos, si somebody else just uploaded it

  • Need Tales of Xillia
    Played Graces F last year…They shouldn’t waste time on something old

    • Darkrise
    • Olde? Dude what, it just came out two months ago (Dec 2, 2010), even on my standards of olde that is still a recent game, lol.

      • Darkrise

        He thinks that if he himself has the game already and played it, then Namco should localize the next one JUST for him because wanted to.

    • Oh, well, if you have played it, I guess the rest of us who haven’t should just stop caring. Pardon me for being so selfish.

  • exhume

    If it’s a PS3 Tales, it’ll be the first Tales game I’ll get a chance to play. Here’s hoping for Graces (or even Xillia)!

    • Wow dude, you should at least try the PSP Tales of game, Eternia, it is simply stunning if you have a PSP. But yeah, I hope that you do get to experience a Tales game on the PS3.

      • Darkrise

        That is, if we could understand it you know. Yeah~.

        • Ephidel

          Eternia for PSP is available in Europe, you can import and understand it just fine.

  • Funny how I was talking about tales of yesterday and this popped in today.


  • Out of monring grumpy spite I just hope this isn’t a Tales of game :D


  • Testsubject909

    Honestly? Far more interested in the reactions and comments and Tsuna impersonations then the actual news itself.

    Mainly because I have no trust in Namco as it stands.

    • I had to take a second look as it appeared that someone was saying exactly what I would say, lol dude it is mind blowing and awesome!

      • Testsubject909

        Now watch, as people will forever doubt whether or not Isshan is you/you are isshan…

  • Yui

    I click on this post, expecting the usual passionate hatred of BamCo that Siliconera fosters so close to its communal heart, and I find TS-Syndrome has spread (like a parasite!) to every commenter on the page.

    I don’t even know how to deal with this. ;_;

    • Darkrise

      It’s TS syndrom, you can’t help it. You’re probably next and maybe I am too.

      • Yui

        Oh, Darkrise, don’t let it get me. Please don’t let it get me. I don’t think I’d survive it. ;_;

        • lol dude, wow, just wow!! You blowing my mind!!

          • Yui

            Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! =(

            how could you give in, wildarms? i loved you =(

          • I WONT GIVE IN!!!! *veins start appearing on the forehead* AHHHHHH *BREAKS TSUNA’S INFLUENZA* FOR SPARTA!!!!! FOR KRATOS!! FOR GOKU!!!!

          • Darkrise

            You sir, have went down in history as the most epic person to have fought back, and withstood the TS syndome. Unfortunately, the rest of the commenters have been infected and it could spread again.

        • Blue pill, or red pill. Your choice

          • Yui

            I can never remember which is which, so I’m going to go with red pill, because I prefer the colour.

            Am I safe now? ;_;

            EDIT @WildArms : my hero! :D

          • My condolences, Agaraz.

          • It shortened my life spawn by 3 years, but it was worthy

          • Darkrise

            If I recall, red was TS color. 0.0. My condolences indeed. Don’t despair at the fact that you will be infected very soon because it’s already taking affect on me. ,* *,

          • Hey, hey hey, wait, are they… Wonka pills? Because i wont touch them if they are not, i only eat quality pills

          • Have faith in my pills, son. You’ll gain that lost 3 years lifespan back, AS TSUNA


  • Yukito

    The F in Graces F stands out in the logo.

    • AdamBoy64

      Yes – agreed. The F is pretty noticable in the logo.

  • AdamBoy64

    This is like living in a dream… yes, I’m getting my hopes up on this one.
    Either that or Rich is a pro troll and has gone to the extent of registering domains.

  • kupomogli

    Even if there are good sales we probably won’t see another Tales for a long time. We should all just go on a Tales strike and not buy it unless Namco promises not to screw their Western audience out of games we beg them to release any longer. I’ll still buy it, but I still say we shouldn’t.

  • There hasn’t been a tales game in the U.S since…Tales of Vesperia, right?

    • Darkrise

      3 Years. 3 Damn years of waiting and 3 damn years of denial.

  • Pesmerga00

    Tales of Graces F.

    Also, will this be the highest commented post in SE history. What holds the record?

  • Schwer_Muta

    I’ll believe it when I hold the game in my hands and not a second sooner.

  • Wow this is surely, wow. If it truly is Tales of Graces F then I have to be so excite (and people better go out of their way to get it too so that we can get the phenomenal Xillia title). Looks like months of positivity and hope would have payed off! Now, I just hope that we get all of those awesome costumes, like the phenomenal Code Geass ones! Dude this is already the second best news of the week and the week just started (first being the epis PSP2). I so can not wait dude!!!!! Day 1 Baby, Day 1!!!

    • Barrit

      Something weird I noticed on the Asia release of Tales of Graces F, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see any of the Code Geass costumes on the Asian PSN as DLC. I wonder if they’d even be able to bring it out of Japan, but if so GOTY 2011!

    • Darkrise

      For once, I’d have to agree with you. Day 1 Baby, Day 1!!!

  • If this is Tales of Graces F, I am going to be furious with my fellow PS3 owners if this doesn’t do Demon’s Souls numbers. We’ve all whined about it long enough and if they’re actually giving it to us, we have to make sure we actually buy the damn thing.

    • Well Im there on Day 1 Baby status, and I hopefully will convince a friend to get it. Oh it better get high reviews too so that tons of peoples can get it!

      • M’iau M’iaut


        (Shame on you Tsuna, for making Victorique-san hafta question her sanity.)


      • KyoyaHibari

        Tsuna, you seem pretty greedy, i see you on like every post wanting everything on Day 1, 3DS, ToGf, XIII-2 lol, anyways, Im hoping for Vesperia PS3 and ToGF and maybe VS & the 2 other RMs

        • Darkrise

          He has endless pockets of money to fulfill all his Day 1’s. But really it might just be TS syndrome but if it IS Graces F, then DAY 1 Baby! Day 1!!!!

          • KyoyaHibari

            good point, skeptical about 3DS and XIII-2 though and a few others, still havent played a good Tales since Vesperia which i sold a while back, so looking forward to Vesperia on PS3 and im thinking of maybe getting ToGF on day 1.

    • Exkaiser

      You said it. Tales fans are convinced they have this huge fandom ready to throw away money to make Tales a profitable venture, so they had damn well better throw away money the first chance they get.

      • Caligula

        if Graces still sells horribly even after all all the fanbase’s insisting that there are just scores of people waiting to buy Tales games if they would just localize, I think the fandom is obligated to shut up permanently.

        • Hraesvelgr

          As one of the more realistic members of the fanbase, I have to agree with this.

        • Exactly. I’ve been complaining just as loud as anyone, but I will actually buy it day one. If I’m the only one, then I’m going to feel really stupid.

          • Now I’m questioning my reality… Dammit. But yeah, you’re not alone, Charles!

    • malek86

      If it doesn’t sell well, I’m definitely going to put up the Nelson image, so you Tales fans better buy it.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Oh god, I really hope it’s a Tales game. Not just for the fans, but also for Namco Bandai themselves. The fan backlash will be absolutely horrible if it’s anything else…

    • PurpleDoom

      Yeah, I’m a bit worried about this myself. The internet will probably explode if it’s not anything Tales-related.

    • 3rd world war is close.

      Maaan it would be SOOOOOOOOOOoo sad if it isnt tales of graces hahaha, after reading all the facebook’s comments, that would be so sad god

  • Eri

    Even though I already own both ToG and ToV in Japanese, I’ll buy them if they come over. Just to support further localization.

    Looking at the link, ToG makes the most sense. Considering Richard his… personality issues.

  • Boris_Althema

    the world has gone mad.

    • Barrit

      a true sign the end of the world is drawing near

  • Zero_Destiny

    Oh man a NA Tales game? Now I’ve got to be seeing things. Graces, Xillia, Hearts, Abyss 3D I don’t care what it is. I’d buy like 20 copies of it if I have to!!! XD And hear I thought the F in Graces f stood for “Ef you NA you’re never gonna get this game!!!”, but maybe it stands for “For once Namco decides it likes you NA!!!” XD

    • People better go back and delete their comments of Namco Bandai outrage. I wonder how long they have even been working on the title, if it is graces…industrys best kept secret lol. 20 copies, Ill have to campaign and suggest to my friends to get the game.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Must get everyone I know to buy this game now XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darkrise

    … I came back home from break after my first boring class and I see this. What now Namco, what now, you got me hyped up like never before.


    It’d better be.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Either I somehow did a wake and bake outside of my consciousness (and without weed) or this entire comment string is gold. Though I hope it really is a Tales game

  • They owe us some free dlc costumes for all the pain and suffering if this truly is a Tales game.

  • someone unblurred the logo

    • That clearly says Tales of Faces!

      It really is a Facebook gaem ;_;

      • NOooooo!
        No I don’t want a tales game about my “friends” saving the world and earning exp via discovering ingredients they never knew existed in their shed.. oh wait, wrong game! oh wait, right game.. noooo! ;(

  • If it’s anything BUT Tales of Graces F, the “F” clearly stood for a certain four letter word that Bandai Namco has been telling the Tales fans for some time now.

  • Why do I have this bad feeling that it might be a new IP for some social network platform? Since the “T” in the logo is yellow, which is unlike any of the other logos we’ve seen yet. No social network games pleeeeeeeeeeease. :((

    • Don’t let the jokes scare you. I’m sure this isn’t for a Facebook game. :)

      • Your jokes actually make me consider the posibility… we are talking about namco bandai here ._.

        • exactly :((
          and we’re also still in this silly social network boom so we should prepare for the worst

        • Namco Exec: “Well, I bet we can shut up all those complainers by finally localizing Tales of Graces F. Let me go to Siliconera to see them eating crow… Wait a minute…they are all hoping it’s a Facebook game. Hmmmm…Johnson, cancel Tales of Graces F for North America and get to work on that Facebook game!”

    • MizuMikomi

      To ease your paranoia here is an example of what they did with the logo. Its inverted, so I played around with it in GIMP and got some fairly pleasing results:

      It seems they just inverted the colors in the logo, granted to do this I had to take the original logo and find the proper positioning, but as you can see it fits perfectly.

      You can invert that image of mine and you’ll see the exact colors of the Graces logo. Lol

      • lol I wouldn’t of imagined they would be that sly with their photoshopping XD

        But yes that does make it quite convincing now! YAY GRACES :D??


    And then i wake up.
    But hey! the blurry image seem to have a T at the beginning!!!!!!!!!!11

  • raymk

    Oh well its basically confirmed from what i’ve seen other places its tales of graces F. Which is fine to me.

  • I AM MAD tho.

    I imported it last month because I knew it would be no way in the world this could happen. THE ONE TIME I DO IMPORT (for the first time ever), they decide to localize it. I’m sad, but if the English box art is fug like the Legendia and Abyss box art…..I’ll still cherish my Asian version.

    • If that is the case, then I for one thank you from the heart of my bottom.

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol, You should just swap the art from the Japanese version and put it into your American version.

      • lol what about the disk?

        • Zero_Destiny

          Obviously leave it in the JPN box that way you’re NA game (that I’d assume would be the main one you play) will have better art. Heck pawn off the JPN game maybe even give it to Gamestop (with the American artwork you could trick them into buying it and get most of the money back you spent on the NA game hehehe). I kid of course but it is really easy to swap coverart from Blu-Ray/DVD cases just bend them the right way and poof. lol

          • Exkaiser

            …Or he could just put the disk and manual from the NA version in the case that already has the Japanese version cover sheet.

            It’s not like the actual cases are individualized for each game.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Now you’re just ruining my fun XD!!!

  • Omg people at facebook are just trolling namco bandai so hard, it really makes me feel bad haha, they just announced a game, but it seems it is unrelated to the puzzle ( i hope)

    It seems the hack n’ slash games are working for them if they keep releasing them, maybe they announced it a while ago? it says 2010 trailer, but the dude just twitted aabout it not much ago and put it on the facebook page

    • It’s definitely not something recently announced. He announced that it had gone ‘Gold’, which is to say, the game is finished and ready for store shelves

      That facebook page is wonderfully at trolling though. I especially love that ‘ataleoftworichards’ is now far more blurred than it was this morning.

      • Dude, its that far done?! Spring release, I hope!

        • I wasn’t that interested, but then I realised Game Republic made it, and I just recently finished the brilliant Majin so.. I’m suddenly very excited. The release date in the UK (though that could always change) is Febuary 25th

      • Oh is see, thanks for the explanation, yeah so much trolling, i laughted so bad, but it just feels so wrong xD.

        Darn, its truth, now i cant see the “T” at the beginning!, oh i hope this is not something bad…

      • PurpleDoom

        And today it’s far more blurred than it was yesterday… although you can still see the F. It’s pretty much blurred enough so that someone who didn’t know what it was wouldn’t be able to tell if they saw it, though.

    • Exkaiser

      You can’t really troll Namco Bandai since it’s an unfeeling, emotionless company.

  • Blazeddc

    Would really be cool if it does turn out Tales of Graces. Still waiting on BN to announce .hack//Link myself. D:

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Hello, I’m not the biggest Tales fan ever, but doesn’t the Graces F for the PS3 only have green on the cover art? If so if it is Graces, then it’ll be the PS3 version?

    • PurpleDoom

      If it is Graces F, it’ll be the PS3 version. And it sure looks like it’s that one, the F in the logo is pretty much the most standout part of the image…

  • AzureChaos

    Imagine how full of rage people will be if Bamco suddenly tells us that this is a joke. It could start a war.

  • So I took the image of the logo Joystiq posted (it was the obscured logo with a black background) and inverted the color in GIMP, this revealing that the logo is the exact same color as the Graces f logo.

  • Simon

    I’ll laugh if its Tales of the World 2.. since its atalesoftw .. tho I do want Graces for PS3

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    *sigh* Not getting my hopes up…..

  • cj_iwakura

    It pretty much has to be F.

    There’s your proof. Photoshop filters in descending order.

  • Masengan

    Whatever it is I’m buying it! That way Namco has to use other excuses besides not selling enough =D

  • Kai2591

    The comments here on TS are truly fascinating. I shall take my time to read everything if I can…

  • Kai2591

    I’m not a Tales fan, but I hope you guys, the true Tales fans, will get what you want~

  • thebanditking

    All I am saying is Namco you better not let me down……..

    From the looks of the image its definitely Tales of Graces F for PS3, I highly doubt we will ever see the Wii release due to the problems with the game and the issue most 3rd parties are having on Wii, actually selling games. Its great, no fantastic if Namco is finally bringing one of these out again, but sad to say it looks like Vesperia complete will never reach our shores. Odd considering Yuri’s VA said he recorded extra lines ages ago.

  • Draparde
  • lol did anyone notice the 2.2.2011 on the website? XD Is that gonna be the announcement date? (And there’s two dates listed… as well as the ghosts from Pac-man under the right date…)

  • darkfox1

    Definably Tales Of Graces F

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