SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked Locked Down For Summer [Update]

By Spencer . January 26, 2011 . 1:32am

imageJust in case you missed the news last week, Atlus just sent out a barebones announcement that Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked is on track for the Nintendo 3DS launch window. It’s coming late in that period since its slated for a summer release.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked has remastered graphics, voice acting for event scenes, and a new 8th day episode that takes place after the events in the Nintendo DS version. Curious to see how the graphics have been "remastered?" Check out these comparison screenshots.

devilsurvivor3ds_screens_01 devilsurvivor3ds_screens_02 devilsurvivor3ds_screens_03 devilsurvivor3ds_screens_04 devilsurvivor3ds_screens_05

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  • Ereek

    I know it’s horrible of me, but my first thought was wondering if people will whine about this re-release as much as they did Divinity 2’s expansion.

    • I don’t want to be negative either, but judging from the comments in the previous articles, it’s a probable yes… But hey, we can’t stop people from complaining, so let’s just turn a blind eye. It happened with Bamco and Tales

      • Ereek

        Hmm, you think so? I was thinking there might actually be less, since this is a Japanese game.

        • “Uguu, it’s just an enhanced port”
          “I don’t want an old game”
          “Atlus is being lazy” comes to mind

          But since people has already expressed their dismay in previous DS:Overclock posts, yeah, expect much less

          • If there’s going to be a port I’d rather it be enchanced like above.

            But really you can’t blame people for companing about a game many have completed (okay you can blame them but you know what I’m getting at).

          • Many? Only a small number of people played it…

            North America
            Persona 4 (PS2) – 110,000 (150,000 expected)
            Devil Survivor (DS) – 40,000 (25,000 expected)

          • Many as in whoever brought the game Tsuna. 110,000 isn’t a “many” number either ^_^ Hell I thought Persona 4 sold more then that in NA

          • Ladius

            @Tsunayoshi: 40k isn’t bad at all for a niche jrpg, don’t let the Persona numbers mislead you (they’re no Final Fantasy, but still they do really good for a niche jrpg series in the USA, same as the Tales series with the 120-150k of USA ToVToS DotNW)

    • Ladius

      Pardon me, but I don’t think baiting people like this is particularly useful to have a decent discussion, especially when there is not a single piece of criticism among the comments.

      Personally I’m rather sad at Atlus USA’s current situation, but an enhanced port of a jrpg is still way better than no jrpg at all, and I for one don’t want to turn every Atlus-related news in a debate around the change in its offer, especially since many take the matter on a personal level.

      What is more, I think Atlus USA’s success is everyone’s best interest, no one here is taking a destructive approach on the matter. I am going to day-one Radiant Historia (and Catherine, when it is announced), and will probably do the same for Devil Survivor Overclock just to send a signal to Atlus USA, even if as an european consumer I won’t be able to play it before I import an american 3DS *insert curse at region locks*. Let’s hope that those titles are successful and Atlus USA reverses its policies by resuming the non-Atlus jrpg localization goodness.

      • Ereek

        I wasn’t trying to incite hostility, nor did I mean it as such. It’s just a casual observation that some people have double standards when it comes to Atlus. Not necessarily here, but absolutely on other sites.

        But don’t you think your logic of:
        but an enhanced port of a jrpg is still way better than no jrpg at all
        Could be used the other way around?
        What would be the problem with me saying:
        “An enhanced port of a WRPG is still way better than no WRPG at all?”

        I understand gamers like Atlus and that they have a specific fanbase. However, there’s no need to alienate the possible new fans by crapping all over games they might enjoy. There’s room for both the old and the new.
        I’d personally be more upset by the fact that about half (or a third, maybe?) of the games they’ve released in the last year, no matter their origins, have been ports of some type.

        I’m not actually trying to complain about this release, by the way. I’ve no problem with it in the least. I’ve come to expect and enjoy ports. I hope I didn’t come off as such.

        • Ladius

          I like wrpgs, so the genre itself is a non-issue for me, if Atlus USA can bring us as many jrpgs as in the past mixing them with wrpgs it will be awesome since it would help the two fanbases to have some common ground, a thing that sadly is rare seeing how many fans of one of the two genres tend to hate the other.

          I completely agree with you on the porting issue however, seeing Atlus USA’s jrpg localizations drop in numbers is bad enough, but when those few are often ports things get even worse. Still, I don’t think anyone can attack Atlus USA for DSO itself: having an early 3DS jrpg will help them to get known by a new generation of consumers, preparing the ground for further jrpg localizations.

    • Is not the same though, this is a “enchanted” port of a game that most of us already know is good, and of course, it comes from the shin megami tensei series.

      Not many people knew that game, or even knew it was already released on PC, and of course, is only going for the xbox, so i wont even get the chance to try it.

      • Ereek

        Hmm, I apologize, but I don’t follow your logic here.

        Not many people knew that game, or even knew it was already released on PC
        Both the PC and original 360 release of Divinity 2 sold more than Devil Survivor DS. 3-4 times more. I don’t mean to make an assumption here, but I think you don’t know about the game more because you don’t follow the specific genre in general. If you did, you’d realize quite a few people know about the game.

        is only going for the xbox, so i wont even get the chance to try it.
        I think this is one of your main problems with it as well. You might be more interested if you could play it in the future. This is actually a shame, since the game is really interesting, if you like fantastical fantasy settings (Think T-rated Disney: The game.) Wizards in pointy hats, magical treasure boxes, the like.

        • Im the one not following your logic

          Both the PC and original 360 release of Divinity 2 sold more than Devil Survivor DS. 3-4 times more. I don’t mean to make an assumption here

          Didnt you were talking about siliconera’s users reaction? I remember your main problem is that here people seem to “dislike niche wrpg”, and that is why you said what you said at the beginning.
          Now you are talking in general? I could clearly see not many people knew it was on PC when it was posted in a article here (and for the amount of posts too), when there are more siliconera users know a lot about SMT games.

          And with the xbox thing, i meant that of course people that not have xbox will complain, while a lot of people will get the 3DS sooner or later. So of course, is really different, we are talking about the very first 3D no glasses console here.

    • malek86

      These days, whining about Atlus USA seems to be the new trend – especially after the news that we might actually be getting a Tales game, thus whining about Bamco will probably stop for a bit and people will have to redirect their raeg somewhere else.

      As for me, I’m annoyed because I already have DS and I’d rather see a new game. Too many ports from Atlus lately. That’s actually something I’ve been pointing out in the past too. Still, let’s wait and see, maybe this is just a transitory phase.

      What I’m more surprised about is, people seem to think that it’s better for Atlus to release ports of JRPGs rather than new games from different genres. Isn’t a new game usually a better thing than a port?

      • neo_firenze

        To be fair, Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga isn’t a “new” game. It’s the exact same situation as Devil Survivor Overclocked, a slightly enhanced upgrade of the previous game (Ego Draconis, which was released in North America by a different publisher) with some additional content. From Siliconera’s description: “Dragon Knight Saga adds a final episode for Divinity II titled “Flames of Vengeance” and a remastered version of Ego Draconis with new quests and monsters to fight.”

        Sounds a lot like DS Overclock, doesn’t it?

        I think the big concern is that at the same time Atlus is experimenting with these new genres, they haven’t said a thing about confirmations for localization of Catherine or the Persona 2 Innocent Sin remake (which is a remake, but would also mark the first official English language release of the game). Getting burned by missing Innocent Sin once due to publisher decision was bad enough, it would be downright cruel to have the same thing happen again in a time when we all kinda thought we were over that “will they bring it over” question when it comes to Persona/SMT games. And Catherine is the most ambitious internal Atlus project I can recall, is so totally in line with what the longtime fans of Atlus would be interested in, and is still a questionable release while they’re picking up seemingly random games from other publishers.

        So yeah, I think if Atlus was adding new kinds of games to their publishing schedule ALONGSIDE their flagship products that their fans have come to love there would be less backlash. The lack of confirmation of those core titles has made people more nervous than usual though, and is giving rise to fear that we’re getting re-published third party stuff instead of localizations of the things Atlus fans care about. Note that this situation could be easily remedied with some confirmation that Catherine/Innocent Sin/a new Persona is on the way.

        • Exkaiser

          Atlus USA rarely ever announces their internal projects until they’re out in Japan, with a few exceptions like DS: Overclocked.

          Strange Journey, a flagship SMT game, didn’t get announced until quite a while after the game was out in Japan. Persona PSP wasn’t announced until after. I really don’t think we have to worry about Innocent Sin or Catherine. They’re not exactly the kinds of things Atlus USA passes up.

        • malek86

          You are right, but I wasn’t talking about Divinity 2 in this case.

          I remember a lot of whining for that Project Dark game, Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages. Basically anything that is not a JRPG, you name it.

          • OneOkami

            I think “whining” about Project Dark was more about the likelihood that Atlus USA didn’t have an opportunity to publish it and not so much that they refused to. I think (and also think some people don’t realize) the relationship From Software has with Namco Bandai on this project is a developer-funding publisher one. Atlus USA typically pays to license games from their original publisher to publish them here, I’m not sure if they’ve ever funded the development of a non-digitally distributed game before.

        • Aside from Persona 4 and Devil Survivor Overclocked, Atlus USA announces their internal projects *after* they’re released in Japan. I wouldn’t in anyway take the lack of news that Catherine and P2:IS aren’t coming.

          Devil Survivor: Overclocked is an exception since it’s a 3DS “launch window” title so it will probably get a bit of a push from Nintendo too.

          Quoting myself from a previous comment.

          Radiant Historia released in Japan on Nov. 3, announced for NA on November 22.

          Etrian Odyssey III released in Japan on April 1, announced for NA in June.

          P3P released in Japan on November 1, 2009, announced for NA on Jan 20, 2010.

          Hexyz force released in Japan on November 12, announced for NA in Jan 2010.

          Devil Summoner 2 released in Japan on October 2008, announced for NA in Jan 2009.


          • OneOkami

            Trauma Team is an interesting exception, though. Not only did Atlus USA announce it early, but they released it first (no idea why that happened, though).

          • I believe that’s because the Trauma series is bigger in the US than in Japan.

          • neo_firenze

            While it’s true that Atlus USA doesn’t generally announce NA releases prior to the Japanese release, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Changing that rather antiquated practice would do a lot to alleviate some of this discord among Atlus’s biggest fans. Other companies (from big ones like Square-Enix to small niche players like Nippon Ichi) do a better job of keeping the NA audience informed on what’s coming, why can’t Atlus? In this day and age, media is global – sites like Siliconera let the NA community know exactly what’s going on with Japanese releases. We see the hype for Catherine (which some people worry would run into localization snags just due to the sexualized content) and P2:IS (which Atlus fans are notoriously touchy about after the PSX Innocent Sin non-localization saga). And then we hear nothing from the publisher.

            And specific to Atlus’s current situation, there is an extra need to reassure the fans now due to two reasons:

            (1) well publicized corporate changes, which Atlus claims won’t affect releases, but those claims are subject to some fair skepticism

            (2) Atlus’s seemingly high volume of newly announced “Western-focused” non-traditional games. Divitity II, The Cursed Crusade, Rock of Ages, Pandora Saga. Combine that with a significant number of games not getting localizations in the past few years (Blaze Union, Growlanser, Luminous Arc 3, etc.)

            Taking (1) and (2) together, I think it’s fair to wonder if this is more of a change in corporate focus, and I understand the resentment toward hearing about this new stuff when we’re not hearing about some major games that are more traditionally Atlus.

            I’m not saying silence means P2:IS or Catherine aren’t coming. I’m saying that it would sure calm down the worried Atlus fans to get some reassurance, and in the interest of customer relations it might be worth deviating from the “traditional Atlus” process of confirming localizations after Japanese release. Not only would it make people less upset about what isn’t currently announced, it would make them lay off the new types of games Atlus is working on and give those games more of a fair chance.

          • I can’t disagree with your logic, but I also wonder what would happen if say Atlus said yes P2: IS is coming… in December or something of that sort. I wonder if that would also bring up criticism regarding the wait?

  • in b4 Catherine begging and cries for Persona 5/Demon’s Souls 2…

    Wow Atlus is surely making a swift debut and with this stunning title too. Thus far, would surely be the first game I pick up for the Ninendo 3DS as it is a compelling title that definitely appeals to me.

    • A swift debut? Catherine would be a swift debut… This is just a logical release where they will get a lot of money with not as much work as a normal game would need, is a good way to bring more people to the SMT series though, there wont be many games at that moment and maybe a lot of people will buy it for the heck of it, and to see more 3D stuff.

      • I think its swift since its just 3-4 months within launch of the system and its just roughly 30 titles on the system…which now this release of this game just seems like they want to take advantage of the lack of other RPGS (actually unless Zelda is considered an RPG, this is the only one), I bet it will get over 100K sales, lol!!!!

        • Ohh, you meant the bizz´s way, yeah it is

  • leeorv

    my first reaction was “hey, what’s ryoma-kun (from Prince of Tennis) doing there?”

  • PrinceHeir

    i’ll definitely play this :D

  • I wonder which voice actors they are going to use, I could think of a few, but my crappy memory doesn’t allow me to remember their names, lol.

    And what’s going to happen in the 8th day? As far as I remember there is not much room for an afterfight or something.

  • Bring it over to Europe please :D

    • Extra_Life

      If only!

    • mirumu

      You’d still buy a European 3DS model now we know about the region lock? You’re braver than me.

      • I’m hoping it will be cracked by some legit code company (such as Codejunkies). But I’m also hoping there will be a push towards localization (as well as mature games).

        If I was well off money wise, I would get a 3DS from America too.

        • Allow me to tell you something:

          I pre-ordered a 3DS form Amazon.
          It costs 250$ there.

          Adding shipping costs and some other things – import fees, or something like that –
          the price became ~325$!

          However, using an online currency converter, I quickly found it this is ~240 Euros – less than what the 3DS will probably cost in Europe~!

          So there is officially no reason for you not to import an American 3DS. ^-^

          (Note: I live in the Netherlands, so the shipping fees might vary if you live in a different country.)

          • Hmmm…Well it’s something to keep in mind if America starts getting really awesome games while Europe gets shafted.

          • Eh – I don’t think there’ll be /that/ many American-exclusive 3DS games the first 6-8 months, seeing how Nintendo is trying to get games to Europe, too.
            (For instance, SSFIV 3D.)

            Well, do whatever you want – but if you’re an Atlus fan like I am,
            I think you’d best import an American 3DS.
            You don’t want to sit there with an American copy of Etrian Odyssey IV, and a European 3DS, saying “Eh”, and silently crying to yourself, knowing that /I was right/. ^-^

          • If I’m crying because of Etrian Odyssey IV, it to do with the game fustrating me, not because of my lack of playing :D lol use a better game example :P Like er…oh! A localization of Princess Crown :D

  • Ladius

    It’s probably a wise move to localize DSO so soon, it will be the first localized jrpg on 3DS and that will probably gain Atlus some exposure.

    It would be nice to see Tales of the Abyss too (Namco seems to be releasing ToGF, so it isn’t so impossible anymore), since its localization is already complete and it seems to be a simple port with no upgrades.

  • Well, this is definitely easy money, they already have most of the stuff translated and, surely, is still warm from the oven lol.
    I dont think the 8th day will be that much big of a deal… But it does makes me wonder, maybe they did something really different… It will be a drag replaying all the stages again though…

  • Darkrise

    Well I’m not exactly disappointed but… Where’s Catherine? =(

    • PurpleDoom

      Persona 2 hasn’t been announced yet either… I guess that’s more reasonable since that game isn’t out in Japan until April, though.

  • Pichi

    I just want to see Atlus bring more niche third party JRPGs and the like. That’s my concern.

    • What do you mean, you want them to bring niche third party JRPGs (they are third party) de novo, there havent been, well any niche jRPGS revealed for the 3DS in a state of being ready for western release…

      • Pichi

        This is an Atlus made game, so Atlus USA will bring it here. It would be nice if Atlus USA brought over more niche third party games like they used to. Look them up sometime. :)

        • Uhm, unless Im looking at something wrong, I do not see any Atlus made games other than SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked for the 3DS. Its just odd to address their bringing over any games considering only one game has been shown in Nippon for the 3DS in this 3DS topic.

          • Pichi

            I don’t think your understanding…

          • Hraesvelgr

            I try to look at his comments objectively, but, honestly, I think he tries to not understand…

          • He doesn’t mean just for the 3DS.

          • PurpleDoom

            You must be missing something then. While they haven’t been formally revealed, it’s been long confirmed that they also have a main series SMT game, a Persona game, and an Etrian Odyssey game in the works for 3DS.

            And like Tommy Lee said, Pichi didn’t mean just for 3DS.

  • I got Amane’s Ending, which is supposed to be the hardest one, using only my MC and his two demons. That still is an achievement I’m somewhat proud of. ^-^

    Anyway, I’ll get this, because:

    – There are still ~5 endings for me to get
    – I want a hard RPG on my 3DS
    – The design is awesome. I’d buy it simply for the cover art, which will, without a doubt, be absolutely stunning. I’d be proud to have this game in my collection.
    – I want to support ATLUS (USA), simply because they’re awesome~! <3

    (…alright, I admit; I want to support them because I'd love to get another EO entry. Seeing it as one of the 'planned series' for the 3DS gives me hope~!)

  • Zero_Destiny

    Maybe it’s because I didn’t get a chance to get this on the DS but I’m pretty psyched for this release, just hope 3DS games don’t cost an arm or a leg, because well then I might just hunt down the DS version after all lol
    edit: I like the pics, seems like there’s a lot of chara, I hope it’ll be like 999 with all of them being interesting and not just cut-out personalities but Megaten hasn’t failed me in that regard yet.

  • Wow. The new graphics look stunning!
    The larger font looks great, too…

    Damn, I need this game. >->

  • BTA

    Ehh… I enjoyed the little I played of Devil Survivor, but that’s just it: I only played a little. So I’m tempted by being able to see the extra stuff, but as I probably won’t get around to playing the original version anytime soon anyway (and heck, may not ever) and the same applies to this, I’m not that interested.

  • Gonna uphold my rightly-deserved reputation as a pedant here and say that text ain’t lookin’ so good. The massive letter-spacing I can understand, but that inconsistent baseline is just messy.

  • zhemos

    I can’t believe Cathrine hasn’t been announced yet. Make me wonder whats going on with Atlus. I kind of feel the major success of Demons Soul may have changed their direction in the American market.

    • You think they may just create another western game instead of bringing Catherine over?

    • Why, whats the matter with announcing it today or tomorrow, its gonna be coming Summer/Fall anyway so knowing about its imminent release does nothing to the wait we have to endure anyway. We still dont even know any of their releases beyond summer dude!

  • PersonaBull

    This is pretty off-topic, but I’m tired of waiting for a new Atlus game announcement to make it at least partially relevant. So, here’s my question:
    Remember about a year ago when Atlus filed a game trademark for “Gungnir”? Has there been any news on any of those developments? I wasn’t here for about half a year after that, so I’m really curious if people know what it is or if it was cancelled or some such that I might have missed news on. Thanks~

    • Welcome back then!

      Haven’t heard anything about Gungnir. It took quite some time for Radiant Historia to be revealed and that was a portable title.

      • PersonaBull

        Haha, well I actually meant that I just recently looked through some old articles and saw it from a year ago. I didn’t know about this site until about half a year ago >.<;; Thanks, though! <3

        Ah, I figured as much, just really wanted to make sure I didn't miss something along the way. Thanks for keeping me up to speed <3 I'm pretty hopeful for that title (Odin Sphere is probably my favorite game to-date, so I'm crossing my fingers) so I needed to be sure.

  • didn’t get the first so i’ll get this

  • Now I’m glad I didn’t play this that much on DS.

  • In for one.

  • Atlus seems to really be going down since they got bought. Games that bomb in Japan, social games and remakes. Not exactly anything that fills me with confidence for their future.

    • Right off the year when atlus had high selling titles people cry, odd how that works…

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