See Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Type-0, And Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailers In HD

By Spencer . January 27, 2011 . 2:15am

You may have seen leaked versions of these trailers, but now you can see them in HD straight from Square Enix. Presenting (again?) videos of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Final Fantasy Type-0, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance


Final Fantasy Type-0


Final Fantasy Versus XIII


Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy

  • I really hope SE just put all the other project aside and focus on just finishing Versus first.. Gawd… How much I wanted to play this game!!!

    • Aoshi00

      That’s what everyone’s been saying, just finish this before making more spinoffs, but no S-E needs to milk and make 13-2 even before this, breaking into more teams siphoning the resources.. I just chk’ed, I pre-ordered the US version on Amazon on 11/25/2009 lol.. well, I don’t mind waiting for this or Last Guardian though, but again S-E making way too many games and not getting their priorities straight..Anyway, trailer looks great, both FMV and gameplay (the city looked photo realistic), guess they haven’t decided the seiyuu for Stella yet so that part is still unvoiced. I’m surprised the road signs and everything are actually in Jpn (looked like EVA), even though they said the setting would be like modern Jpn, I think this is the first time a FF game has “Japanese” as the language of that world. The King and Prince gives me a vibe of the modern Ethan Hawke ver of Hamlet :)The glasses guy sounds like Sasuke/Uryu.. I wasn’t very interested in Versus since we haven’t seen much until now, but now I am.. sigh.. guess have no choice but to day 1 a FF, again… I will try my best to keep my expectation low though.. but what Nomura has been saying sounds great if he could pull off everything he said, bigger and open world, more exploration, airship, etc.

      • Except the 13/13-2 teams and Versus teams are completely different -.-

        • Aoshi00

          Yes, I am fully aware of that (just like I knew Sazh Jr. was called Dajh :P), you don’t think people brought it up often enough? But if you have a game that takes 6-7 years to make, w/ more people helping and a bigger team (instead of breaking up into several teams) I’m sure they could finish it in shorter period say 3-4 years? Are you saying the VS game is off limits to the people who are doing 13-2 now and they are unable to help at all? If it takes me 2 hours to shovel snow in the morning, I’m sure w/ another person helping the job would be finished in half the time. I know programming is different, but still, it’s the same concept. Look at Bioware, how long did it take them to make Mass Effect/ME2, Dragon Age Origins, Origins 2? They might use the same engine, but they don’t take years for their next game to come out.

          I think they should just stop announcing games 6 years before a game comes out or something. And when this important game is in development, stop making even more games, as they say quality is better than quantity. We don’t need 5 FFs at the same time, just 1. It doesn’t help Nomura is sticking into his head into 500 KH projects at once, while he should just concentrate on Versus 13. Get that done and over w/ first. I am not impatient and want them to take as much time as needed to make the game as good as possible (just like 13 could’ve stayed in the oven for a while, just left so much to be desired in many areas, the release was rushed to boost PS3 sales), but when they keep announcing new games while this one is still nowhere near completion, yea…

          • But there’s a significant difference between siphoning/dividing resources, which you stated they were doing, and keeping the status quo. While yes, the FF13 team COULD have smushed in with the Versus Team, wouldn’t it be much more cost effective to release 2 games than 1? The Versus Team knows what they’re doing; It’s taking a while, yes, but they’ve got a handle on it, whereas integrating the 13 team into the Versus could potentially be more harmful than good, whereas allowing them to upgrade the software that THEY already have a handle on is much more efficient overall, considering that instead of getting one game to come out slightly earlier, they’ve got 2 games coming out that are both all but guaranteed to get sales.

          • Aoshi00

            Sure, I understand why they would want to milk 13 again by making 13-2, it’s S-E after all, they’re all about spin-offs and maximizing profits now, and 13 does have a good albeit imperfect battle engine (and many other areas, that’s why they said they considered feedback, not “haters”, the game was not perfect, nowhere near) so why let it go to waste. I’m not sure what you mean by the VS team being on schedule.. from what Nomura said, 2011 Jpn release is no go, maybe winter 2012? Still, S-E is taking awfully long to make this game.. look at Mistwalker, when did they announce Last Story, it’s coming out today, not Winter 2012 (I know it’s on the Wii). Maybe S-E just shouldn’t hype their games so much and announce titles prematurely at early stages.. when you announce a game years ago, build up the anticipation, and the release date is still nowhere in sight, can you blame people for being impatient? They did it w/ FF12 when the PS2 was being phased out. I wasn’t really looking forward to this though, I stayed neutral, but this trailer has me kinda hyped again *.*.. the teasing…I mean, just look at the reaction, if anything Versus should come out before 13-2. They should just call this FF 14 (scratch MMO-2) or 15 anyway, they changed Agito to Type Zero.. then this being released after 13-2 would make more sense.

      • I cant resist versus 13 especially when Yoko Shinomura’s songs start playing i go *____________* ……. and with quotes from W.Shakespear .

        And then im already all *_________*for XIII -2 because Lighting + Valkyria like armour is *___* fangasm …………..

        -__ – i think SE has me brainwashed ……..

        so once again yeah day 1 import …… Im still trying to get all trophys on 13 only one to go XD i hope they give bonus for people who get all of them like they did in WKCrhonicles XD that would be nice !

        • Aoshi00

          hey, where were you :)?! Really, there was Shakespeare quote, now it feels more like Hamlet, I have to watch the Ethan Hawke movie again lol..

          I’m not sure about 13-2, I liked 13 okay, so I would get the sequel of course (not sure about the story, but gameplay should be solid).. same here, non-MMO flagship FFs still give people the urge to day 1.. despite how many times I’ve been let down in the last decade..

          nah, platinuming is impossible for me.. I wish I could get the Fang or Searh theme one day..

          Noctis and the other guys sounds great, I hope they would find someone really evil to voice the King :) Looking forward to the rest of the cast, just don’t bring Maaya in, she’s Lightning/Aerith/Aya Brea alrdy..

          Don’t care much about Agito at this point, but after this trailer, I’m most likely getting it day 1 (I took back my word saying I would wait for reviews, damn you S-E w/ your powerful FF brand..)

          • PrinceHeir

            hey i like Maaya :P

            i agree that they should just focus on finishing these 3 games first before announcing any FF or IP game. once they do they can focus lots now, like Dragon Quest X, The World Ends With You 2(hopefully) and KHIII. in the meantime to keep fans from waiting the 3 games, they should release some PS1 games(which Vagrant Story and Xenogears are already confirmed) also Parasite Eve Archives and Chrono Cross/Trigger games. not to mention they’re also releasing games from their western division. games like Deus Ex Human Revolution and New Tomb Raider. hopefully we do get Legacy of Kain in the same vibe as Neir.

            so yeah square has alot of things to do, so please don’t overload your work.

          • Hey ive been arround just reading and not posting lol !
            Well SE these days never seems to get their pryorities straight ….. I guess i just tag along for the ride , i usually end up liking the products but sometimes just as much as i’d like too .
            I admit i was hoping for Versus 13 before XIII-2 XD but oh well bring on my Lightning in shiny armour LOL

            Agito or Type 0 ( SE and names -_- huh ) ill get it too seems pretty good so far.

            O_O i didnt know that maaya was Aya too XD lol SE really loves Her XD !But so do i XD ! I do Hope they get a cool Seiyuu for Stella ^^ no not maaya XD too much is too much XD !

            Today i got that damm Platinum T ! Got Serah now on my Ps3 ^_^ !

          • Aoshi00

            Lurking as usual eh :) I know, Lightning’s sweet sweet thighs *drool*… Oh yea, still haven’t gotten used to Type Zero (just like it took me a while to call Natal Kinect), that trailer looks pretty dark too w/ the army and stuff. Can’t wait to hear who they would pick as Stella.

            Wow, Platinum!? Congrats! is it your first? I have never gotten platinum for anything except one of those smaller d/lable games like Gunstar Heroes.. I want the Fang theme.. very commendable, you even took down that big turtle!

          • Cant seem to be able to reply to your comment so ill reply to my own lol.
            Its my second Platinum actually, my first was Assassins Creed 2 much more easy than 13 though XD anyway Fang’s theme was the hardest for me to get XD you have to get all weapons and accessories takes alot of patience , -__- i tell you the turtle was cake compared to that XD .
            But once i set my mind to get them (trophies) i dont stop till i do. My next victim is Assassins Creed brotherhood XD !
            But ive always tried to play games to completion even in Snes era XD ,and specialy with FF’s , nowadays i can only to that to a select fiew or else id be ending playing only 3 to 4 games a year lol and i would miss alot of good games .

    • And I really hope Square focus on finishing Agito/Type-0 firts :P

  • The trailer for Doudecim is also available.

    • Thanks! When this post was written it wasn’t!

      • Now that we have a clearer look at the Chaos and Cosmos line-ups at the end… Whoa, Cloud starts out on the Chaos side?

  • It looks even better. Especially the Dragoon Lancer.

  • holyPaladin

    Thanks for the video links :)

    • Zero_Destiny

      I know trailers that weren’t taken down by square 2 minutes later lol. Looks like they actually want people to get excited over there games for once. XD

      • I dont understand why they disable comments on their videos.

        • They do it to avoid spam, trolls, and flame wars.

  • neurogal

    The more I see Stella the more I get Aerith vibes from her….maybe they used the same character model? Love the dragoon, the last (and I guess the first?)female dragoon was Freya, nice to see another one added.

  • I’m still really excited for Type-0, only because I don’t have a PS3 for Versus. Though, I did like Crisis Core, and this game seems to have a lot of interesting mechanics and plot to it, along with Ishimoto at the composing. This game is going to be great.

  • Finally saw Type-0, it looks fantastically epically awesome and the music too. I can not wait for it, day 1 baby day 1!

    • lol… I love your day 1 quote… Its contagious.. XD

      • Shall we get a T-shirt with Tsuna’s avatar and the quote “day 1 baby day 1!!” below it and so when we see other people with the shirt we can point fingers and go “day 1 baby” to each other?

    • MakoSoldier7

      same here! Just another phenomenal piece software from the epically awesome square enix, just thinking about it puts me on the edge of my seat, day 1 baby day 1!!

      (just so everyone knows…im just kidding around)

  • Tokyo Guy

    Well the Kingdom Hearts game looks like it will run quite smoothly, and more-or-less has graphics on par with the original PS2 game which is quite impressive. But I must admit seeing Destiny Islands and Traverse Town AGAIN…it’s like “can’t we just move on and forget about these places already”?

    Considering how Birth by Sleep was a genuine new installment in the series (I don’t consider the DS games to be given that they reused an obscene amount of content) I certainly hope this 3DS installment proves to be as well.

    On the other hand, the Moon Diver game that SE seems to be making (publishing?) looks quite good.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      We’ve only played on Destiny Islands and Traverse Town in KH1 and Re:coded. If you want to count Chain of Memories too then fine. I laugh whenever people say that they keep using Destiny Islands and Traverse Town again. Destiny Islands is their home why wouldn’t it feature? and as for Traverse Town well it’s a good place and I don’t mind it their and the way it was in the trailer I think it’s god damn awesome.

      • MakoSoldier7

        i really do agree with you. as much as the kingdom hearts fanboy wants as as many games as possible, the actual logical part actually wants to play in new places, and new stories.

        as meaty as birth by sleep was, i kind of just want to see sora older, and finally kicking some master xehanort tail.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        The trailer has too many recycled assets. There’s just no way around it. As a consequence, people have the feeling of “been there, done that”. The gameplay looks pretty good, but the game looks like KH1, judging by the trailer.

        People just don’t want to play something that looks exactly like the first one.

        I, for one, am also tired of Destiny Island/Islands. 1, CoM, Re:CoM… It’s enough. Just because it’s their home, it doesn’t mean they can’t show off new areas.

        Then again, it’s just an early trailer, and we already know the game will have all new worlds, etc. .

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

          What is recycled about it? Ok there outfits and oh wow two worlds that have appeared in some other games in the series. Oh and I have never played Re:CoM as it didn’t get released this side of the world but I don’t think it can count as it’s a remake so it’s bound to have the same worlds.

          Is anyone forgetting that it is not KH1? It looks nothing like KH1, gameplay, new worlds, new story. I bet if Sora and Riku looked like they do in their KH2 attire nobody would be complaining at all.

          But yes fair point I think a lot of people would have liked them to focus on more worlds instead of Traverse Town but, only time will tell and hey we got Hunchback so yay.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Well I don’t mind if the areas are in the games to an EXTENT (i.e. Destiny Islands in Birth by Sleep’s involvement) but the trailer makes it seem like we are going to be playing in the exact same environments again, literally. As in the same rooms that were created almost 10 years ago at this point. If you want to set the game in the same towns, at the very LEAST try and include new parts to them. I mean, the areas in KH are small enough as is, we don’t have to keep playing through the same 4-6 rooms in every installment.

            Also as others have said, I don’t know why we can’t have different costumes. Though the beginning of the trailer looks as if they aren’t wearing the KH1 costumes.

      • Tokyo Guy

        I replied to this below, however I also want to point out that it’s a general disgust with rehashing overall. The first DS game was literally nothing more than a lazy modification of KH2 as IIRC 99% of it was just ripped straight out of said game. A total lack of creativity and effort. Re:Coded, same thing.

        Chains of Memories I will actually cut some slack if only for the fact that the game was so radically different in terms of design and gameplay, even though the areas were the same they weren’t in a way, and they certainly weren’t taken directly from the original source material.

        I just feel that laziness has become the norm with this series, not the exception. If this installment has 5% rehash and 95% new content, then I will be quite pleased. But if that is the case, then SE is downright idiotic for releasing trailers that are so effective at convincing people otherwise.

  • karasuKumo

    I calm down and then BAAH! I can’t wait for all of these. Everything is so much clearer in the Versus trailer. I’ll make sure to get a collectors edition of Versus ^_^ XIII’s CE was quite a disappointment so I’m hoping Versus’ will be better.

  • That type-0 trailer is nothing short of impressive. But wow, when did FF get so bloody?

    So far the gameplay looks good, but fists will be clenched if they decide to re-use FF7:CC’s encounter system. That was horrible. I’d rather have this for the NGP, but with this far in development, the PSP will do mighty fine

    • I didnt know FF games had blood, but this trailer was my first time seeing it. I wonder if they will sale the game via PSN though, I would really wanna have it for the NGP.

      • The only blood I remember are from Squall vs Seifer and when Zack died.. Not even Sephy bleed after being hacked to death by omnislashes in FF7:AC ^_^’

        Ah well

        • Aoshi00

          I love the blood, especially w/ CG looking more real now, no blood when being being cut or shot kinda bring me out of it (like the black/brown blood in anime). Even Disney’s Tangled sneaked in two quick shots when the main char bled, like they don’t think kids are that dumb anymore.

          Zack and Cloud got pretty bloody at the end of Crisis Core (Shinra was making a beehive out of him, so sad..) and in Advent Children Complete, the scenes got more bloody too, like when Sephiroth was slashing at Cloud, blood was flying everywhere, I don’t think it was in the original.. anyway, I don’t mind some blood when everything else in the cutscenes look so real now :)

          Both trailers for VS and Type-0 are amazing.. was that Maaya narrating the trailer, did she sign a contract w/ S-E or something? I think I heard Hope’s VA (Kaji Yuuki) as the main char too, not that crazy about that seiyuu.. too girly.. so is the guy for Xillia (Yonaga Tsubasa..)

          • Mmm hmm, I quite like it too, based on the reasons you said above. I feel like, “oh sh… he’s definitely gonna die. AND WHO SHOT THAT CHOCOBO!!!?? RAGEEEE”. This is still too early to say, but I can definitely relate fantasy and reality now.

            I’m too cheap to go for Advent Children complete, so I missed all the extra scenes and stuff. It’s just fanservice anyway ^_^. Wait, which trailer did Maaya-sama narrate?

          • Aoshi00

            Does this qualify as animal cruelty :)? But Chocobo is a fictional animal.. I like it though, that’s what happens when people charge their chocobos into battles.. at least they didn’t get obliterated to dust like by Sin in X. But the guy was saved by Hope (if I heard the VA correctly..)ACC did add a lot of stuff making the story flow better, there was like 25mins of new footage, so it’s worth picking up for collection. I think it was the Type-0 trailer if I’m not mistaken, that sounded like her.. If so then she’s alrdy in too many S-E games, 13, 13-2, 3rd B-day, KHs, ACC, and Type-0, I don’t like a single seiyuu being overused, feels like deja vu.. as long as she’s not Stella, that would be bad!

          • Well, you can tell that to Yuri Lowenthal :P Probably she IS Stella. That’s why we still can’t hear her voice. Nyohohohoho :3

            I understand your feeling. I can’t say how good she is as Lightning, since I don’t have the Asian FFXIII or Japanese FFXIII, but hearing the same voice all over again might be a chore. I liked her Aigis dub in P3, though.

            SE should cast Kugimiya Rie as Stella just for lols

          • I also though it was Maaya narrating O_O ….. i also agree with you about the blood in ACComplete and end of CC is really added depth into the scenes.

        • Ereek

          There’s more blood than you remember in FFVII.
          FFVII has blood in every other area from about the 1/3-1/2 point in the game (Shinra Building Part 2, Midgard Zolom being impaled by a tree, Shinra Ship, just to get started). The surprising amount of blood makes it even more ridiculous when death scenes in the same game don’t have any blood.

          XIII had a bit of blood near the end as well.

          I’m of mind that overusing blood makes it lose its impact. Using it rarely but at key, important, moments gives it more of an impact when it actually is shown. Dragon Age: Origins is an example of where blood is used so much it becomes both hilarious and pointless.

          • Mmm, sorry about FFVII. I don’t remember much about VII since I never got myself to finish it
            *erects flame shield*

            Yeah, I’m with you on not overusing blood for melodramatic effect. I don’t have anything on top of my head that overuses blood, currently, aside from God of War… I need to play more games

    • Zero_Destiny

      I’ve never seen a chocobo hurt so badly *sniff* :( Those B*******!!!! I’ll make you pay for this!!!

  • PrinceHeir

    thanks for the trailers :)

    looks godly ^^

  • Type-0 look pretty interesting :)

  • Guest

    hey does anyone have the HD links from S-E directly or somewhere other than Youtube since my job blocks that site thanks in advance poop

  • Zero_Destiny

    Looks nice, can’t wait for the games. Still just really shocked Agito (or Type-0 now) is really happening. I just can’t believed it all the waiting it’ll be here soon enough.

  • I cried when he couldn’t heal the Chocobo.

  • Type-0 looks awesome (day 1 baby day 1!!) and Versus also looks like it’s going to be very enjoyable.

  • Would very much buy a 3DS just for KH3D x)

  • adam483t

    Just show me more of my favorite Final Fantasy characters with that awesome Dissidia theme in the background. Gives me goosebumps every time.

    And I’m really excited to see Gilgamesh now! Can’t wait to see how he fights.

  • Guest

    I love Kingdom Hearts but Dream Drop Distance is the stupidest subtitle I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Shut up Lightning – Nobody likes you. Go sit in the corner and play with Vaan…

    • OH?! I guess I will go into that corner too!!!!

    • ;_____; Someone’s going to kick my ass.. but.. I loved Vaan. I don’t think he has perfect character design, but he didn’t fall into the following stereotypes:

      1) “My life sucks. Everyone around me is dead, because my village burned down in the first hour of the game!”

      2) “I have to protect everyone! I don’t have enough strength! Gr! If only I had enough power to protect everything!”

      3) “Everything’s going to be okay, as long as I have friends! Everything is possible with the power of friendship/love!”

      Vaan had dreams. … and almost no purpose in the story – but he was bearable and motivated.

      • Who had the first one? I assume you meant Firion, but he never actually acted that way in the game…

        • Naw, I just meant general stereotypes. I was honestly going to whine about Hope for the first one, but I took the high road and made fun of protagonists that have their villages destroyed instead. :X

  • HarryHodd

    Versus is the most impressive looking jrpg this gen and still has a lot of time to go.

  • Pumped for every one of those games except KH 3DS.

    Who is Prishe talking to in the trailer though? Which characters do you guess will make the cut?

    • She’s talking to the Warrior of Light.

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    I came as soon as i heard the news (it’s a pun).

    On a more serious note though…..The trailers….look….so nice *sniffle*

    and DAT TIFA ~<3

  • First off, I did NOT expect that kind of voice for Noctis. He sounds like Reno from FF7. Not that I have any objection. It kinda proofed what Nomura said, he might look cool, but he’s actually just a normal guy. Do not judge a book by it’s cover…Or in this case, a trailer with silent characters and a bone chilling BGM…

    And the guy with glasses. MAMORU MIYANO!! I’m sure of it! I knew Miyano did CV for some cool looking character (Zero in Vampire Knight), but for a guy with glasses and the voice of reason in the group? I really had thought he’d have a deeper voice. Yet, I have no objection. Because I like Miyano’s voice…XD

    I hope there’s more surprises to come!!! XXDD

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