These Third Party Developers Are Backing Sony’s NGP

By Spencer . January 27, 2011 . 1:01am


Representatives from Capcom, Konami, Epic Games, Activision, and Tecmo Koei took the stage to present demos for NGP. Aside from those companies, which other developers plans on supporting the system?


Here’s a list.


Alvion (makers of Malicious)
AQ Interactive
Arc System Works
Ascii Media Works
Atlus / Index Holdings
Craft & Meister (they’re making Earth Seeker for Wii)
D3 Publisher
Edia (they make Maplus software for PSP)
From Software
Grasshopper Manufacture
GungHo Online Entertainment (remember Mimana?)
Idea Factory
Kadokawa Games
Kadokawa Shoten
Media Five
Namco Bandai
Nippon Ichi Software
Now Production
Q Entertainment
SNK Playmore
Square Enix
SystemSoft Alpha
Takara Tomy
Tecmo Koei Games


North America
Capybara Games
Demiurge Studios
Epic Games
Far Sight Studios
High Voltage Software
Kung Fu Factory
Paramount Digital Entertainment
PopCap Games
Powerhead Games
Trendy Entertainment
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
2K Games
2K Sports


Avalanche Studios
Climax Studios
Codemasters Software Company
Eurocom Developments
Gusto Games
Home Entertainment Suppliers
Impromptu Software
Rockstar Games
Sidhe Interactive
Sumo Digital
Team 17 Software
Ubisoft Entertainment
Zen Studios

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  • Rarutos

    I see GUST on that list. That means PSP2 is a must buy for me…

    • Kai2591

      I cannot agree moar.

  • malek86

    Well, pretty much everyone.

    .. wait, no Electronic Arts?

    • Balmung

      lol it is pretty funny to see no EA maybe theyre a bit delayed in news

    • Maybe its too early for EA to reveal? If we look to the 3DS, well even now they just committed on Madden 11 and well My Garden. I think EA will reveal their committment for the platform at a later date, and didnt their ceo or something say they say the psp2 beforehand and had the dev kit? Kind of odd to have it and be doing nothing.

    • Testsubject909

      Maybe there’s some independent developer in there that works through EA. Who knows.

      But they’ll eventually commit to. They’re a big company, they can afford it.

  • Yui

    I hate to say it, but if these developers all plan on pitching into the NGP effort…

    Nintendo’ll have to up their game. :D

    EDIT: To add brevity, I’d like to point out that although the 3DS did have a list of pre-planned games released shortly after its announcement, which was far more concrete in its presentation than this, it seems to me that there are a wider range of developers willing to support the NGP than the 3DS. Which means Nintendo are going to have to pull out that ol’ Ninty magic that makes them the best. :D

    • malek86

      It seems to me, however, that the NGP is getting a lot of “not-yet-planning-anything” support because the release is so far away. Who knows if all these companies will keep supporting the platform aside from a couple games.

      Anyway, I think both consoles will receive a healthy games support.

      • if the NGP is successful, it will get the support.

      • Yui

        I think you are the most sane person I’ve ever met on the internet. :D

        • Testsubject909

          What if he’s an insane person… In disguise?

          Intellectual Disguise…

          • Yui

            Well, then I’m buggered. :D

    • Code

      Personally I find these lists like this silly >w< really if you want the real story you gotta see what games are in actually in development, and going to happen. Because I'm sure these lists are made up of simply polling companies asking “if” PSP2 was to be made, would they consider making games on it, there isn’t really any conscience if they say yes >w<'

      • Yui

        You’re absolutely right. That’s exactly what I want to see, and hopefully, we’ll get something along those lines soon enough, just so Sony can compete. :D

      • Silly? Just seeing CyberConnect2 on the list makes extremely excited! We all know what games they make, though it isnt shocking since they make my utterly favorite series!!!!

        Oh but also isnt that a a big assumption to make without any verification for or against the idea, unless you are a game developer? If that were the case wouldnt every company just say yes and the list would be full? I think there must be some additional measures in place as a guarantee that those companies are developing for it.

      • neo_firenze

        Exactly. These kinds of lists come out with every system, and they’re not terribly meaningful other than to know who has dev kits. For example, Microsoft was listed as a Dreamcast developer and was mentioned in similar lists when DC came out (I worked in a game store and Combat Flight Simulator was actually in our computer systems as a to be released game for many months).

        Still, seeing Falcom does make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    • To be fair on both sides, Nintendo announced a list of publishers. Sony announced game makers. There’s a difference there because CyberConnect2 for instance doesn’t “publish” games so they could be a 3DS developer in Namco Bandai’s court. Genki, Dimps, Now Production, etc. fall into that category too.

      So, the list of developers should be longer than a list of publishers.

      • Yui

        That makes sense, thanks for the clarification. I’m still fairly concerned, though, as I’ve always been a Nintendo early adopter, so I don’t want to see them lose third party support. Still, it would be nice to see a list of actual games materialize, like with the 3DS, rather than simply a list of institutions that say “at some point, we will make something”. :D

        • puchinri

          Same here, I’m really hoping Ninty gets great third party support, but the Wii and DS have gotten some interesting, great third party support, so I suspect and hope the 3DS will too.
          A list of games (or anything outside of just devs) would be very nice now. Especially if it’s releasing this year.

  • Capcom and their Monster Hunter is the most assuring.

    • Testsubject909

      Dual-Analogs. No more Claw.

  • That is such I strong support I think the support is better than 3DS sorry I don’t know exactly how many developers are supporting the 3DS. Uncharted on the go so I’m forgetting about 3DS.

  • vadde939

    Well with the crazy third party support both the NGP and 3DS are getting I am conviced handhelds are going to be the centre of Japans gaming industry next-gen even more than they were this gen. Which makes me wonder what’s going to happen with the next-gen home consoles. Nintendo at least ought to announce theirs soon but I’m not expecting MS or Sony to do so for a while.

  • Balmung

    Do i see CC2?!! I think I do!! I wonder what they’ll come out with ^^ the only series theyve come out with are naruto un, .hack and tails concerto although itll prob be naruto un game but im still happy with that ^^

  • Nippon Ichi Software?

    Means I’ll have to keep an eye on this, definitely.

    • lol why so surprised? I would have been shocked if they werent on it

  • kupomogli

    Hopefully this list means what companies are already developing games for the system or have plans ready to develop games on the system. I’ll be picking up whatever FromSoftware and Falcom release, just as long as the games are localized.

  • Looks like Sony got this planned all along.. I was a bit worried when virtually every dev are supporting the 3DS

  • Aiddon

    I really don’t see this beating out the 3DS, not by a LONG shot. Despite these third parties saying they’ll develop for the system, the specs just make me paranoid. All I see is a retread of how badly the DS beat the PSP.

    • I doubt they are aiming to “beat” the 3DS. Perhaps all they want is to release a profitable product to offset the aging the PSP. PSP didnt beat the DS but it still helps their bottom line and had developers, lol.

    • I believe Sony is aiming to beat Apple more than Nintendo.

      • Testsubject909

        Probably. Apple is becoming a dangerous opponent, but mainly in casual gaming for the most part.

        Though they are starting to get an influx of more serious games. And if I’m not incorrect, the planned release of games for the iPhone for 2011 rivals that of the PSP as it stands… But then again, this year seems more focused on the PS3.

      • Well Sony’s, Andrew House, is it, said their competitor is the 3DS.

    • SeventhEvening

      It doesn’t really have to “beat” the 3DS. The PSP didn’t have sales that beat the DS, but it still did quite well and made plenty of money for Sony. The fact of the matter is, the PSP offers a radically different experience than the DS. Likely, the NGP will be a different experience from the 3DS. Given that it was able to play Yakuza 4 and Uncharted, that opens up for some amazing potential. I think if you’ll want to play Monster Hunter Portable 4, the NGP will be required.

      Long story short, I own both a PSP and DS. I’ll probably need both a NGP and a 3DS.

    • Testsubject909

      Competition is healthy for both companies, so they’ll be able to make some good profit either way.

      As for beating the 3DS. There’s still a possibility, not in the immediate short run but in the long run.

      Of course, it all depends on how smartly developers makes use of the 3DS’ specs. And if this Stereoscopic 3D fad continues to live for who knows how many years. (Star Wars 3D… Freaking George Lucas. I seriously have doubts that he, and he alone, is to be fully credited for what is perceived as the brilliance of the original Star Wars trilogy, especially considering Gary Kurtz’s involvement in the first two original episodes and his own much grittier, darker and more bittersweet vision of the end of the original trilogy… Personally, it really puts into doubt the idea that Lucas is worth a damn when he’s left alone and uncontrolled. I swear, if Star Wars Episodes 1-3 coming out within the next three years causes a boatload of fanboys to cry out to the world that Stereoscopic 3D is king and proven by JarJar binks in 3D… I’m going to get very… very… violent.)

      Also, as a gamer, do you really need to know who supposedly wins? I say the gamers wins in general anyways. We get to choose which console we want, which types of games we want. We can choose both consoles and win double-time if we have the money and actual interest in the games that’ll be coming out.

      Of course, we can be met with console fanboys who’ll accuse us of being on the losing side, or proclaim they’re the superior side because they have the ‘better gaming console’, which in and of itself can be debated on various terms. Relativism is the one that we’d be making usage of the most, though the usage of Realism could draw a different result. Rationalism could also draw us entirely away from the whole console debate and rather into the actual core of the matter. Gaming.

      Not so much which console is best, but which one has the better game. And if we do so, we can move away from console factions and rather into gaming factions instead. There are incredible and exciting games, coming out for both consoles. But for me, as it stands, the 3DS is mainly exciting me for the puzzle and mind games (Professor Layton x Ace Attorney), whereas the PSP2/NGP seems to be capable of entertaining me more in the action segment (Uncharted seems alright and the upcoming Kojima game).

      So, why not just drop the whole “Which console is better” issue, and just get down and dirty with game talk, huh?

      Rather then… how excited are you about the 3DS/NGP, how about… how excited are you about the next surprise game from Kojima or the Professor Layton/Ace Attorney crossover game?

      • Im excited for the NGP and the mysterious games being worked on by its third party developers and the first party developers. I can assure you that I so can not wait for it, day 1 baby day 1!!!

  • o yea Gust, Falcom, and Level-5 backing it ^^

  • as a nintendo fan im jealous to see this
    i was jealous when i saw the psp, but as time passed i wasnt anymore,
    i hope this devices gets good games, so it doesnt fail as the psp ( in the handheld market )

    im getting the 3DS first though :D
    im waiting to see this device running and i want to see some videos

    • Let’s not say the PSP failed because it didn’t, otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing the PSP2. Let’s just say it hopefully does better than the PSP, and it can compete with the 3DS. :)

  • mirumu

    I wasn’t that enthralled with the games mentioned in the NGP unveiling, but this list is a bit more comforting.

    • Testsubject909

      Look past launch titles, Always look out for the long term.

      Being far too short-sighted in your passions can cause some pains in the long run, whilst the proper wisdom to look beyond the immediate promises can provide you great joys as well.

      … And yeah, it’s comforting.

  • Good, Konami and Level-5 are on the list. That’s all I need to know. ^_^

    • All I want is a Dark Cloud 3 and Rogue Galaxy 2.

      • Agreed on RG2.

      • Dark Cloud 3 please! If there was a port of Dark Cloud 2, I’ll sell my other gadgets for that game

        • MakoSoldier7

          really? i thought dark cloud was was better. though i was a lot younger..

        • Testsubject909

          Dark Cloud 3. Naow.

          And Suikoden 6.

          And Breath of Fire 6.

          And Alundra 3….

          And a new Tecmo’s Deception/Kagero…

          And Grandia 4…

          And Wild Arms 6…

          And SLAI 2…

          And ZOE 3…

          And Bayonneta 2…

          And I doubt any of the above is ever going to happen, anytime soon. Including ZOE 3, mainly because of Kojima’s (possibly forced by the publishers) obsession with making MGS games…

          Kojima-san doesn’t need to make metal gear games anymore… oh wait, I’m supposed to say that in Kotaku.

          • That list… it brings tears to my eyes because it won’t happen anytime soon. *sobs*

          • Yes need new Suikoden, ZOE and Bayonetta Portable.

          • Every one of those titles, I feel should be console games. However, if they follow what Kojima is saying and do them for both PS3 and NGP, then that’d be great.

          • What do you mean by that? You really dont think having the entries on a powerful handheld will be as enriching as that on the home console?

      • Testsubject909

        RG2? hmm… Sure, if they can fix some of the hiccups with combat I’d say.

        Far too annoying after a while. It’s either a chore after a certain period of time, or just overtly easy.

        The shield breaking gun for example. it’s really just irritating rather then strategic to break it out, shoot once, and kill the random enemies with a Hit-All skill. It lenghtens an already short fight and really just prevents you from going from point A to point B.

        And though the customisation was quite fun, it’s somewhat a bit unbalanced too. Within the first three stages. I quite easily upgraded the first sword all the way to it’s maximal power. I purposefully handicapped myself by building up other swords, but they tend to grow so powerful so rapidly that every fight really just feels like some unimportant sidestepping every few seconds to just waste my time.

        A lack of any true challenge or strategy caused the game to be a bit boring after a while. And some early skills were seriously OP and far too easily spammable…

        Mind you. There’s nothing wrong about feeling absolutely kickass awesome and epic… But it’s nice to work for it in a meaningful manner. Also I wonder if they can do something about the grinding too. Grinding is a typical staple of RPGs, of any RPGs, western or eastern. But there are ways around it, or manners by which to make grinding far more entertaining rather then automatic…

        It was an interesting attempt at a 3D action RPG. But a mediocre story with a tiresome battle system and a rather lenghty customisation system that really requires very little work to build up one of the best weapons in the game, with an extended grinding system formed in the sphere-grid like character skill chart really didn’t do the game too much good.

        It also suffered from “The mini-game can be more entertaining then the actual game” syndrome. Not that it’s a bad thing… But it’s still pretty bad when I think to myself. “I’d rather they made a full game around that mini-game then make a sequel”.

        Of course, it does have it’s own rewards as well. The characters are appealing for the most part, the art is quite pleasant to the eyes (unless you don’t like cell shading), and it’s quite well presented…

        Though it also leaves a certain question… What does Level-5 have against Clowns or Circuses?

  • Just noticed From Software please let there be a Demon Souls Portable I’m sure the multiplayer mode will be amazing.

    • Let there be Another Century’s Episode Portable Next Generation! Although the first one dropped in sales like a rock in water in 2nd week ;__;

      • Testsubject909

        I’d buy it…

        There’s not enough Giant Robot games here in the western world…

        I want a sequel to S.L.A.I.! I also want ACE here as well! And a proper Super Robot Taisen! (not that i don’t mind KOS-MOS in a handheld RPG with bouncing teetees… But still. Giant Mech!)

  • Acquire, Arc System Works, Atlus / Index Holdings, Capcom, Craft & Meister (they’re making Earth Seeker for Wii), CyberConnect2, Grasshopper Manufacture, Gust, Konami, Level-5, Namco Bandai, Nippon Ichi Software, Sega, SNK Playmore, Spike, Square Enix, Tecmo Koei Games, Rebellion, Rockstar Games

    YES! Now this is what I’m talking about. And Hopefully this is a “as of now” list which means many more will be joining on.

    Hopefully this will also mean a Mana Khemia 2 (PSP version) localization :D

  • Hexen

    first game of Namco Bandai to NGP…


    • capristrider

      lol, released in launch “window”, I still chuckling reading your comment again

  • Extra_Life

    I don’t want to get as excited about the NGP as I did the 3DS, as I was crushed by the region locking, overpricing, game lacking news that surfaced over the last week or so for Nintendo’s handheld.

    I really like what I’ve seen and read of the NGP but I don’t we’ll know everything we want to until much closer to the machine’s release. Only then will I try and decide which is the better machine to go for, the third party support is looking good judging by that list, I hope the games in development match that quality.

    • Testsubject909

      Good job Dood!

      Sad you had to learn the lesson via crushing defeat of excitement… But hey! Wisdom through pain and age. And now you’ll be ready to be very, very pleasantly surprised… Or smuggly satisfied with your cautious attitude.

      And when proper information that can better satisfy your criterias do come up, you can feel free to immerse yourself in the excitement.

  • capristrider

    I only handhelds I ever had are GameBoy Color and NDS, but I might jump ship this time maybe or maybe I wait and see when the 3DS and NGP come out and see what games interest me most. Oh I forgot and I’ve own a GameBoy Micro

    • Testsubject909

      You could always try to save up some extra cash and get both. Or, what I’m voting you do, wait till both drop in price, where you can properly compare the gaming library between the two and purchase accordingly.

      And don’t tell me “Well if I don’t purchase the console/handheld, I’ll miss out on the games that gets released!”

      Just buy them if you do fear they’ll be sold out (with proper reason of course. For example. The next Call of Duty will never be sold out. The next Shin Megami Tensei (proper) game might…) and play them on the console/handhelds possible friends might’ve bought, or just bide your time, waiting for the price drop while you entertain yourself with some excellent games on your already available consoles or cheaper indie games of which many interesting and highly entertaining gems can be found, or find some free games which can be equally fulfilling and entertaining as well as innovative due to the near-no-risk they possess other then just not being played. (They are no-profit. So there’s little pressure outside of self-imposed pressure.)


      Of course, it’s your money, your time and your gaming experience. Do what you will with it.

  • TNA_Lewis

    Falcom. LEVEL-5. Nippon Ichi. ATLUS. Square Enix. Arc System Works. From Software.

    …my body is ready.

    • Testsubject909

      Is it really… Is It Really!?

      What’ll you do if you explode of joy and epic awesomeness!?

      Will your family be ready to mourn and bury your corpse along with your new handheld(s)!?

      … That said, will the awesomeness of it cause you to resurrect like the second coming of Jesus via the announcement of new titles that beckons to you from beyond the grave?

  • anbu

    Pirates and Homebrew communities are also Backing Sony.

    • Testsubject909

      But they’re possibly too distracted with all the fun stuff of yesteryears they can now bring to the mainstream community via Kinect, despite the fact that other pieces of technology thrown together for possibly less money could bring such gaming up to them.

      And despite the fact that hands-free gaming has been around since I was a little kid, easily found in museum which imitates some of the games that are available on the Kinect right now.

      Yeah. I think the pirates are having fun just goading people into believing that Kinect’s the “real deal next gen epic incredible neverbefore seen techie stuff”.

      I think it’s some rather expert subtle trolling.

      Not really hating the Kinect… Just hating this idea that people have that all these stuff done with the Kinect via the modding community is all so ‘fresh and innovative’… It’s been around for ages.

  • PrinceHeir

    SNK really? please port KOF XIII first before doing anything ^^

    yay Konami, Level 5, and Sega, Capcom, and Grashopper Manufacturer :D

    they should have DDL version of Type-0 Square.

  • nyobzoo

    that list is good enough for me to pick one up

  • Chow

    Strange, wasn’t Netherrealm Studios sort of the first to leak info on the NGP? Ironically, it’s nowhere on the list.

    • Testsubject909

      Someone got a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking for being a naughty studio.

  • karasuKumo

    Lots of great names there :) I’m surprised to see CyberConnect2, possibly a portable Ultimate Ninja Storm? Capcom bringing a MH game to it with lovely graphics and GPS features would be nice too.

    What does NGP stand for anyway? Looks like “Nintendo Got Pwned” to me LOL just kidding the 3DS looks good too XD It will be interesting to see how well these two sell this Christmas, I have a weird feeling the 3DS will beat this.

    • Zal_Yagun

      Next Generation Portable. Was stated somewhere in the reveal post, but I don’t blame you I was also distracted

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Falcom may be my main reason to get this… Damn I don’t have enough money for all the stuff this year :(

    • Testsubject909

      I feel your pain…

      And will be getting an interview for a government job that pays me about 20$ an hour.

      I hope I get it…

      I need it… For gaming…

      *Plants the Mirror shield at his feet, straps on the Smash Bros hammer to his back, lifts up one foot and rests it atop the carcass of mother brain and brandishes the Master sword up high*

      …For Gaming!

      • I salute your underlying passion for quality gaming.


  • i’d love to see dead space on this thing!
    and finally some shooters. i hope that all games have trophies on launch of the game.

    i wonder if lbp (not the stupid psp version >.<) will make it on here.

    here is a little story. on October of 2009 i was going to buy a psp go. i then looked at it and thought about it and my conclusion was. "this isn't it." i put it down and converted the money into credit to use on my next console. i waited two years to hear this info be officially announce. and my impressions are strong that this will be a lasting console. that money will now be put onto a ngp pre-order. it might just sit there at first. and look pretty in the corner of my room. but I'm quite sure i will see great games on the way.

  • Balmung

    Im really excited to see what games come out of this. Im sure i will be satisfied although i dont see myself getting this unless there are some really awsome games for it coz i did buy an original psp at launch and it wasnt till a couple years later that games i really wanted started coming out. Well i guess i can jst wait and see (^.^)”

  • puchinri

    Yay Craft & Meister and CyberConnect2!! Well, yay a lot of devs on the list. Depending on what they do on the NGP…

    I still don’t even have a PSP yet, and depending on price, what devs and games are lined up for NGP might not even matter. But I am looking forward to seeing its titles.

  • Persona 4 PORTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes! XD I would love that! Kicking Shadows, doing social links, fishing for fish and making Persona while commuting to work or school? Awesome!

      • and also change the hugging scene with yosuke by having an option to play female

  • Whoa!

    let’s see i want:
    Atlus: persona 3,4,5
    Namco bandai: another century’s episode/God Eater
    fromsoftware: armored core 4 answer
    capcom: resident evil/devil may cry
    square enix: final fantasy 7 remake/kingdom hearts
    konami: zone of the enders/metal gear solid/castlevania
    koei: fatal frame
    nippon ichi: hyper dimension neptunia

    well just my opinion….

  • Go,Namco Bandai! I Want Tales Games!

    • Isnt Tales Studio the one that makes Tales game? I wonder why they arent on the list…

  • Sorry Sony until you leave people that try to fix your mistakes by hacking your systems alone. I shall boycott

    • Wow, I’ve read some ridiculous things over my time here, but this is probably the silliest comment I’ve ever read on this site. Tsuna, someone has taken your crown.

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