New Kirby’s Dream Land Game Announced For Wii

By Ishaan . January 28, 2011 . 11:13am

At Nintendo’s third quarter financial briefing held in Japan a few hours ago, company president, Satoru Iwata, announced that Nintendo subsidiary, HAL Laboratory, are working on a new game in the Kirby’s Dream Land series.


Iwata showed off the following video for the new Kirby’s Dream Land at his briefing (apologies for the quality; the embedded video was rather tiny):



Prior to his joining Nintendo, Iwata was president of HAL Laboratory, who developed games such as Kirby 64 and the Super Smash Bros. games. HAL also supervised development of the recent Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Wii, developed by Good-Feel. Kirby’s Dream Land is slated for release this year on Wii.

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  • puchinri

    Great Scott! Yes~!

    So does this mean they’re also working on the DS game still too?

    Either way, this is fantastic. It reminds me of 64/Crystal Shards, Air Ride and that Kirby game that never was. I’m excited.

    I hope we get a release date soon.

  • It reminds me of that one Kirby game I played on GBA. Think it was called Nightmare in Dreamland.

  • What a nice surprise!!! Nintendo is finally revealing their hand for upcoming Wii titles, I guess it is their only response to dwindling incomes. Hopefully the people that were turned off by Epic Yarn will still look into and try this game.

    • PurpleDoom

      They revealed their hand back at E3… but it’s nice to see they’re keeping it going.

      • Apparently their hand came up a few months short, as Mario Sports Mix comes out in a few mere days leaving us without any Wii games for March, April, May, and June, maybe even July…

        • Phoenix_Apollo

          And then they’ll start announcing their localizations…

          At least, I hope they will.

        • PurpleDoom

          Most of the games they announced last E3 came out within the year. There’s going to be a trickle of small announcements for a couple months, then E3 will come and then they’ll reveal their next batch of games. Makes sense to me.

          • What else is coming out between now and E3, spare Mario Sports Mix, in America. I cant see Pandora’s Tower coming out in the US in February, March, or April tbh, if it were announced this coming week. Actually unless there is an announcement of a game in February, the Wii landscape for the US first party wise is empty…

          • PurpleDoom

            The first-party release schedule for Wii is usually pretty barebones. The Pikmin 2 port might come out soon since it got an ESRB rating, while not technically a new game it’s still a first-party Wii title… and I’m sure plenty will appreciate it due to the rarity of the original.

    • “I guess it is their only response to dwindling incomes”
      Yet the made more money than everyone else!
      Nintendo never been a company to proclaim about games. That eventually get delays or cancel. Oh GT5 is coming, it will launch this day or Last Guardian is still coming. Gets kind of old after the 2 year of hearing it. Nintendo stills you when something happen when it near time of happen. Better to know late, then to have to wait.

      • Well we saw Super Smash Bros Brawl get delayed, hm Skyward Sword as well, so we still have to wait for their games.

        • jarrodand

          In fairness, Brawl released less than 2 years after it’s announcement, and Skyward Sword likely will as well. Something like GT5 actually had a longer wait than both combined…

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            Skyward Sword was announced in 2008, so it’ll probably be closer 3 years

          • jarrodand

            It was officially announced at E3 2010. Miyamoto showed a pice of artwork at E3 2009… not sure where you’re getting 2008 from?

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            In 2008 they said they were working on a new Wii Zelda game

          • jarrodand

            That IGN article isn’t anything close to a game announcement. Nintendo said the Mario and Zelda teams had started work on new titles, and when asked point blank Miyamoto just confirmed that yeah, one of those would be another Zelda for Wii (as if that was even in question). You’re seriously reaching here…

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            Reaching? Why would I do that? What do I have to gain? Anyways, IGN was just one site, not the only site. And you just confirmed what I said, that Nintendo said they were working on a new Zelda game in 2008. And it doesn’t even matter, either way Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and Brawl were all delayed. I don’t see the significance of the two-year window

          • jarrodand

            Who said you have something to gain? All I’m saying there’s a difference between actually announcing a title and saying a team’s working on something. Would you also consider NSMBWii and Galaxy 2 to have been announced in 2008?

            And there’s no inherent significance in the 2 year thing, I just used it as a rough figure to draw the difference between how Nintendo and Sony roll out their bigger Japanese titles publicly (truthfully, Nintendo often even does less than that, like with Metroid, Mario, Last Story, etc). Also, a delay for these Nintendo games meant a matter of months (Wii Sports Resort was another one btw, it was intended to release at the end of 2008 originally), while the delays for GT5 or Last Guardian have added years to their cycles.

          • So we have two delayed Nintendo games compared to one delayed PS3 game? Wait was Twilight Princess delayed too… If we are taking tally, I think people would prefer one delayed game compared to two missing the date. The GT5 delay even spawned the release of Prologue.

          • jarrodand

            I wasn’t taking a tally actually, just pointing out the difference in lead time between Nintendo and Sony for their bigger Japanese titles. The Last Guardian is another “4 to 5 years in the making” game for example.

            While Twilight Princess was delayed for Wii (about a year), the Wii version itself wasn’t delayed ever. And GT5’s delays didn’t spawn it’s Progolgue, that release was planned before GT5 was even announced.

        • ThunderGod_Cid

          Well technically Nintendo never gave a release date for Skyward Sword, it was just everybody ASSUMED that it was coming out late 2010.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            Actually, in an interview on January 6, 2010, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated, “You are now less than 365 days away from a new console Zelda game.”

    • Testsubject909

      I’m assuming that if they announce a launch date. You’ll be one of the first here to shout proudly “Day 1!”.

  • It better not be as easy as epic yarn

  • Yukito

    Another reason to get a Wii.

  • Looks much better than Epic Yarn. I love how you can inhale multiple enemies to create a giant star. Not sure about the screen-clearing special moves, hopefully there’s a gauge or something to keep that to a minimum.

  • Code

    Personally Epic Yarn wasn’t really my thing, I don’t know I visually felt it was hard to keep track of (I figure because of the hollow quality of the characters) also I wasn’t as keen about the direction away from sucking up enemies to get powers opo; I’m hoping this is like Amazing Mirror opo I enjoyed that direction.

  • vadde939

    This looks so much better than Epic Yarn. I do wonder if this is actually that cancelled Gamecube Kirby.

    • puchinri

      I was wondering the same, but the lack of ‘buddy system’ made me guess not. But if they introduce it and it turns out to be so, I’ll be so excited.

  • jarrodand

    While I enjoyed Epic Yarn, and felt it was a nice leisurely counterpoint to the more difficult DKCR, it really never felt like a Kirby game to me. Actually, I always thought the yarn grabbing/tossing mechanic and toybox aesthetic would’ve been much better suited to a Yoshi game.

    I’m elated that the real deal is still coming to Wii though, and the preview video looks fantastic. Wii’s 2D platformer renaissance is probably the best thing about this entire generation imo.

    • Code

      That was kind of my problem with Epic Yarn, it never felt like a Kirby game for me opo;

      • Testsubject909

        You know what was my problem with Kirby Epic Yarn?

        When I stopped playing, and really thought about what I was doing. Or really, anytime I was just pushing a harmless ‘enemy’ around…

        All I could think of was. “I just went Aw, isn’t it cute, then mercilessly ripped it out of existence forever by pulling on his body so hard that he literally burst into shreds… And I was okay with that… Huh… This game is absolutely horrible. I’m not just killing something. I’m completely annihilating it’s entire existence and all it’s doing is just covering itself when I bully it by pushing it, or just walks harmlessly left and right… Good grief, this should never be played by kids.”

        And I was honest in that sentiment.

        Kirby Epic Yarn should never be played by kids… They already do enough mindless harm to one another in their innocence, not knowing that they are acting cruel when they do. They don’t need a game that further encourages them into such actions.

        At least violent games like Gran Theft Auto has civilians running for safety and crying out in horror. This just… has you mindlessly pleased about completely ripping to shred an innocent bystander which you just automatically assume is an enemy.

        PS. Though this is a bit of a joke comment. There is nevertheless some truth in this. And yeah, I’m pretty much currently debating whether or not this game is any appropriate for kids under the age of 8…

        I mean, in the case of other cute games like Mario Galaxy, the enemies actually hurt you, so you have plausible self defense… but in this case…

        • Code

          I can relate to that, it was like Toy Soldiers on the 360, initially the idea was novel to me, a tower defense game using little WWI plastic toy soldiers and tanks and things you would have seen as a kid. But the longer I played it the more I started to become really unsettled by the fact that even though they were depicted as “toys” didn’t really change the fact this stuff actually happened just like this, here you are literally setting up a machine guns nest and killing wave after wave of these little toy soldiers as they ran across the fields, usually they never even get into a position where they can attack — round after round. It was a really rotten experience and left me feeling sad omo and I recommend it to everyone omo;

    • necrosex

      it was going to be a new IP, but Nintendo decided to put Kirby in.

      • Testsubject909

        I wonder if that’s true. I’d need to do some research on the backstory.

        Which would make me laugh too… because if that is true.

        Then people immediately assumes Kirby Epic Yarn is an actual Kirby Game, but immediately refuses the Lords of Shadow is an actual Castlevania game.

        If Epic Yarn’s alpha wasn’t focused on making use of Kirby, whilst Lords of Shadow’s alpha focused on making use of Simon Belmont and Castlevania…

        But eh… I’m facing a lot of gamers who’re going to base their judgement on their feeling. And I can’t blame them on that either, I do it sometimes. And then again, Epic Yarn does have a bit of a whimsical magical feeling, which does fit with Kirby whilst Castlevania lacked one thing which does set the mood and the heart of a game. A soundtrack reminiscent of the long legacy of Castlevania game, a truly memorable tune outside of it’s haunting song that accompanies the mask’s introduction (seriously, creepy music isn’t what Castlevania music is recognized as).

        Perhaps a more upbeat and catchy song or two would’ve eased more fans into accepting the reality that a new Castlevania is born… (Only addressing the simple haters, not those who honestly dislikes the gameplay based solely on the gameplay itself. This doesn’t address those who hates it for being a God of War ‘clone’. That gets dirtier and stupider in a way.)

  • FFS Nintendo, just port the one you started for Gamecube, looked pretty much complete too.

  • Whoa. whoa!! whoa!!!….This looks like some successor to Kirby Superstar… Not that I have no complaints whatsoever. I’m fine with this.

  • Three new abilities confirmed?
    Thief, Sheriff, and Water Kirby…I think.

  • Man, I’m a little dissapointed with this in one sense, and impressed in another.

    One good thing about Epic Yarn is that without powers it felt more like the original Kirby again, but it had all those yarnsformations to keep things spicy.

    This doesn’t do that (I prefer classic Kirby to the newer stuff). However, it does seem like a great logical progression to my favourite Nintendo series, and lots of fun :3

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    *nerdgasm* oh oh oh my god, yes please! Can’t contain the fanboy in me, this looks F’ing awesome. The fact that it’s part of the main series… I need to go into cryostasis to survive the wait. ^^’

  • Zero_Destiny

    This looks great. Can’t wait to get it. Plus it looks like Kirbs has got his power to absorb enemies again. Very good it was sorely missed in the Epic Yarn. Now let’s see a release in the US before the end of 2011 and I’ll be jumping in the air with joy.

  • eliel

    sweet can’t w8 to c more of this

  • PrinceHeir

    guess kirby ran out of yarn huh?

    oh well it’s good to be back in basics :)

  • It’s nice to see another Dream Land game being announced.


  • Masengan

    Glad to see the rebirth of that cancelled GameCube game now all we need is that Phoenix game reborn as well unless we got it as the new Kid Icarus game… anyway I’m a sucker (pun intended) for Kirby games and this one looks fun.

  • RX79V

    It looks great even with such a short and small footage. Then again, I am a sucker for Kirby games.

    As long as the story is simple like the Dream Land games, it should be all good. (i.e.: Evil appears. you and your animal friends go on to save the day. Maybe battle some giant eyeball while you are at it.) No chasing over some silly Strawberry Shortcake and releasing an evil force by accident again.

  • AdamBoy64

    Whoa. I am excited. I really enjoyed Kirby’s Dream Land 1 and 2.. so it’s intriguing.
    If it’s 15% as good as those I think i’ll enjoy it.

  • Icon

    Kirby games are love.

  • Tokyo Guy

    …and of course all the anti-Epic Yarn comments surface again. Seriously I fail to understand what people have against this game. It was colorful, creative, whimsical, and most importantly…fun. I think all of you “haters” are so wrapped up in what “is” and “isn’t” Kirby and that really influenced your opinion of the product. But personally, I don’t even understand that as it sure felt like a Kirby game to me, and I’ve been playing the series since its debut in 1992.

    With that said, this is of course good news. I’m actually quite angry with the Wii at the moment given how awful Last Story looks, yet this is exactly the type of game that belongs on the console. And given that HAL seems to be developing it exclusively, chances are it will be excellent as well.

  • Joanna

    Gah, I still need to pick up Epic Yarn! D:

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