SNK Playmore USA Tackles Your NeoGeo Station Questions

By Spencer . January 28, 2011 . 2:30pm

When we spoke with Shinya Morishita from SNK Playmore USA we brought your questions and got some answers back. Here’s what Morishita had to say about the NeoGeo Station project and digital imports.


Can you tell us how the NeoGeo Station project got started and how features like online play were added to the games?


Shinya Morishita, SNK Playmore USA: Being a commemorative project of the 20th Anniversary of the NEOGEO MVS & AES, this was a main theme of NEOGEO Station’s origins.  How we could bring back these classics to the fans with adding plenty of attractive features, the Network Mode, and ensuring the highest quality emulation possible, were a few of the major points considered from the start of this project.




Why did you leave the original bugs in the ROMs?


We tuned the ports with this setting switchable between ON & OFF, so that players are not hampered by original bugs and smooth online play may be achieved in Network Mode.  That said, we also wanted to make sure hardcore fans were able to experience 100% accurate emulation, and enjoy AES versions of NEOGEO titles just as if owning an actual NEOGEO console.


After launch, how often does SNK plan on releasing new games for NeoGeo Station?


Please check our official website regarding the future lineup! Also, make sure your voice is heard via our official “NEOGEO Station” Facebook Fan Page on titles that you would love to see released.  We will be paying close attention to see how the first set of initial titles have done, and will also continue to listen to feedback from the fans.



Will we see more obscure games like Sengoku 2, Twinkle Star Sprites, Blazing Star, or Ninja Masters on NeoGeo Station?


If gamers are pleased with these high-quality ports on PlayStation Network, and as long as there is enough fan demand to warrant releases, yes, the release of more obscure games is possible.


There are a lot of requests for Garou: Mark of the Wolves and The Last Blade series…


With the strong fan following for both series/titles for many years in tournaments, etc., we are definitely aware of the large number of fans who will enjoy these titles online.


image Does SNK have any other plans for the 20th NeoGeo Anniversary?


Along with our newest PSP download game title NeoGeo Shooters –Ultimate Shooting- available on the North American & European PlayStation Stores, a number of NEOGEO licensed products and peripherals have been released throughout this year.  Though these goods are only available in Japan, on a side note, just recently in North America, for fans who purchase our NEOGEO Station PS3 10 title bundle, an exclusive NEOGEO 20th Anniversary PS3 Custom Theme will be included as a bonus!  The bundle retails for $79.99, but is available at a 20%-off discounted price ($63.99) for members of PlayStation Plus.


SNK released a bunch of games for Xbox Live Arcade like KOF Sky Stage, Metal Slug XX, and soon Trouble Witches Neo. Will these ever be released on PSN too?


Considering PS3 Versions of download games is always an option, if the reaction for titles such as King of Fighters ’02 Unlimited Match for example are very positive, PSN versions are not an impossibility.


I noticed SNK self-published NeoGeo Ultimate Shooting Collection as a PSN download in North America. Do you plan to release more Japanese games as digital imports?


While this remains a case by case scenario, the release of digital imports is always a possibility to ensure our fans worldwide have access to SNK game titles.


image We haven’t seen too many new games from SNK Playmore. Moving forward, does SNK plan on creating new IPs or follow ups to popular series such as Fatal Fury and Metal Slug?


The information SNK Playmore receives from NEOGEO Station titles may be critical to future decisions on which IPs to put energy into moving forward.  We look forward to the feedback from gamers received on these high-quality PS3 and PSP ports, and will be sure to keep what western fans would like to see in mind in terms of new game content.


In closing, SNK Playmore wishes all its fans a very Happy New Year! We hope you will enjoy our many new releases throughout this year via NEOGEO Station, etc.  Please keep in touch for upcoming news on the NEOGEO Station website and our related Fan Page on Facebook!


< Spencer’s note: Since so many readers asked about The King of Fighters XIII we pressed Morishita for more information. We also asked about the rumor regarding SNK’s game department shutting down. Morishita didn’t respond with any comments. >

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  • neon6

    When is King of Fighters XIII getting a US console release?

  • Man, yeah, okay, the thing is, I’m a pretty big Neo-Geo/SNK fan, but I honestly don’t really want to play a lot of the older games. The only KOF game I really like is ’98, and I mostly play the Real Bout games.

  • z_merquise

    So they would base their decision if they would revive a franchise through Neo Geo Station? But most people already got the Anthologies for Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown for both PS2 and PSP like me, do they still need to buy a single game of that series in Neo Geo Station just to prove that fans of those series wanted an all new game from them (in high-def 2D)? Isn’t that, I dunno, impractical?

    Sucks that the question I submitted didn’t made it and that the representative didn’t inform us anything related to console version of KOF XIII or the rumors stirring in their company.

    Still, thanks for the interview, Siliconera!! Just wish for the best to SNK-Playmore.

    • You asked the fan community question, I believe? If that was your question, it’s participating in Facebook which Morishita mentioned. It didn’t get a bullet point since it was already mentioned.

      • z_merquise

        OK, thanks for that. I hope that would help them.

  • These answers didn’t really give much detail or hints as to what is coming in the future, but it is nice to see that the company seems to be paying attention to their fans.

  • nyobzoo

    I really want La Petite Princesse on the PSN, amazing game

  • Guest

    I hate them so much

  • Contrarily with the topic, SNKP didn’t really answer any question at all. Most of it are already known/easily guessed. Plus it’s already a few weeks from NGS debut and still no updates on newer releases. How do they expect to receive feedback from fans on what future title they need to work on when it’s taking them a long time to re-release old games (not that i wouldn’t buy for collection). Shinya tries to talk in an assuring manner like a capcom representative (seth killian) but we don’t really see any bold movement on SNKP’s side yet. I dunno maybe they think the NGS sales weren’t good enough? But i don’t blame the fans look just how bad the Netcode is. At first i thought my asian line was bad but later i’ve seen youtube reviews from users with high speed internet from the US/EU complaining on how laggy it is. It’s not even at a bearable stage with stutters at nearly every few second of the frame i couldn’t even make 1 jump in peace. To a point i think the XII netcode was able to achieve much lesser lag for a few minute before it starts to lag/dc.

    Think i’m lying? Watch this:

    I’ve also heard praises from ppl who said there were very minimal lag but i’m not sure where they are from. Maybe SNKP need to figure out ways to connect the online game through multiple NAT settings/conditions in order to fix this prob. Heck, neogeo games deserve a dedicated server if needed.

    PS: I’m not blaming author. He/She deserve an applause for actually trying to bring information. :)

  • Ladius

    Spencer obviously did his best, but Morishita really managed to dodge practically every relevant question :

    Personally I’m rather sad about the lack of KoF13 infos, I own a NeoGeoAes and as much as I like to support SNK I can’t really justify buying the oldest titles of its library after the slew of collections and ports already available.

  • I hope we’re getting Magical Drop III. I really, really do.

  • SeventhEvening

    I just can’t swing 80 bucks for 10 titles like that. The Sega Genesis Collection had way more titles, many of them being much better than these SNK titles. And it only costs 20 dollars. Not to mention the numerous SNK collections floating around…

  • I am a loyal SNK follower. i try my best to support the company any way i can. i even purchased a few of the NeoGeo Station games even though i already own them through various collection releases. What i dont understand is how they expect to generate interest for this new service when the games that they chose to release are the oldest and (in most cases) least played games on the system. I truly believe that SNK has the greatest 2D fighters in the world and i would love nothing more than to see them succeed. If they were to release games that we have been itching to play on PS3 such as: KoF 2k2 UM, Garou:Mark of the wolves, NGBC, Rage of the Dragons, Matrimelee, Waku Waku 7, hell…the list can go on for days… People would be interested and hopefully that would translate into sales. at the very least it would have people talking or generating buzz about the company in a positive manner again instead of complaining like im doing here. I just want to see SNK continue to make the games that we have all come to love throughout the years and its a shame to see them throw money into a project like NGS here and see them squander an opportunity to really get people playing their games, especially with a big title like KoF XIII on the horizon, a game that HAS to sell well in order to regain everything that has been lost due to KoF XII

  • dejavu2222

    Really enjoyed AOF but please make the online network have less input delay and lag!

  • When you say you pressed him about XIII and game division shutdown did he not reply to both questions? I hope he did say something about XIII…

    • Sorry, he didn’t reply to either. I tried and that was a reason why this interview was held back for so many weeks…

  • xxx128

    Doh! I totally love how they dodged the last blade 3/garou 2 question. Way to go chums. This page has some info on a canned garou2 proto.

  • hush404

    … I like the idea… not the price. Why would I pay like $8 for a game so old…? I’ve been able to play these (for free) online for YEARS.

  • AaqibRawat

    im disgusted

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