Dead or Alive: Dimensions Can Exchange Player Patterns

By Ishaan . January 30, 2011 . 1:33pm

Like most Nintendo 3DS games, Tecmo Koei’s Dead or Alive: Dimensions is compatible with the system’s Cross Pass (Tag mode) functionality, whereby 3DS systems can communicate with each other while in sleep mode.


While Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition uses Cross Pass for automated figurine battles using custom stats assigned by the player, Dimensions goes a different route, according to Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata.


Iwata revealed at a recent investor presentation that Dead or Alive: Dimensions uses the 3DS’ Cross Pass functionality to exchange character parameters and player patterns between different 3DS systems. The game’s single player mode can then use these player patterns against you.


Similarly, in Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D, you’ll be able to exchange players and formations that you’ve registered. These can then be used for playing some sort of a simulation game.

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  • How come this site didnt do like others and have the “editors” comment on their feelings towards the NGP and the 3DS? Oh well it would have been interesting.

    But back to the subject at hand, this sounds interesting in that it allows you to play against a friends ghost or something. Though I hope lots of people carry their systems in public places so the feature can be used. Heh communicate with someone while in sleep mode while shopping in Walmart or something, oh the possibilities!

    • Apache_Chief

      This site’s articles are very impartial, which is something I like about it. The article has information and the comments have opinions and discussions, just the way it should be.

      • I dunno, didnt they used to do those facebook files or something?

        • Yeeeeeea, as much as we loved doing Facebook Files for some casual back and forth discussions, maintaining that Facebook group was a little distracting. There’s some sort of Facebook revival planned at some point, but we’re still thinking about how/when/etc.

          As for 3DS/NGP talk…sure, we all have our opinions on that stuff, but like with everything on the site, we try not to let it interfere with our coverage and let our readers decide for themselves with the knowledge we provide them. :)

          • andref

            Another thing to mention is that I like coming here because unlike other sites there is no risk for a retarded console war to erupt which is very irritating to read because nothing gets done

          • Thanks for that. I’m glad you like reading the site, yea, with the exception of a few people, we don’t really have too many haters on here. :)

          • kylehyde

            100% agree

            I second that.

          • I see those things all the time here. What Siliconera are you reading?

  • xxbrothawizxx

    This is epic

  • Kris

    Brilliant. I’d love to see VF5 3D happen and get this sort of treatment!

    • daizyujin

      Oh don’t get me started. You sir, have just said something that I had never thought about but now am crossing my fingers for. How I have longed to play Virtua Fighter 5 R. I have never seen one in the US though. Not sure if it ever even was released in US arcades.

    • I dont think the people who make VF are capable of such programing, hence the reason the game sucks so much.

  • daizyujin

    What if you walk by somebody who’s play style is to just stand there and get beat up? That could make for one boring game.

    • andref

      I highly doubt it would be adapted into single player

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome games is awesome :P

    hopefully Samus is a “hidden” character ^^

    • Guest

      I thought it was recently confirmed by the developers she wasn’t playable in the game and only the Ridley stage was in

      • MakoSoldier7

        yes you are correct, i think she was just wishful thinking, thats all

      • PrinceHeir

        you do know i said as a “hidden” character? meaning im still hoping she makes it despite Team Ninja denying her.

        • Why would the developers go back on their word? Im quite sure theyre not as bold as David Jaffe (e3 2010) and would blatantly plant a lie like that. If they confirmed that shes not in, then no amount of hope, at 28 days before release would be able to have her as “hidden playable”.

          • PrinceHeir

            you do know i was just hoping right? and if it doesn’t happen well big deal no need to be harsh geez

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Don’t worry Sawada lives in a diff world than us and is always taken everything to the extreme. And if he sees something that he thinks is wrong with a post he’ll jump on it lol I’m not sure if I’d want Samus in a Dead or Alive game though. I didn’t hate Other M but it felt like a step in the wrong direction. While I didn’t really like the Prime trilogy I respected what did for Samus and the series. Weird I know, maybe it’s because I’m not too big of Metriod fan or something lol I think my main problem with Other M though was that they ruined the chara of Samus for me. She just wasn’t “MANLY” enough for me lol Still a good game, and if Samus was handled well enough like Link in Soul Caliber than I would love to see her in more fighting games (especially since Samus pwns in Smash Bros, even though I’m more of a Captain Falcon guy myself lol)

          • PrinceHeir

            well im not angry at him or anything, but as you said he seems to take every little detail to the extreme.

            well i kinda like Samus :P i think she’s just to whiny in Other M but her japanese VA was good. as Ishaan said sakomoto tried the whole post war traumatic stress, guess it didn’t left a good impression on samus though.
            i kinda like Prime Trilogy at first but i get headaches when playing it. it seems FPS metroid doesn’t work well(at least for me) i’ll give it one more try in the future ^^

            yes i love her in smash. in fact my main is her and Snake :P

            while we’re talking about Metroid, what do you think they should do next? go for Other M style? Megaman X style? Sins and Punishment Style? or Muramasa Style? soo many 2D variations Metroid can be :)

  • Guest

    What good is Cross Path in sleep mode when the battery dies so fast…

  • Wouldn’t it be easier and more useful just to download that data from the internet? Gimmicks are fine. But what is the fun gimmick in this case? Inconvenience?

  • Joanna

    An interesting feature. I don’t play fighters, but I can see this being applied to other genres in the form of units being brought over in SRPGs (just like in Disgaea 4), ghost data in racers, a fight with the other person’s current team in an RPG, etc. So I’m looking forward to see this implemented and I hope that the ability for the game to transfer data from more than one game increases the likely hood of running into someone with data from said game. I didn’t have any luck in my random tries with DS games, so I’m hoping I have more luck with 3DS when I do get around to picking one up.

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