Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance To Focus On Bold And Daring Action

By Ishaan and Laura . January 30, 2011 . 12:03pm


All screenshots of Riku and Sora in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance have depicted the two in their original Kingdom Hearts attire, before they grew older in Kingdom Hearts II. This has caused a fair bit of confusion regarding the game, so let’s clear that up via a more complete version of a Famitsu interview conducted earlier this week.


Dream Drop Distance is the latest game in the Kingdom Hearts story chronologically. As reported previously, the game will feature all new Disney worlds. Series creator, Tetsuya Nomura, hints that one of these worlds could be from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.


Speaking to the issue of Riku and Sora’s look, Nomura says there is a reason the two are dressed the way they are. While he wouldn’t reveal the cause, he acknowledges that this could cause people to perceive Dream Drop Distance as a remake. For this reason, he’s considering having Riku and Sora change clothes partway through the game.


Nomura says that Dream Drop Distance isn’t Kingdom Hearts III. While the numbered games will remain fairly orthodox going forward, the concept of Dream Drop Distance is “bold and daring” action. This is a result of the fact that it isn’t a numbered game. It will also be bolder than Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was, Nomura says. This is partly reflected in the fact that Dream Drop Distance forces you to change between Riku and Sora.


Nomura elaborated on this a little more. While Riku and Sora will visit the same worlds, they will have different stories.  They’ll visit different places within these worlds, and the order in which they visit these places will be different as well. Depending on which one you’re playing as, the bosses that appear, too, will be different. Nomura also says the two characters will rarely find themselves in the same place at the same time.


The swaps between the two will have absolutely nothing to do with the story and will be sudden and unexpected, in order to keep players on their toes. We aren’t entirely certain just how this works yet, as you could probably come up with a lot of different possibilities if you were to think about it.


Riku and Sora will control differently as well, and they’ll each have their own moves. Nomura compares this to the way each one could use his decks in a different manner in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The stylish moves you saw in Sora’s different form changes in Kingdom Hearts II will be incorporated into regular moves in Dream Drop  Distance.


Finally, Nomura also mentions that the “Drop” in the title refers to the 3D visuals, in the sense that the 3D effect will focus on depth rather than 3D effects flying out at you from the screen.

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  • Wow it seems so confusing and daring that it sounds like they havent been able to decide with the direction that they are aiming to go either! Meaning, this game sounds epic. I feel like the odd one when it comes to Kingdom Hearts as Ive only played these non numbered entries so every game has been unlike the other, lol.

    I must say I am excited for the Dream Drop Distance!

  • NoElixirs

    Character changing is entailing me further with every update. Here’s to hoping for a successful mechanic!

  • man i cant wait for wat new designs sora and riku will have. this game is gonna be epic. really cant wait till its out

  • shy_mel

    A world based on The Hunchback of Notre-Dame…I like and it has huge potential.

  • malek86

    So Nomura wants to boldly go where no game has gone before.

    • What? Change clothes mid-game?

      • heartless141

        crapload of games has done that though, FFX-2 cough cough

        • I said “mid-game” chronologically speaking, not change clothes by choice. Not many games did that.

          • heartless141

            ah :P sorry for the misunderstanding. they did that in KH2 though, so that’s nothing new.

          • malek86

            I can think of Blood Omen 2, which had Kain wear four different outfits throughout the game (the best one was the outfit in the canyon levels).

            Unfortunately, that and the music were the only cool things about that wretched pile of rubbish.

  • The same worlds different order/bosses/events is pretty much the same as chain of memories though

    • The difference is that in CoM, you complete one path before the other, and in 3D, you swap between the two constantly.

      Technically, the two of them were on different floors in CoM (the above-ground and the underground), but… Didn’t really matter gameplay-wise XD

    • Tom_Phoenix

      WildArms! Your…your name! It’s no longer purple! Why? It looked good in purple!

  • PersonaBull

    I’m excited for the storyline. I love intersecting plots of completely different stories, and I’m all for getting thrown around a bit. I love a game that can keep me on my toes both gameplay-wise and storyline-wise.

    That said, I’m still a little nervous for this swap system, as I said in the last article. I do trust them to make it work wonderfully, though. I have yet to be disappointed in a Kingdom Hearts gameplay system, so I don’t think I’ll be starting any time soon <3.

  • Finally, Hunchback of Notre Dam!

    I only see that the new actions are going to used as standalone gimmicks (like tag team commands) rather than a substance for the actual gameplay.

  • Zero_Destiny

    The swapping sounds more weird than I thought it would be. The game just switches it up on you at certain points? Seems odd. I kind of wanted it to be like the Trinity Sight System in Suikoden III were you had control over the switching. Of well, let’s hope it really does keep us on our toes and isn’t annoying or too distracting to the chara’s individual stories.

    • I can imagine it, something like that happened in wildarms 2, you get to a point of the game, the party gets separated, and at some points, the control changes to another character, then he goes and open a door and the control switch back, etc.

      • Kind of like that, except Nomura hints “completely random,” meaning that it probably won’t be triggered by anything you do.

  • SigmenddArthur

    Kingdom Hearts is dead for me. :(

    • Here, a phoenix down!

      • SigmenddArthur

        T_T But it’s inflicted with Zombie Status…

        Healing items would make it deader than dead… I say…let it rest in peace.

        *prays* Namu Amida Butsu…

        • heartless141

          foolish fool, once your HP reached 0, all status is replaced with Dead.

        • Then, a phoenix up!…. haha… ho….

  • Oni123

    I just assumed that Dream Drop Distance meant Sora and Riku were in a dream or something thats why they’re in KH1 gear

  • PrinceHeir

    so when does this game take place chronologically? after KHII? or before KHII? it seems it will also have connections to III. so this should be after II since i don’t think II introduced a new for or something(though the Final Mix II seems to have a different ending, never played it though)

    oh well as long as it’s just as good as birth by sleep it’s all good to me. so does this mean KHIII is getting closer and closer? :P

    • GamerKT

      Did you read? It said it’s the latest game, chronologically. Therefore after KHII.

  • joesz

    Tetsuya Nomura never ages..WTF…
    He still look the same since 97.

    • That’s our genetic advantage, lol :3

      • Guest

        you guys do reach a certain point then instantly look like prunes though same as Russians. Black people age slower hence the term ‘black dont crack’.
        Everyone eventually gets old though

        • Memento mori. That was what Persona 3 was preaching ;P

    • You should see Sakurai. He’s close to 40 and doesn’t look a day over 25…

      • SigmenddArthur

        Man…all of these guys are like Little Richard…

        They’re immortal, I tells you.

        • Sigh. If only they were. :(

          • SigmenddArthur


            Would that really be such a good thing…?

      • Or Hideo Kojima… 47? That guy’s the walking representation of “age is just a number”

      • joesz

        Then I dare you to identify this kid

        • One’s Miyamoto for sure. Is the other…Will Wright…? That looks frighteningly like him. ><

          • joesz

            Lol~ I never thought you would get it that easily:)
            That picture is 20 years old.And as you can see from it,Miyamoto looked like a boy who just had his puberty and Will Wright looked creepily young as well.

          • I love the big, dorky glasses on Will Wright. They both look like kids…it’s amazing. I’m amazed that Miyamoto still looks in pretty good shape (touch wood), considering the immense responsibilities he has. I wonder how he deals with the stress.

    • Zero_Destiny

      No no no Japan only has one immortal Vampire and that’s Hirohiko Araki. XD

  • Um… Did anyone else spot the deliberate mistake?

    “Series creator, Tetsuya Nomura, hints that one of these worlds could be from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.”

    … at 1.42 in the trailer you see Sora run through a bell tower then jump of the top of Notre-Dame…

    There’s no ‘could be’ about it, unless the trailer is a red herring… Which is pointless.

    Other than that… I’m loving the look of the gameplay ^^

    • Famitsu spotted the exact same thing as you did and asked Nomura about that. That’s how the subject came up. Nomura wouldn’t confirm it, but hinted at it vaguely, saying it’s a world that’s highly requested for KH. :)

  • I want 100+ hours KH on PS3.

  • vadde939

    Very sceptical of this forced character swapping. It sounds like it’ll be a real pain and something Nomura threw in just to seem ‘different’. And they’d better change partway through the game because I am sick of the KH 1 designs. Just let them die already and give us the KH2 Sora & Riku who haven’t (yet) been rehashed a million times. Other than those complaints I am very much looking forward to the game. Kingdom Hearts with parkour sounds like a really fun concept.

  • MakoSoldier7

    what i really want to know is why riku is using the souleater again instead of way to dawn. the darkness inside him was eliminated in kingdom hearts 2, so why would he still be using that….and why is ansem SOD still appearing???

    • The two Ansem/Xehanort/Xemnas appearing seems to have to do with them facing their past. As it’s just a trailer, who knows =P

      Riku using Souleater may be related to all of them wearing KH1 clothes, though.

    • Riku’s darkness wasn’t eliminated from him, as darkness is a part of all hearts, and isn’t necessarily evil. Riku learned to accept that fact and decided to use the powers he unlocked from it to aid Sora in his quest. That’s why even after he got his form back, his abilities were called Dark ____. The unfortunate side-effect from using the power of darkness is that it stirred the dormant Ansem, Seeker of Darkness inside of him. In the explosion that happened near the end of the game, what got eliminated from Riku was the Seeker of Darkness, not darkness itself. As for the appearance of the Seeker of Darkness in this game, this game is probably going to involve at least some introspection from Riku on his past actions spanning from the beginning of KH1 to the end of KHII, so I’m not surprised the Seeker of Darkness is here.

    • Might have to do with *SPOILER*

      the mastery test they are going to take in this title which was revealed in KH:Recoded and Birth by Sleep. Plus the “Dream” part of the title could also mean them facing old bosses again like Ansem and Xenmas as a part of the test…

  • eh….I will look at the Secret Ending,wait for the inevitable Final Mix, look at that Secret Ending on youtube, and continue to wait for Kingdom Hearts III.

  • ToSeektheChosen

    This is going to be so awesome, I’m really glad they cleared out the Kingdom Hearts attire thing. This is the only reason I’m buying a a Nintendo 3D.

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