Catherine’s Jukebox Has Shin Megami Tensei Music In It

By Ishaan . February 1, 2011 . 7:26pm


You’ll be spending a lot of time at Catherine’s Stray Sheep Bar, so you might as well listen to some good tunes while you’re there. Luckily, Atlus have you covered. The jukebox at the Stray Sheep includes not only Catherine music, but also songs from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Persona games, and Digital Devil Saga.


Atlus also showed off a video of the Rapunzel arcade game at the Stray Sheep Bar, which looks very similar to the platforming in Catherine itself. Earning a top score in Rapunzel can open up new conversation events with other characters. Rapunzel has over 50 stages to complete.



It looks there’ll be no lack of things to do at the Stray Sheep. If you’re interested in trying it, there’s a Catherine demo up on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade that people have been discussing in a separate post.

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  • Saraneth

    Does anyone know what kind of game Catherine actually is? I assume it’s some kind of horror rpg since it’s Atlus and the theme suggests that, but all the info on it is really vague.

    • You didnt play the demo or read the post that he links to about the demo? Most time is seemingly spent climbing the blocks before getting killed by imminent danger below, based on the demo. its covered in detail here:

    • Darkrise

      I’m going to go with the fact that you didn’t play the demo… No, it’s not an rpg but a horror puzzle survivor game. Well the gameplay is, and the story has a bit of horror. The rest of the story could be identified as psychological, mystery, horror, and thriller? There is no rpg elements involved, purely action and escaping, climbng the $&@% out of the tower while moving blocks around to help your escape before you get stabbed, or eaten. It may sound uninteresting from just “hearing” it from me so it’s advised that you play the demo and judge it yourself. It’ll be worthwhile. Stage 2 of the demo was a thriller.

  • OH nice, I hope MASS DESTRUCTION from Persona 3 is in it, oh as well as Voice, School Days, Bloody Destiny, Ice Castle from Persona 1, and finally Heartbeat, Heartbreak , Signs of Love, Your Affection, and Heaven from Persona 4, make it into the game. I will be in the bar all the time, lol, those are my songs (especially P1, because P1>P3,P4).

    Now that it is February, I fully expect that Atlus would announce the game for the US sometime, so can not wait to have my hands on this baby!

    • PurpleDoom

      I might be alone in thinking this, but I’ve always been unsure of Catherine getting a US release due to how outright risque it is. It would be awesome if it did come over, but I’d say it’s no guarantee.

      • Zeik56

        I don’t understand why people think the game is too risque to be localized. It’s Cero C (15+) in Japan, there’s not going to be anything explicit in the game. Heavy Rain and God of War have more explicit content than we’ll see in this game.

        • Darkrise

          That’s not what soccer moms think and the close minded gamers who only think of fps. In fact, I know exactly what some of them will say, “eww anime game with fanservice cover” “has to be hentai”. That’s just how they act. Typical, ppl won’t change.

          • Zeik56

            But that’s really not relevant to whether the game is to risque for localization. As long as the game receives the M rating that it obviously would, and Atlus changes the cover art, which they obviously would, there’s nothing preventing Atlus USA from localizing it. Soccer Mom’s can complain all they want, but it’s not like they can actually do anything to stop it.

          • Aoshi00

            I’m surprised this wasn’t rated Cero D/17+, even games like Dream Club Zero did, but that only has things that are suggestive (well, you do drink alcohol w/ the hostesses)I’m still not quite sure how the Jpn ratings work since this would definitely be M here.. they go thru the lengths of removing the decapitation death scene in RE4/5 and such, and even the Cero D PS3 ver of NMH Paradise had blood removed, but here Vincent get splat by a giant fork or die in other horrible ways. There’s no explicit nudity, but the game does deal w/ mature themes like cheating and the violence is pretty graphic even though they’re just nightmares. BTW, the nudity from Heavy Rain unfortunately did get removed in the Jpn ver, guess they couldn’t go Cero Z like Gears of War.. Are there other people interested in the bonus? I’m getting both PS3 and 360 ver and thinking of selling the extra set of artbook/CD.. someone’s alrdy shown interest (If not I’d just sell it to that person, his offer was pretty good), but I’m just throwing the word out.. I don’t want to give it away for cheap though..

          • Zeik56

            @Aoshi – Japan has different standards than the US. Blood and violence is a much bigger deal than sex. But they aren’t THAT much less strict. While this game would most definitely get an M in the US, it’s certainly not going to be anything over the top for an M rated game.

            The violence I’ve seen in Catherine seems pretty cartoony, so that may be why it didn’t bump the rating up further.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, it’s quite weird, like Jpn are okay w/ violence in movies but not games, while the US is okay w/ sex in movie and on TV but not in games… I would still try my best to climb the tower though, horrible to see Vincent go splat, I thought it was quite bloody.. Makes me think of those “You Mom hates this game” Dead Space 2 ads, those are hilarious, “Why would you think of making such a game?” lol..

        • PurpleDoom

          I dunno, it just seems to more upfront about the suggestive content than the other two games you mentioned. I’m not trying to imply that chances are slim, though, and I’m afraid that’s how my post came off.

          • Zeik56

            They may be more upfront about it, but all that really matters is the content itself. Honestly I doubt most people who would care will even hear about this game when it comes out. This isn’t the type of game that 13 year olds with over reactive but unattentive parents will end up playing and causing a stir.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I love MASS DESTRUCTION. One of the best battle themes of all time XD It’s so great that the game will have Megaten music in it.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I like how the guy just jumps in there to Repunzel and they both start getting it on haha and her hair is still hanging out the window!

  • pridesin

    Have Atlus give out the release date for the U.S ???
    I mean some of the command is in English, and mini game command is written in English. I mean, it is about time to give us information.

    • Zeik56

      Atlus USA often takes their time with announcements. We didn’t hear about Radiant Historia until like the end of December or something, and it’s due out before the end of this month. I’m betting they’re waiting until at least after the Japanese release to say anything official.

  • Darkrise

    Well thanks to the demo, I’m finally 100% sold on wanting Catherine. I’m pretty tempted to import but I really want to understand the story enough, a comprehension of a few words here and there coupled with a few sentences isn’t going to help. So I really hope catherine will be announced for NA soon.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome :)

    more games should include minigames and jukeboxes.

    i always like choosing your in game music the way you like

    i wonder if there’s a card game? or some sort :P

  • SigmenddArthur

    I swear. If Atlus USA even *DARE* localize this game as “Shin Megami Tensei: Catherine”, I WILL go on a bloody, roaring rampage.

    • lol dude, what are you talking about? Why would they name it that?!

      • Zero_Destiny

        Atlus likes to put Shin Megami Tensei on some games in the US because it makes them feel safer because said games are now attached to a brand. A good example is the PERSONA series. It’s just called PERSONA in japan but it’s Shin Megami Tensei: PERSONA in the US. Honestly it’s not a big deal and usually the title takes up more space than the actual “Shin Megami Tensei” brand which is like in smaller print on the box. So he’s probably complaining about that, and doesn’t want it on the Catherine box. I don’t care either way. Apparently people don’t consider this a Megaten game even though it has the same developers of PERSONA (i would of swore that would of been good enough to make it part of the series) so that’s even less of a reason to worry that it’ll be branded. Thanks for pointing that out Zeik56.

        • Zeik56

          All those games have obvious similarities and relevance to eachother though. They’re all considered MegaTen games.

          Catherine is not, so there’s no reason to believe that they’d try to brand it the same.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I know, it’s not a big deal. All I said was some similar titles are given the Shin Megami Tensei brand in the US. I said nothing about it being put on the Catherine box. What are you trying to say?
            edit: I changed my above comment after re-reading it, it made me think that I was accusing Atlus of maybe putting it on the Catherine box. Hope that clears things up. lol

          • Zeik56

            My point is that Catherine is not a similar title to the games that do get the SMT label.

    • They could call it My bride, My lover and me, and I would still buy it if they localize in the US.
      I don’t care about the name as long they bring it.

      • ragnarok989

        I agree, they could call it something ridiculous like Gay Sex Orgy and I’d still buy it…though it’d be awkward to buy

        • Zero_Destiny

          Gay Sex Orgy with pics of hot girls on the cover? Hhmm did I miss something? lol No shame in this.

          • ragnarok989

            I did say the name was ridiculous, didn’t say it fit :)

          • Ren

            Hey, gay doen’t refer to men, it’s just what everyone tends to assume. Gay Sex Orgy can be about lesbians, since the definition of lesbian is gay woman, you know. Isn’t ‘sex orgy’ redundant?

      • cj_iwakura


    • Zeik56

      Do they call their other games “Shin Megami Tensei: Etrian Odyssey” or “Shin Megami Tensei: Trauma Center”? No, so stop overreacting.

    • Maybe it’s just me, but whining about things on forums doesn’t really equate to a rampage…

    • Exkaiser

      Digital Devil Story: Shin Megami Ibunroku Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs Catherine: Avatar Tuner Children.

    • I’d be very surprised if they didn’t. Not that I’d be upset by it. In fact, I don’t understand why you’d be, quite honestly. It’s just a name.

      As for why it wouldn’t surprise me, Vincent showed up in the PSP version of Persona 3. If I were working in a marketing department, I’d say that was enough to lump Catherine into the Megaten brand.

      • Zeik56

        Trauma Center characters also appeared in Etrian Odyssey, it doesn’t mean the titles were linked in any way. His appearance in P3P was just a glorified ad, it’s not enough to consider Catherine a MegaTen game.

        • Apples and oranges. But honestly, this is a really, really stupid thing to argue about. It doesn’t even matter to me whether they do or not.

          Do I think it should be labeled a MegaTen game? No. Do I think they will? Yes. Do I care if they do? No.

      • Nah, I can’t see them doing it. To be entirely honest, I think associating it with the Megaten brand would only hold Catherine back (no offense to Megaten of course).

        A lot of people probably look at “Shin Megami Tensei” and go “What the eff is that?” and never look back. “Catherine” on the other hand is simpler, has a broader cross-cultural appeal, and it’s also alluring in a way, especially if they manage to get the cover right for the U.S.

        • Zeik56

          Honestly I think the biggest reason it won’t happen is because most people associate “Shin Megami Tensei” with RPGs. That’s really why they started putting that label on MegaTen games in the first place, to grab the attention of the less knowing fans of particular MegaTen games and tell them “Hey, you liked that other RPG? Well here’s another one like it!”

          The Shin Megami Tensei name really would do nothing to sell Catherine to those people, and would only potentially turn away other gamers. There’s no point in trying to brand a game that won’t benefit from the name.

        • SigmenddArthur

          …I should hug you. :)

      • SigmenddArthur

        …I should MASSACRE YOU!!! >:(

    • Now, now. Bamco had enough earthquakes already. Atlas doesn’t need one too.

  • They’ve got all the P# songs I like, so just add Heartbeat Heartbreak, I’ll Face Myself (boss Version, Natch), and Reach out to the Truth -First Battle-, and I’ll be sold (As if I wasn’t already, Pshaw)

  • Zero_Destiny

    Oh man, this game is like a dream, Megaten music!!!! As long as it it doesn’t give us all the songs we don’t want and make all the good ones DLC I’m so down with this XD!!!

  • Every day is great at your Junes~

    • Zero_Destiny

      Every day is great at your Stray Sheep Bar~ lol

      • The only way to make that cute enough is to have Catherine saying it. Otherwise Nanako wins hands down.


  • Heaven on p4 is still nice!!

    after this ohh dear lord please p4p please!!

  • Feynman

    It doesn’t appear to have Ginza from the original SMT in that video. That makes me sad. Ginza’s first incarnation is one of the best tracks to grace the entire MegaTen family of games.

  • why is everyone getting so scared it wont be released looool umm hello Leisure Suit Larry. wii game ….

  • Include Persona 3 FES songs and I’ll be happy :)

    • They seemed to show in the video some Persona 3FES songs, as well as the themes for the Persona 3.

  • Chow

    As long as there’s a large selection of modern Shoji Meguro songs, I’ll be super happy.

  • puchinri

    It’s very interesting that they chose Rapunzel and have you getting to a (blonde) princess. The video in the demo made me more curious (and confused) about the story, so I’m wondering how Rapunzel fits in. Just there for fun? Is there a message behind it? Or did they expect someone to over-analyze it and just like messing with my head?

    Either way, I’m sold. I would say day one, but I don’t want people to assume I’m a Tsuna clone.

  • They better have Persona 4 Songs on here >___>

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