Meet The Heroes Of Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Revelation

By Spencer . February 1, 2011 . 1:08pm

In Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation you’ll guide a group of heroes through two worlds. Which heroes? These heroes. Introducing the cast of Dragon Quest VI!




Your life in the mountain village of Weaver’s Peak is calm and quiet… until you fall face-first into the “phantom realm” told of in village lore.

When the spirit of the mountain beckons you to save the land, you set forth on a fantastic adventure.






Despite having no recollection of her past, Ashlynn maintains a blindly optimistic outlook that makes her a charming addition to the party.

Who is she, and why is she so gifted with magic?






A roaming martial artist, traveling the world on a journey to sharpen his skills.

Though Carver isn’t always the sharpest tool in the shed, his fierce loyalty and good-natured hijinks more than make up for his occasional lack of wits.






A young prodigy from Ghent, a village renowned for its healing powers.

Despite his  youth, Nevan’s strong will and calm demeanor make him an asset on any journey.







An enigmatic woman of unknown origins.

A chance encounter brings you both together early on in your adventure.






A lone warrior on a quest to find the most powerful sword in the world.

Might makes right, as far as Terry is concerned, but what is it that he truly seeks?





These are the official English names for the lead characters, which differ a bit from the Japanese names. Carver was Hassan and Ashlynn was Barbara, for example.


Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation comes out on February 14 in North America.

  • I cant wait to play this!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if i dont think it can be as epic as DQ5 though, BUT IT STILL MAY BE GOOD

    • Zero_Destiny

      Sir it puts Dragon Quest V to shame. That’s all I’ll say.

      • Seriously!? I cant belive that until i play it… DQ5 was just that epic, i mean, when i finished the game, i felt like i just lived someone’s full life, god, so good.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Hehehe *grins* Well Dragon Quest VI is one of my all time fav’s so you have to take that in consideration. But VI is really where the series starts to get more focused in the plot if you ask me. Don’t want to spoil anything because it’s awesome but the plot is kind of like Zelda a Link to the Past done Dragon Quest style. It’s awesome, and the first couple of minutes Oh boy I was never more excited. The beginning really has you going.

          • Nah, there is nothing to consider about, VI was definitely one of the absolute best super oldschool(Super Nintendo Generation) jrpgs, if not the best, the beginning was indeed awesome, I loved how I was like “wtf” xD

          • omg you guys just keep making me want the game moar T_T!

          • Zero_Destiny

            @WildArms Good than get to it and get it right away heheheheh. I can guarantee you’ll love it.

  • Why do they still change names like this? What is the goal they are trying to achieve?

    • Serge73

      I don’t know what they’re names used to be, but it’s usually to make them more “English”, and thus, more relateable. Not to mention 99% of people who play it don’t know what the original names were anyways…

      • Zero_Destiny

        I’d say that’s probably right but it’s really strange because almost all the names were Western/European names to begin with. It’s not like their translating Japanese names. Case in point Hassan (An Arabic name) is changed to Carver and Mireille (A French name) is changed to Milly. What really made me mad though was that this translation goes against their earlier translations where these charas made cameos in. “Milly” was Milayou in Dragon Quest Monsters I. That was the accepted and official US translation but not anymore because who needs continuity? I’d get what they were doing if they were trying to make a more accurate and true to the Japanese translation like in The Dragon Quest IV remake they renamed Taloon as Torneko (his original Japanese name). But this is even farther away from the original Japaneses names. It’s weird. Not complaining but I am a little upset that they can’t even keep their translations consistent.

        • WizardoftheBlueOrder

          Okay, first of all, they combined Japanese and English names for Ragnar and Taloon, making them “Ragnar McRyan” and “Torneko Taloon”. It’s a compromise if anything.

          Also, Milayou is a really badly localization no matter how you slice it.

          In addition, this is a different localization team. This is the team that did DQ8, whereas Dragon Warrior Monsters was done by the same team that did Dragon Warrior 7.

          I don’t mind ditching Milayou for Milly, but I do agree with you about Barbara to Ashlynn or Hassan to Carver. They make little sense to me.

          (Then again, Flora to Nera made no sense to me, but everyone seemed okay with that one.)

          • Zero_Destiny

            I’m not mad. lol Really I’m excited to finally own an English copy of one of my all time fav games. I don’t care if they renamed the charas. I’ll complain about it but I don’t care. XD In the long run as long as I have the game in English I’m happy. Plus I call BS on the combined the name thing. No offense. Sure they really did combine the names but pretty much everyone in the games calls them by their newer name. Very rarely do we get a full name said out loud. Besides that wasn’t a complaint I was complementing that. That was a good change in my book. And yeah I know we have a different translation team but I still would like some consistency from game to game. I don’t know, I’m partial to anything from Dragon Quest Monster I since it’s my first Dragon Quest game. lol So maybe I’m just biased and refuse to believe that Milayou is a bad name (lol I can be stubborn like that sometimes, don’t think anything of it). In fact it’s because I love Dragon Quest Monster I so much, that I played Dragon Quest VI. Since I learned Terry was from that game. The name changes are random but livable. I’ll probably just call the charas by there new names now too. Not going to throw a fit over it and dis the translation team (but will rant about it on the internet lol) And they changed Flora’s name *googles it* those jerks! lol I didn’t know that. I don’t have Dragon Quest V DS yet, still searching for a cheap fully packaged one. Seems you really know your stuff. Always nice to meet another Dragon Quest fan. :D

  • Masengan

    I’m gonna have to get DQ5 online or something cause they don’t have it anywhere! Looking forward for this part and currently playing part 4, makes me then wanna play part 8 and finally get 9 so that I’m ready for 10 =D

    • Zero_Destiny

      Sadly SE wasn’t treating the franchise very well. It had limited ads and not too many people outside the smaller fanbase didn’t really know about Dragon Quest. SE being dumb didn’t think to advertise the remake of Dragon Quest IV on the DS and thought hey it’ll sell just like Final Fantasy and thus printed A LOT of copies of Dragon Quest IV. When sells didn’t match their expectations they printed a VERY LIMITED number of Dragon Quest V hoping it would do well and to reprint more copies later. That didn’t happen. So what we got is a crap load of Dragon Quest IV’s that can be bought on the cheap and a very limited number of Dragon Quest V’s that’s WAY more expansive then it should be. :( Nintendo has done wonders for the Dragon Quest franchise. They’ve advertised Dragon Quest IX quite a bit and have even sponsored events around USA to get people to download the maps. I’ve been seeing some ads for Dragon Quest VI for a while as well. There should be more printed this time around since Nintendo’s backing it. Yay for Nintendo and actually caring and trying to get the word out for an awesome series.

      • I know, Nintendo is the best thing that has happened to DQ as a franchise. I’m thinking that Nintendo and SE made some kind of deal giving brand exclusivity on Nintendo systems in exchange of them publishing the games in NA. IMO, I hope it stays like that. I’ve always felt DQ is right at home in Nintendo systems than on Sony’s.

        • Zero_Destiny

          I know I feel the same way lol Plus not to hate on Sony but I don’t see them doing the same amount as campaigning that Nintendo has done.

  • Hours

    I’m so glad to finally get DQVI in English, though some of these name changes are strange and unnecessary.

  • shion16

    Esto Es Un Sueño De Artes Marciales

    asians trying to write a script in español
    so funny

    • Nada puede ser mas gracioso xO
      (Nothing could be more funny)

      They are already funny talking in english, err… who am i to talk, my english surely sounds freaking weird

      • Mine does too, it’s normal for us non native English speakers. ^_^

  • Fonic

    May have to wait on this since the next few months are so busy release-wise but I’m excited to finally play it in English. Feels like I’ve been waiting forever. I just hope it can still be found easily after March or so.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Argh the name changes still PO me. There so random. And WTF they even go against the other official localizations of their names that were used in other Dragon Quest games brought to the US. Make up your mind on what you want to call the charas already! And the phantom realm? Is that what we’re going to call it now? So much for the Dream World. lol That aside . . . OMG it’s finally coming out. One of my all time fav games and I’ll finally be able to own it in English. *Stares at Super Famicom copy for display purposes only and grins* Heheheheh only two more weeks and I can finally have it.

  • Hey, Terry remained Terry. Was wondering what they’d name him honestly D:

    Been waiting a looong time for this game!

  • PrinceHeir

    only VII and X left :)

    i wonder if square plans to take the series back on console(X is a start but we know nothing about it)

    • Zero_Destiny

      Well Dragon Quest VII did come out in the US as Dragon Warrior VII (the series old name in the US, Enix had legal issues and couldn’t use the Dragon Quest name here since another company beat them to it and took the trademark for that name) on Psone. *snickers* I remember when I came across my copy at a Gamestop, got it for only like $30 with the manual, disc, and case. It goes for like $100 now on the internet. What a steal!!!! But I would love to see a remake of Dragon Quest VII on the 3DS especially since the remakes for IV, V, and VI all use the same engine as Dragon Quest VII game. Really if it wasn’t for the fact that VII is hella long it could probably be ported to the DS.

      • PrinceHeir

        oh well it’s all good :)

        btw im playing God Hand now it’s sooo sweet :P

        i would have prefer if you can map the controls but they’re fine as they are ^^

        i heard VII is the longest DQ game is that true?

        • Zero_Destiny

          Well it depends. The story mode can really take like a 100 hours to complete without doing EVERYTHING. But I suppose if you really stick to your guns and you know what you’re doing and you do the bare minimum, you can beat it quicker. There’s a lot of exploring and a lot of backtracking in the game. There’s some good reason for this storywise but I won’t spoil it. Very good game but it really does earn it’s title as the longest game if you ask me. lol It took me like 100 something hours to beat. I want to say 110 or maybe 112 I can’t remember it been a couple of years. I got close to a hundred hours in Dragon Quest VIII too. In general Dragon Quest games can be long if you’re a Completionist and want to explore every nook and carny and do ever side quest.

  • There’s something about waiting for a game to be released in your native language for a truly obscene number of years that makes name changes not really a big thing.

    Plus I’m willing to give the DQ localization team a lot of slack, because if renaming everything is what it takes to avoid the standard JRPG moments of “Ohhh, so that’s what they meant with that Engrish,” it’s completely worth it.

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