Super Mario Bros. In Development For Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . February 1, 2011 . 8:26am

You might think this is a bit of an obvious piece of news, but the key point here is that it isn’t just any Mario game — Miyamoto specifically names Super Mario Bros. as a game that’s in development for the Nintendo 3DS.


The news comes via the latest and final edition of the Iwata Asks series of interviews celebrating Mario’s 25th anniversary. For this final chapter, Iwata speaks with the original Super Mario Bros. design team that’s still working on the series today.


At the end of the session, Iwata comments that Miyamoto has a habit of adopting the latest technology for Mario games. Miyamoto responds by agreeing and says that in the continued interest of this habit, he’s now developing Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s the relevant conversation:


Miyamoto: Yes. So, in the interests of adopting new technology for the Super Mario Bros. tradition, I am now making a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo 3DS system.

Iwata: The next stage for the Super Mario Bros. Preservation Society’s activities is the Nintendo 3DS.

Miyamoto: Yes. (laughs) I want to show everyone as soon as possible what the new Super Mario Bros. will be like on the Nintendo 3DS.


Given the success of both New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but the system’s 3D effect should make for some interesting design, given than Miyamoto has repeatedly stated that stereoscopic 3D visuals help in gauging distance and depth in platformers.


Screenshot from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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  • Aiddon

    well, the 3DS is locked for a 20 million seller then

  • Darn I wish he had said it was going to be for the Wii!!!! I loved New Super Mario Bros Wii to deaths. Oh well, I am interested in seeing the direction on the 3DS, I heard the DS one wasnt that good as compared to the Wii version (the difficulty differences were as wide and as deep as the Marianas Trench) so I never went to playing it.

    • crunc

      I loved the DS New Super Mario Bros, perhaps in part because it was easier, so YMMV. But it’s a great game and you’re missing out if you don’t pick it up. It has a fun multiplayer download game too, that is simple but entertaining multiplayer mayhem.

    • PrinceHeir

      i would actually love a Wii version instead :)

  • Good fit, doubtful that Miyamoto is actually directing, would rather have another Super Mario Land title

    • maxchain

      You and I have an unholy incantation to get started on–it’s time to get Gunpei Yokoi back on the scene.

      • Tell him his 3D legacy has finally been brought to life as intended. :P

  • What a Twist!

    • Im so shocked, i never expected for them to do such a big move, i mean, a Mario game?! On a nintendo system!? God, what is going to happen to us!?

  • Good he did mention at E3 that there were some ideas for Mario that he wasn’t able to implement maybe he’ll do so in this game.

  • Online play.
    C’mon, Nintendo. You can’t be afraid of the internet forever!

    • NeoTechni

      Friend codes were invented because they are

      • necrosex

        they aren’t afraid, just cheap.

        • NeoTechni


  • Yukito

    NSMBWii is far from perfect, but a right direction. If they eliminate the gimmicks with the game, and sort of…..I dunno, make 1ups not as easy to come by as they were in NSMBWii, it could be better. I had pretty much 100 at Zone 5, without ever playing the game before. SMW and SMB3, you didn’t constantly have extra lives thrown at you like you are in the Wii one.

  • kylehyde

    Good news to me, I loved NSMB so I hope that they show it in the next E3

  • malek86

    “the system’s 3D effect should make for some interesting design, given than Miyamoto has repeatedly stated that stereoscopic 3D visuals help in gauging distance and depth in platformers”

    I thought that 3D helped perception for distances in three dimensional worlds. If you are playing on a plane like the NSMB games, I’m not sure if 3D would make much of a difference, if any.

    Unless they want to make like Super Paper Mario and have you move between planes on different depths.

  • YoFace

    “I want to show everyone as soon as possible”

    E3? E3!

  • Game, Set, and Match! There is nothing that is a bigger system seller than a Super Mario Bros game. I can already see 3d tower stages where you runs towards the screen, and run away. In one big circle going all the way up.

    • Guest

      Totally original and new too. Glad Nintendo is focusing on new IP’s and new ideas

      • The Last Story, Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower, Wii Party, Steel Diver (I could go on btw) aren’t new franchises? Did I ever tell you what we think of trolls around here? :)

        • vadde939

          Badass Ishaan is scary. But in a good way. ^_^

        • Guest

          Until I actually see The Last Story , Xenoblade, Pandora, Fatal Frame II (and I will add Earth Seeker) in our neck of the woods instead of “Japan only” I will reserve my bitter and jaded opinion. Especially since we did not get Another Code R, Zangeki no Reginliev, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Captain Rainbow and Fatal Frame IV.

          • I don’t care how jaded or bitter you are; your statement is still wrong and misleading, and I want you to knock it off with the bitterness in what looks like 80% of your posts.

  • Icon

    I wonder if Nintendo is shocked at how popular New Super Mario Bros. for Wii and DS became. Maybe we would have had more games like this sooner? Good news for the 3DS anyhow.

  • thebanditking

    Personally I’m not all that excited about this. New Super Mario bros felt fresh on DS and was an interesting “expansion” for the Wii release but now thinking about seeing yet another game in this line it leaves me feeling rather disappointed. Nintendo get too comfortable always releasing the same series over and over, I would honestly like to see some new blood on 3DS or at least proper revivals of neglected franchises rather then more ports.

    • 1. I don’t see any mention of a “port.”

      2. There are a TON of different types of Mario games out there.

      3. All we know is that they’re working on the game. You don’t even know anything about it, and you already feel the need to complain?

      4. Kid Icarus is getting a revival. Metroid got a huge revival. Excite ___ got a revival. Rhythm Heaven has been getting new games. Who’s to say other series won’t as well?

      Is it just an instinctive habit of yours to make knee-jerk complaints or am I missing something here?

      • thebanditking

        Why I am not surprised to see its you replying to this. Is it a habit of yours to overly defend Nintendo and the decisions they make?

        The ports comment was directed at Star Fox, Zelda and a ton of different Mario games does not not count for innovation in my book. Also I hardly find my comment to be “knee jerk” rather just a different opinion then yours, so you will excuse me if I am not gushing over the likely hood of another new super Mario bros game.

        Nintendo reviving Kid Icarus is a start but the Excite revival was a failure (imo) as Excite Truck was nothing great and Excite bots well I’ll leave it at that. Metroid was not a revival as much as it was a push to bring it to the forefront again. As for new, blood Rhythm Heaven is a great game but one title does equal innovation either. We got Pikmin on GC but Nintendo has not done much in the way of new character driven experiences and rather falls back on the 1 (maybe 2) Mario’s, 2 Zelda’s and some Metroid formula.

  • Guest

    A Super Mario Bros game?? Well this certainly is unexpected and came out of nowhere

  • Jirin

    Wait, so this will be a 3d Mario game?


    Or, did I misinterpret the comment about judging depth in platformers? That would only matter in a 3d game.

    • That was just an example of the kind of statements Miyamoto’s made about Mario games. Who knows what the actual game will turn out like. I’m pretty sure they’ll want to make use of the 3D in some way.

  • cmurph666

    They should re-release Super Mario Bros. 3 but with The New Super Mario Bros. graphics and with 3D.

    They could call it… Super Mario Bros. 3D…

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Well it IS a Nintendo platform….so logically there would be a Super Mario game on it, and a couple of Zelda games, with a bit of Kirby here and there, and some Pokemon.

    But ya’ know….that’s why I buy Nintendo consoles.

    • Joanna

      Exactly. I buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, so I’m happy about this news. :)

  • Chow

    Watch it turn out to be a modernized Mario Bros. game anyway, as opposed to a Super Mario Bros. game. You know, that vs. game with the turtles and such.

  • GamerKT


  • necrosex

    Nintendo will do a “2D” and 3D version. the first one will likely be the 2D version.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I might be alone in thinking this but there are only 2 Mario games I would be interested in seeing in the future:

    1. A genuine Super Mario World-esque new installment (i.e. with all the powerups, the branching routes, and the SPRITE based graphics).

    2. A genuine NEW 3D Mario portable game. By this I mean along the lines of Super Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine.

    I am sure I’ll never get either..

    • What was new about Mario Sunshine? Was it not just Super Mario 64 but with water?

      There really is nothing new they can do in Mario. They’ve already expanded to the galaxy, the only thing else is Super Mario Infinitum.

      • necrosex

        “There really is nothing new they can do in Mario.”

        Fortunately, the possibilities of a new Mario game will not be bounded by your imagination.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Oh don’t even get me started on that. IMHO Sunshine was a bad game as the water gimmick-while creative-ruined it.

        I just mean why is Nintendo so opposed to making a 3D Mario game for a portable? They ported Mario 64 so why not make Super Mario 64-2 or something?

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