Galgun Live Stream Is Concluded

By Melinda . February 4, 2011 . 9:00pm

< Spencer’s note: Melinda grabbed a copy of Galgun and is running through the game. Watch her play here or check out this post if you don’t know about the pheromone shooting Xbox 360 rail shooter. >


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  • So this is what you were about to spoil the other day…

  • Thanks Spencer – We’ll be running Gal*gun for the next few hours, so if you wanted to see just what Gal*gun is about, now’s your chance.

    Be advised, it’s a bit… odd if you haven’t kept up with the coverage. It is rated CERO D, which is about all the warning I can give for you.

    A playtest will appear a few days after this, but you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes, well, have a look.

  • watching the live. Lots of moaning lol.

  • nyoron

    Damn it my copy still hasn’t arrived yet! That’s what I get for being a cheap-ass on shipping…

    Not watching this because I want to play it spoiler free lol

    • Aoshi00

      lol, same here, I always go cheapass on shipping… I don’t want to be spoiled (haven’t even played the demo yet) and would just wait for my copy.
      And people said this was censored, what was :P..

  • PrinceHeir

    looks sweet :)

  • Man, even getting in the girls’ changing room didn’t make him look like a big pervert.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I’m pretty sure IntiCreates (most known for Mega Man Zero) took part in developing this (or is it their own game?)
    That’s what surprised me when I saw the developer/s lol

  • Darkrise

    Wish it were region-free…

    • godmars

      Thought it was?

      • No, the game is only NTSC-J locked according to a few sources. I have a NTSC-J console to run it on though.

        • Can you prodie your sources?

          Often a disc will carry a specific region tag, but actually work on mutliple.

          The PAL version of Trol Evolution for example. It carries tha PAL tag, but also works on NTSC-J and NTSC-N.

          Zumba Fitness on the other hand works only in PAL and NTSC-U with NTSC-J being excluded.

          Chances are it is only NTSC-J, but you can never be completely sure without testing.

          • Barrit

            I usually check Play-asia. They have the Asian version of Tron Evolution listed as region free but they have Gal Gun as not compatible with anything but NTSC-J. I’d imagine they are a good source since they do have a “Xbox360™ Regional Compatibility Guide”

          • Ah, Play Asia. That site always tends to slip my mind. Thanks.

          • Aoshi00

            I just tested my copy, it doesn’t work w/ the US system, region locked as expected. Not sure about PAL, according to P-A’s chart should be the same thing. P-A hasn’t updated their compatibility chart yet, but Dream Club Zero doesn’t work on the US system as well. I know like 99% of Jpn 360 games don’t work on US system though, w/ very few exception. I always try testing it myself if P-A’s list isn’t filled out yet because I prefer playing on my newer US system if possible.Thank god both of my games got the pre-order bonus DLC, the GalGun DLC was on a separate card and not in the box. W/ pre-order DLC, you never know if you’re going to get it or not, I so hate that uncertainty…

          • I don’t know if 99% is very accurate. I can give you a very large list of Japanese games work on NTSC or PAL.

            I can’t say I have ever had a problem with getting pre-order DLC. Who have you had problems with?

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t know about PAL, but other than a few games that I know of, most Jpn games don’t work on US systems. On the other hand, most US games are region free and work on both US & Jpn systems (again dunno about PAL). Hm.. sometimes the vendors don’t get 1:1 ratio pre-order bonus for their shipment, it’s always a hit or miss but I try my best to ask them before I buy. Like Yes-Asia missed my FF13 Int’l booklet recently, but they were willing to refund me for half the price so I could buy it separately on ebay. Also NCSX just missed my Last Story soundtrack/artbook. I’ve gotten bonus successfully from AmiAmi/NCSX/P-A/Y-A, but there’s no guarantee.. sometimes I get bonus when I don’t even expect it.. like Professor Layton keychain.. but like Deathsmiles 2, AmiAmi didn’t send me the DLC music card so I had to buy it on ebay.. paying extra for pre-order bonus DLC sucks.. There are always those who put up the whole package and first print on ebay, but we know they price gouge, but that’s a sure way to know that you’re getting everything.. I’m hoping NCSX doesn’t screw up w/ my Catherine pre-order bonus though..Wow, I just started playing the game now, really fun and cute :) Going for Akira first (and Haruka for Dream Club Zero :)

          • Just woke up – Play-Asia stated in its compatibility guide that Gal*gun was NTSC-J only.

            I was intending to drop by a friend’s place later to verify PAL compatibility though, although I don’t exactly plan to hold my breath – the only games I’ve come across that work on cross platform systems tend to be PAL or NTSC-U games working on my system.

  • OneOkami

    I’d probably fail at playing the game because I’d be spending half the time practically rolling on the floor laughing like I’m doing right now.

  • lol. the first screeen I’m greeted with is a girl playing the guitar and some weird shooting aspects.

  • lmfao what is this? xD

  • SolidusSnake

    It’s really cool that you guys cover games like this :D

  • Lovely pink “now loading” icon between the stages and cutscenes. I like these little extras.

  • Rofl wtf, so crazy

  • Kai2591

    hey lets annoy some publishing company to get this localized. Send 50,000 requests.

  • Thank you all for watching Gal*gun for the 8 hours runtime. I’m not sure what you make of it, but feel free to let us know what you think about it.

    I’ll collect my thoughts on the game in a written playtest in the coming weeks.

    As a whole I’d like to thank you all for being pretty mature overall and considering the game for what it is.

    If nothing else, it was a fun trip to make, just to see what was on the other side of the Pacific.

  • That was amazing. (trying to help on the pose stage was fun, too :P) I think I saw most of the game, but I still plan on getting my own copy, eventually.
    Thanks for hosting!

    • I appreciate the help, considering that my previous attempt wasn’t too great – the odds of 33% are not that good, when you have to do it multiple times in a row.

      That and it seems there’s a bit of debate what looks cool. A patch to clarify that a bit would be nice.

      • I still think that leaning on the wall was cooler than striking that Superhero pose. The twintails (the one I wanted you to do first lol) chick had no sense in taste.

  • This needs Kinect support and a localization for Europe and America. Now.

  • Barrit

    This game looked hilarious. I didn’t get to see it all and went to bed when you guys started the guitar girl with the funky hair. It looks a lot more fun than I thought. The different dialogue choices/outcomes was also a nice touch

  • I wish I could have seen the stream. At least I’m now following the channel so I know the next time it goes live.

  • malek86

    Ok, I finally got to try the demo… not bad, but the loading times are downright atrocious. Anyway, this is the kind of game I can’t play for long with a joypad.

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