Power Rangers: Samurai Go Go Goes To Consoles Via Namco Bandai

By Spencer . February 4, 2011 . 9:01am

powerrAt Namco Bandai’s Ignite event, the publisher announced a partnership with Saban Entertainment. Bandai isn’t just making the Power Rangers: Samurai action figures, they’re making the video games too.


The Power Rangers took the stage to present the announcement. No specific platforms were announced, but Namco Bandai holds the rights to the Power Rangers brand across all console and handheld platforms.


A Power Rangers: Samurai game will be released in North America this year.

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  • Guest

    They need to make a new Godzilla and Gamera game for HD consoles..

    • Scallion

      With tracks remixed by King Caesar and King Geedorah~

    • PrinceHeir

      i heard Godzilla was mistreated in the west?

      can somebody explain to me what Godzilla is? i though it’s just a huge Monster and such.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Godzilla was a series of monster movies made by Toho in Japan. It started in the 1954 and the last one that has been as of yet was in 2004 with Godzilla: Final Wars. It’s titular monster Godzilla is a huge lizard monster that shoots out lasers and stuff. At first he rampaged Tokyo and the like. But as more movies wee made Godzilla was given more and more bizarre monsters to fight usually destroying the cities in the process. lol As for Americans ruining Godzilla that probably has to do with the American made movie in 1998 where they ignored all canon and just made a crappy movie. The usual Hollywood story lol. It’s your Giant Monster Movie at it’s finest.

        • PrinceHeir

          damn it it actually shoots beams and lasers? i must watch this O_O

          yeah i watch the 1998 movie. i though Godzilla was only a giant monster guess they really messed up the original. which movie should i start with?

          • Zero_Destiny

            Any one is fine. I’m not the biggest fan. I know some people who LOVE it though. I think the general conscious is that the earlier films are better. As the franchise got older the budgets became less and less. :( The also kept reusing the same suit for Godzilla and after the forth or filth time it looks like junk. lol But I think it was revived midway through and the budget came back. The newer one from the 2000’s ones have a good amount of CG. There’s some flicks on Netflicks now, not sure if it’s dubbed or subbed though. I’d rather opt for subbed with this stuff since most dubs are those stereo-typical bad kung-fu dubs. Plus some dubs have been butchered and edited poorly. Just be careful I guess. One of the cooler Godzilla movies is one were he fights King Kong. No joke it was a colab between American and Japanese studios. It doesn’t even make sense but who cares King Kong is fighting Godzilla!!!! The American movie just made him or I guess her (yet another change) into more of some big dumb monster. But Godzilla is not just any monster. He’s the King of Monsters!!! He shots lasers and fights aliens and their giant monsters, and giant robot versions of himself made by alien monkeys (I never said it made sense) and kick @ss!!! The movies are good old cheesy fun if you’re into stuff like Sentai and Tokusatsu.

  • In Japan, Namco Bandai has toy and video game rights to most sentai games.

    With that in mind, I’m glad Namco Bandai is doing its part to promote Power Rangers in America, considering the franchise’s maltreatment at the hands of Disney.

    • Yeah, they do, and yet they never make anything awesome with that license. Just Dice-Oh and crap like that.

  • Zero_Destiny

    lol I remember when I was young and all us kids made our parents go crazy trying find the toys. lol I miss those toys I use to have that cool Megazord that transformed from other dino-robots. I hope the new toys are cool like that. Maybe I’d buy it. T_T Now I know I’m a nerd lol

      • Zero_Destiny

        The animals didn’t really do it for me but those were never great. At least the ones I had weren’t. I love it’s big sword and how you can pose it side-ways-ish at 3/4 angel like he did like 21 minutes into the video. Hope the US will get it (and not have it be more than like $30 or $40). Because if it is that expensive than forget that there’s some Gunpla I’ve had my eyes on rather put money into that. I think it would look nice standing next to my Berserk Furry though!!! :D
        Thanks for sharing!!!

        • I’m pretty sure all the Power Ranger toys from Bandai have Super Sentai equivalents, so these should be coming here too. There are actually 6 more Oragami mecha, so I think getting the full set would be pretty expensive even if the Shinkenoh set alone is just $20-$30.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Really just want the main mecha that was shown off. I like it’s simple designs. If they do come stateside all I want is for them to be affordable. :) Because if not :( I can’t see myself pouring too much money into it. I just want a cool mecha from Power Rangers.

          • Well… I’m not sure if this is any indication of how much Shinkenoh will cost but http://www.bandai.com/powerrangers/mmpr/products/megazord/dino-megazord
            $24.99 for a re-newed line of the Dino Megazord, so Shinkenoh should be around the same price. I guess $30 tops.

  • godmars

    No offense, but it’ll be a surprise if these planned games come to “consoles”. Will be handheld/iPhone titles at the very least.

  • want Kamen Rider for PS3!!!


  • puchinri

    …Is that Shinkenger? Because I would buy a Shinkenger game…
    Oh. The show is coming here too. …Has is that going to work…

  • PrinceHeir

    oh yes a crossover fighting game with Kamen Rider would be nice :)

    but we all know who’s the best Super Sentai group.


    The Handsome Men(Killer 7) :P


  • cmurph666

    I’d be more excited if these Rangers were of the Mighty Morphin’ variety.

    • Well… I think that you can be met half way there, since Saban Entertainment has re-acquired the franchise. They haven’t done anything since Disney bought the whole line-up they had on Fox, so it’s really up in the air on how they’ll handle the franchise from now on.

  • daizyujin

    Considering Super Sentai’s and Power Ranger’s heavy connection with Bandai, I am surprised it took this long to announce them. Hopefully they are better than the PS1 Super Sentai titles or the recent garbage Kamen Rider games from Bandai.

  • thebanditking

    I really like the two genesis side scrolling beat em up games WAY back when. This will likely be kids junk like most licensed games, Saban is trying to hype the heck out of their return to the “Rangers” series. I just don’t know if kids these days are into that.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEAkunxjYwg

      I count at least one kid. Although, on a serious note, I’m not sure if Disney’s revision of the first series destroyed all interest in the series or not. Last time I worked with kids was before that aired, and I’m pretty sure it was still somewhat popular then.

  • lol Power Rangers died after Wild Force.

  • dusk

    Kamen Rider/Power Ranger crossover please!

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