PDP’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fighting Pad Seeks To Emulate Arcade Sticks

By Ishaan . February 7, 2011 . 10:48am

Performance Designed Products is a company that deals in accessories and controllers for video game systems. Amongst their more recent notable products are the custom Epic Mickey and Tron controllers that we posted about in June of last year.


PDP are producing a “Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad” for the Xbox 360, to coincide with the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. A wired six-button controller, the Versus Fighting Pad is an asymmetrical design, which PDP feel make the controller easier to grip. To complement this is a special no-slip finish coating the body of the controller.


The thumb stick, PDP say, is custom-designed and is constructed to emulate an arcade stick. If you’re wondering what the art on the controller exterior is, it’s from Marvel’s Siege comic series.


The Versus Fighting Pad is compatible with all Xbox 360 fighting games and is up for purchase now for $39.99.

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  • Why not just buy an arcade stick…? It’s at least twice as expensive, sure, but it’s probably ten times more effective than whatever the hell that thing is.

    • Feynman

      Yes indeed. Digital pads and analog sticks simply can’t match the reaction speed and accuracy of a good arcade stick, nor can the buttons on a gamepad be accessed as readily.

      I want to know who buys these hybrid gamepads… the button placement makes them suboptimal for many non-fighting games, and anybody who really wants the best fighting game experience should be wise enough to invest in a proper arcade stick. Even a cheap stick is vastly superior to any gamepad you can name.

      Also, on a less practical note, that controller is so very, very ugly. Less is more when it comes to controller art, guys!

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Portability, plus you could use it on other games

    • PrinceHeir

      i agree, nothing beats the arcade feel in fighting games :)

    • Because beleive it or not, some of us suck at using arcade sticks. I’m willing to give this arcade pad a try if it is a happy medium.

      If not, I’ll trade the xbox 360 version for the PS3 version :D (because Xbox 360’s d-pad is horrible)

  • kyuketsukimiyu

    That picture is way to busy for a controller. You can barely tell what is going on.

  • Apache_Chief

    It looks like a Fight Pad without the pad. Which is the only reason to get a Fight Pad. The stick looks…odd. It’s cool how it uses microswitches, I wonder how it actually feels to play.

  • Interesting, guessing something like the one on the neo geo pocket color which was pretty nice

    • SNK used the clicky thumbstick much earlier with the Neo Geo CD pads, which later made it to the Neo Geo Pocket.

  • Good god that looks horrendous.

    Now, if the thumbstick on there actually uses some sort of restrictor gate, then I’d accept this as a halfway legitimate product. If not, then there’s really no reason to get this over the SF4 fightpad which costs half as much.

    Seriously. I’m cool with peeps who like fighters on pad (to each their own) but ffs, use pad or stick. Don’t try to compromise with some poor sorry bastard child of the two like we’re seeing here. =

  • jarrodand

    Ugh, and here I thought things couldn’t get uglier than the SF4 pads. :/

    Let me know when Sega/ASCII wake up and a 360 Saturn pad. Thnx.

  • malek86

    Not the best choice of colors there. Also what’s up with the shape?

  • superdry

    I wonder if the thing is a common ground or not. If the PCB is actually good, $40 for a wired pad to be able to gut into a custom joystick isn’t bad at all.

  • If the stick is at all like the NGPC, then that’d be cool.

    • agreed, i just dug out my NGP and popped in fresh batteries, i can’t believe how many hours i played on this without a backlight.

  • Scallion

    I am not high enough to comprehend that ridiculous image.
    Whatever happened to primary colors and a matte finish?
    And why the hell would I pay 40 ducks for that altogether?

  • What is the target market for this thing? No d-pad? Not wireless? Wha? Mind boggled.

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