Earth Seeker Studio Working On NGP Title

By Spencer . February 8, 2011 . 1:04am

earthsCrafts & Meister, the studio behind the PSP Star Diver game and the upcoming Wii RPG Earth Seeker, also has a NGP title in the pipeline. In an interview with Dengeki, Noritaka Funamizu (perhaps best known for his work on Street Fighter II and the later Breath of Fire games) said the title is a maniac game, one that people will wonder if it was OK to publish.


Funamizu, perhaps best known for his work on Street Fighter II and the later Breath of Fire games, didn’t elaborate anymore about the project. He did make a few comments about Sony’s NGP. He says the handheld is capable of handling near PS3 quality games, but it’s necessary to consider how memory is being utilized so games can be played without stress. (I believe this is stress on the device, but the interview excerpts do not elaborate more.)


Funamizu also says he thinks the system’s organic LED screen is wonderful and jokingly says the battery hold a charge long enough to travel between Tokyo to Osaka. That’s three hours, Funamizu explains.


While Sony has not announced a price for NGP, Funamizu anticipates it will cost around 39,800 yen ($485) at launch.

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  • Funny, when I convert 39,800 yen into our currency and convert it into dollars, it only cost $375…

    • kupomogli

      39,800 x .0122 = $485. 1 yen = $.0122 according to Google.

  • I hope Sony change NGP’s name… it would be a hell to google something like, “next generation console” too

    • Where did you get the idea that the name would be NGP…theres a reason the press release said “codename”.

      • Because that is how they are publishing it? as the NGP? The codename would be the tentative name, and as you can see we are all refering it as NGP and no psp2, that is why i said I HOPE the change it. They probably said codename so they could change it anytime they want in case it doesnt suit the audience…

        And where do i get the idea…? Look around, i would like to see someone refering to it as anything else but the NGP

        • What do you mean? When was the last time SONY brought a product to market on its Code Name? I think they clearly identified that it is a “code name” in the PR since they are still clearly working on a final name. No one has been referring to it as the final name like you seem to be insisting in your previous post as if it is the dedicated name…

          • lol you guys bicker a lot. two different times on this one page alone.

            i think ngp sounds good, when i google psp stuff i never type in * playstation portable. so even if they keep the ngp as the name, you should be able to google just as good as if it had another name.

          • Ive been seriously trying to ignore what he says most of the time but -.-, there is a limit….

            I mean, “where did i get the idea!?”, anyone would get mad if someone tries to contradicts you with such a stupid thing -.-, as far as i know, ALL the net, everyone has been referring to it as NGP. Even if is not the official name, that is how we all have been naming it, and i just said i hope it changes…

          • Read the tittle of the article…. please.

            Even if its not its final name, everyone is talking about it like that, i just said i hope it changes, i never said it was the official name, if its not the official name, then good, they will change it, happy?

          • People refer to codenamed items all the time before they are released…before it was codenamed NGP they were calling it, “the next psp” does that mean the final name would be “next psp”? People refer to it as the “PSP Phone” does that mean its called the “PSP Phone” no its the Xperia Play…People refered to it as the iPhone 3….was it called the iPhone 3…no it is the iPhone 3GS, people called it the “Office 14” was it released as that, no, it is called Microsoft Office 2010, was the Wii released as the “Revolution?”…the point is, its just odd to state hope that the name would change with it will change.

          • *sigh* Ok, you win. I was wrong for saying that i want them to change the name, congratulations, you get a hi-five.

          • Yui

            Trust me, buddy, you don’t have to worry about that! The Dolphin became the GameCube, the Revolution became the Wii…I’m sure there are more precedents. They’ll probably change it to “Sony GameMan” or something, just to get on Nintendo’s nerves. ;P

          • @Yui

            Oh crap the Sony GameMan, that’s damn hilarious, I would probably buy it for the name alone. xD

            Never knew the GameCube’s first name was Dolphin though.

  • Holy shoe…485$…good thing the west prices aren’t 1:1 with the Japanese ones.

    • im still hopeful for the 275-350 mark.

  • karasuKumo

    It might be around that price but that would make it more expensive than the 320gb PS3 in the UK (NGP=£300 PS3=£265) which is just ridiculous. If it does end up that price then I wont be buying it for quite a while lol. I hope he was only talking about Japan XD

  • Yui

    Three hours? It seems portable consoles have become noticeably less portable this generation. Nonetheless, a “maniac game” sounds like a cool idea, especially if it’s in the vein of Killer7 or No More Heroes (rather than Demon’s Souls-style mania)! ;P

  • has anyone noticed that the ngp doesn’t have a quick search on the top of pages yet? whats up with that? 3ds does already.

    • There are like thousand news on the 3DS since it’s first announcement, the NGP on the other hand is relatively new, actually you can use the tags too. :P

      • ah so its just to soon then. i just thought the 3ds had it around the time they released info about it though. but that was some time ago so i could be wrong.

  • 39,800 yen is £300 according to a This is the amount I said I was willing to pay so that’s good news to me :D

    Maniac game huh? Would it be something along the lines of No More Heroes or Killer 7?

    • PrinceHeir

      yes ^^

      but i think Killer 7 falls on more of a Bizarre game :)

      • I think Killer 7 is a combination of Bizarre and Maniac.

  • Well I have no clue what a maniac game is so…yeah, I dunno.

    • Then why do you comment?, at least say something when you comment, would you imagine if someone would go in all the articles saying, “I dont know what this is, but meh, i will add a +1 to my comment counter”

      • Dude are you having a bad day? Did my inquisition agitate you? Since a simple online search leads me to zero results saying what a “maniac game” is, then I’m left to comment on this article, an article that has “maniac game” in it with no apparent definition given in the statement, in a baffled state. Surely, it wasn’t wrong of me to be honest and declare that I do not know what a maniac game is?! Can I not pose a statement declaring this?! I can’t imagine that I am not the only person who doesn’t know what the game type is. Gosh, I wonder, one posts in sheer sincerity and honestly, and this is the type of response they receive!? Gah, truly terrible indeed! All one needed to do is to respond saying what a maniac game is; verily, that is better than ruthlessly attacking me for commenting on the subject.

        • First of all….You call that a statement!?

          Im not attacking you, im teaching you, sometimes when people go to see what people think of this, they dont like to lose time reading someone saying “I dont know”

          And dont you have common sense man…? This is what i get out of common sense by reading the article.

          “said the title is a maniac game, one that people will wonder if it was OK to publish.”

          Most probably is some game that is pretty different from what most of games are, maybe putting something that doesnt appeal to the mainstream?, to try to change the things a bit, so that could be a “maniac” game because is too different from the normal? That is what i think anyway.

          Im not even sure of what i think so i didnt comment it, but i wont waste people’s time by making them read “Eh, i dont what that is, so yeah, i dont know”

          • So you admit that even you do not know what a “maniac game” is? See, the point for me posting my original statement was that I do not know. I do not like to have to hypothesize on what a the game involves. I can easily visually hundreds, no thousands, no millions, no innumerable possibilities of game ideas that could fit that description. There is probably low confidence in if what I’m thinking is what the game revolves around. Thus, my reason for posting my statement, thus, why I need more clarification, thus, my honest declaration of not knowing.

            Verily, what is the point of not commenting when one is in confusion? Isn’t the point of a place to comment so that confusion can be cleared? Why would I read through an article and not post to seek clarification on something I didn’t understand. Surely I can not be faulted for even posing some help on getting clarification?

          • nothing wrong with some curiosity. maniac can’t be defined. all genres can fall under it.

            im sure as more information is released we will get to see what the game is about. im guessing complex jrpg. as of this post we have no idea what it could be. for all we know it could be a genre blender.

            i would use the “there is no stupid question” line hear but your original post wasn’t in a form of a question.

            you guys should shake hands or something lol. though im not sure how that could be done online. >.>

          • It wouldn’t have gone this far if you had just made it clear that you wanted to know what a maniac game is, with asking a question(“Well I have no clue what a maniac game is so can anyone enlighten me?”), but you didn’t..but it’s ok dude, I myself can’t think of anything that could fit in that category.

            Ha, seems Zonron beat me to it xD

          • But you dont seem to get it… My problem, mainly, is that, you commented saying you dont know what it is, but not asking what it is, you said (or it looked like) “i dont know what it is so whatever”, i dont see a point on doing something like that and honestly, it kinda makes mad because i just wasted some time by reading and interpreting your comment.

            A maniac game, of course there is a thousand ways to interpret ideas, that is why there are so many different things in the world, dont be afraid in talking about your point of view without depending on google or any searcher…

            You dont want to comment saying your hypothesis about something but you can comment something like… “i didnt found it on the webz…”?

            Basically, this is like saying, a black dog, of course, “maniac game” can be interpreted in many ways, but at the end, is the same, would you go and google what a black dog is? Of course not, because your logic says it is a dog + black color.

            So a maniac game, there is nothing specifically defined as “maniac game” so my logic says, well the definition of maniac is like crazy, out of the ordinary, abnormal, etc, and game is well… a game.

            So when you put those 2 words together, without the help of internet, i create my own definition of what the person is trying to say when putting those words together.

            Im not mad already, i was at those 3 minutes when i read your post, im sorry if you felt offended, is nothing personal, that is just the way i am.

          • PrinceHeir


            *looks at avatar

            your a maniac :D

            for me a maniac game is games like Killer 7 ^^

            though it’s more of a bizarre game :P

          • Yui

            Every time you say ‘verily’, TS, my heart dances with glee! I love you, man! :D <3

          • @PrinceHeir LOL

            Killer 7 is a god example too.

            @Raioh lol i guess i was just a little faster ^^

    • think of conker’s bad fur day. from what it sounds like it will be a game that will either be a hit or miss with gamers. it could touch on delicate subjects.

      or they could be referring to gameplay. it could be very complex and rewarding system, or silly and aggressive. it could be another fat princess(an example)

      if thous don’t help think of what you think could be considered crazy in a game.

  • Possible Breath of Fire Incoming!!

    Also for Atlus… Praying for god on P4P!!!

  • Guest

    Super Dragonball Z 2?

  • Guest

    Earth Seeker looks exciting, if it turns out well I’ll definitely be anticipating their NGP title.

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    I sort of get the feeling he doesn’t like the NGP very much…

  • puchinri

    Did they mean Star Driver or Star Diver? (Because Star Driver game is something I’m still curious about, but a IP called Star Diver would be nice. My Kirby-Klonoa-NiGHTS dream come true?)

    I remember seeing their name on the list of devs, so it’s nice to know something about the project. When I saw maniac, I thought of mania and otaku (and thus… Me-Mania…). That worried me. But maniac as in Killer7? That’d be awesome.

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