Maybe We Will See Dungeon Crawler Students Of The Round Overseas

By Spencer . February 9, 2011 . 3:12am

studentsTeam Muramasa and Experience just released a PC port of Students of the Round, a Wizardry-style dungeon crawler, for Xbox 360. Why Xbox 360? 4gamer brought the question to Hajime Chikami, Director of Team Muramasa.


Chikami answered with low PC game sales in Japan he believed it was important to expand the market for the game. Survey replies indicated many of users owned an Xbox 360, which was one reason Chikami chose Microsoft’s console for Students of the Round. Also, from the beginning Chikami was considering an overseas release and the Xbox 360 has high market share in North America/Europe.


That’s a positive sign, but Chikami realizes expanding into the West is a hurdle for a small company. He muses it might be best to start with an Xbox Live Arcade title. Currently, neither Experience or Team Muramasa have announced any XBLA projects. A Japanese demo for Students of the Round is now available for all Japan-region Xbox Live accounts.

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  • Aoshi00

    I d/l’ed the demo but haven’t tried it out yet (busy w/ Last Story), only tried the Wizardry on PSN not sure if the mazes are for me. But the graphics is better here and the music is absolutely amazing..If it’s coming, would be great to have the super deformed chars to switch things around too.

    • malek86

      I tried the demo, it was ok. I liked what I saw. Load times for battles were quick, but those for the rewards screen sometimes would take a couple seconds.

      I guess I could pick it up at a budget price, although I really prefer dungeon crawlers on portable consoles (if only because of the plasma burn-in). Production values really don’t look high enough to warrant full price.

      • Guest

        Right. It’s a catch 22 because low budget doesn’t warrant the ability for high production values on an HD platform. Only if a well established publisher/developer were to design it would it be possible to allow greater production values. Still, this sort of thing appeals to nostalgia gamers who don’t care too much for high production values hence their ability to still be able to sell such games

  • Would buy for $40, c’mon Aksys!

  • I wouldn’t mind playing this on the PC because then I could hopefully find an Infinite HP cheat to help me get through the game :D (I like challenging games not games that unhealthly test your paitence and resolve).

    • Exkaiser

      Maybe then you should just not play the game at all? Having Infinite HP basically defeats the point of the game entirely, since I’m sure the plot isn’t really anything to write home about.

      • Yeah maybe but I would still like to play a little bit to see what the presentation and indeed the story is like.

        Also if the story is no good why bother play the game? To boast about being able to get through it? Meh games like that never appealed to me (puzzlers are the exceptions).

        At least God Hand had an entertaining story and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor had an interesting story.

        • malek86

          “Also if the story is no good why bother play the game?”

          Guess you’re not a fan of arcade games.

        • Exkaiser

          “Also if the story is no good why bother play the game?”

          Because the game is fun. Might as well ask why people bother playing Desktop Dungeons or Super Mario Bros.

          • Guest

            But those games are instant hands on fun not tedious like these which DO test people’s patience. Only a select few like these type of games while pretty much anyone can get into Mario Bros hence it’s enormous popularity.

          • malek86

            Yes, but then, would a good story really be enough to entice someone who dosn’t like dungeon crawling to play 50 hours of dungeon crawling?

            The people buying this kind of games probably don’t care much about the story anyway, and those who don’t like them, probably wouldn’t buy the games even if they had a great story.

          • @malek86 It would do for me. The “what happens next” would encourage me to keep going. I’m use to grinding (then again any RPG fan is) so it’s not like repeating dungeons to become more powerful would put me off.

            Hell look at Cladun: This is an RPG and Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman. These are dungeon crawlers and part of the reason I play them is because of their story).

            So yes a story (it can be decent – dosen’t have to be great) can entice people.

            But at the same time I do agree it’s only a minority and that “the people buying this kind of games probably don’t care much about the story anyway, and those who don’t like them, probably wouldn’t buy the games even if they had a great story” is a fact.

          • malek86

            Well I probably couldn’t stand to get through a bad game even if the story was good.

            As for the reason why I’d play a dungeon crawler with sucky story, that’s because I want money and/or loot. It depends on the game, but it’s usually more about the loot, because you can sell it for money anyway. Mmh, loot.

          • Exkaiser

            But that’s not really related to the point. Just because it’s not instantly fun doesn’t mean people won’t want to play them.

          • So your saying Super Mario Bros is as rock hard as Wizardry type of games? Same goes for Arcade games? Go figure…

            When i said “Also if the story is no good why bother play the game? Meh games like that never appealed to me” I really only meant RPG’s like Class of Heroes, Entrain Odyssey, Wizadary series, etc and bastard-hard games in other genres. Super Mario Bros and majority of Arcade games aren’t like them (unless you really suck at SMB).

            Should also add shumps to the exception list because they are mainly about high-scores. And some have goofy plots too :D

            As for Arcade games, no not much of a fan really aside from light gun games (which have plots which help enchance the game i.e. Time Crisis and House of the Dead, because they are cheesy) and mini-game ones like Point Blank, Bishi Bashi Special and Manic Panic Ghosts. Do to me being crap with arcade sticks I mainly avoid fighting games

            Haven’t played DD so I can’t argue that point but in general no I don’t find Rogue-like games fun. Espically with the perma death aspect ¬_¬

          • Exkaiser

            Super Mario Bros.’ sequel was rock hard, man. You ever played it. Poison mushrooms and backwards warp pipes. It’s nuts.

            Plenty of people play RPGs for the gameplay, especially since most RPGs have poor stories as it is. You shouldn’t need to ask why people would want to play games they think are fun.

      • Caligula

        I think infinite HP defeats the point of most games. I mean, you want at least some challenge while you play a game.

  • They haven’t announced any Xbox Live Arcade projects.
    Their game is now available on Xbox Live Arcade.

    … How does that make sense, exactly? Did I miss something?

    • Where are you seeing “Their game is now available on Xbox Live Arcade”? Students of the Round is a retail release.

      • Ah, I see the problem, I misread the line with the demo as having the -full game- on Live Arcade.

        Nothing to see here, I’m illiterate in the early morning…

  • Hah.

    They should really look at the digital market around here these days for indie titles that get notoriety. All you need is some major net site attaching itself to the game to ‘go get it’ and sales will just pour in even if it isn’t that great.

    Though, admittedly, that usually happens with decent games in the indie market.

  • godmars

    Honestly looks like it should be download game.

    A download game with a 1-2GB file size, but a download game still.

  • Guest

    Too bad he doesn’t realize the PS3 community embraces these games more so than the 360 community in the West and maybe if they marketed the game better in Japan they’d have good cause to release it on PS3 in Japan as well like Wizardry is on PSN AND PS3 (exclusively I might add).

    • I’m not sure Wizardry clones have much of an audience on either console right now. Totomono 3 PS3 debuted under 15k even while catering to the moe/seifuku fetishists. I’d expect 10-12k from Students of the Round like other niche 360 titles, but the platform is in pretty big trouble even with the niche crowd over in Japan. So who even knows.

      Too bad there are no PSN sales statistics for Wizardry. The retail pack debuted at #33 in a week where #20 was only 7,916. Labyrinth of Lost Souls did hop into #3 of the top 10 on PSN sales that week, but of course there aren’t actually any real figures…so who knows if that means 10 or 10,000 copies.

      • malek86

        I say 10k-12k is a bit optimistic, unless you were referring to lifetime sales? It doesn’t look like it has the same novelty appeal of Galgun, nor the fanbase of Cave/shmups games.

        You know, with the 360 being in big trouble in Japan, you’d expect Sony to loosen their rules a bit, in order to try and snatch that niche crowd from them. Why do they insist?

        • Nah, I was thinking first week. Next week Media-Create et al. will prove one of us wrong. Probably me.

          I don’t think Sony cares enough about that small crowd to make any concessions yet. Even if PS3 wasn’t leading the console race so far this year, continuing to fight Nintendo for a bigger chunk of the handheld audience will yield better results than steamrolling MS for the 360’s scraps.

          • malek86

            Yeah, but it’s not like they would spend anything from simply allowing PC/arcade ports to be released on the console. At least it would give them some new players, even if not many. And let’s not forget about the increased number of developers who would make games for them, and thus have to pay them royalties.

            What is it exactly they fear? I don’t get it.

    • malek86

      From what I know, Sony doesn’t allow straight PC ports (or old arcade ports either), forcing them to spend more money on development – this way, instead, they can make money even with low sales. Besides, it seems porting PC games to the 360 is quite easy.

      As usual, PS3 development from these small companies might grow, if only Sony were a bit less strict with its rules.

    • LORDMATRIX2004

      Not even remotely true. There are plenty enough RPG fans with an X360. Not to mention most X360 owners at one point were likely heavy PC gamers or still play PC games as well. A game like this would fit that crowd quite well.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Where’s the evidence that the PS3 community embraces these games more than the 360 community in the west? I’m pretty sure neither console has really had any Wizardry-like dungeon crawlers released in English.

  • HarryHodd

    Too bad I don’t have a 360 and this isn’t on the PS3. I’d buy this.

  • downloaded the demo.It looks nice and i really like the music and the artwork but it looks complex if you dont know japanese

  • Considering an overseas release from the start, eh?

    What an iiiiiiiiiinteresting comment.

  • JustaGenericUser

    I would say make this a PSN/XBLA/Steam multiplat, please, but I wonder if they would go through with it?

  • PrinceHeir

    looks nice :D

    i might try it in the future ^^

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