One Piece: Gigant Battle Stretches Into Europe

By Spencer . February 10, 2011 . 1:39am

imageOne Piece: Gigant Battle is being localized, but it appears only Europe is going to get the Ganbarion’s title. Namco Bandai announced the Nintendo DS fighting game for a European release.


While the game will have English text, Namco Bandai will keep the original Japanese voiceovers. Monkey D. Luffy, like all characters in One Piece: Gigant Battle, earn experience points, which you can spend to tailor their stats and acquire special attacks. One Piece: Gigant Battle has twenty main characters and 50 support characters from the series.


One Piece: Gigant Battle and the Pirate Grand Prix are scheduled to make their European debut in June.

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  • Cloud_ST

    I hope they make a One Piece game for the NGP someday,seems like almost-always One Piece games only go to Nintendo consoles.

    • joesz

      After reading your post,I just realized that we didn’t even have a single one piece game on the psp.

      • Cloud_ST

        Indeed,I think I said that when this game was announced for release in Japan xD.

    • Dude that would be so epically awesome if that game out!

  • DAY 1 BABY!

    One Piece is still my favourite manga (next to Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Vol.3) and anime (next to Gun X Sword) and as such the games are pretty much on my “to buy” list. So I’m very glad and excited this is coming to Europe. The only bad thing is that I’ll have to wait till June to get my hands on it.

    Also loving the fact that 1) It keeps the Japanese voiceovers (understandable since the english dub is poor) 2) you “earn experience points, which you can spend to tailor their stats and acquire special attacks.” and 3) “One Piece: Gigant Battle has twenty main characters and 50 support characters from the series.”

    Hopefully the last one comes with different endings for each of the twenty main characters.

    • man…”day 1 baby” is like siliconera’s very own meme.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        And a pretty awful one at that =(

        • Dude, you must not know the joys of getting a game on day 1!!!!

          • You don’t get it do you? the reason why people say “day one baby” is to mock you because you pretty much say day 1 baby to every single game that was ever annouced on this site.

          • Well actually I do want this on Day one. But the quote itself is a personal jibe at the meme itself (not at Tsuna)

          • KyoyaHibari

            Lol it is sorta annoying but chill bro its Tsuna just let it be…btw 20 main characters!? That sucks considering 9 of which are probably Luffy’s crew

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Oh, I do. I just don’t know the joys of declaring it everywhere I go xD

    • Dude, you are so lucky to be in Europe, lol.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        No way. I mean, in the UK, game prices are alright, because they drop really fast, but in many other countries in Europe, game prices are unacceptable.

        In my country, one single X360/PS3 game costs 70€ (96$). And it stays that way for a really long time, in most cases. That’s like 15% of the minimum wage. On a SINGLE game. It’s ridiculous.

        It’s a good thing I order most of my stuff from the UK.

        • I really pity you guys. That one time I went to France and went ZOMG 70€????? That’s overkill. If I were not to be in the UK, I don’t think I’ll play so many games ;__;

    • Code

      Maan, you know what fighter I was playing the other day? Jojo Bizarre Adventure on DC, rar there was Cadillacs flying up from the ground and steamrollers flying everywhere~! It was a great game >ww<'

    • Tropxe

      Are you talking about the 4kids dub or the Funimation one? I don’t really like US dubs in general (that goes for when they dub JRPGs too, ugh…) but it’s still not fair to lump the “decent” Funimation dub with the absolutely atrocious 4kids one.

  • Well this is great news for those in Europe. Since I do watch the simulcast Im alright with it being Japanese dub only (im only at episode 37 or something watching the English dubbing via DVD).

  • Christian Wright

    glad i waited. still should come to the states though

  • Testsubject909

    Importing this! Totally importing this…

    And this is why I love region freedom so much…

  • Rav

    What is Pirate Grand Prix?
    I love the UK :D

  • raymk

    This is the fighting game that plays like jump super stars right? If so this is good because coming out in the U.K means it’ll be in english so i’m glad I didn’t import else where.

  • Tropxe

    Good that they’re keeping the Japanese voices but also inevitable. They’re not going to dub it into French, Italian, German, Spanish and so on AND get Funimation to dub it into English even though it’s not appearing in the American market.

    The same happened with the other Ganbarion games that only got released in Europe, such as the actually pretty damn amazing (even if you’re not a fan of One Piece) Unlimited Cruise 1 and 2 on the Wii. Basically, imagine a One Piece themed Dark Chronicle (aka Dark Cloud 2, I believe) where you can switch between 9 characters rather than just 2 and where the combat is much more developed with many different moves, customisable movesets and where every move has its own experience bar that levels up and unlocks further moves. Also has a VS mode and a lot more characters than this game.

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