A Brief Hands On With Cave Story 3D

By Spencer . February 11, 2011 . 2:38am

first_cavesAfter our interview with Daisuke Amaya, I got to explore the first cave in Cave Story 3D. While Cave Story 3D will have stereoscopic 3D effects, those were not implemented in the build I played. Actually, Quote was still a sprite! The final version will use a 3D model of Quote, but the sprite in a 3D world had its own charm.


Bats and the life container were exactly where I remembered them. This time around you could "see" into the cave. The rendered backgrounds added a sense of depth. When Quote touched the water there were particle effects, an element Nicalis is still polishing for Cave Story 3D.



I ran into the Hermit’s room and grabbed the Polar Star. Just in case you aren’t familiar with Cave Story, the Polar Star is a gun and the first weapon Quote acquires. Armed, but far from dangerous I shot a couple of bats that exploded into particles and one dropped a polygon heart. Numbers, 2D in this build, still pop up when you restore life or damage an enemy.


Cave Story 3D felt like the Cave Story I remembered playing on PC many years ago, but in 3D. Amaya confirmed to us Cave Story 3D will have new elements for fans that completed other versions of the game. Who knows, there may even be some crossover content with publisher NIS America…

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  • WyattEpp

    Pretty neat; I wonder what will be new? I’d like modes to play as different characters. (Misery mode?)

    Even more curious (to me, at least) is the mysteriously unnamed composer heading up the new arrangement of the music….

  • Laharl as a secret boss please :D Explosive Prinnies as secret weapons as well :D

    • I’d rather play as Laharl. He’d be so cheaply powerful though…

  • malek86

    Sprites in a 3D world, that’s pretty common. It also reminds me of the Blood Omen 3D remake. It might be nice if they just left the sprites instead of putting in models.

  • 2d Sprite mode (for the purists or the curious) sounds like a pretty sweet/harmless addition, if they decided to add it in as well, just for fun.

    It’s weird that this would be announced this week, because just last Sunday, I was playing Cave Story Wii again @[email protected]

    Hopefully, they fix that annoying ‘Beep’ sound that comes up every time an experience chip hit the ground in the Wii Version. But even if they didn’t, I’d still get it, haha; Cave Story is just too pro to resist.

    • jarrodand

      The Wii version got an update patch that fixed that sound effect, as well as verious other small things and bugs. Go download it, it should be on the shop.

  • NetscapePizza

    Hmm completely misses the point of the game if you ask me. Loved cave story for it’s nostalgic graphics and gameplay, 3D kills that.

    I’ll probably still buy it to support localising Japanese games and Pixel, but not really interested in playing it.

    • Icon

      Really? I don’t think making a new version of the game kills the previous one. The original Cave Story will always be there. Nothing suggests the actual gameplay is changed.

  • I’d rather not there be NISA content in Cave Story. It’s such a pure, unpretentious little title on its own, the addition of NISA content would just break the ambiance.

    • Icon

      You’re so right! (EDIT: I was replying to Kikuchiyo)

    • BTA

      I would very much like crossover content, but only if it’s out of the way. An alternate Prinny mode, for example, would be fine. Prinnies randomly showing up in the main game? That might be pushing it…

      • Testsubject909

        I see one problem with that, BTA…

        *Prinny enters the underground village the same way that Quote does*

        *Prinny explodes and dies on contact*

        Game over. That would be one very, very short extra.

        • What if it’s the Hero Prinny?

    • Scallion

      seriously. I’d gag if I saw Laharl or a prinny about. It’s so far removed from everything NIS games are and represent.

  • Phlo

    What I’m wondering most is if it really looks as nice as the concept art suggests.

  • Icon

    Leave Prinny and other game characters out of this game, PLEASE.

  • Draparde

    i don’t see any problem with adding cameo’s or the like…i figure if you add anything new to it in the first place the 100% “original” feel of the game is gone anyway. (not like im saying keeping the origonal feel is a bad thing….they could go the chrono trigger DS route and give a choice of allowing additions to the game or not.)

  • Any word on what the soundtrack will be like? Or if there will be an option to use the original audio?

  • Tokyo Guy

    You know this game series has yet to release in Japan and I find it quite frustrating…

  • LastFootnote

    So…did you guys actually have an interview with Daisuke Amaya? ‘Cause that ‘interview’ link at the top of the article sure doesn’t link to it.

  • KabobKid

    I hope the game is more than an ambiguously needed graphics overhaul with a couple tacked on features. What would be nice, is if they used this opportunity to expand on the story of the game even more than the other versions. They could use more immersive angles during certain character interactions, even new animations and (perhaps optional) chunks of new dialogue, even more alternate endings or branching paths…basically fleshing out the experience more. In my mind, that would be something worthy of an overhaul like this.

    In any case, I do hope this ends up being Pixel’s biggest break yet. It’ll be interesting.

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