This Is The Cast Of Dragon Quest VI

By Ishaan . February 12, 2011 . 6:00pm


With two more days to go until Dragon Quest VI sees its first ever English, here’s a quick trailer to show you the characters in the game. Spencer’s been playing through the game, so look out for our Dragon Quest VI playtest in the near future!

  • Ereek

    I’ve always thought that Milly was one of the loveliest DQ heroines.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Yeah she’s cool, Ashlynn is also a pretty great chara. :) In fact the whole cast is real fun. I love Terry because he’s the hero from Dragon Quest Monsters I. You can see him in some of the other videos for some reason he’s not in this one.

      • IsaacGravity

        Heh, Terry and the memories of Dragon Warrior Monsters I are the main reasons I’m so pumped for this game finally coming here.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Dragon Quest Monsters I is the reason why I played VI too. And it became one of my all time fav’s!!! I still remember playing it. Those were good times. Dragon Quest VI was the third ever Dragon Quest I played. Went from Monsters to VIII to VI. Great game.

          • kupomogli

            Dragon Warrior 3 was the third in the series I’ve played. Dragon Quest 5 DS was the third Dragon Quest I’ve played, Dragon Quest 3 SNES fan translation came out shortly after which would be my fourth Dragon Quest.

            My lame attempt at a joke if you can pick up on it. Basically I’ve played every game in order of US release. Dragon Quest 3 SNES is the only one I’ve beaten that hasn’t made its way to the US. I’ve played DQ5 and DQ6 on SNES but haven’t beaten them.

          • IsaacGravity

            Yeah one of my favs to this day. DWM1 was first actual outing in the franchise (as consoles were a no-no in my home growing up). After that it was V DS, III GBC (always wanted to play it but had a hard time tracking it down back when it was available thank you ebay), VIII (started but never finished looks beautiful from what little I played) then IX.

            Far as I’m concerned, that game (DWM1) was the definition of HOW a monster sim should be: Continuous breeding makes you stronger no if ands, buts or random-factors about it (though the grind got really taxing but totally worth it), breeding boosted how much moves your monster can hold, monster family trees, utterly battle-centric etc. Great game.

            I couldn’t get past the concept of the second game to give it a go (you know, the whole, help the guy who tried to make your life hell in the first game). I was also intimidated by the whole “any monster can breed but who knows what you’ll get~” boast the game had.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Dragon Quest Monsters I will always hold a special place in my heart. One of the earlier RPG’s I ever played and really got me into this stuff. The second one is fun too. I’m not sure why but I really remember the comedy in that game very well. It was quite a funny game, had a lot of charm. The Joker game is a bit different but worth checking out too. Plus I think it’s really cheap on the net. Dragon Quest III on the GB was one of my fav’s. Great game. Love the jobs and it’s charm. I think it’s why I liked IX so much too because it reminded me of III a bit with the whole jobs (which is admittedly in a lot of Dragon Quest) and the whole make your own party thing. I also suggest going for IV on the DS. Great game uses the same engine as V and VI DS remakes and has an interesting chapter func. Each party member pretty much gets their own story to flesh them out and ultimately met the main Chara and then the game really starts. Plus once again it’s really cheap. VIII’s fun but can get on the long side. If you got time to burn though I suggest revisiting it. I don’t think it’ll disappoint. :) All the games are pretty good.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Already psyched for one of the best Valentines Day of my life!!!! XD Can’t wait for it to come out. Dragon Quest VI I’m prepared to give you even more hours of my life and this time on the go too. :)
    edit: Also havin’ re-watched it I’ve notice all the job names. XD There so great. I love how their so silly yet awesome sounding. The job system in this game is great too. XD

  • Hours

    *DQVI Spoilers*

    I hope they release some new official art for Amos. I know he’s a secret character, but he doesn’t get nearly enough love.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Amos was cool but his transform ability became kind of pointless as the game got farther on but I love how he looks like the classic HERO chara in Dragon Quest. Really I bet he wasn’t shown just because they don’t have any art for him. lol I googled it and I really can’t find any art for Amos. Poor guy he didn’t get an awesome Akira Toriyama drawing. :(

  • Yeah, two more days.

    Unless you go to GameShit, who insists the game comes out tuesday and refuses to sell it. Welp, off to Fred Meyers.

  • PrinceHeir

    wow definitely have the old school feeling :D

    will try this for sure :P

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    What are the chances a DQ game would be made for the NGP? DQ 8 is one of my favorite games of all time and I’d seriously like to have another DQ experience like that.

  • Yukito

    Wasn’t it…..Barbara, Muriel, and Hassan? It has been ages since I played DQ6, but those names look very off.

    • There were a bunch of attempts at translating the name Mireyu (the one Enix used in Dragon Warrior Monsters, “Milayou,” being the worst AND the one that sounds like the start of a dirty joke) and “Mireille” being the one that’s probably the closest to the original intent.

      I wonder if they changed it to Milly so they wouldn’t feel obligated to give her a comical French accent?

  • epy

    So I guess they changed Barbara´s name because it was too… normal and Hassan because… it sounded too muslim and the soccer moms can’t have that in their kids’ game?

    Either way, I am glad a couple of names were all that had to be changed to finally have this game come to the West… wait, bet some puff puff jokes were taken out too, huh?

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol Random Name Changes=Random but I wouldn’t worry about any of the humor or charm being gone. The new translations have been quite good and the puff-puff jokes were in both VIII and IX (without really being toned down either) so that should prove that the team is more than willing to give us out classic Dragon Quest-ish humor. Plus this is rated teen and IX was E10+ and still had the puff-puff joke so we should be safe :)

  • SolidusSnake

    Muscles! I bet those guys could win an arm-wrestling match with Master Chief.

    Maybe this game will stop Bioware fans from bitching about JRPGs only having skinny pretty boys as protagonists (that’s probably too much to ask).

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Well, if you are from the group that sees Square=JRPG that last assumption is not so much assumption as fact.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    I can see part of IGNs forthcoming negative review now……

    “Why do all these characters look like they belong on DBZ?”

    • Zero_Destiny

      Silly IGN any game should be begging to have an artists even half as good as Akira Toriyama. Totally a plus. And come on Dragon Quest VI = Automatic 10 out of 10 baby!!!!! :) *Though that may be my personal bias* Anyways we’ll wait and see about IGN. When they hate, Oh man do they hate but their Dragon Quest IX review was fair. Their complaints were for the most part all valid. Now I would of graded it higher even considering the complaints they gave but coming out of IGN I guess I can’t complain too much that they gave it an 8. Really it’s a miracle they gave it that much. *sigh* Miss the good days when sites like IGN and magazines didn’t hate on RPGs and listed things like Random Encounters (which I guess are either you love them or hate them) and Turned Based combat as a con.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        IGN will always be a bit of a sad case for me since they draw roots back to a Dreamcast site that was big into PSO and everything else cool the DC delivered. They just don’t have a wide range of folks to draw from any more which is why you get classics like the Rorona review and others where they state I don’t play these games.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Tell me about it. :( Miss the old days. It’s okay to have a staff that’s more into mainstream stuff but when that’s all you have it’s sad. You need some diversity in there. I remember their Arc Rise Fantasia review the reviewer literally said something like I don’t play these games and don’t get why people like them in like the first sentence no less. I was both upset and confused. Why is HE reviewing it then? To be fair that reviewer did put forth an honest review and mentioned all the pros of the game but still why him? It shows the lack of diversity they have. :( The Rorona review on the other hand. Eh it just shows their close-mindedness and lack of caring for this genre. Your entitled to your own opinion but man not cool. Dreamcast days those were the golden age of internet reviewing weren’t they. lol

          • M’iau M’iaut

            The shift in the audience is far enough on that it really can’t be surprising of such reactions. Today’s gamer did not come from somewhere under the umbrella of tabletop gaming, comics, anime and manga or sci-fi that many of us did. So you get a lack of interest and understanding. Funny thing is, a shift back may be in the process of happening. Much of the indie scene is focused on bringing back concepts from 10 years past.

          • Zero_Destiny

            And that’s why indie gaming is cool. XD I’m inbetween on the idea of whether or not RPGs will “come back”. They’ve changed so much over the years and a lot of games are Action-RPGs now, or Strategy-RPGs, or some other hybrid. It has become even harder to really know/define what an RPG is. They’ve changed so much since the old days, you know? I’ve recently come to terms with this and I’m glad I did. If you asked me like a year or two ago about an Action-RPG I would of bad-mouth it with out even playing it. I’m more open now. Been playing more of these action-esque games and there pretty fun. So I don’t know if RPGs like the olden days of turned based combat and Random Encounters and all that other jazz is really going to fly again. The public does seem more open to them on portable systems but I don’t know if we’ll ever have another “old-school” RPG on a home console and have it be as big as a deal as it use to. But that being said the public does seem to really dig their Action-RPGs and Strategy-RPGs are getting more popular as well. I’m happy to see them doing well. I can see games like those getting more and more popular. But I would like to believe that our good old RPGs will make a come back some day too. :) Fads circulate and repeat and all that good stuff, right? But I think you’re right about RPGs fairing better in the west now. They sadly don’t get the coverage they use to but somehow games like Dragon Quest and PERSONA are doing pretty good over here in the west. :) I’d love to see more GOOD coverage but I think a pretty good word of mouth and almost underground movement so to say has done wonders for RPGs. Really I’d like to think sites like his have had a contributing effect on how RPGs have gotten back up on their feet in the west. Hopefully the internet will provide a proper umbrella to put people under so they can get into this stuff. Just so long as people don’t just use one or two sites like IGN. And I also like to think that those popular sites will change too.

          • ShinGundam

            “They’ve changed so much over the years and a lot of games are Action-RPGs now”

            Really? Most of Action RPGs nowadays are more of “Quests/hub” or “Dungeon crawler”, I am still waiting for an Action RPG where there is a massive and epic scope. I usually call them “traditional action adventure RPGs” stuff like Terranigma, Soul Blazer, Seiken Densetsu 3 or even games where all about adventuring like Legend of Valkyrie, Demon Crest, Zelda LttP and so on.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Oh I love Seiken Densetsu 3 it’s my fav Mana game and Terranigma was quite a masterpiece. In fact I love the whole Soul Blazer series. Sorry if what I said upset you, I’m not the best at categorizing this action-esque games. Quest/Hub or Western RPG or Action-RPGs or whatever you want to call them. I meant stuff like that (and sorry for just writing a huge generalization and combining things like WRPGs with ARPGs lol). Anyways I’m not trying to argue that action games suck or that they’re the reason why we won’t see “old-school” RPGs. Nor am I saying that action games are JUST a new thing and we we didn’t have them in the past. I’m just saying that RPGs have become more action like. There’s games like Mass Effect, and even the recent Final Fantasies. Look at XII and XIII. Those battle systems are very fast-paced and have several nuances that separate them from say Final Fantasy IV’s battle system. And really that’s to be expected it’s been years since IV came out so of course companies are going to make progress. Are these games bad because of progress? Well I guess that’s a matter of opinion but I enjoyed them both. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for reading my LONG post. lol It’s always nice to see people read what you wrote even if they don’t agree with it

    • Eh I think IGN’s reviews are fair. Also I find that many gamers rather then critics say that about DQ art.

      • Their god hand review will always be a monument to how big of a joke IGN is.

        • Well they did to a “100 best PlayStation 2 games” in which they included God Hand, so someone in IGN thought it was a mistake.

          Also God Hand is a terrible example since it happens to be a horrible beat ’em up that’s a great beat ’em up (if your scratching your head saying “WTF” after reading that sentence, I’ll be more then happy to explain).

          • Their Atelier Rorona review seemed like the person didn’t even play the game. The writer didn’t mention the gameplay in the review at all. The game isn’t 10/10 or anything spectacular, and that wasn’t what I was looking for. I was just looking for some info on how the game plays, and what makes the game interesting. Instead, he kept going on about how the game was so “japanese”, and how he disliked the looks. If he hated the style and all, that’s cool. At least give me some information on how the game even plays.

            They said in the Blazblue CS video review that it has a lot of “recycled content”. But the thing is, what recycled content? It’s a fighting game. Arc Sys went all out to add a beginner mode, challenge mode, legion mode, brand new story for each and every character, removed the tedious mechanics that prevented some people from enjoying the story mode, and everything else. The only thing that can be viewed as “recycled” content is the sprites, and more of the minor things.

            They somehow believed that Microsoft had the best presentation during E3 last year, and called the Sony conference awkward, despite having you know, actual game related things. Went on to even say 360 was the best console for 2010. It’s opinions, but they pretty much said Mass Effect 2 was an xbox exclusive and how nothing else could compare.

            Their review of Metro 2033 should be mentioned too. There is a lot of things to mention about IGN that makes them seem like a joke to me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one here.

    • IsaacGravity

      Yeah, the shot at Toriyama’s art has always been a pet-peeve of mine. Sure it’s minimalist, but I love the guy’s distinctive style.

      You can instantly spot it for its familiarity out but enjoy the subtle differences of each face drawn, much like the distinctive style of Tony Taka and Satoshi Urushihara (but given the nature of the art these two do…I’d rather not talk too much about it on a public site…)

      • Tokyo Guy

        I used to love his style when I was a kid, yet now I think it’s clear he is a one-trick-pony; he just rehashes the same character designs year after year. This game I will cut some slack given that it’s originally from 1996, but Blue Dragon and such? Please…

        • Zero_Destiny

          I’ll respect your opinion, it’s cool if you don’t like it but I just want to point out my fan-boy love for Akira Toriyama. I love his style. It still carries that eighties/nineties feel to it. Plus it’s nice, simplistic and has great charm to it. All his main charas look so sweet. I <3 that about his drawings. Though I'll give you after awhile they all do start to look the same. lol But I don't care I can look at those drawings until I die and never get tired of them. :) Blue Dragon was great too. For some reason it reminded me of Dr.Slump because of it's robots and tech. lol

        • IsaacGravity

          You make it (the word: One-trick pony) sound as if it’s a bad thing…

          Again, each artist has their own distinctive style with subtle changes here and there. This gets taken home come collaborations and such (as well as if you spend evenings browsing various imageboards and such). One of the main issues is that AT is a very exposed artist on both sides of the hemisphere but I’m a fan of his work so it doesn’t bother me~

          Also, to be honest, the Blue Dragon art style, while true to his vein, comes off somewhat rougher & shaded/less enjoyable than any of his other works so there’s a huge contrast in styling there.

          And comparing past game art to current for this particular game the characters actually look sleeker and slightly younger than before (most specifically the VI Hero).

  • Seeing how Canada gets the slime plush too, I’m going to pre-order it.

    I did say I’ll buy it if we got it too afterall.

  • Masengan

    I actually prefer when my party has predetermined classes, this choosing thing overwhelms me.

  • shion16


  • Tokyo Guy

    Well it’s good to see that the names have been totally butchered…Aside from that complaint, am I the only one who thinks the font/font size used in the English games is atrocious? It’s practically minuscule.

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