Love Thy Commenter: A Day For Appreciation On Siliconera

By Ishaan . February 13, 2011 . 2:00pm

All right, so this coming Monday is Valentine’s Day — an occasion that, knowing our readers, will no doubt be spent playing Dragon Quest VI or eagerly waiting to see if Aksys announce Arcana Heart 3 for a U.S. release.


(Although, I know some of you guys own LovePlus…)


We’ve had people suggest in recent times that we organize some sort of community activity here on Siliconera to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We liked the thought of trying to do a pure community post, so after giving the subject some thought, we came up with our whacky “love thy commenter” idea — an experiment that goes against the very essence of the Internet, which thrives off the complete and utter hatred of everything.


Here’s the gist of it: this post is for our community to show appreciation for their favourite fellow commenters. To talk about which commenters they like and why. Do you like a certain commenter because you see them post interesting comments regularly? Who is it, and why do you like them?


Is there someone who shares your taste in games? Someone you think is genuinely humorous? Do you have a favourite commenter? Do you want to send them a box of Valentine’s Day e-chocolate? Fire away and spread the love!


Note: Any sort of subtle trolling/bashing/spiteful comments will not be tolerated, and will result in an instant ban, no questions asked. Let’s keep it good and clean, folks. Remember: appreciation, not snark.


Adorable Pikachu image sourced from Himeish’s page on Deviantart.

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  • Me. I am my own favorite commenter.

    Thank you, Charles.

    No, thank you, Charles.

    • You know what post you wrote once that always cracks me up? That one where you did the Metal Gear post-credits parody about the post-credits Kingdom Hearts thing?

      • Oh, yeah. That was pretty funny.

        • We should hang sometime, dude.

          • Uh, yeeeeeahhhh…I don’t think that’s going to happen.

          • Yui

            i liked all these comments because they are all likeable

          • Couldn’t agree more with Yui-chan, you’re the win. xd

  • kariohki

    I’m going to spread my love to all the staff commenters, the guys and gals from the game companies who spare 5 minutes of their time to drop comments on posts to clear up issues or just have a friendly chat. Thanks :D

    • Haha, yeah, and specially on aksys’s articles, where there is always akselzyis’s post somewhere around, and i always feel like he is teasing us xD

      • Darkrise

        I think he always has haha, Akiba’s Trip/Akiba Strip, that heart article and some other ones. =P

  • Dude with the panda avatar is the best commenter

    • Aoshi000?

    • That’s Aoshi00 :D, and now that i mentioning this user :O, i like his comments because we share the same tastes into a really sick level (love plus, yay!), and he always give good opinion about games, wether he likes it or not, or wether he agrees or not, he always give good reasons in a very good way, so i enjoy reading what he says…
      And he has a lot of knowledge about importing from japan i need D=<

      And lol to Ishaan's comment about loveplus xD, ahh, too bad Valentine's days is a monday

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yeah he’s pretty cool. I like how he goes the extra mile to explain things to people. :) One of the top commenters on the site too. Right next to you and Silicon Era’s number 1 commenter Sawada. XD

        • Lol, i still think tsuna haxed something there, or have some “CONNECTIONS!!!” in Disqus. When i click my avatar it says i has moar than what there ways D:, well anyway, not that i mind, and tsuna is always posting everywhere.

          Zero_Destiny too, thanks for being with me at those times when i couldnt stand tsuna xD, and you always reply me something i enjoy to read and most of the times they make me go lol

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Don’t sweat it you’re pretty cool yourself. So cool that I have to put aside my jealousy that you manage to get all the chicks on the site. XD And Aya. You’re Silicon Era’s playboy. lol

          • Haha, that kind of stuff happens when you relate to famous girls, but i just couldnt say no to Aya xD

          • … you sure they’re not traps?

          • @Ashgail – think of them less as traps and more as…

            Well, you know the toy surprise they put in cereal boxes?

      • I agree. Aoshi san’s helpful and his posts are ridiculously detailed to explain everything that’s in consideration ^_^

        HOWEVER you shall not stand in the way of our Nene collaboration! XD

      • I like him too, he puts a lot of effort to help others, I love you Aoshi00 <3

        Though, I like you and Zero_Destiny too, because you're the ones that bring me to laugh the most xD

        • Zero_Destiny

          HAhaha the POWAH of laughter is my greatest weapon!!!! XD
          You’re quite the funny guy yourself.

          • Ouuhh, I can feel the power, it’s amazing how you can control that mass of energy! xD
            And I kindly thank you good sir, I’m not too good with puns, but I try my best xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            Don’t worry some day you’ll become PUN-tastic!!! It just takes time, energy, commitment, and POWAH. Muwahahahahahha!!!! lol

          • @ZD

            I take your word then, wait for me League of Extraordinary Commenters, someday I will pierce the heavens and join your elite levels of Puns!! XO

    • guy with the panda avatar is also cool, for various reasons.

    • He’s awesome. He’s been here for years, too! Awesome as ever!

    • mirumu

      Aoshi00’s posts are always great to read. Helpful and always insightful. He seems very open and pleasant too even when replying to a post that disagrees with his own, or when the person is new to the site. A good reputation well earned.

  • This is a great idea. Anyway,
    Gotta say I love all the people on here.
    Especially the ones who can make me smile everyday.
    Thanks Everyone.

  • that lulzy guy that loves naruto, needs voice acting, hates games with lots of text and buys everything on day one (baby)

  • Draparde

    I can’t think of any 1 person i like more than the other ^_^’ so i’ll go with liking everyone’s comments :)

  • Yui

    Wow, popularity contests! I do love these, even though I never do very well in them. Anyway, my favourite commenter is quite easily…everybody! Siliconera is my favourite community on the internet. Anyway, yes, that is horrifically anti-climactic, I apologise. XD

    • I like Yui as a commenter because you understand the magnificence of zettai ryouiki, and, even after i cheated on you with aya, you didnt try to kill me xD. Also because you are always open to learn new stuff

      • Yui

        Oh, WildArms, you always make me so happy. You’re definitely one of the coolest people in SiliconEra, no sweat. :D

    • What matters most is whats in the heart! Youre a valuable memorable commentor dude!

      • Yui

        That’s so nice! Thank you, TS. I appreciate it, and I think the same about you! :D

  • karasuKumo

    Everyone is my favourite! ^_^

  • I wonder where Yusaku_Matsuda went. Haven’t seen him for ages. But the community here’s awesome!!

    Have my heart, all of you~ Nyaaaaa <3~~

  • I like pretty much all of the staff and many of the commentators. They are pretty professional and nice, although; I am especially fond of Ishaan and Coda(SP?).

  • Zero_Destiny

    Yay so you guys decided to do this post!!! I remember Ishaan talking about it on some Dragon Quest post. Glad you did it. :) And HOW did you guys know I was going to spend my valentine’s day with DQVI!!! lol Anyways I’m still new-ish to the site but I have to say I love everyone on it and all the staff too. I don’t think I’ve been on a site with so many people so passionate about this kind of stuff and who act in an intelligent and kind manner. Truly a rarity to find passion and compassion in the same place in the internet. Love the community here.

    • Aya told me that she didnt wanted to go out tomorrow… And you know what that means… muehehehhe

      • Zero_Destiny

        It means time to bout up AR TONELICO!!!!!! Get hyped for 3!!!


          I just cant get enough of the soulspace’s jokes hahaha.

          Misha: I guess someone will need to dive on me so i can get a new song.
          Lyner: …Well, we better find another way eh?
          Misha: WHY YOU DIDNT ASK TO DIVE ON ME?!
          Misha: You, me, dive shop, now! Next time be man enough to ask the girl!

          In the dive shop…

          Misha: Hi, he is going to dive on me!
          Lyner: Aerrr…
          Dive shop worker: Omg what a bold revytail!


          Haha, omg everything sounds so wrong… i will love AT3…

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol It reminds me of the first time I heard of AR TONELICO through a youtube video where Lyner had to put the crystal into Aurico and the the game spared nothing at making it sound as dirty as possible. I had to play it after seeing said video. XD

          • Hahaha those are the worst! When they have to put those crystal on the girl’s bodies xD
            “this is my first time” “it hurts!” “It will not fit!”

            hahha oh my god, thank god they werent voiced, i tend to play with some sound surround system xD

          • I got to the part where I begin sticking crystals into Aurica and Misha, and I have to say, I snickered hard when I saw it. I remember seeing a video from the game a few years ago, not realizing that it was Ar tonelico. And here I am, playing the first game.

    • Yui

      Special mention for the Nakama! Hi-yaaah! *highfives*

      Seriously, though, ZD is awesome. :D

      • Zero_Destiny

        Nakama Hi-yaaah FTW!!!!!!

    • Lucky! I have to spend Vday with an exam…

      • Zero_Destiny

        lol Oh man that’s lame. XD

      • Darkrise

        You too!? Woohoo! I’m not the only one!

      • I have a lot of homework and stuff that’s due tomorrow….

  • IceRomancer

    I gotta say i honestly enjoy everyones comments on here :)
    But I do find myself usually agreeing with zero_destiny and Gabriel may (or mays) comments.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Oh wow I got a name drop?! Thank you that’s awesome. Only been on this site since like June and just started to comment like a month ago but I already got some recognition. That just made my day thank you. :) I’ll try to keep up good post.

      • A month and 700+ comments? Wow you’re hardcore, just like Tsuna. I’m like 1.5 years and only managing about 900+ XD

        • Zero_Destiny

          Yeah I have problems lol Honestly for the first week or two I had to make like a comment on every page. :P That aside I think I’m better-ish now. lol

        • Heh, well when one is working all day commenting is the only escape, though I hope my numerous posts arent equivalent to spam, lol.

      • IceRomancer

        U bet :)

    • Indeed it is Gabriel May (if it was Mays, I might not have survived primary school ¬_¬). Thanks for the name drop :)

      • IceRomancer

        Heheh no prob :)
        It’s the least I can do! some of ur comments make me lol

  • darkfox1

    Tsunaaaaa Where are youuuu

    • You have to use dark magic in order to summon him, and sacrifice some naruto games

      • Darkrise

        You’re missing something vital; Some KHR games and merchanise.

        Though seriously where is Tsuna.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Sawada comes to Silicon Era makes a big ruckus changes peoples lives and leaves without a word. He’s truly just like those Shonen charas that he loves so much!!! XD

          • And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Seriously I love that dude. xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol I’ve butted heads with Sawada here and there but he generally seems like a nice guy. And I love his enthusiasm for his hobbies. So I like him too. XD

          • MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!! lol, jk.

        • You have to rip Vaan’s vest off, so he can be truuuuuuly shirtless! And maybe draw on even more abs, so he’ll have a sixteen-pack.

    • I was taking a weekend break from the commenting (that is, actually playing games instead of talking about them, finished Mass Effect 2 at 60 hours, phenomenal!). Then I was watching Inception but then the blu-ray disc is dented so it cut off 30 minutes to the end and I said, “GAH!!!” and decided to see that which I missed.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Glad you’re able to burn through some of your backlog, been working on mine too. Just going very slowly. lol

  • To hard to choose, everyone here is funny or pro or both and I love that the most here~

    I love you all, guys and girls!~ x3
    (Especially the girls~) <3

    • Of course Raioh ~ :D, you avatar represents all my fetish-ness o-o. And i love to talk with everyone about anime haha

      • What better can there be, than the love for fetish~~! x3
        I love that a lot too, and as I already said you’re pretty funny. xd

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Siliconera EASILY has the best community on the internet. There’s been a bit more of usual internet behaviour lately (HATEHATEHATE), but nothing too serious.

    Anyway, lots of great people here. Thanks for all the insight, bad jokes, good jokes, etc. .

    Also: Where the hell is Yusaku? Come back dude!

    • I actually agree about the community. While we don’t always get along, it very rarely gets into out-and-out name calling and fanboyism, like I see on a lot of other sites. Kotaku and VG247 get particularly bad with that.

      Here, I see mostly honest disagreements and differences of opinion, rather than outright flaming.

      • Darkrise

        Yeah, I hope it stays this way for years to come. =P

        • Thanks Darkrise for putting all my frustation into words in all the “tales of” articles before Namco Bandai announced ToG localization xD

          • Darkrise

            Wow, I’ve only started posting since October and I got thanked. XD Np, it’s been fun going around and posting in the past Tales articles. I should also thank you for all the awsome comments you’ve posted to lighten things up. Also Zero_Destiny for being a cool guy, and many others in the past few months. ^^

          • Zero_Destiny

            Heheheh I really am popular. *face lights up with a smile* You’re quite the cool guy yourself and am glad to see more down to earth not ragging tales fans. XD

    • Yeah Yusaku come back desuuuuu.We need more epic posts by the man

  • Darkrise

    Can’t really say anything about one individual but I like the entire siliconera community. =) It’s always nice to be here without seeing someone flame or swear at each other over petty things.

    • I just read through all of this and I realized how super duper friendly everyone is.

      I feel all warm and bubbly inside. :3

    • Hours

      Agreed. Such an excellent site with a pleasant and congenial user base.

    • Sal

      This sums up what I wanted to say: I Love the Siliconera community.

    • Souji Tendou

      Yes, most of everyone here is nice. Long live Siliconera!

    • Yea, I’m definitely not into singling people out and then making those I don’t mention feel bad because I didn’t mention them. Too much Internet to miss people and such.

      I think I stick with the people that just appreciate a community such as this existing. There’s really no one person that I would try to prop up over another in something like this – I’m glad the concept exists and I’m glad that it’s making a positive impact on the genre as a whole. That’s why I read and comment here on a consistent basis.

    • Same :D I haven’t been as active commenting recently, but it’s one of the few communities where I can read the comments and not get angry!

    • kylehyde

      I couldn’t have expressed better as you did (and you really did it very well), with no doubt your comment sums all my feelings about siliconera.

      Yeah is really great to be in a different site from others gaming sites, is good to see a site with so much integrity no only in the staff, but among the commenters and how well they defend their opinions without insults and in a proper maner and I hope that this continue all the life. I wish a happy valentine to all the comunity.

    • Totally agree. I love reading the banter and discussion, the witty comments, the helpful posts and just seeing how kind and friendly people are over a shared passion for games. I really enjoy coming to the site.

    • Raidou

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, nice to be on a gaming news site where the comments are an actual sharing of a opinions and debating rather than just hate. Always have my first tab open as Siliconera!

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      This. So hard

  • WildArms is probably one of the more familiar commenters I see on this site. I can’t give specifics why I like them, but they stick out to me and are a familiar part of my Siliconera experience.

    • Hey, thanks a lot xD, i remember ive seen you sometimes too, specially on NISA’s articles (i easily remember people just by the avatar), wish i could see you post some more!

      • Hah, yeah, I’m a big NIS/America fan, so chances are, if a post for that is up, 90% of the time I’m gonna comment! :)

        I’ll make sure to post more then!

  • PrinceHeir

    my favorites will probably go to Zero_Destiny and Aoshi-kin ^^

    they both shares my interest in gaming not to mention i learned alot from them. from Dragon Quest to Figurines, dual audio or any other Jrpg. definitely would love to hang out in real life :D

    runner ups will probably Wild Arms and M’iau M’iaut(the one with the Gosick avatar) and other people im familiar with is Yui, Charles, Raioh and Doomrider and Tokyo Guy ^^

    can’t wait for tomorrow. get ready sawada kun :P

    • Omg runner up haha, i feel honored xD, of course i always enjoy to read your comments too.

      Also! Umm, let me think, Tommy lee’s comments, Ren’s, of course M’iau’s and Code’s (the rwar! >w< guy :D)!

      • PrinceHeir

        well your getting there to the top though ^^

        yup same2 :P

        yeah and Code’s too =)

        i just can’t wait tomorrow. im pretty sure Sawada will rank high with the love or hate relationship :)

    • Hah, you’re pretty cool, dude, I love your passion for mech games xD
      And I for sure love Aki~

      • PrinceHeir

        yes Aki is hot :D

        though i plan to change it to either Aya or any sexy girl ^^

        • Zero_Destiny

          Change it to KOS-MOS. But wait for 5D’s to end first so as to pay it proper respect. XD

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah i heard it will end in ep 154 :(

            well it’s almost 2 years since it’s started so it’s good enough for me :)

            don’t know about Zexal though :(

            konami usually have a trend like this.

            Yu-Gi-Oh! DM Great :D
            Yu-Gi-Oh! GX a mixed of both
            Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s the best imo :)
            Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal mixed receptions?

            oh well let’s hope for the best ^^

          • I never heard of Zexal, do you mind clearing me off?
            And 5D’s already going to end? Damn, need to start watching it again further, can’t remember where I stopped though~ ><

          • PrinceHeir

            basically what i feel is that Zexal is going in the GX route. it might take a few seasons to get used to it, not to mention the artstyle is kinda kiddy.

            take a look:


            oh well let’s just hope the anime lives up to the name

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yes need to stay hopeful. I’m not a fan of the look either but I’m staying hopeful. Maybe I’ll have it easier than you though since I really liked GX lol Should be painless for me. I kid, I kid. 5D’s will be missed. :( Seems like it just started too. And not we have to part ways. *sigh* I am interested in these new duels in ZeXal though. There suppose to be like the duels in the filler season of the first Yu-Gi-Oh we’re their trapped in the Virtual World and had to duel Kabia’s adoptive brother (forget his name). It sounds interesting at least. Not as cool as riding duels but should be fun. I want it to be at least.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh: Take a look at ZeXal (pronounce zeal the X is just there to be COOL lol) yourself.
            Trailer: []

          • PrinceHeir

            well i’ll give it a chance same as GX. you seem to like those though :P

          • @ZD&PH: Holy chicken wings!! I don’t want to be biased, but this for sure doesn’t look the slightest bit like 5D’s…I so don’t like the character design of the main, but as long as the duels are cool I think I might be getting used to it. :/

          • PrinceHeir


            yeah i think i need to watch at least a few episode or maybe a season to see where this goes.

    • Yui

      You’re so cool. Your comments always make me feel like I’m somehow…lesser. :D

    • I proudly hold my trophy above my head and proclaim, “Yeah! I AM FAMILIAR!!” ;)

    • Zero_Destiny

      Ha ha ha!!!! Oh course I’m people’s fav!!! lol You sir are also one of my fav’s on this site as well. Had many good conversations with you. Always great to find someone who likes stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh and will listen to my Dragon Quest rants. :) Also fun to listen to all the XenoSaga stuff you mention. Day by Day you make me want to go out and find those games. I probably will too and end up paying too much for them. Darn you. :P

      • PrinceHeir

        hell yeah Yu-Gi-Oh! and Xenosaga FTW :)

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      I’m familiar with you too <3

  • Exkaiser

    Actually, I’ll be ice-skating with my wife come tomorrow night.

    And crying because Dragon Quest V is so hard to get.

    • Yui

      Always the spoilsport, Exkaiser. Hilarious, mostly, and definitely insightful, but also a spoilsport, with your normalcy, sanity, and trenchant wit. ;P

    • Zero_Destiny

      Dragon Quest V eludes even me too. :( Some day, some day when I have amassed a fortune it will be mine XD!!!! At least VI is coming out soon to make the wait more bearable. :)

    • Dont worry, when you get DQ5, It will be EPIC, seriously, i always tend to feel weird when i finish a game, but when i finished DQ5, maaan, i felt so full, i was like “Thanks for the freaking meal”


    • Caligula

      Somehow I can’t see you being the one to propose going ice-skating.

  • I love Tsunayohi Sawada’s comments. If they were to be sold, the only thing I would say is: DAY ONE,BABY!!! DAY ONE!!!

    • MisterDandylion

      He sure never forgets to praise GAMES OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!!! hahahah XD

    • Heh! I love saying Day 1 Baby! Day 1!!!! Too!!! Gah! It gets me pumped up so much for a new game as well!!! Excitement is so epic!!!!

    • RupanIII

      lol I can see it now ‘The Wit & Wisdom of Tsunayohi Sawada’ coming soon to a fine bookseller near you. Now accepting Day 1 Pre-orders, baby.

      Put me down for a copy

  • Happy Gamer

    aoishi has always been a great replier and commentor and even offered to hang out lol altho we live so far apart. Most importantly tho, Aoshi has very similar gaming taste and attitude as I do I noticed. It’s hard to meet people who genuinely love to game and have much enthusiasm for fun these days,

  • Ereek

    I like this article. A chance to show friendship and love. We definitely need more of this!

    I’m too grumpy to be anyone’s favorite, so I’ll just name off some people. Not necessarily all people I’ve enjoyed having conversations/arguments with, but some.
    If you had asked me this a year or two ago it would have been much easier, since there weren’t as many posters!

    Other than the staff. . .
    I think I get along well with malek86.
    Honorless and I have had a few nice conversations in the past.
    I don’t always agree with Hraesvelgr (in fact, I’d say we only agree about half the time), but when I do, it’s a complete agreement. That and he has Yuri in his profile picture, and you can’t go wrong with that.
    I know we don’t always agree, but Ladius is just as long winded as I am and can also admit when he’s wrong. Much love for that.
    Denpanosekai, for not really any reason I can think of in particular, but I know you’re really passionate about Falcom. You just seem like an excellent commenter in general.

    • Eh? I remember you being grumpy on several posts, but most of the time you’re really cool! Like the event when you tried to explain to Tsuna about working image + long nails. If it were me, I’d give up that instant >_<

      You're awesome, Ereek!

      Edited due to unnecessary use of 'cool' before

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Oh man, I remember that one. “TS and the ways of life. Episode 75”

        • I prefer to think of it in terms of “Teach me Miss Litchi” >_<

          Where Ereek is Litchi and Tao is Tsuna… Although Tao is definitely incontestable in the cuteness department

          • Darkrise

            I’d like to think that he’s another result of the Continuum Shift.

          • He _does_ have a split personality… >_<

          • Darkrise

            Hmm, Hazama could be possessing him during his spare time.

          • I see him more as Platinum the Trinity.

        • Heh! I remember that too! Aw the mmrs!!!

      • Ereek

        Hey, thanks, haha.
        I’m just glad there’s someone else who has the same problem that I do. It was something of a lost cause, though, I might as well have been trying to explain it to a wall.

    • Naw, not a grump at all, but a voice of reflection, let’s say ;P Really, I lost count of how many times I come across an article where I struggle to gather my thoughts down and then bam – you lay it all down in a one or sentences, saving me maybe a headache, too, haha. Really, as long as I – or we, actually, have been here I can remember what you say, bar none!

      • Ereek


        Seeing this thread/article, I realize now that my list missed a lot of people I’ve spoken with. It’s just so hard to make a comprehensive list of all of the great people here on Siliconera. Impossible, even.

        So I apologize to everyone that I missed, but I hope you know I enjoy conversing with you, as well.

    • PersonaBull

      Awww, you don’t seem grumpy to me. I think of you as a sensible, mature person and, regardless of whether or not I agree with you, I generally like however you comment <3

    • As others already mentioned, I never saw you as grumpy, well we haven’t really spoken personally, but I really like your comments and your lovely way of writing(mine is super bad), not to forget the Lujei avatar you have, surely beautiful~

    • mirumu

      I can’t say you’ve come across especially grumpy to me, but I like the way you will go against the popular opinion if it’s how you feel.

      malek86 definitely hasn’t been mentioned enough. He/she often comes up with very insightful observations.

  • This place has a darn good community and commentors, few of the best. Not everything is perfect (And nothing ever is), but Siliconera is preeeetty close to it.

  • I love Siliconera because everyone always has interesting things to say. Sometimes they’re witty, sometimes they’re informative and other times it’s just a different way of seeing things. I LOVE SEEING THINGS IN A DIFFERENT WAY.

    Anyway, people that stand out for me would probably be Charles Lupula, Zero_Destiny, Yui and WildArms. I just like to know what they think, and they say that most hilarious things sometimes. :3

    And then there’s DAY ONE BABY. DAY ONE.

    Edited because I used “their” instead of “they’re”. >__>

    • Thank you for mentioning me. :)

    • Yui

      Right back atcha! I haven’t had opportunity to see you around much yet, but then, I haven’t been here too long either. XD

      You better start posting more, so I can enjoy your comments more! :D

      • Uwaah. xD Ahh I don’t post a lot because I don’t always have something interesting to say… Unless it’s super intriguing.

        • Yui

          One thing I’ve learned from my time here is that just because someone thinks they don’t have anything interesting to say doesn’t mean their thoughts aren’t interesting. You should share! Who knows, your “boring” thoughts might be our “fantastically relevant and illuminating” nuggets of information. :D

        • I feel the same way :P

    • Haha, you too, i always remember you because of your peculiar nickname. JustThisOne… i always think it sounds so cool =0

      • Haha, funny story. I was originally a lurker on Siliconera, when I found something that I absolutely had to post for. So it was “JustThisOne” because I was only planning post once.

        But then I came baaaaaaaack.

        • You can escape siliconera~ muahahhaa

    • Zero_Destiny

      These darn there’s and theirs always get me too. lol I like your comments a lot too so to copy Yui-chan Right back’atcha.

    • Heh, well when I first started posting and still today, it is mind blowing to see things in a different way. Its honestly shocking to me, that being said, I agree seeing things here has opened my eyes to things, lol.

      Though what is most shocking to me, is when people dont realize the joy of getting games on day one baby!!!!

  • “Any sort of subtle trolling/bashing/spiteful comments will not be tolerated, and will result in an instant ban, no questions asked. Let’s keep it good and clean, folks. Remember: appreciation, not snark.”

    It’s this forgiving attitude that endears Siliconera to me.

    • Hahaha, those were like, the small sentence at the end of a contract xD, well, at the end is weird to see some banning around anyway, and if someone starts to troll, everyone (and i mean everyone) Jumps on him like some tigers protecting their babies…

      • M’iau M’iaut

        If we jumped on folks like tigers eating their babies this would be every other site out there.

        • Darkrise

          IGN. It does happen here but it’s not as bad as other sites, everyone just argues with that one person or people who said something that trolled or insulted and then after a few hours or the next day, everything is back to normal. =P

      • A small sentence saying “anything that even resembles negativity will be met with lethal force, you will not be given a chance to explain yourself, apologize, or learn from your mistakes.”

  • Rarutos

    I like Ishaan. :D

  • I really love everyone, because there are no freaking trollers, or people that is always to try to make fun of other’s interest, etc, all that kind of stuff that always makes me stop going into X forum.

    Edit: Anyway i will just answer to each one individually if i want to say something xD

    • PrinceHeir

      yes same :D

      i really2 love everyone here. sure there are some trolls but nowhere as near as sites like gametrailers, ign and gamespot.

      this, andriasang, scrawlfx and Destructoid are the only site’s i go to. to get my gaming news in either japanese and west ^^

      • Well Gametrailers does the trolling themself. They dont know how to play the games, so its a result of the video content they post causing us to get up in arms. (I mean really, their negative Sonic reviews!!!!, appalling!!!)

      • Gametrailers has Michael Pacher working for them. The man is a paid troll.

        • Haha, well I love his segments when hes on there though, such an awesome character.

  • Croix

    Can I just say that if there’s something I feel I should show appreciation for, it’s Siliconera itself? Without Siliconera, we wouldn’t have this chance to even show appreciation for it, nor would we have the community that has been established here. Before finding this site, I got most of my game news from 4chan, Sankaku, Kotaku, and the like. Now, not to say anything bad about those sites, but finding Siliconera was great because it meant I never had to visit any of those others again. The articles are on topic, informative, and the members are generally much better behaved. So, I like all of you, and an especially big bout of appreciation to the people who keep this site up and running.

    • Ereek

      I’ll second this. This is my one-stop-shop for Japanese gaming news.

      Also, allow me express my appreciation for Siliconera’s relative neutrality when it comes to reporting. When you visit some sites, say Destructoid or Kotaku, there’s a hint of negative bias and opinion at times for some game news and reports. I love that there’s nothing like that in the reporting here.

      • Darkrise

        Heck yeah! There’s always a non biased article here without biased and hating comments, which makes this one of the best communities I’ve ever encountered! XD

      • Well I love that its not just Japanese news.

      • All you have to do is look at how other sites are reacting to the Ar Tonelico trailer to see the difference between this and other sites. I’m seeing headlines about “angsty teenagers” and being “scared and confused.”

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Since when do robots get angsty?

          • Darkrise

            Because they don’t know anything. The guys who write the headlines I mean. Jrpg is just stereotyped these days…

          • M’iau M’iaut

            And that was Joystiq right? Those fools know better.

          • Exactly!

      • mirumu

        I think that’s spot on. It always seems to me many other sites have hidden agendas for whatever reason. It feels sometimes like they’re trying to drive sales rather than tell us about games that might interest us.

        In contrast here it seems the staff are as interested in the games covered as we are. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blockbuster or some interesting little indie title that won’t sell as well as it deserves. Yet despite that they still manage to maintain a higher level of journalistic integrety. I can only respect that.

    • I have to agree, I only originally planned to comment on some Naruto post, but some reason I ended up coming back to the site and posting more. I like the site and the commentors too and quite a few of the articles and interviews here no other site covers so its vital. Ive still yet to add it to my google reader thing for rss feeds.

      I just wish more people commented, often times I find myself as the first person to comment on an article…

      • mirumu

        There are times I’d like to see more comments too, but if people don’t feel they have anything to add, well it’s better to not post rather than add noise to the discussion.

        I generally avoid commenting myself unless it’s a topic I’m genuinely interested in or feel I have something worthwhile to contribute. My impression is that others do that too and I’d guess would be part of the reason the commenting quality here is as high as it is.

        • Yeah, I know that I keep quiet if I don’t have anything to add to the conversation.

        • Thus, the ‘like’ button comes in >_<

          Really happy for the general situation here. May it last as long as it could m(.__.)m

      • M’iau M’iaut

        But you gotta understand Tsuna, after you have commented on an article even if it’s DAY ONE BABEE. There may be nothing more for anyone to say.

  • MisterDandylion

    You know I been following around Siliconera for quite a while.But just recently I decided to become a member. I don’t exactly know why I just love this site! :3 Maybe are the commenters or just how concise and concrete (my opinion, folks!) the news are. I think that there are members her that just rock haha: like Ishaan I lke how dedicated he is to the website and how he always is willing to explain everything to the not-so-informed xD. WildArms… i sincerely don’t know why I like him :3 I just like his opinions and how his comments stick out. Talking about sticking out of the crowd! Tsuna jeez… some people may like, some not. I just see a part of myself when I read his comments. Makes me remember of myself before I became this grumpy, old, frustrated gentleman xD. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s day to everyone! :D

    • Thanks for mentioning me lol! And happy valentine’s to you too xD, hope to see you post some more in the future :D

    • Zero_Destiny

      Keep commenting. I joined recently and it’s quite fun to get involved in it. Also I like your name/pic. It reminds me of a monster Judai used in Yu-Gi-Oh GX. XD

  • Everyone has their ups and downs in all others’ eyes but everyone’s equally loved by me. :D

    We’re like a big family that argue over things quite a lot.

    • That’s exactly how I feeeeeeel. :’) GROUP HUG?

    • Ereek

      But we wouldn’t be a family without disagreements.

      PS: Claire is a beautiful character, isn’t she?

    • Best part of being in a family is that even if you argue a lot, the next day you can talk like if nothing has ever happened :D

  • MisterDandylion

    I’ve been following around siliconera for quite a while: Now I’m an official member :D. Without Siliconera…well… I wouldn’t what is going around the gaming community ( I do check out gaming communities beside this one but this one is just awesome ;P). The members I like…. mmmm.. Tough choice… I like WildArms. i just feel his gaming passion and his opinions and fundaments are well thought and sometimes funny :D. Talking about passion… Tsuna! haha… Putting his overenthusiasm aside, I see myself a lot of him in myself. His passion for games kinda makes me remember myself way back before a become this grumpy, frustrated man! haha. Anyway Happy Valentine Days to everyone in Siliconera!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Zero, WildA and Prince are great with their responses and participation. Props to Yui and everyone else who played along with that little side tangent the other day. Big thanks to Nick, Aksel and the other industry folks for telling us all you are allowed (and sometimes a bit beyond). Of course the staff and those of the community as well.

    • Let’s hope they tell us more than a “bit beyond” in the future >8D

      Yeah, and Nick too, i have him on my ps3 and the times i see him on i sometimes dont know if i should tell him something because it always feels he is full of work so i dont want to bother him xD

      But now he has Buy neptunia! on his comment >80, and i, as a good consumer, i told him “Pre-ordered, master prinny”

      • Haha, the master prinny appreciates your consumerism. But no, feel free to shoot me a message any time. I find my work fun, so it’s never like “ugh I’m so busy!”

      • Somehow, I feel like when you put the words “master” and “prinny” together in the same sentence, somewhere Etna smashes something in anger.

        • We consumers are prinnys, the guys that work at NISA are master prinnies, and in the most deeper part of NISA, there is Etna controlling the company, muahahah

    • Thank you!! I only come here because I love the community and the writers, plus I’ve been a regular here long before I landed the NISA gig.

      I’ll try to keep teasing and vaguely hinting at stuff for as long as I can without getting in trouble! =D

      • Ereek

        I think what saddens me most is that since you have started working with NISA you haven’t been able to post as much. You were always one of what I would consider a “voice of rationality” of Siliconera.

        But, on the plus side, we get your wonderful work.

        • Have you seen Nick’s name in the latest NISA’s game credits? xD I’m always like, waiting for him to appear and be like “Omg i know you!! xD”

          • M’iau M’iaut

            It ain’t just the games, he also has taken care of the nice books with their animes!

      • Oh yeah NickyD!!!! Glad youre sticking around!

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Yup we had a few good chats back when I was running this account as Nyanyaan. Best wishes this week for some respect for Neptunia from the more mainstream sites. I think that one has a chance to get interest from those who do not know it already once folks find out about the whole battling system heroines.

        And I’m sure you and NISA will have more goodness, you got half a year to do something with after Disgaea.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Can you speak at all about something I noted on RightStufs site. In Wagnaria are you keeping the girl’s name as Popura rather than Poplar? I ask because the running joke with her is her size compared to the tree.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I love your thoughtful post and how well you word things. Plus you happen to be quite funny. You DO change your pic way too much though. lol Because of that I had to remember your NAME instead of the pic, curse you for making me work harder, the one thing I don’t want to do. XD I do like Victorique-san though hopes she stays for awhile.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        She ain’t goin anywhere for quite awhile. That pic fits well with this place. I MIGHT think about finding a World God Only Knows one once the second season starts in April, but ONLY if I can find a quality pic of Haqua or Shiori.

    • PrinceHeir

      yay i got mentioned :D

      siliconera is the best ^^

  • I can’t remember if it was Ranka that said that(or if it was just something I came up with, but can’t remember), but nonetheless:

    “Everyone! Let us embrace each other to the end of the universe!~” <3

    • Minna, dakishimete!! Ginga no, hatemade!

      Spread the Ranka love! <3 Have fun guys, I need to go to bed @[email protected]

      • Yes exactly that :D

        The world needs more Ranka and Love! Come on everybody!! <3

        Kira!☆(I so love that)

        EDIT: Dude, I feel stupid that I forgot to say that I totally like you, I love your comments, and I uber love your Super Sonico avatar HNNG! <3

      • Aoshi00

        Wow cool Ranka song, those words give me strength :) Unfortunately I haven’t seen much Macross Frontier since I don’t watch much anime in recent years.. I liked Maaya’s OP (Triangular?) Would be nice to own the whole series on blu-ray..

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol Don’t start that conversation it leads to very dangerous places. XD That aside I do like Frontier it’s campy fun just like 7 and the original.

          • Aoshi00

            I haven’t watched a lot of 7 either, but I liked Hayashi Nobutoshi (Kanna Nobutoshi now) and Sakurai Tomo, I was a Maxmillion fan :) The CG + 2D mech animation is amazing though, just like Escaflowne, have to hand it to Kawamori Shouji.. on my to-watch list.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Oh man Escaflowne is another great anime. I’ve watched and rewatched it so many times in both English and Japanese and can’t find a single problem with it. The movie was cool too. Macross 7 is worth a watch. It’s so awesome and so nineties it’s impossible not to love it. lol

          • Aoshi00

            I must’ve watched Escaflowne like 20 times along w/ Eva w/ back then :) I got the DVD box set a while ago but only listened to a bit in Eng then I just had to switch back to Jpn because I was so used to it. Too bad Frontier didn’t get Mikimoto Haruhiko’s design, would’ve been too hard to draw maybe..

          • M’iau M’iaut

            And as I know you know, Merle sounds just like Pikachu up until like the last two seasons. When Pikachu up and got herself pregnant.

            I think Ootani has done the role in multiple countries versions too. Pika Pika means the same thing in many tongues! Not exactly sure what it means though……I’m not Ash/Satoshi.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, Merle (Ootani Ikue) was Pikachu! and Pika Pika is a universal language indeed just like Macross’s songs that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside lol :)

        • You should then watch it to the end, it’s really a lovely show, with an absolutely amazing soundtrack and loveable voice actors, and I agree, would love to have the Blu-ray’s too. :P

          • Aoshi00

            The songs are very nice, I’ve heard the new “Do You Remember Love”, I’ll definitely give it a watch and collect the blu-rays if they’re released here, the CG dogfights look amazing, the only thing I don’t like so much is the rather simple char design, compared to the previous Macross series, I’m sure I’d get used to it..

          • I find the design of the girls nice(Sheryl <3), though I know what you mean, the animation/drawing quality varies sometimes too, but it's not as bad as it may sound.
            I really love the classic style of Macross(Minmey <3) and Macross 7(Mylene <3), though. :P

          • My favorite female character? Alto Saotome. Nah, I kid, I kid, it’s actually Ranka. I’ve had the soundtrack to Frontier, especially Seikan Hikou, playing on my iPod a lot lately. I finished watching Macross Frontier earlier this month and really liked the show enough to check out the original Macross. And speaking of which, I still need to watch the Frontier movie.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @WanderingMind I love the original Macross the most it’s great. The animation isn’t anything to write home about it’s Tatsunoko after all but man it was fun. After you’re done with the first Macross (which if you don’t know it is on Hulu for free [sadly only in dub format] but the dub is good). I suggest you check-out Macross 7. It’s just as good as Frontier. :) And Super nineties-ish. You can tell because the nineties had to find a way to put Rock bands into everything even if it makes no sense. Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure anyone. lol But back on track Macross is fun. If you really want to be a nerd check out the OVA’s and movies too.

        • Yes, you should give Macross F a try. Even if you don’t really like the show, the songs will blow your mind. It’s Yoko Kanno after all.

          As for the blu-ray.. I think it’s a bit expensive, at 5400 yen for 3 episodes. The Final volume is even pricier at 7000 for 3 episodes *___*

          • Aoshi00

            Cool, the songs are nice from what I heard. Kanno Yoko is good, she did the Escaflowne soundtrack too. So no plans for Macross Frontier US blu-ray release? Unless it’s something that wouldn’t get released here (like Saint Seiya Hades OVA, or Honey & Clover, at the time), I try not to import anime series, crazy expensive.. plus they don’t even have Jpn subtitle, the Jpn release was always pretty barebone, even the menu.. I’d definitely watch it when I have a chance later.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    So many posts and not one pop for C-chan? Guess I better throw that one out too!

    • Latest GoSick chap was pretty good! Finally it gets interesting (well, maybe because is ABOUT victorique) But Kujo was so mean D:<!

      When he hit her, i was like "Awwww D:!!"

  • This is a great site with a great community and I’m actually shocked I didn’t join in sooner. I wish we had a forum or a chat room but I love commenting in Siliconera (I do it during work ^_^) and hope the fun commenting times continue :D

  • One thing I can say about Tsunayoshi is that, no matter how bland the news, he can always stir up some conversation.

    My Favorite commenter, however, would have to be Personabull. Me and him are totally on the same wavelength and I have yet to see a comment of his I haven’t agreed with.

    • PersonaBull

      ;o; <3

    • Heh, more conversation is always good I say!!! lol.

  • holyPaladin

    I like Aoshi comments :D
    Although myself rarely posting, but I love to see everyone’s comment in here =)
    Siliconera is a good site for gaming news, keep up the good work

  • BTA


    I love that people from NISA, Aksys, XSEED, etc. come here and comment. It’s really cool to see what you guys are into… and to see some hints about what’s coming next as well. So… thank you for commenting. :)

    • Thank you for appreciating us! I’ll do what I can to keep people guessing what NISA’s next action will be. We’ve still got a few tricks up our collective sleeve…

      • I actually love that you post here. You guys are one of the few companies that if you put out a thumb-twiddling simulator on PS3, I’d still buy it first day (don’t do that, btw). I love the humor, the effort, and the love that shines through on every NISA title. Sure, every title isn’t a perfect 10, but you guys do quality work and I want to say thank you.

        Also, I hope you took my advice about not listening to those morons on GameFAQS anymore. They will never be happy, no matter what you do.

      • BTA

        Ooh, I can’t wait. NISA’s one of my favorite publishers, but I haven’t been able to afford some of the great games (Prinny 2, especially) you guys have released lately… hopefully I’ll have some more money later in the year. :p

    • I totally agree with this! It’s cool to see people from there commenting here. :) It lets us experience just being able to talk with them, even momentarily, and it gives a more normal feeling!

    • mirumu

      I very much agree. In the “etc” category I also wanted to make mention SpaceDrake of Carpe Fulgur too. He makes some very informing and insightful comments, including those that aren’t even related to CF’s titles.

  • Like the few other commenters, I, too, have been following Siliconera for a while. (from a reference on DDFF fan page on FB) and it’s so awesome to have a community that follows the “Agree to disagree” policy. I mean everyone has their own opinions and beliefs,but not to the point of bashing each other with their Fan-Dumb and Immaturity. And that’s ALWAYS a good thing. =D

    I always look forward to Daily visit of Siliconera just by the comments alone, like those of WildArms, Darkrise ,Zero_Destiny,Ereek, Ashgail Mark Shaver….

    Actually just about everyone who comments on a regular basis. (yes, including TS to an extent xD). I guess that’s why I decided to post comments myself. So for me, I appreciate everyone, including the staff.

    More communities like Siliconera should do this more often.

    P.S. Whatever happen to PersonaBull? I really enjoyed their comments. ;-;
    (misspelling owns me >.>)
    P.P.S (or P.S.S I dunno) Forgot to mention Aoshi00! *A* Whether I agree with his comments, he also explains and gives details and perceptive. Besides Pandas are my favorite xD (along/ penguins and prinnies)

    • PersonaBull

      I just went on a road trip vacation to Las Vegas (I live in New Jersey, lol) for the last week and a half. Posting from my Droid2 is a pain, so I’ve just been lurking. <3 I feel all out-of-the-loop today (just got back home) Don't worry, though, I'm still around~ <3 Thank you for thinking of me~

      • @Darkrise
        NP, you were the first one to me to begin with. Besides like I said I enjoy reading your comments. Everybody needs to feel the virtual love that Siliconera spreads (and that didn’t sound weird >.>;)

        A road trip to Las Vegas! From New Jersey? O_O Well at least you live closer to Nevada than I do. (NY btw) How many hours is that?
        Anyway np, you were one of first few posters/commenters that stuck out to me. Besides anyone you likes Kingdom Hearts without worrying so much about when the “elusive” KH3,(or spreading hate for that matter) is coming is therefore awesome in my book. ^_^

        • PersonaBull

          It took about 40 hours (driving) on the trip home (it took exactly 2 days including gas/food/bathroom breaks) with me, my sister, and my parents taking turns driving. We stopped at the Grand Canyon and for the Super Bowl on the way there, too! So exhausted~ At least I ended up winning ~$25 playing the slot machines! :P

          Also, you sound reasonable and <3 worthy (and your avatar is Stocking), so I <3 you too~

          • (eating strawberry sundae covered in whipcream with Milk-Chocolate and Chocolate Pocky with Chips ahoy Cookies) STOCKING FTW :3

        • Darkrise

          Hahaha xD

          Spread the love that is Siliconera!

    • Darkrise

      Thanks for mentioning me. ^^

    • Woot I got another conditional mention! It makes me so glad that people enjoy my koala tea posts.

  • PersonaBull

    I love most of you on here <3 I usually don't have anything to say because it's already been said by most of you, so yay for the "Like" button.

    I want to try naming people, but I don't want to leave people out. I'm bad with names :( It's especially hard because there are new people I like all the time!

    I like the people who make thought out, serious discussion on serious topics without turning it into a raging battle, though. If you keep a level head when you post in a particularly conflict-filled article, then I <3 you.

    • mirumu

      I agree, that ability to have a serious discussion without flaming is something sorely lacking on most game sites. Somehow it happens all the time here. It’s something I really like too.

  • I really like everyone here. I used to be shy about commenting until I found this place. I’m so glad I found a community like this where people respect each other rather than flame or insult each other. It reminds me of my days in the 1UP community, which I was a part of for a number of years. I thought I’d never see something like that again when I left the place two years ago until I came across here. For this, I’m grateful. Now I feel all warm inside.

    • I’m the same way.
      I’m really shy about commenting, because I always feared that someone will flame me or go on a fanboy rage some thing I said. So I didnt post. (Though on rare occasions I did.)

      Siliconera is truly a rare community that doesn’t go full Fanboy Rage Mode to bash or insult each other.

      Though I wish I found this earlier. Now than never, right? :)

      • Yeah dont be shy, i remember i once thought that, and without even knowing, i found other 2 or 3 guys that liked the same thing i do

        • Zero_Destiny

          Yeah and then without noticing I ended up with like 700 comments. :P lol It’s fun to comment. Don’t be afraid to do it more but don’t end up like me, waking up and cheeking this site first thing in the morning and then blow off all of your responsibilities at work to comment on stuff. lol But yeah don’t be afraid to comment.

          • I’m already getting over my shyness. Here I am waking up and checking this site first thing in the morning, speaking of which. I hope this doesn’t cause me to be late to class this morning.

        • Don’t worry, I’m slowly coming out of my shell. :D I did find about 2 or 3 people myself that we had a common interest in. Also I should note that thanks to everyone on Siliconera I was to exposed to more games,. Games meaning more jrpgs. x) Like the Tales series and Ar Tonelico, which I’m trying to find. >.<

    • You should comment more and take fewer lenghty vacations away from the site (well unless you browse without comment). lol.

      • I’ve been browsing for a while, commenting every now and then. XD

  • skyblaze

    I’m pretty new here, but even so I can say without hesitation that I love you all =D. This is one of those extremely rare internet communities where strife and trolling is basically nonexistent and the virtual air is cool and refreshing [*whispers* smells like strawberries].

    There’s something to like about everyone’s contributions and it’s awesome being able to share thoughts and feelings about niche titles that aren’t covered on most other sites. So… yeah. Here’s an e-toast to you all =D

    • *shares e-toast* As a fellow newbie, I, 1000% agree!

    • *shares e-toast as well* Here’s to many more posts and comments!

  • I thought Tsuna-chan is going to day 1 this post… oh dear… we miss you… lol.. please come back…

    but yea, even though there are heated debate going on at siliconera at times but surprisingly i found everyone very sensible.. if a point made makes sense then people accept it instead of an outright disagreement we always see and people end up cursing each other…

    the staff are lovely and like what people says they are non-bias… i am happy i found this site…Some commenters are very funny and creative…Siliconera is a site that gives you space to think and grow… I LOVE YOU GUYS… *Hugs*.. lol…

  • I like… uh…
    *1 hour later*
    Let’s see there’s: Aoshi00 with his very long and detailed explanations. Zero_Destiny with his passion for Dragon Quest and the fact that he’s a fellow aspiring social scientist.
    Wild_Arms with his passion for… many things, although… he does get a little weird about it*flashback to his “scream” moment*(you know what I’m talking about Wild_Arms)
    Tsuna and… his over the top enthusiasm about things?
    Code with his “rars”
    Ereek with that er… “cool woman” vibe that’s in all her posts.
    M’iau M’iaut with all that knowledge he has on literature.
    PersonaBull and the other Kingdom Hearts fans.
    The staff and developers who interact with everyone else here during their free time.
    *Two hour mark*
    Confused-Chan for sticking to the role that that person gave itself(not being crude here but it feels weird to say themselves when talking about a single person)
    -Memory running on over-clock and crashes-
    I can’t think of anymore specific thing for now, but I do like the community as a whole with their varied opinions on everything and the fact that it’s still a tight-knit community despite the constant disagreements. There’s also the fact that I’m a better conversationalist than before that DQIX launch article(the boasting will never stop)
    Time to cool down head in freezer.

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol Now I feel dumb because I overlooked you. HOW COULD I DO THAT!!! There’s just too many great people on this site I guess I screwed up. :( I always love your post. Very informative, and full of a lot of references to back up your arguments. I can tell you truly are someone in a social science. XD And darn you’re bragging about the Dragon Quest IX event. It took me so long to gather up a group of people to play with. Even had to force my friends to buy it in order to do multiplayer games. lol

      • Speaking of Dragon Quest… I should go to the Nintendo World Store tomorrow…

        • Zero_Destiny

          Argh . . . *Super Effective* lol I plan on calling Gamestop. We’ll see if it’s really there or not tomarrow. Anyways can’t wait for VI.

        • Get me one too, and send it to Venezuela, and make it reach in 1 day.


    • Ereek

      Oh, I really like you, too!
      I feel bad for not mentioning you now, you’ve stood up for (and with) me a few times. I probably should have spent as much time looking as you did.

      Much love.

    • PersonaBull

      I <3 you too~

      It's amusing that I seem to be most remembered for those Kingdom Hearts "battles" :P

    • YEAHH NICE COMMENT! *fan girl scream* xD

      I say fan girl because those women just scream too strong when it comes to what they are fan of, they have the ability to make you deaf for a period of 10 minutes to 1 hour (or more, needs to be studied).

      And *fan boy roar* cant be compared D:!

    • Wow you also mentioned confused-chan too!!!!, hey and thanks for the mention!

  • kupomogli

    No one listed me? :(. I need an avatar. I think that’s the reason.

    I like reading Ashgail, Code, Ereek, Bandit King, and Aoshi’s comments mostly. However, a lot of people post interesting things that’s nice to read.

    I lot of people I know personally don’t really like playing most of the same games that I do PSP, PS3, DS, so wouldn’t mind making friends with people on here and playing PSP/PS3 games at times because a lot of people I see have similar tastes. I don’t import too much so unfortunately wouldn’t be able to play any games that way, unless of course it’s something Gundam, if anyone is interested in adding to their friends to play games.

    • Ereek

      I do think an avatar would help.
      I posted without an account (back when you could post as a guest, Anonymously. Did they re-enable that?) on Siliconera for about 6 months-year before I made my account+avatar and no one ever noticed me. It’s good if you want to stay “nameless” and don’t want anyone to pay attention to you, which is absolutely fine. But if you want to be memorable or have discussions with people you’ve spoken with, the avatar does a world of good, in my opinion. I certainly remember the tastes of people with avatars and accounts more than, say “Random Guest B.” It lets me recommend and discuss/compare more easily.

      That also leads to the problem with switching avatar images. You get one that’s “you,” and when you change people don’t recognize your posts instantly anymore.

      • “It’s good if you want to stay “nameless” and don’t want anyone to pay attention to you”

        Omg i laughted so hard with that xD

      • Initially, I wanted to be just the ‘unknown’ guy, but I felt a kind of warmth seeing my name mentioned somewhere in the thread >_<

        I keep changing avatars constantly, probably I should do that less often from now on :P

        P/S: Thank you everyone who remembers me! m(.___.)m

    • Haha, yeah, put on an avatar, is easier to remember people and what they comment that way!

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol I’ve only just had a conversation with you for the first time last night. But You like Dragon Quest so I already like you. Plus yeah get a pic people will notice you right away!!! lol

    • Totally put on an avatar, one of a super sweet girl, I for sure will put you to the favorites then. xD

    • Heh, my PSN is EatDeath (if youre in the US)! if you ever wanna play a game!

      • Wanna get pwned in Naruto Ultimate ninja storm 2? Nobody can win my Hinata main and only naruto as support combo…


        • Hah we should play some, Ive not played anyone online in that game yet. My only opponent has been my 10 year old cousin (who oddly loves Naruto as much as I do and he is so good, though I couldnt beat him playing as the single characters but I ruled when playing with the teams, Suigetsu FTW!!!!!!!!)

      • kupomogli

        Thanks. I’ll add you when I get home. I’m not a Naruto fan so don’t have any of those games, so hopefully you have some Gundam games, DBZ games, or something else I own that’s multiplayer. I own a lot of games, though, so we should own something similar.

        To everyone else. I’ll be adding an avatar once I get home as well.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          You shoulda picked a chocobo or one of the Cids — give C-Chan something to REALLY be confused about!

          • Zero_Destiny

            If you really want to confuse people why not make it a Slime instead. That’ll throw everyone for a loop. lol
            You know with the whole rivalry between Square and Enix back in the day and now the Slime and the Chocobo’s rivalry to be the mascot. lol Nerd moment.

      • kupomogli

        Tried to add you. Says that you’ve reached the maximum number of friends. Operation cannot be completed.

    • Draparde

      it’s okay, i Have an avatar and no one listed me :D (that i saw anyway o.o) siliconera is the only site that i actually read the comments on to be honest.

      • kupomogli

        I like Draparde too. Forgot to list him(or her.) There.

        • Draparde

          *tears of joy*!

    • Yui

      I’d be happy to play PS3 with you! I only have a couple of multiplayers (BlazBlue CT and CS, MGS4, Resistance, technically Demon’s Souls) but I intend to buy more in the future! My PSN ID is Sir_Lawlzer (I was fifteen and stupid, please forgive me ;_;), so…hit me up if you ever want to play, I guess. :D

  • Show appreciation with a wall of text?! What? I guess I will take part too!!!

    Mr. Ishaan because he is simply knowledgeable and always has a way with words to make me rethink what I say and realize sides to stories that I never considered. Though, I hope to have never made him mad, oh and it was epically awesome in that story when it seemed like he rendered a perfect emulation of me! I will never ever forget it!

    Mr. Kris, although he doesnt seem to be around much these days, I do enjoy seeing his posts.

    Oh and Mr. Spencer too! Dude seems like he always on 24/7 (he makes posts at like 1-5AM my time!!!), surely could comment more though as he always has interesting things to say.

    And now for everyone else, who I think are all awesome commenters and bring me great joy when I see their comments. If only I could physically send out tokens of appreciation…

    Confused Chan!!! – girl is so confused and I just love her responses, if only she contributed more!

    Wild Arms + Zero_Destiny- Makes some usually pretty thoughtful posts and perspectives, you two seem to always go off into interesting conversations.
    Ren – dude, youve gotta post more often! youre so awesome and a favorite too!!!
    cowcowcow – you are so funny at times, sometimes made me literally lol!
    Tommy Lee – like I said to Ren, youre also one of my favorites, I think you should totally post more as well!!!
    Joanna – Youre always LTTP but you always have thoughtful things to add. I only notice your comments because they come through the email, but still, definitely keep it up!
    Code – Oh yeah, cant forget you too, I think we also played on LBP2 a bit once before, thanks for that!

    Firo_Prochainezo – sometimes your comments, in response to me, make me laugh, thanks for that too (well alot in the past)

    Charles Lupula – sometimes you crack me up, like that post on Vaan + Cloud on the Duodecim topic.

    Oh and Gabriel May as well.

    Wow with over 3400 comments here, it is just so hard to name all the people I enjoy reading and seeing their epic avys and such. I aspire to be as awesome as the people that comment and reciprocate it to the minuscule few people that still happen to read my exuberant posts…

    • skyblaze

      I read your exuberant posts every day, baby!! Every day!! =D

    • Zero_Destiny

      Yay Sawada’s back. Haven’t seen him since like Fri. You were missed A LOT. lol I always love your enthusiasm. Even if we don’t see eye to eye at times. I also like how you can can take being the butt of people’s jokes at times and laugh along. That’s rare to find especially on the internet.

    • I second Zero_Destiny’s post, you’re one of the rare cases, that don’t go all aggressive when being made fun of, so that’s reason alone why I like you, but you’re quite funny too, and I love to laugh, so never stop to post dude, I would totally miss it! :D

    • MisterDandylion

      You’re just like a shonen hero, Tsuna! XD

    • Well, since the beginning of your days, at least you have become better, keep moving forward until the day we can have a decent difference in opinions fight! >=0

    • Now you’re making me feel bad for what I said in the past.

    • Darkrise

      Tsuna, despite some… questionable posts to some articles, I’d have to say that your constant optimism is very likeable and some of them have made me laugh. =)

    • mirumu

      You’re always exuberant and enthusiastic, but what I like about your posts is more just how much you clearly enjoy the games. Whether we (speaking as a group) agree or disagree I think we all have the same goal of enjoying great gaming experiences, but few champion that attitude to the extent you do.

    • For some reason, I was tempted to do the old Kanye West interruption meme, but no, I will just say thank you. :)

      As for the Vaan & Cloud Duodecim topic, I have this habit of going off on absurd tangents featuring characters or actors from things I’m familiar with. One of my ex-girlfriends and I first bonded over this increasingly ridiculous tale of a 50 foot Kevin Spacey peeking in her window when she’d shower while Henry Rollins dry-humped her living room carpet.

      So, coming up with alternate storylines for Duodecim is like reciting the alphabet for me.

    • Ren

      You’re such an entertaining and funny guy, Trist. Arguing with you has been fun, actually, your posts were some of the reasons why I started to lurk less, but I’m still to lazy to write these ‘tomes of text’ comments I aways end up ranting.

      Don’t ever change.

      • I love reading the text on the site (well surely better than playing games fill with voiceless tomes of text, but yeah). Definitely lurk even less!!!!!

    • Joanna

      Aw, thanks Tsuna. I love your enthusiasm and enjoy reading your comments, and even though we do butt heads, it’s nice to have our debates. :)

      I hope to one day catch up with my Siliconera reading. And I’ll just say I really appreciate the community as well. And the fact that Siliconera appreciates genres like text adventures and visual novels (I appreciate the gaming impressions that Jenni has done for otome games as well.). :)

  • I like myself. And any die hard tactical and Matsuno fan.

  • WyattEpp

    I can’t single anyone out, but I certainly identify with those of us who appreciate the context and the history of games. Fuse history and humour and we can do wonderful things!

    Really, bravo, one and all! I always say the commentary here stands head and shoulders above the acidity I see flying on other sites, and I don’t think that’s just an idle boast.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I’m pretty new, but for some reason these guys are my most memorable
    Tsuna, WildArms, the guy with Jin as his avatar, (I think) someone with a panda avatar, another person with a Gosick (I think) character as their avatar and maybe some others I’m forgetting. I just gotta say this community is very nice and that everyone is good here :)

    • Haha it’s so funny how you describe the avatars xD. Thanks for the mention! and hope to see you more too, and with an avatar too >8O

    • Darkrise

      If you’re talking about the Jin avatar with the smiling and semi-sparkly face, then that’s me lol. Thanks for mentioning me. =) Here’s to a good year of posting on siliconera!

  • this goes out to everyone who posted on the yandere thread a while ago. that thread made my day :D

    to bad vday is once a year!

    • Haha, that was surely a funny thread, made my day too. xD
      Your really funny yourself, I, like I said that time, really loved the examples you made. xD

      I hope to see more of you in the near future. :D

      • i’m sure you will see more posts from me, this site rocks!

        my main genres for posting are anime, srpg, rpg, shooters, and platformers.

        thanks for incite! i sometimes type before thinking, they can turn out great, or get me in trouble with the mods ^^;

        • Cool, looking forward to it, they are my mains too, so am sure to see it when you post :D

          And well, no risk no fun it seems xD

    • Lol that was pretty good xD, but i still cant get over the fact that M’iau recommended school days to Yui xD i remember when i saw school days i stayed sitting in the computer like this “O____________O” for at least 3 hours, and then i went into my bed to re-think everything that happened for some hours more… with the same face

      • Haha, I totally know what you mean, like after watching something unbelievable(like your super surprised with the ending of an anime) and you just can’t get it of your head, while you try to sleep and fail miserably with it. xD

        I have this feeling for a week or two sometimes, that’s annoying. xD

        • What was worst is that it all started like any other normal school romantic comedy thing… i couldnt belive my eyes when it was finishing (because that was the first time i knew school days, after that i learned that it had a game… with even worst endings)

          • hahaha, I played the VN after the anime, but couldn’t finish it, have to look it up again.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at Myself, Yourself by the writer of 999. One of the yandere-types (you can argue most of the girls have elements) has it big for her twin brother.

            Still a fun show and ends with no bloodshed.

          • Gonna check it lol, at least it looks less hardcore

      • Zero_Destiny

        I just hope you took what you learned from school days as a good example for things not to do. Because I’d hate to see Aya get mad. XD

        • You have to be really stupid, or SM to make the same mistakes Makoto did, though I do respect him for being such an awesome Playboy ’till the end. Hats off dude you made me proud until you…well you know.~

          • But i dont know why he did that anyway, fsuhfujkshoai HE WAS SO GOOD WITH THE BEST ONE AND HE DESTROYED IT ALL, AHHH!!

          • That’s just how a mans life is, always aiming for the top, he failed in the end, but his tale to the harem heavens will be remembered! ;_;

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Hey, use it as like part of sex ed at school!

            Talk about the benefit of keeping it where it belongs…..

        • Lol, i better ask Yui to keep distance from me so i wont go “Makoto” on her? xD

          • So…. you’re going to do anyone that walks on legs? God, you’re sick :3

      • Darkrise

        Haha School Days was pretty shocking, but wait till you hear Yandere onna no ko. Guaranteed yandere goodness. =P

        • nooO! stoppp! T_T! if school days made me like this, and i couldnt finish the videos you gave me, WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN TO ME IF IT GET WORST!?

          I will not be able to see any woman’s eyes anymore…

          • *knock knock*

            Yo! WildArms!

            Someone’s here to see you!


          • Zero_Destiny

            This is why people need those doors with the peep holes and the thick windows where you can see outside but they can’t see you inside. XD

          • My god, talking seriously, i dont know how i would ever feel if a girl would love you… to that extend… could you imagine a girl killing all the other girls around you and whatnot? omg

          • @WildArms: Indeed, it’s almost impossible love at that grievous extent unless you’re The Grude. lol I’d probably beat the crap out of her for safety measures. Oh well, fate damns us sometimes. Now on with the good stuff. :)

            Lydia: So, Hata-tan. Is WildArms to your liking?
            Hata-tan: Oh yes. hmhmhmhmhm. He’s so cute when he’s scared. I like him…
            Lydia: Sounds good to me. You two have fun now. Happy Valentines Day!

            (….I feel hyped for VC3 even more now…)

        • Ren

          God, that drama CD was great! Hmm, I should go back and listen the other episodes and buy an original copy, but there’s already such a backlog… Loving your new avatar by the way.

    • Darkrise


    • M’iau M’iaut

      Was fun. Will always be a tsundere fan first but if on a deserted island and there was NO chance anyone I’d ever said hello to might knock, I could understand what a yandere brings to the table.

      Until of course one of the sand crabs turns into a beautiful prince and I become the odd out……..

    • GAH!? i leave to go to work and missed this thread! i need to watch more anime i suppose. there are quite a few.

      i finished higurashi and im currently watching some anime i watched growing up. (digimon, outlaw star, ect)

      i think ill check out school days, i want to make that face too =D

  • GamerKT

    Tsunayoshi Sawada. I’m not gonna lie, besides the news, I come here for him. Everything he posts is ridiculously amusing.

  • Apache_Chief

    This is the site that’s broken my habit of being a lurker everywhere I go. There are so many people who actually have things to add and want to have real discussions. It’s the best community I’ve ever seen, I just wish I had more to say so I could be a bigger part of it!

    • Do you realize that when I read your posts I actually imagine them being said in the voice of Apache Chief?

      • Apache_Chief

        That was my goal. I was originally going to do posts in character but I decided against it.

  • First, much <3 to the staff. To the ones here that do stuff like this, getting fans together for Q&As, playthroughs, inviting reps. or just discuss something. Even the staff from the yesterdays; Louis, Jeriska(excuse me if spelled that wrong! If I'm thinking of the right person he's also working on a documentary on game composers?) and the others who contributed to make Siliconera what it is. Really, I've been coming here daily for some time just poking around and it's pretty cool seeing others out there taking notice of how unique this site is. How it all gets done, I can only imagine (maybe a few cups or cold glasses helps, I suppose:P). Not to mention, on what I think, the breakthrough news like with Recettear, Rockin' Android, games, news and issues that give (for a lack of a maybe a more accurate word?) merit discussions about games. It's not cookie-cutter stuff. It's stuff that should matter; the games! It's a bit worrisome how some game sites seem to for get that…
    Second, everyone else here, especially the ones who make me laugh. There are times where I scratch my head, but opinions aside you guys make this place, too. Wish I had more time here, actually (although being here kind of takes away game time, but, hey, I'd rather discuss about games if not play them!).

  • I havent posted here much but I’ve lurked for a while so I’ll spread a little love :D
    Jenni, Ladius, WildArms. Ereek and Hraesvelgr for their love of niche RPGs
    Exkaiser for having the suparobo spirit
    Charles Lupula, Ashgail & Aoshi00 for their general knowledge about niche games
    NickyD for taking so much time out to interact with the fans, and even the haters.

    • Thanks. I credit my slight obsessive-compulsive side with how much I try to learn about the games I like. I can’t just like something. I have to know everything there is about it and usually don’t hesitate to share that knowledge with whoever will listen.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to flip the light switch seven times or a meteor will hit the earth.

    • Yeah lol, if i worked at some company, i would normally ignore haters, that is pretty cool that they answer even the haters xD.
      And thanks a lot for mentioning me haha xD

  • Thanks to everyone that mentioned me I really love you all! -crickets- lol but seriously I ike everyone and some of my favorite commenters would be: Zero Destiny because he’s a huge DQ fan also Tsuna and the guy with the Dudley avatar.

    • Zero_Destiny

      How can people not like Dragon Quest!!! Thanks for the shout out.

      • Ren

        I plead guilty.

        Wait, where did those torches come from? What is that knife f………………….

    • Hehe, thanks dude!!!!

  • Aoshi00

    Happy V-day to everyone :)! Warm and heartfelt thanks for the shout-out, so I’m the panda guy eh lol.. I’ve been here so dang long and see people come and go, many newcomers lately, a great addition to the ever expanding Siliconera.. I’m glad to have met so many people who share the same gaming/manga/anime/seiyuu taste as me. Siliconera and its commenters (some aren’t here anymore) have taught me many things over the years, and since I import I’m always glad to share (some might find me too long winded lol…)K, I took a lil time to list those whom I want to profess my love to, sry if I missed anyone (in that case, slap me lol).. I love…. in no order…Siliconera staff (old and new, Spence, Ishaan, Jenni, Laura, Kris, your hard work and dedication)Yusaku Matsuda (a poetic legend!)CodeAshgail Gabriel mayWildarmsZero DestinyBandit KingRai-OhDoomriderKing RockaDark RisePrince HeirHappy GamerHoly PaladinTommy LeeLadiusPesmerga00 jerryRupanChowJoannaMiau MiautTokyo Guy (ever critical from the land of the rising sun :)puchinriHectorbadmoogle (or kupomogli too? names too similar…)vadde939ShirokiryuMr QoomirukiDaizyujinand many more (again slap me if I forgot you name *.*), I would like to explain why I love you (mostly you make me laugh and nod, being the voice of reason and passion), but you know why and we have mutual understanding like Sakaguchi and Uematsu, so our love is unspoken :)Finally, 18 roses to Tare-panda/San-X (Rilakkuma got nothing on you)Shinomori Aoshi/WatsukiNene/Love PlusFigures/NendoroidEthan Hawke (I finally met him live last month)the Gooch/Uematsu combo (you’ve given me Lost Odyssey for Christmas and now Last Story for V-day)the omnipotent Gaming GODY’all have made my V-day :)Back to Last Story (32 hrs, last stretch..)

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider
      • Aoshi00

        Me shed manly tears as well *.*.. there is no shame!

    • Zero_Destiny

      Truly your one of the best on this site. Thanks for all the info. Nice to have someone who imports games to give you heads up. Very well written heads-up too. :)

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks, my thoughts are all over the place and not very coherent, glad you find my input helpful :)

        • Code

          haha that’s how I feel most of the time >www<;

          • Aoshi00

            Nah, it’s nothing! Glad I was able to clear a few things up in your decision to import a Jpn 360 (who knew they’d be so rare nowadays :) For your unconditional love and mad skillz for shmups, especially Senko no Ronde, I’d say you’re getting more than your money’s worth :)

          • Code

            Maan I can’t wait to import some shmups, it’ll take some time/money to build up my shmup collection though, but Senko more then keeps me content for the time being >w<'


      • Aoshi00

        She’s in the 3rd save slot after Rinko lol.. I can’t be fickle, my faithfulness lies w/ Nene-san :)

        • hahaha xD yeah yeah, so you are faithful to the big-sister style uh? i see how the things are :0

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, it’s my curse I tells ya and there’s no cure *.*…

          • Yes, Aoshi sama! Being faithful will take you far in life! (>_<)/

      • ヽ(´ー`)┌

    • Big bro, you’re so awesome that I can’t stop looking foward to read one of your comments when I’m here, You were one of the first(with Ashgail and WildArms I think) I talked here too, which was the perfect start for me, and you’re so helpful I almost feel bad for being such a noob next to you. xD

      • Aoshi00

        Nah, you’re too kind, my pleasure to make you feel welcome here:) It’s fun here, everyone has something to offer and share :)

    • PersonaBull

      I ;P

      • Aoshi00

        Doh, luv your comments too :) but I don’t care much about KH, sry :(..

    • Darkrise

      You sir, are really awsome.

    • vrakanox

      I love the guy who shares my love for Nier. I don’t blame you for not listing me because I don’t post here as much as I used to :D

      • Aoshi00

        Double doh! Yes, vrakanox, for our love for Nier, my brother from another mother :) *blood pact* Let’s hear it for Nier! Gotta get the Replicant drama CD in March :)

    • Despite the fact that you and I have butted heads a few times, since we’re in the “say something nice” mode, I do still want to thank you for being one of the voices that convinced me to give Nier a try. It really took a lot to get past that hideous character design, but once I did, I loved the game itself. Thanks for that.

      • Aoshi00

        hehe took you long enough, people definitely shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and skip some gems. Still a little sad old man Nier wouldn’t get to be on the upcoming drama CD though, I would love to hear his Jpn voice. Nier was definitely memorable and something else. If there are still people who haven’t tried it, it’s $19.99 at Kmart now, Git :)!

    • Love you too! I would do a similar dedication post if I were good at remembering names XD Well, everyone here is great anyways!

    • puchinri

      Thank you so much Aoshi! Love and thanks to you too~. You’re definitely one of the people I always look for commenting on articles and am glad to get responses from. >u<

      And as much as I love Rilakkuma, Tare-panda is classic~.

      (How is Last Story? Is it too text heavy to try importing?)

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks. Didn’t mean to diss Rilakkuma, he’s cute too, and so laazy… but Tare-panda was my first love and is kinda forgotten now..

        Hm.. it’s pretty text heavy but the main game is straight forward, most dialogue have voice overs and there’s narration btwn chapters. Some NPCs dialogue only have text only and it just scrolls along (rather than you pressing a btn), so you do have to read a little fast. Other than needing to know the battle instruction and understand what your party members tell you (they give you hint on the bosses’ weakness, sometimes it has voices sometimes just text), you should be able to play and enjoy it, but you need to understand the requests and run around town for side quests.

        If you do import it, just remember to first switch the battle setting to manual instead of auto in the menu and enable the zooming and moving around the camera during cutscenes, makes it a lot more fun.

        I don’t see any FAQ on gamefaqs yet, but there’s tons of discussion on the board. I could always help you if you need :) I like Last Story a lot and couldn’t put the game down, more so than Xenoblade personally.

        One minor pet peeve, LS has 16 save slots.. I wish it wasn’t limited.. LO had 20 but you could save on flash drive and HDD, at least it wasn’t 3 like Nier or Xenoblade *.*… I love saving before awesome cutscenes.

    • Code

      rar, I miss Yusaku Matsuda T_T’ where’d he go?

      • Aoshi00

        I miss him too *shed manly tears indeed..* :(…

        • Code

          rar, maybe someday he’ll return T_T’ maybe he’ll return, via flying through a ring of fire on a motorcycle with ice cream for all, I’d expect nothing less from such a badass >w<'

    • Pesmerga00


      I don’t post much, but I do read most of the comments. I’ve been lurking here for years. LOL. This truly is a great site.

    • holyPaladin

      I think we share common interest IIRC : Akira Toriyama :D

      Gonna keep stalking your comments of anime and games lol

      • Aoshi00

        Toriyama Akira the God FTW, bro :)

    • SolidusSnake

      Just wanted to say that I also like your posts a lot. You’re really up to date on all the gaming news from Japan and I like your easygoing attitude. Also, Ethan Hawke FTW!

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks, I liked a lot of your comments too. Yes, Ethan Hawke is the man, can’t wait for his next movie, in France or something based on a novel.. when the heck are we getting Great Expectations and Hamlet blu-ray…
        I salute you good sir :)

    • thebanditking

      Thanks Aoshi! Same to you.

    • RupanIII

      Thanks man! Right back ‘atcha

    • Joanna

      thanks Aoshi. :)

      You are also one of my favourite commenters on Siliconera. I always enjoy reading your impressions of games since they pick out things that I usually care about. I’m not around as much, but I still read the comments when I have time.

  • Eddie

    I like everyone here because I can post my thoughts without having to worry about someone ripping my head off. If this site were a Pokemon it would be Chansey. (you know because chansey’s always kind, and helpful and stuff =.=)

    • That´s exactly the reason i like to post over here ^-^ (even if im not very fluent in english, but i try :P )

      • PersonaBull

        I like that there’s a lot of people from outside the US that post here, too. This place is a magical land of world unity and understanding <3

  • Hmm……like, huh?

    I like………

    Darkrise, for our collected minds help to understand each other and share common ground, regardless of our differences. You’re a good person to speak with.

    ZeroDestiny, for his lovable enthusiasm.

    Tsuna: Only for his…overenthusiasm. lol

    Akselziys: An Aksys employee in a blog website? That’s a bonus if I ever saw one! A likable person who shares common ground with fans.

    Testsubject909: Critical as he may be, part of his mindset feels a lot like mine, but at a grander scale. So I get that sort of mutuality from rather than simply liking him. Seriously dude, you need to work for a magazine. xD

    • Darkrise

      Likewise! Some of our opinions may have differed but I’ve had some good time’s chatting with you especially during that time on youtube. XD

    • Haha, I love being remembered for being enthusiastic dude! Thanks for the mention!!!

    • Testsubject909

      Huh… I didn’t expect my name to pop up. Well, I’m glad I could entertain in a way.

      Do forgive whatever attitude I do exude at time. Whatever bravado I do spout or air of overconfidence I might have at times, I tend to do my best to remain open minded and I am also quite aware that everything I say could or can possibly be in the wrong.

      And a happy holiday to you too, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Single’s Appreciation Day (Otherwise known as SAD… I know where I stand.)

      • People told me that its Walk Like a Velociraptor Day, which has been a bit tricky to do!

      • Likewise, and don’t sweat it. Learning from our actions is what makes us human after all.

  • Wackoramaco87

    It’s rather hard to pick one favorite, so I will just go with what many others have said- I like everyone! You all are very nice people who are willing to listen, explain, and if you disagree, it is usually in a respectful manner (for the most part! =)). Thanks for being such an awesome bunch, everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! =D

  • AzureChaos

    I…Love everyone!!! <3 Everyone is so awesome!!

  • No9

    So many posts xD Took forever to read them. I’m really glad I found a site with such a nice community ;_______; Hopefully everyone continues to post here. =D

    • We will, for infinity and beyond. :)

      • And before the after of the after beyond but a little before

  • Volcynika

    I am a fan of most people.

  • vrakanox

    I think Croix hit the nail on the head with his post. Happy v-day to all!

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    You all are so nice. Why do I have to pick? ;_;

  • RagnaXBL

    I love any1 who loves Arcsys/Aksys

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Although I haven’t been here for a long time, there are certain people that I can

    – Tsunayoshi Sawada: For making Siliconera his personal playground. XD

    – Aoshi00: For being a frequent and level-headed commenter.

    – PersonaBull: For agreeing with me most of the time. :P

    – Zero Destiny: same as Aoshi00.

    – WildArms: For still being here in spite of losing the purple in his name. You need
    to get it back!

    – Ereek: For being oldschool.

    – Exkaiser: For sharing my love for SRW. =D

    – Ishaan: For being an awesome moderator.

    If I forgot anyone, I apologise in advance. Have a nice day, everyone! ^_^

    • Omg purple in my name? o.o i lost it?!

    • Click his name and you’ll/he’ll get it back.

    • Oh yeah I got another mention, woot woot! Youre awesome too and totally should get an avy!

    • Testsubject909

      It certainly is his own personal playground.

    • PersonaBull

      <3 :P

  • SeventhEvening

    I like this community as a whole. Everyone is pretty cool here. Especially Aoshi. It is quite refreshing to be part of a community as understanding and knowledgeable as this one. Given that the internet is one part ignorance and two parts hate, seeing a community resist that is fantastic. Even as cynical and negative as I am, I can say few bad things about this community.

  • neogeno

    This is simply a great site with even greater people. To every poster that carries the spirit of the Siliconera community:

    Never EVER change you magnificent bastards.



    • “Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.”

  • WizardoftheBlueOrder

    Hrm. Well, I’m a bit late to the party, but I’d like to +1 Spencer and Ishaan.

    Pretty cool easy-going and personable mods. Plus I enjoy reading your posts.

    (I…er…don’t really see the other Siliconera staff very often, so sorry for not mentioning all of you.)

    And well…the community’s pretty cool. Don’t know the personae of too many of the commenters though, so I guess you’ll all just get a general “you’re cool people”.

    • Better late than never. There are times when I’ll miss out on some posts for one reason or another, yet I’ll go out of my way to comment on them. No worries.

  • Jeeeeeeeeeeesus Christ! The comment section is super long!

    • PersonaBull

      There’s a lot of love on SiliconEra <3

    • Doesn’t stop me from checking to read new comments here. :D

    • Is your Avy you?!

    • Yeah lol, when i got at the botton then i started to go up i was like…

      Uh.. O_O
      5 minutes later
      Uh…. still going up?!

  • XD Looks like everyone’s already got all the words and warm fuzzy feelings covered sooo~

    *hugs everyone*

  • All I’m going to say on the subject is… Siliconera community > Kotaku community

  • malek86

    Argh, I wanted to reply sooner, but the last two days I’ve been hit a pretty bad flu.

    Oh well, I like this site because it seems the commenters here are far more competent and passionate about gaming that the people on most other sites. Of course I won’t always agree with all of them, but hey, that’s the fun of it.

    And I won’t make any particular name because I’m sure I’d forget someone, and that would be embarassing :P

    • PersonaBull

      I <3 you~ Hope you're feeling better! :O

  • Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for commenting and sticking with the site. :D

    Reading all of these heartwarming comments with appreciation for each other made me shed manly tears or as Ishaan would say ;_;

    I think (maybe?) many people know this, but Siliconera has always been a place that’s less about the staff and more about the readers. This is why I try my best not to throw my opinion into news. Our goal has always been to inform you (all of you!) with enough information to know a.) what’s going on and b.) to make your own decision instead of trying to sway or derail you into agreeing with us.

    I’m elated that everyone here has a home and a place where they can discuss what they think and feel about games with each other and agree to disagree when necessary rather than a bunch of “LOL you’re stoopid” responses.

    Thanks for being helpful to each other and keeping the community up to such a high standard. Hi-fives and all around!

  • I love everyone here~ Even though I haven’t been commenting as frequently nowerdays, I still visit this site daily because I really like the friendly atmosphere. There are disagreements but it never gets too stupid, and I always can read through them without banging my head against my keyboard. I love geeking out with the people here! :’D

    Also thanks Ishaan for chatting with me on Twitter, while I proceed to spam bizarre pictures of bananas and banana puns. Banarigatou, everyone!

  • Ladius

    What a nice post ^__^ I love this community simply because there are really competent fellows that like to talk about their passion without going the sarcasticannoying”I’m better than thou” route, people that like to show their love for their seriesgames without fearing to be downplayed for that.

    Hell, on some other boards it seems that the “fans” can only spit on the games they play, and while criticism is always welcome the overabundant negativity isn’t, at least for me.

    Some of my favourite users include Aoshi, Ereek, WildArms, Sieghardt, M’iau M’iaut, Garyuu, Raioh, enorka miho, Solidus Snake, Code, Tommy Lee, industry commenters such as NickyD, Thomas and Akselzys and the Siliconera staff.

    • Aww, thank you. =)

    • Ou man, thank you, I always liked you and your posts, they are very interesting. <3 x3

    • xD!. And ou are the only user without an Avatar that i always recognize, Ladius sounds like such a rpg name too o.o, i know ive read it somewhere

    • SolidusSnake

      Wow thanks for the shout out, man. I really agree with you about the community — I’ve looked quite a bit but until siliconera I’ve never found any other site with such a great passion for gaming and freedom from childish BS. We all know damn well that we’re gonna be gaming until we’re 80 so we may as well have fun and get along with everyone else who’s in the same boat. ;)

  • Zefiro Torna

    In speaking in appreciation to the community in its entirety as opposed to individual commenters I can only identify by waves from this point as I express what I will. Firstly the old timers here have done a valuable service, not due to such things as seniority, but due mainly to the groundwork laid by atmosphere they have helped create to compliment the incomparable standards of gaming journalism established by Spencer and every person who has ever written for this site.

    The waves thereafter, around right before and right after the implementation of Disqus to the comments, done well in immediately picking up on (regardless of the amount of lurking done or not) what makes Siliconera what it is. From there on the community grew wonderfully like a snowball rolling down a hill. It is thanks to those waves for giving the snowball its “push” after the old timers constructed it superbly.

    Now the more recent waves, think of the Twitter/Facebook boom, can be easy to dismiss upon first glance almost if that snowball has grown seemingly dangerously large. Not the case, even though there’s no denying that growing pains happen. There’s a bit of pain still remaining, but I feel the worst is over. Even through the worst of it there was still a feeling of a breath of fresh air in the comments, plenty of interesting things have been said by people new to commenting here. With that in mind, I hope nobody ever turns away in disgust no matter how large the community gets. I don’t believe in devaluing others and I continue to uphold a sense of optimism in… everything, for a good reason.

    Things can and do get better. Labels such as “hopeless” are thrown around much too often. People catch on to things, like realizing that just because they can get away with some things in other communities doesn’t mean it’ll go over well in this one. Faux Pas are like easy mistakes to fall into (also likely due to second nature), everybody is only human and is still learning something no matter what stage in life we are in and how much we have think we’ve learned.

    So as easy as it is, even for one moment, to dismiss this kind of growth as ruining the place… it won’t in the long run. I’m glad to see this growth, because it means that something great about this place continues to attract great people as it always has and will. Everything superb about this community that hasn’t yet rubbed off on some others eventually will, and we’ll all have much to gain from every newcomer whether they immediately get it or not.

    The comments to this very page show how much the worst pains are truly behind us and how much this place can benefit from growth. Just look at what the veterans and newcomers alike are expressing for more than enough proof. This idea for appreciation was like wonderful medicine for this place, very brilliant of you Ishaan and staff.

  • Code

    rar, sorry about being late to the party, fashionably late right owo? Seriously Siliconera has given me a place I can feel home online, and it’s all the people here that make it a home >ww<; rar, I love you guys seriously >wo;

    Also seriously thanks to everyone who mentioned me I was kind of feeling rotten all day and this cheered me up a whole lot >w<'

    • Your rars’ and positive attitude always cheer me up :’D

      • Code

        haha thanks >w< it makes me feel better too!

  • z_merquise

    Siliconera, how could you!? Posting this when I’m in the office, now I waited for like 10+ hours to post here. You’re very cruel to me and only me!

    Just kidding. Seriously though, it wasn’t more than a year when I started posting comments in this site and since then, I became a regular visitor here. What I really love in this site is that not only it provide news, previews, interviews and tidbits of anything related to Japanese gaming (well mostly) but this my kind of place where you can have a friendly community that would like to share their opinion and respect yours. No self-righteous people who would slam you with harsh comments and tell you “you suck because you like what I don’t like, wrrryyyyyyyyyyyy!!!” or something like that.

    I may not post comments much but I always visit this site because I love the informative news, updates on the type of games I love and of course, the fun discussion of commenters and visitors. Keep it up, Siliconera crew and also thank you to all you gamers who visit this site!

    With 300+ comments and counting, I just hope that at least someone read my post. Even a simple guy with a Deadpool avatar need some love! Hehe!

    • SolidusSnake

      I missed most of this thread too due to my extreme cram session yesterday (I passed the exam!!) but I totally agree with what you’re saying.

      I’ve been to pretty much every gaming site on the tubes and I haven’t found a single one with such greatly informative and unbiased articles or such a nice, friendly community that’s free of childish drama (for the most part!) as siliconera.

      What can I say, it’s a great site. And even though I’m a dick most of the time I really do appreciate this community — yes, even the guys with Deadpool avatars ;)

      • kylehyde

        Congratulations for passing the exam.

        • SolidusSnake


      • And mine is due next week, while this week is torture week ;___; No siliconera for me in the meantime

        And also, congrats to you!

        • SolidusSnake

          Thanks and good luck, brother (or sister?)! I’ve got another test coming up next monday as well, so today’s my day for goofing around, working on my car, and, God willing, maybe getting in a little gaming, before I have to hit the books hard again.

          Knock em dead. ;)

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    Siliconera truly is one of the best communities on the internet, as everybody has already said. This isn’t like other sites where somebody bashes something and then somebody bashes that person for bashing and then somebody bashes That person for bashing, etc. Not at all. We don’t have arguments here. We have actual, constructive discussions. I can only think of two or three trolls on this site. And compared to almost any other site out there, that’s amazing. And even when people are making fun of others (day 1 baby comes to mind) it’s always in a fun, light-hearted manner. Keep it up, guys. I love ya

  • Hexen

    free hugs by hugging the monitor. come on now

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    I may hate on Square Enix at most opportunities, but I love this site :3

    • Yui

      Certainly a very memorable individual, you are! Your comments never fail to make me laugh, and that’s something I can get behind. Look forward to reading more over the rest of the year. :D

  • It took me 5.0 seconds to get from the top of this thread to the end by holding Page Down. Man, that’s a wall of lovely text ~<3

    • Yui

      Trying to get anything done with this page (commenting, reading, just scrolling down) is killing my browser, and that’s awesome. XD

  • Roses4Aria

    Sniff Sniff… Pass the tissue please…

    To be honest, I’ve never been much for commenting at forums because I’ve had some bad experiences in the past. Getting burned a few times tends to make you fear the flame, if you know what I mean. I’ve always been more of a lurker than anything else. However, here at Siliconera I’ve always felt comfortable and I never hesitate to post my opinions. Even if we all disagree on a subject, I feel like we all usually stay pretty respectful towards each other and I love that.

    Thanks to everyone for making this such a great place to visit!

  • RupanIII

    Oh man this thread got huge o.o;

    Some ppl off the top of my head & in no order..

    Aoshi, posts are always fun/informative to read and I like that you’re upbeat but at the same time realistic and such

    puchinri, I like their posts and we seem to be on the same page/similar take on a lot of things

    Tsuna, for teh lulz, over-the-top exuberance and the comments he elicits from others

    Lots of others Doomrider, Ladius, Code, HappyGamer, enorka miho, WildArms..
    I’m gonna stop ’cause I know I’ll forget a bunch of ppl I can’t think of off the top of my head, so I’ll just say anyone who keeps their cool when someone has a diff opinion, and that most ppl seem pretty cool. Also, as some others have mentioned, this is like the only site I post at with any regularity. Most of the time I lurk, or, if I do join, my enthusiasm fizzles out thanks to obnoxious other posters and just feeling like ‘what’s the point?’ The amount of disagreements that turn to name calling sarcasm etc. seem more subdued here than elsewhere. Plus, it’s hard to find a place where there are ppl who appreciate the past so to speak, where niche genres and older games are appreciated over the latest sleek super hd 3d fragfests.

    edit – oh, also just wanted to add it’d be cool if sometime in the future we had a regular forum like vBulletin or something of that nature

  • Ren

    Wow, I’m late!


    Dear Siliconera and community,

    I was going to say ‘I love you’, but that’s kinda sappy and too overused. Then I would go with ‘Don’t ever change’, but changes can always be good and priving ourselves from them will only make we regress. I could say something a bit more witty like ‘Be my Valentine’, but then again, it’s not valentines where I live. So I’m going to resume my feeling for everyone here in only one word:



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