Koihime Musou Goes To War As An Arcade Fighter

By Ishaan . February 14, 2011 . 9:28am

All-girl cast? Check. Giant weapons? Check. Panties? Check! That’s right, it’s another eroge-based all-gals fighter, this time starring the rambunctious cast of BaseSon’s Koihime Musou.


The game, titled Koihime Musou Arcade Edition, is slated to be shown off by developer, RCI, at the upcoming AOU 2011 expo (Feb 18th – 19th), which is an event in Japan that allows game developers to display their latest arcade and amusement machine games.


Thankfully, Shin Koihime Musou Arcade Edition looks better — at least in these early screenshots — than the last fighting title based on BaseSon’s eroge properties; Twinkle Queen, which can reveal to you first-hand is a terrible, terrible experience (yes…we’ve played it…).


If you aren’t familiar with Koihime Musou, it’s an ero-strategy RPG on the PC and PlayStation 2 (in censored form), based on the Chinese classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. MangaGamer are set to publish the uncensored PC version of the game this year.


Koihime is one of many eroge properties that gained traction and eventually reached a popular enough status to receive its own manga and anime series, turning it into a credible franchise. You can find more screenshots of Shin Koihime Musou Arcade Edition over at 4Gamer.


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  • It’s looking very pretty. Now we’ll just have to hope the gameplay will match. Though the chances of seeing it in the UK are slim I would imagine.

  • Barrit

    We need a Koihime Musou warriors game. Koei should make one or add an unlockable Koihime Musou mode for DW8. Yea!

  • “All-girl cast? Check. Giant weapons? Check. Panties? Check! That’s right, it’s another eroge-based all-gals fighter”

    Everything I need in a game.

    The sprites do look interesting, different from what I have seen so far in other games, not bad at all, but maybe I’m just easy to please~

    But what really is great, is the fact that MangaGamer is going to publish the VN! Never heard of that before, so I’m a very happy panda! x3

    • PrinceHeir

      the sprites are awesome :)

      hopefully Arcana Heart 3 also get’s announced in the US :D

      though i would really want another Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 or any fighting game with VS Tatsunoko in it ^^

      • Agreed, that game was awesome, I love the Tatsunoko characters(Tekkaman Blade..hell). :D

      • Jellybit

        I don’t think they’re sprites. They look quite a bit like 3D models. Maybe they’re pre-rendered like Killer Instinct, but I’m quite certain they’re 3D models.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    If it’s actually competitive, I’ll be happy

  • Equus

    I happened upon the game a while back when I saw some figure designs that I took a liking to. It amuses me greatly that the anime was made (with two seasons localized or scheduled to be localized) and now an arcade game is coming out. Amuses me and makes me happily giddy.

  • raymk

    Its looks good and I guess this will redeem for what they did for twinkle queen. not having kanu in twinkle queen made that game even worst than it was.

  • malek86

    “which can reveal to you first-hand is a terrible, terrible experience (yes…we’ve played it…).”

    Ooh, I totally want a playtest now.

    • Do I have to…? -_-

      • Kris

        I say YES

      • Please do Ishaan. Fighting game playtest FTW!

  • mikanko

    Pretty hard to tell much from still screens. Way more interested in the Aquaplus fighting game that has Examu behind it. It makes a pretty big difference when these eroge spinoffs are being made by game devs who’ve actually worked on fighting games before. ie: the 5pb girls fighter looked pretty horrible in motion compared to the likes of AH3 or BB.

  • Sweet, another arcade fighting game; now if only BaseSon would go bring this to a wider market; heck, I’d love to see this get featured in prominent fighting game tourneys.

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