Finally, An Arcade Game Where You Can Punch Dinosaurs

By Spencer . February 15, 2011 . 11:49pm

imageTaito, makers of the table flipping arcade game, have another arcade stress reliever. Sonic Blast Heroes throws wacky targets on screen and has a punching bag to hit. You play the game by smashing the bag, which represents bank robbers and dinosaurs, with your fist.


A computer chip calculates the impact and your score. Up to four players can take turns and play Sonic Blast Heroes together. Whoever knocks out the dinosaur or big rig truck (that’s another target) the furthest wins, I suppose.


Sonic Blast Heroes is one of the games Taito is showing at the AOU 2011 show. Machines will be in game centers starting at the end of this month.

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    Well, would you look at THAT. A sequel, in 2011, to (good Lord…) Sonic Blast Man! Hahaha, I never thought I’d see the day. I first saw that game at one of the boardwalk arcades in Wildwood, NJ back in the 90s. I’ll never forget the sight of this one guy flying into the machine to score the most points.

    • Yeah. I was a kid back then, my punch would barely scrape the enemies, but I loved playing that.

    • There was always one guy that had to take an olympic run-up to the machine :/

    • Wow, that’s hardcore. The craziest thing that I did was to do a 50m run and punched the machine.

      People went ಠ_ಠ

  • At first I thought the name of the game was “Sonic: Blast Heroes” and involved Sonic the Hedgehog punching dinosaurs. And then I was sorely disappointed.

  • Apache_Chief

    I have never clicked on a link harder than I did this one.

  • They need to make a Kinect (and perhaps Move) version of this game, Sonic Blast Man and that Hokuto no Ken game where you punch pads when they light up.

    • I’m glad you mention the Fist of the North Star punch arcade game, that was great watching people play and punch like lunatics! I’ve played Sonic Blast Man but never tried Fist of the North Star because I was afraid I might, ahem, *cough*, break the machine…. Oh yeah, that would a great idea for a kinect or move port but won’t be as satisfying as punching a punch pad.

  • I thought Sonic Blast Man machines got banned/recalled due to the huge amount of injuries they caused? I still remember the pain in my wrist I got from playing it about 12 years ago. This cabinet looks similarly designed, which worries me.

  • glemtvapen

    Awesome. Awesome to the MAX.

  • xxx128

    Arcades are long dead where i live. Thank you playstation :/

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