Luminary Staff From Grandia, Lunar, And Shining Series Chained For 3DS/PSP RPG

By Spencer . February 15, 2011 . 6:04pm

image Furyu, the publisher that brought us Last Bullet and the supernatural RPG Tsuku Monogatari, have a rather ambitious project. UnchainBlades ReXX is a dungeon RPG with over a dozen well known creators.


Famitsu reports Takashi Hino, known for his work on Grandia, is the scenario designer. Toshio Akashi, famous for Lunar, is the director of UnchainBlades ReXX. Nobuo Uematsu is composing the game’s theme song.


Each character in UnchainBlades ReXX is designed by a different artist. Bastard!! artist Kazushi Hagiwara created Crunea, a goddess who oversees the entire world. Shinichiro Otsuka who worked on Flight Plan games including Summon Night and Eternal Poison created Hector, a golem prince. Lunar artist Toshiyuki Kubooka drew the miraculous girl with nine-tails Niko. Manga artist Haruyuki Morisawa created the female lead character, phoenix princess Teana. The male protagonist, Fang, who is said to be the strongest dragon king is one of pako’s works. Pako designed characters for many Shining series games titles including Shining Force Feather.


UnchainBlades ReXX is 3D dungeon RPG with turn based battles. During battles, you can covert monsters into followers by using the unchain system. Up to 16 monsters can follow your four man party for a total of 20 characters in a group.


Furyu says their "know your true strength RPG" is on track for a June 23 release on PSP and Nintendo 3DS.

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    THIS IS UNREAL!!! AHHhhhhahHHhhh

    • Guest

      All caps is extremely annoying, can you please edit that or refrain from doing so in the future? Post like a normal person and relax with such an exaggerated response. I can’t say you didn’t react like that in real life but when you type something out you have time to slow down, think, and post something smart and in regular cases.

      • Zero_Destiny



      • SORRY FOR BEING EXCITED!!! Next time im gonna supress my feelings and stab my inner child so you wont get annoyed, im sure he would understand, but i wont edit it, no no.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Truly you’re great. A bigger man than I am. lol BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT BE EXCITED FOR IT!!!!! XD

          • ^This. Truly all caps all you want man, that’s your style and I love it! :D

          • Haha it’s ok, some people JUST DONT HAVE THE RPG SOUL WE HAVE!!

            We will be watched like weirdos and annoying people, but is a small price for knowing… THE WORLD ONLY GOD KNOWS… Muahahaha

          • Zero_Destiny

            Muwahahahahhahahahaha My soul burns passionately with the LOVE of RPGs fanning it’s flames. There’s nothing weird about that. lol

          • WHAT? what sort of true gamer dosnt have AN RPG NO TAMASHI?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            But God only would know this world if it had cute animated girls giving themselves breathlessly to the hero.

          • Haha, that’s the dating sim continent, there is also a continent for RPGs ;)

          • SolidusSnake

            Damn all this excitement is making my fist burn with an awesome power… it’s telling me to defeat Ghaleon!

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Dude don’t wound your inner child — at least not in public — just cuz you are happy that DUDES THAT DID LUNAR AND GRANDIA are making a NEW GAME!

          …..not being happy, now that would be silly

          • Haha, i dont think i would wound him, sometimes he is just too strong, im always the kind of person that writes everything and just post it, without re-reading or anything…
            So yeah, what i said was more inclined to the sarcastic way xD

      • SolidusSnake

        WildArms is that hot blooded man. His soul is burning with excitement for this game, and I can’t blame him. DON’T SUPPRESS YOUR BURNING HOT PATHOS, BROTHER! PREACH THE GOSPEL OF GAMING TO THE HEAVENS!

        • Zero_Destiny


          • Do the impossible, see the invisible


            Break the unbreakable, touch the untouchable

            *OPERA PART*

          • Zero_Destiny

            WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!!!! WE’RE TEAM DAI-SILICON ERA!!!!!!!!! XD lol Couldn’t resist lame pun.

          • PrinceHeir

            damn this is just too good :D


            btw you can actually change your name in this site? if so how did you do it?

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Prince I don’t know about on this site but I comment through the DISQUS thing and I just changed my name I had on that with the edit profile part. It’s pretty much the same way as changing your pic. I had to do it too, since Zero_Destiny really does love his Dragon Quest VI :D I’ll probably change it back when I beat it. lol


        The dude on the cover scan good and from what I have heard Grandia and Lunar was good.

        • Do not hear, my friend. Feel it. Embrace it. Experience it.

      • Kunio_kun

        HATE BUTTON.

      • Why do you have to be such a killjoy?

    • holyPaladin

      Awesome collaboration indeed

    • I was going to post a comment like that, but you just said everything. Then, I’ll just say: LOVED THIS NEWS! ^o^

  • Cloud_ST

    I’m guessing this trend of PSP/3DS releases will continue till’ the NGP is out,how are the DS releases going anyway?,did they stopped?.

    Game looks nice btw.

    • Guest

      It ain’t really a trend. At least, this is the first PSP/3DS multiplat I’ve heard about. Nope, they have not stopped releasing DS games.

      • Cloud_ST

        I said so because the new blazblue is also coming out on PSP/3DS,don’t know about any other games though.

        • I wouldnt mind if they start that trend, i still think sony rushed too much with the NGP, the PSP still feels strong, in my opinion

          • Cloud_ST

            I agree that the PSP is still strong,I would like some nice titles before and a little after the NGP.

          • SolidusSnake

            The PSP was starting to build up a really formidable library in the US with all the sweet games last year, I mean we got P3P, Peace Walker, ZHP, Ys7, Oath in Felghana Valkyrie Chronicle 2, God of War, and now this year we’ve got Trails in the Sky and the new VC in Japan.

            I’m sure Japanese developers will keep supporting the PSP for a long time to go, but the question is whether people over here will be bold enough to keep localizing the games. One can only hope.

        • Guest

          Oh yea…forgot about that. Well we’ll see. I’d prefer if we got NGP/3DS multiplats instead. Monster Hunter for all. =D

      • jarrodand

        No, there’s also Blazblue CT2 in March. I wouldn’t be surprised if many more show up in Japan this year, and some Japanese developers might even do 3DS ports of already released PSP games for western release.

    • PurpleDoom

      The DS still has a few tricks up its sleeve, but it’s definitely slowing down.

  • PSP and 3DS? Weird. Since my limited time with a 3DS resulted in headaches (I’m prone to them, so I’m not bashing, it’s my own problem), I’d prefer to get it on PSP. Well, assuming it would even come stateside.

    • Guest

      How in the…did you get headaches from a DS? How in the world does a 3DS give you headaches but not PSP or anything else? And before anyone answers this with “because of 3D effect” he’s obviously not stupid so I’m not gonna tell him that you can turn the 3D effect off.

      • I always thought it was a silly proposition that someone would buy the 3DS and then not use its main feature, 3D. Thats like buying a car but youre not going to use it to drive.

        • Guest

          I always think you have something “silly” to say. Your example is pretty damn stupid. A 3DS plays GAMES. That’s the main feature, that is why you buy one. You buy a 3DS to play games. 3D is the systems gimmick.

          • No…you buy a 3DS to play 3D games…the 3D slider doesnt seem to alter the games code to eliminate it from producing 3D visuals, therefore, the main feature of the 3DS is to play 3D games. Not using the 3D functionality is like buying an 75 inch LED 1080p HDTV and using it to display SD 360p things, it just a waste of functionality and not using the product to its fullest extent.

          • PurpleDoom

            People will be buying the 3DS for 3DS games, not 3D. In terms of your analogy, it’s more like not using the 3D slider on a 3DS game is like buying a 1080p TV and using it to display 720p things – it’s still HD, just not at its prettiest. The 360p analogy would be if you bought a 3DS to play DS games, which would obviously be extremely silly.

          • @PurpleDoom I dont think so, in the 720p to 1080p there is no alteration made in the display, in the case of 3D and no 3D, games like Street Fighter seem to use compltely different in game perspectives given based on the choice of 3D or not, so an alteration is being made.

          • PurpleDoom

            The Street Fighter example is somewhat unique, from what I’ve seen that’s the only game that works that way. For the other ones, the 3D is basically a nice special effect, but not a necessity, and certainly not the thing you’d purchase the system for.

          • Guest

            Nope. People who can’t see 3D are gonna buy a 3DS. You know why? Because of the games. 3D is it’s selling point, its the gimmick, I liked it, its neat but it’s not why I or many other people in the end will buy one. We will buy it because of the games. You buy a car to drive it. 3DS is more than just 3D.

          • I see, so the 3DS main selling point isnt the 3D? Interesting… *nod*

          • Zero_Destiny

            No silly the 3DS’ main selling point is that it’s made up of three DS’s. lol

          • OMGAWD, now i see the world with a new light, i’ve been living in a world of ignorance, in a world where people know the truth but prefer to lie, in a world where we all live in suppresed by the shadows of something bigger.

            Thanks, now i can fly!

          • PersonaBull

            I’m gonna second this, actually. I really don’t care about 3D, but the 3DS is a very impressive piece of hardware compared to the original DS and I’m excited for what it can put out. If the 3D effect bothers me, I’m not going to use it. If it doesn’t bother me, then hooray for 3D games. The fact that there’s a slider option on the device to turn it off pretty much proves that 3D is not its “main feature.” Glasses-free 3D will help sell it well, but I and many other people could take it or leave it. I’ll be getting the 3DS eventually for what I hope to be an impressive game library to spend all my money on. (Here’s lookin’ at you, TWEWY sequel)

        • For once, AND MAYBE THIS ONCE TIME IN ALL OUR LIVES, i agree with you. If it wasnt for the 3D effect, i dont think i would get the 3DS soon… I would get it at least like 3 years after release. I would go for NGP all the way.

          Edit: Well this is just me anyway, but at first the DS new deal was the touchpad, but i barely use that now, and i find more useful the dual screen, still, what would make me buy a 3DS is, without any doubt, the 3D effect, and the remake of Zelda. And i would think im not using fully the money i used if i cant play it 3D…

        • PurpleDoom

          There’s a big difference between “main feature” and “main gimmick”.
          For the 3DS…
          Main feature: Plays games.
          Main gimmick: 3D.
          As LOVE has pointed out, people won’t buy it for the 3D. They’ll buy it for the games. As for your analogy, it’s more like buying a car with a GPS and then not using it – it’s a nice thing to have, some people will like it, some won’t, it’s not essential to the experience and it’s not the main reason you got it.

          • malek86

            I’m not so sure about that. Sure, it’s the games, but the gimmick is a selling point too, or better, the games that use the gimmick.

            To make an example, would the DS have sold 140 million units if it didn’t have a touch screen? That made it appealing to a vast array of consumers. Of course they were attracted by the games that used it, not by the touch screen itself, but those games would have been impossible if there wasn’t one in the first place.

            For comparison, the 3D isn’t too much of a selling point, however it’s still supposed to be the main feature. At least some people will be attracted by games that use 3D in particular ways (which might be difficult, since it’s optional… meaning that it can’t be used in ways that will make the game impossible to play without it, unlike say, the touch screen in Brain Training). Whether that’s more or less than the people who were first attracted by the touch screen, I don’t know.

          • PurpleDoom

            I don’t think I clarified that very well. I definitely agree that the gimmick is the selling point and the part that makes it stand out and gives it mass-market appeal, but I disagree with what Tsuna is saying, which is that not using the 3D feature basically makes the device pointless.

          • I would have to disagree. The way that Nintendo is handeling and talking about the device is not that it plays games but that it gives one access to 3D content. Just look at the marketing they are doing for it thus far, saying “it must be seen to be believed” holding events, etc. If it was simply “playing games” then I think their marketing approach would be different. What is the first thing a consumer in a store is going to say? “The 3DS plays games” or “The 3DS is in 3D at the palm of my hands.” Whats the first thing people will gauge? Im quite sure it is “how is the 3D effect in this game?” I can imagine that if the 3D is not good then people will not buy the game regardless on if 3D can slid off. The same as how the Wii’s main feature is not playing games but motion controls…

          • PurpleDoom

            The gimmick is always the aspect of the device that gets marketed. It’s the thing that makes it stand out, the unique feature. A marketing campaign that just says “It plays games!” would be pretty bad. That doesn’t make the 3D essential. People who hate the 3D feature will still be sold on the device because of its software (Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter, and Kingdom Hearts are a couple examples of a game a lot of people aren’t going to want to pass up regardless of the 3D.) 3D gives it a lot of mass-market appeal, but a vast majority of gamers are going to buy the 3DS for games. As for the Wii, most of the games I have for it either don’t require you to use the motion control or just don’t have it in there at all. Just like the 3D, it’s an optional gimmick, although in this case, the choice is with developers and not players.

            Consider this: If someone asked what a 3DS was, what would the response be? At its most basic, it would be “The 3DS is a game system”. Have you ever heard the Wii referred to as a “motion control” system? No, it’s a game system, and people will treat it as such.

      • Yes, the 3D effect, since the purposes behind my testing it involved said effects. Same thing happens to me with 3D movies, or the Virtual Boy. Turning it off would be fine, most likely. I’d still lean toward the PSP though, since I already have cables to hook it up to my TV at home.

        • Guest

          Ah so the AV stuff. Gotcha, Id love to play some Peace Walker on my TV.

    • I would prefer PSP too, also, this might mean too that the PSP power is close to the 3DS power regarding to machine powar, and visuals.

      • I think its actually the converse, that is, the game isnt maximized and built up for the 3DS and thus can only achieve an experience that is equivalent to that which is enabled by psp level output.

      • I was going to say “not necessarily,” but the brave and vigilant Tsuna beat me to it. That said, both machines are pretty powerful regardless. I’m sure there won’t be any stark differences between the two versions.

        • Yeah, i thought about that too after i posted, still, i would gladly go with the nice and big screen of the psp before anything, but i wonder, does this means they wont use the touch pad in the 3DS? or they are willing to make different interfaces for each system…

          • Since a fraction of DS RPGs used the touch screen, and an even smaller fraction used it well, I’m sure they’ll just ignore it or slap some awkward touch-screen menu option if you feel so inclined to poke instead of scroll and hit a button.

    • malek86

      I would rather get it for PSP due to the bigger and higher-res screen, and possibly (but I’ll have to try one before I can say it for sure) because the d-pad is in a proper position instead of tucked down. It’s also better than the d-pad on the DS, which I assume will be the same on 3DS.

      However, if the PSP version has dithering and the 3DS version doesn’t, I might get that one. I hate dithering.

  • PSP?! Dyde sign me up for this so I can be there on day 1 when it comes to PSP! I love dungeon crawling RPGS and this staff sounds simply phenomenal!!! (Im surprised they didnt say NGP)

  • Hell, that’s quite the nice list of artists and staff! I don’t know what to say except: I’m sooo looking forward to this!!!

  • IceRomancer

    Oh my yes! This sounds awesome. The art alone makes it a must own!

  • WonderSteve

    I can’t help but click and read any article title has the the word “Grandia” and “Lunar” Good job Spencer.

    This game has an interesting production team.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Yes two of the best in RPGs right up there with Dragon Quest!!! XD

  • Zero_Destiny

    YES!!!!!! Give us LUNAR story with it’s awesome animated scenes and great charas and GRANDIA’s battle system which is one of the best action-esque battle systems in RPGs(this is what Final Fantasy XIII wanted to be :P). just take my money now. It’s amazing!!! XD

  • So…. Are we getting it? Lol..

    • I think it’s way too early to know. I mean the game has only been “announced” via early Famitsu scans.

  • Anyone else yell out “MULLET!!!!!!!!!”?????

    Pretty cool though – prey it comes here, good team[s]. =D

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Sound like a nasty ass dungeon crawler roguelike with some great character designs. And hey a nine-tailed girl……that sounds vaguely familiar.

    • Maybe she has the nine tailed demon fox within here…omg the possibilities and the similarities, would make me so get this on Day 1!!!!!!11

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Maybe she’d have enough mojo to bite the back of the neck or rip the throat out of another nine-tailed creature.

        Animals hunt that way you know.

        • 9 tailed women are scary

          • Zero_Destiny

            You mean scary HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

          • Sexy animal girl with nine fluffy tails to comfort you doesn’t seem so scary at all dude, actually it sounds quite hawt as ZD said. xD
            Then again it’s me and I tend to have “fantasies”~

      • Darkrise

        … No plz no. Dx

      • Zero_Destiny

        I think I know what got you into Pokémon. Must be a real bummer for you that you have to wait a while to get the old pokémon back in Black and White. I guess you’ll have to wait a bit before you’re able to catch a Nine Tails and name it NARUTO. :P

      • KyoyaHibari

        Lol, you do realize the 9 tailed fox wasn’t originated from Naruto or Pokemon, its a Japanese folklore thing.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Woh woh woh there. So you’re telling me the Nine Tail Fox isn’t something made because animators in Japan got together and realized if they combined foxes with girls nine times out of ten, guys would be turned on? My world is rocked. lol

    • Zero_Destiny

      Like GRANDIA Xtreme? That was a great dungeon crawl. Nothing but battles in the awesome GRANDIA battle system XD

      • Oh man, i loved to feel what grandia 2 made me feel graphically again with Xtreme, sadly it wasnt strong in the story part T_T, still, Grandia 2 just left me too thristy for moar, so i just couldnt help myself

        • Zero_Destiny

          GRANDIA 2 is a MASTERPIECE It was all I played on the DREAMCAST for months. Oh the memories. 3 was great too. The story wasn’t as good but the charas were just as strong and the battles were even better. XD

          • Yeah T_T, it sucked that it was so short (the main story), but it had some epic and freaking hard boss fights, the hardest ive ever done.

          • God, some of Grandia 3’s battles are just unfair, but the feeling when you win those battles just can’t be expressed in words.

        • mirumu

          I remember playing Grandia 2 like it was yesterday. Actually own all three versions, DC, PS2, and PC. Loved that game. Actually thinking about it, even my username is a Grandia 2 reference. I also consider the original Grandia to be my favorite game although it’s been some time now since I last played it.

          So yeah, as you might guess I’m very hyped about this news. Your use of caps has my full support.

          • Haha that’s good to know xD, i hope they take some stuff from grandia, like when they talk when they are eating, i dont know why, but i always loved that part of the game

    • I can just think of Kanokon, but not sure if it is that what you’re thinking of~

      • I dont want to see more children suffering xD

    • theworldofnoboundries

      You mean fate/extra’s caster?

  • Darkrise

    Omg, When I read the first half and the top of the article, I thought it would be 3DS exclusive which made me a bit sad but then I noticed the psp part so it’s all good. =) YEEEESSSSSS!!!!! We so many awsome jrpg’s being released this year!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Siliconera just hit this thread like vultures on a fresh kill! And it looks like a tasty kill.

  • Oh man, this is definitely an eye catcher. Smells like Radiant Historia, in the sense that they both have cool collabs.

    • Yui

      Amen. Just need to hear who’s composing this game and then we’re done. They can just take my money, anyway. ;D

  • I need to think a little about this. Lunar wasn’t that awesome for me and I love Grandia but the 3D dungeon RPG idea isn’t so appealing. There are times too where a lot of well know artist and director fail harder so I won’t hope so much until see more info.

  • Draparde

    sounds like a wonderfully crafted mixture of people. if i have a 3ds by then i’d probably just get it for whichever system i have less games on at the time…

  • puchinri

    Wow, that’s awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more of this game. Could not be enough win (I lie, give me more devs and artists I love).
    I’m looking forward to seeing Hagiwara-sensei and Pako’s designs.

  • mikanko

    Wow, an RPG being made by a compilation of talent that’ve worked on my personal favorite RPGs and SRPGs over the last 15 years. Sold.

    The only portable system I own is a PSP go, which works fine for me since I mainly use it as an mp3 player. Provided there’s a lot of voice I might even be importing this provided it hits PSN… Please hit PSN. >__<

  • city_debut

    2011 AD
    Gaming is saved.

  • Kunio_kun

    Spencer, you must start round the clock coverage of this game NOW!
    Hype machine in full effect.
    Must know when this badass group of SuperBestFriends eats, sleeps, farts, etc.
    Also need pics of Niko STAT…

  • cj_iwakura

    Technically, the Lunar team no longer exists. They died with Studio Alex.

  • Please let this be better then Cross Edge (not a bad game just serverly flawed).

    And if this is a success (in terms of sales and gameplay) then the follow up should be Grandia X Summon Night X Lunar X Shining Force.

    • Ren

      How would that even play?

      • Like a better version of Cross Edge or Trinity Universe (the latter I haven’t played but which I heard is meh)

  • bonafide

    This game sounds interesting and I’m always eager for more RPGs. I’m definitely getting a 3DS if this game ever reaches the western shores.

  • Ren

    Please have Grandia battle system! Please have Grandia battle system! PLEASE HAVE GRANDIA BATTLE SYSTEM!

    I this game doesn’t end up having Grandia’s battle system though I’ll loose any possible interest. I’ve been dying to be able to play Grandia 2/3/XTreme, but my PS2 died when I started playing the third one and Persona 4, and I have no interest on Grandia 1 on the PSN. Please, let there be hope. And pasta for lunch.

  • MisterDandylion

    This looks game looks extremely promising :D My inner child is happy :3

  • Joanna

    The monster capturing sounds interesting and I like that each character has a different designer (and hopefully the designs share a common style, which is what it looks like from the small magazine shot.) I’m also happy this is a traditional RPG and I hope it’s not just a dungeon crawler. I want to explore towns as well. (The term dungeon crawler makes me think it’s going to have a hub town and one massive dungeon or smaller sub dungeons, which is alright, but like I said, I’d much rather have one than one town). Either way, I do like what I am hearing and I will be keeping an eye out for it (now I’m left wondering what version I should pick up if it makes it over here).

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