Ever17 Gets An All-New Xbox 360 Remake

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 1:28pm

If you’re familiar with visual novels, you’ve likely heard of Ever17. If you haven’t, Ever17 is an immensely popular title amongst the visual novel community, and tells the story of seven people trapped in an underwater theme park.


Originally developed by KID, Ever17 is getting an Xbox 360 remake courtesy of 5pb, according to this week’s Famitsu magazine. The game will remade from scratch, with conversation scenes using 3D models, and will have new event graphics and a new ending. The Xbox 360 remake of the game is slated for release sometime this summer.


Ever17 was co-written by Kotaro Uchikoshi, who some of you might know better as the writer of 999: 9 Hours, Persons, 9 Doors. In case you missed it, you can read a Siliconera interview with him about 999 and his inspiration for the game.


Meanwhile, the director of Ever17, Takumi Nakazawa, is working on Root Double: Before Crime * After Days in collaboration with publisher, Yeti.


You can view screenshots of the Ever17 remake at Famitsu.com.

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  • kyuketsukimiyu

    So much want. I wonder if it will be region free…seems unlikely but I can dream.


    Jesus christ, that makes so much sense my face is close to imploding. Great game, and actually did get a US release originally. So sad how many 5pb games there are now on the 360 and none of them have gotten a localisation.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Ok Aksys. You know you want this. I sure as hell do……and I got Ever 17 and Remember 11 on my PC right now.

    The gentleman also wrote Myself, Yourself; both the *ALL AGES VN and the anime which unlike most adult game to anime adaptations does not suck. And the anime is all-ages.

    *Not to proud to admit a mistake! Still want the 360 port here.

    • Not to be “that guy”, but Myself ; Yourself isn’t an “adult” VN.

      IIRC, Nakazawa has never done an “adult” VN.

    • I already saw Myself;Yourself, it was pretty good, and was very light in the yandere thing, thanks god, it ended really good and im is one of the anime where i like the ending (specially when it has 13 chapters) I feel sorry for Aoi though :(

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Nanaka in Myself owes a bit to Tsugumi, arguably the most significant girl in Ever 17.

        • Lol, also, what i liked of Yourself;Myself is that the MC had at least some BG story (with the clock, etc) that made me freaking wonder what was his deal until the end, that kept me really interested

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I thought Hina was well handled. Old enough to want to be an adult, but sharp enough to understand she wasn’t one yet.

            And Sana handled things quite well there. Although I’d suspect if he had really tried anything, the other girls would have handled him quick.

            All in all a fun little slice of life around folks growing into adulthood. A few themes are also prevalent in this game, but different in that it is not a team of childhood friends whose relationships are explored but a team who must fight keep each other alive.

    • Myself;Yourself an adult VN?
      Last I checked it was something like, all ages. Did I miss something?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Little mistake. Sorry for the confusions.

    • PrinceHeir

      yes more visual games ftw :D

      btw can anyone recommend me any visual novel games? im already looking into chaso head and ever 17 any others?

      • I’ll just say this, Chaos;Head is friggen amazing.
        You also have your obligatory Tsukihime/Kagetsu Tohya/Alliance of Illusionary Eyes. Fate Stay/Night. I hear “Moon” is supposed to be pretty nice. And if you don’t mind oldness “Divi Dead” is good too.

        “Brave Soul” was good and “Planetarian” will make you cry like a baby.

        And last, but not least: “Family Project”. It has a real powerful story that involves a mismatched group of people attempting to live under the same roof.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Family Project is great if you don’t mind adult content. Also has an amazing VA cast, Norio Wakamoto and Yuka Imai are both in it under aliases. Crescendo and Kana Little Sister are other adult VNs that get high marks. Brass Restoration, Narcissu, May Sky and True Remembrance are all freely translated doujin works of good quality.

        In DS games Princess Debut and of all things Imagine:Figure Skater are VN styled. Imagine Figure Skater is a Japanese girls game released under that despicable license. Aksys brought over Rockin Pretty which deals with a K-On styled band.

        • PrinceHeir

          btw way where do you legally buy these 4?

          Brass Restoration, Narcissu, May Sky and True Remembrance?

          • Zero_Destiny

            Oh so they’re doujin/”for fans by fans” kind of games so no need to buy them. :D That’s awesome. I now have something to distract me even more from my backlog. Muwahahahahahahaha *tears fall down as I realize I’ll never burn through all these games at this pace lol*

          • M’iau M’iaut

            May Sky is probably the quickest to get through, True Remembrance the most detailed story/world, Brass Restoration the closest to a traditional VN (set in a school, with an interesting protag situation), have lotsa kleenex nearby with Narcissu (for the tears, not anything else you sick minds).

            They are all all-ages.

      • Zero_Destiny

        More Visual Novels the BETTER!!!! :D I haven’t been big on fanlations so not TOO big of a VN guy. I want to be but it’s a niche market. So what can you do? lol I’m limited in what I can suggest but MagnaGamers has some cool release like Higurashi which is fun. And then there’s the DS games we got. Time Hollow is a fun time-travel VN, 999 is AMAZING!!!!, then there’s the Phoenix Wright games which I’m behind on but are still awesome and really hilarious (You can also download the first 3 games on Wii’s VC for $10 a piece), there’s also the Prof Layton games which I never played and I think people will kill me for listing because there more like puzzle games with a VN like story presentation but I think there worth listing, there’ Trace Memory which is fun, Hotel Dusk; a great game that’s cool because it makes you hold the DS vertically like a book, and there’s Lux-Pain. Lux-Pain is a real SAD story (localization wise). It’s typical Ignition. The sentences are worded weird, there’s spelling errors, in the parts that have voice acting the acting doesn’t match the words. :( It was bad. The game itself was fun but a little confusing, both because of Ignition making the translation suck so much and because the story was kind of complicated. I wiki some stuff here and there but I had fun with it. It is worth a buy if you really REALLY want it. But Lux-Pain comes with a stern warning. You must be able to tolerate a crap translation and pay close attention so all the terms thrown at you don’t go over your head.

      • PrinceHeir

        thanks for the suggestions guys will look into it :P

      • M’iau M’iaut

        You can also find a few US games done with an engine called Renpy. Hanako Games and Winter Wolves are two companies that handle these on a retail level. Cute Knight Kingdom, Heileen and Spirited Heart are prominent ones, although CKK is an all-ages Princess Maker styled title using its own engine. You play as a young girl rather than the ‘father’ who sends his 14yr old ‘daughter’ off to work in bars and hostess clubs.


    Nooooooo, I want to reread Ever17 on my PS3!!!!!!

  • malek86

    Well that’s weird. As a full remake, this would be approved by Sony. Why didn’t they go for PS3 too?

    • Because for this generation, the 360 is THE console for VNs. Have you even seen how friggen many there are for it?
      Plus you have the whole ‘easier to code for, can easily be ported to PC’ and all that jazz.

      • Apollonis

        It’s the console for really niche geeky games in general in Japan–these types of games, shmups, bishoujo stuff like Idolmaster and Dream Club… pretty much the exact opposite of its image elsewhere, which is so weird. It’s like MS has a secret side of itself that it doesn’t really want anyone else to see.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          That side was there with the XBox too. Phantom Dust was about the only thing we got that was first deved for the JP market. Level 5s MMO never got off the ground, although a bit of that development showed up in Rogue Galaxy.

    • Skua

      Aside from Aquaplus, no one really wants to gamble on the PS3. Alchemist tried with Umineko and lost.

  • Pretty excited for this :D

    • malek86

      The goggles! They do nothing!

    • I don’t see a problem. Take in consideration that often a screenshot will make something look worse than it does in motion.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Kotaro Uchikoshi & Takumi Nakazawa!!! This needs to come to America. Please some force out there bring over here!!! XD

  • Xboxxxxxxxxx NOOooOoooo, hope it gets ported to psp or something

  • MarkMario

    Never heard of but, a visual novel about people trapped in a underwater theme park sounds interesting enough.

  • How upsetting. Another awesome VN coming to 360. Another VN that will never be localized.

    Color me sad and angsty.

    • EmmyG

      Well, it already WAS if you count the PC version, and since there is an existing English translation, maybe that will make it easier for them to bring over this version?

      In the meantime, play 999 and Date Warp, both available for sale in English and having some similar themes.

  • That’s nice to hear. It would be nice if it were localized. The PC English release is fetching for about a hundred bucks now.

    • Where can you find it for $100? I can only find it for $200.

  • English text? What trickery is this?!

    Region-free plz

  • BTA

    I finally tracked down a copy of Ever17 awhile back… it’s been sitting in my backlog since then. :x

  • [edited by mod]

    • You shouldn’t talk of that sort of thing around here. :)

      • Thank you (: I’ll keep that in mind.

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