Square Enix Wants To Steal Your Heart With Their Next Girl’s Romance Game

By Spencer . February 16, 2011 . 10:04am

imageSquare Enix is moving into the otome market with their Ultimate Kiss games. That’s their label for girl’s romance games. First announced last October, the Ultimate Kiss line made its debut with Soar! Maihane Senior High Theater Department for mobile phones.


Now, they have a new game in the pipeline titled Sparkle! Phantom Thief Penny Black. This game tells the story of a mysterious thief who steals the hearts from beauties at night. Phantom Thief Penny Black is also a cell phone game. Details about the game and the characters have not been announced.


Companies like Konami, D3 Publisher, Broccoli, and Idea Factory have dominated the otome genre with series such as Tokimeki Memorial and Vitamin X. While a behemoth in comparison, Square Enix is a newcomer to the genre.

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  • M’iau M’iaut

    Well in the case of Enix, it might be a return, although their ‘back in the days we don’t admit to’ titles were on the pure h side.

    • It’s a topic about Penny Black and your using an avatar from Go-Sick. It’s also about Phantom Thieves.

      There’s a nice trail of coincidence there.

  • Apollonis

    Is it odd for a straight guy to be interested in these? It’s partly just out of interest in Japanese-style adventure games (aka “visual novels”… dislike that term almost as much as the odious “dating sim”); I’ll take what I can get… get on it, Aksys! lol

    • M’iau M’iaut

      It’s certainly acceptable. I would have bought Angelique when stories of that one coming over existed; and that is a female protag, reverse harem situation. One of Hirameki’s old titles was YoJinBo, a Twelve Kingdoms sort of title. TokiMeki has boy sides and girl sides, as does of course Harvest Moon.

      Such definitely could help expand our niche in general. Females with a romance tilt in interests are good candidates to enjoy story and character-centric titles.

    • godmars

      Well, considering the alternative would be a date sim featuring Vanille, same sex dating might actually be a step up…

    • Chippel

      Meh, girls play games like that made for dudes, so why not?

    • Sure it’s fine. I’m a straight woman and I know I’m going to buy Tokimeki Memorial 4 now that the Best Version of that is out. And I really liked Thousand Arms too.

  • Zero_Destiny

    SE wants to steal girls’ hearts? *Thinks about it* Hmmmh . . . Final Fantasy VII-XIV? Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Tidus, [Make your own Dream-Boat], Vann, Snow/Hope, and [Build a Bear Workshop, where you build your own Manservice]. I don’t see anything new.

    • puchinri

      Honestly, I think they do a better job making attractive girls than guys.
      Cloud and Squall aren’t appealing to me, and while I love Zidane, he usually doesn’t come off as sexy. Same goes for most of the other guys. Their older characters though? Ohyeabb. Cid, Vincent, Auron and Jecht all the way~.
      Maybe Squeenix should make a otome game where the girl gets a harem of older guys. Or maybe I just have weird tastes.

      • Zero_Destiny

        lol While I am I guy so I’m just guessing that girls love this guys because I don’t think TOO many guys out there other than Sawada look at these charas and think wow I want to look just like him. lol But in my personal opinion Square hasn’t made a hot girl chara since VI. Not saying newer charas are ugly but no one’s hotter than Tera and Celes. Heheheheh Maybe that’s nostalgia.

        • Dude, clearly you have not seen Lightning or Dissidia’s version of Terra (simply gorgeous).

          Of course Vaan, Hope, and Advent Children’s, Cloud (that sword, ZOMG!) and Reno are their best character designs!!!!

          • Zero_Destiny

            You know I REALLY REALLY like Lightning. Out of the past two generations of Final Fantasy (X-XIV) I think she’s the BEST main chara. She had a good story and for once the main chara wasn’t whiny. But I don’t know I wasn’t attracted to her. I thought man she’s cool. But I never found myself staring at her in you know what kind of way lol Maybe that was her charm and in 10 years from now I’ll think back and be like man Lightning was HAWT. lol But right now I don’t know I like her but she’s take it or leave it with me.

          • puchinri

            Vaan and Hope? Really? They don’t feel a little childish or girly looking to you? Or is that part of the charm? I mean, I really agree with Reno, since he has the look and the personality, but the others? I mean, Square has way better, don’t you think? x’D

          • Bakuryukun

            also the fact that Vaan is a completely useless twat, doesn’t help things either.

        • puchinri

          Haha, and I actually feel that their guys generally come off incredibly boring looking or incredibly… Plain. They’re girly or meh. I want manly, or at least not quite as pretty as me but a close attempt. So I definitely don’t blame guys when they don’t want to look like them or anything. x’D

          I mostly agree actually. Rydia is fairly hot after her aging, Celes is quite hot, and I do think Terra is very cute. The only ladies that strike me as hot later are Tifa, Beatrix, Lulu and Fran. And only Beatrix stands out as hot and bad ass the way the girls before VII do. (Well, Fran does too actually.)

          Hehe, it’s probably nostalgia on my part too, and it helps that IX plays closest to that nostalgia, but I do think Squeenix has had female characters become less… Hot. Plenty of them have been cute, but they just don’t strike my fancy as much anymore.

          I don’t think the otome market or the dating sim market is safe for Squeenix until they start giving us design like before! (Or at least more Jecht/Auron/Cid/Vincent and Celes/Terra/Beatrix/Fran designs.)

  • Testsubject909

    Reminds me of a certain chapter of The World God Only Knows.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I am most interested to see that episode which we should get next season.

  • Testsubject909

    I’m not too sure the girls will buy this. Got a sister who plays these games.

    According to her, this game is too formulaic, so basically it’s another cookie cutter basic otome game with no real specific appeal outside of the artwork, to which you can already find quite a few good looking guys out there.

    So… nice branching out Squeenix, but I doubt it’ll ultimately bring you back much.

  • I smell letter bee…

    • Heh why does the art style or at least color scheme remind me of Tegami Bachi, lol!!!

  • But can it steal the heart of Tsuna for a Day 1 buy?

  • my heart was long stolen by square enix’s final fantasy bishonenss (aka pretty boys)… lol..

  • Hope you people realize what they mean by him stealing girls hearts is literal; he pretty much punches a hole in their body and steals them to sell later. Piece by piece. See what he’s holding in the picture? Yeah now you see :D

  • I would play this stuff. And I’m straight!! I love this type of game.

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