This Week In Sales: The Radiant Mythology Of Samurai Warriors 3

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 4:31pm

The week of February 7th – 15th saw yet another Tales game published by Namco Bandai in Japan, in the form of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, which debuted at the top of the weekly sales chart at 222,000 units.


Following closely behind it was Samurai Warriors 3Z, the enhanced port of Samurai Warriors 3 on PlayStation 3 at 208,000 units. The Wii version of the same game debuted at far lower numbers at the #6 position.


Meanwhile, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 dropped from its #1 position the week prior, but managed to stay in the top 5, just below Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which saw a nice boost in sales, which we assume was due to the release of Sony’s new PSP bundles for the game.


The top-20 chart for the week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 222,068 New PSP Namco Bandai
New 02. Samurai Warriors 3Z 208,548 New PS3 Tecmo Koei
06. 03. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd 93,483 4,249,622 PSP Capcom
01. 04. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 30,910 163,176 DS Capcom
New 05. LittleBigPlanet 2 24,648 New PS3 Sony
New 06. Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends 22,598 New Wii Tecmo Koei
New 07. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 21,718 New PS3 Take-Two
09. 08. Donkey Kong Country Returns 15,971 806,357 Wii Nintendo
05. 09. Kenka Bancho 5 14,372 101,350 PSP Spike
03. 10. White Knight Chronicles Episode.Portable: Dogma Wars 11,229 51,832 PSP Sony
11. 11. Pokémon Black/White 10,433 5,071,867 DS Nintendo
04. 12. Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden 10,341 41,449 DS Namco Bandai
13. 13. Wii Party 10,239 1,787,341 Wii Nintendo
07. 14. The Last Story 9,052 142,952 Wii Nintendo
02. 15. Macross Triangle Frontier 8,409 63,922 PSP Namco Bandai
14. 16. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 7,575 170,477 PSP Konami
08. 17. Valkyria Chronicles 3 7,491 128,196 PSP Sega
17. 18. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 7,379 442,500 PS3 Konami
18. 19. Ni no Kuni: The Jet-Black Sorcerer 7,267 474,828 DS Level 5
New 20. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 7,180 New 360 Take-Two


Sales data sourced from 4Gamer and Media-Create.

  • Wohooaa! Nice! Good for the tales of games, i guess this means there will be a 4th soon >_>, that game will be just way too full of characters. That’s the power of a franchise >8O!!

    And Emil+Marta <3

    • Ren

      Emil with Luca and Marta with Iria make some of the best skits this game have. Hmm, I wonder if I can find them on youtube.

      I personaly find Marta amuzing but annoying, kinda like Trist, but Trist’s amuzingness(is this a word?) fairly outrank most of his annoying tendencies(IE is the best web browser!!!!) and he’s got a lot better, while Marta is kind of the opposite. Of course, bad AI, a confusing fighting style and Rie Kugimiya just worsen it. I liked her relationship with Emil and how finnaly a Tales game tried to actaully handle romance, but it could have been executed better. Also, Richter had far more chemistry with Emil, wich made me wonder whether he would be catchable when Emil started having his Stupid Sexy Flander moments, but the kissing scene was cute, so I’ll let this one slide. Of course, playing the game acting like Emil was sexually confused, Marta was a post op trans and Tenebrae was a pedophile while everyone else wanted Lloyd pants made the game much better in my opnion. Not that half of that wasn’t true.

      • I found weird that Rie made her voice (Marta’s) in japanese, still, i like her voice so i was cool with it, but i really liked english voices xD

        And haha yeah, i never found Marta annoying but a lot of friends did so i guess that is just me, but i did found Emil at the beginning annoying, specially with all the OMG RITCHER, [email protected]!!! OMFG thing >_>, but i just loved how everything finished at the end.

        Emil and Luca become the best friends xD (did you see the opening btw? they appear and is pretty funny). Ohh but Luca, that is one annoying MC >_>

        • Darkrise

          I’m also the only one of my friends who never found Marta to be annoying lol.

          Haha, scene with Luca and Emil was pretty funny, but you should check out the Tales of Chat Drama BEFORE they become friends. =P

          All the way at 8:10

          • Yeah!! ive seen all of those before xD they are all so freaking funny, i love them all xD

          • Ren

            Wow, we sent the same video. That shows great minds think alike.

          • PrinceHeir

            damn it Marina Inoue is sooo cute :P

            hopefully we also get Radiant Mythology 3 in the future

        • Ren

          Saw a stream of it and the opening is already on my iPod in both video and full version for almost a week. I personaly like Luca, it’s just Spada and Iria that bring the annoying from him with their sadistic tendencies, they are my OT3 for this series anyway. Like I said somewhere before, the game would have been so much much simpler if Emil just acepted his gay for Richter and went to date him. There would be no Nifelidontknowhoetospellitheim business and the everything would have just gone fine and dandy. Hmm, now I noticed the Symphonia Team games always have a lot of HoYay in them. Lloyd and Zelos(even more on the japanese version), Luke and Guy, Jade and Peon, Ion(I love telling people he’s a boy after they played the game), Rita and Estelle, Judith and anyone, Karol and Raven(yes, there’s such a thing), and the most obvious, Yuri and Flynn. Not that team Destiny loose on that aspect, LeonStahn(wich is bad wording, because the closest Leon is ever going to come with topping is on his ice cream) is classsic and AsbelRichard is quite trown on your face the whole game.
          Wait, how did this end up on this? Anyway…

          Watch this from 7:07 onwards for the part with Luca and Emil, and make sure to watch until the end. They are just too alike for their own good.

          Oh, also, watch this if you haven’t before. It contains pedoNatalia on part two, and pedoNatalia is always woth it.

          • Lol just fiished watching the first one lol xD, i think i could have liked Luca better if it wasnt for his way too girly voice T_T


      Just in case you want to know the full roster. You should check out the Abyss section.

      • Choosing your party in this game is like choosing if you want to get married or not, you will take days deciding…

        • I’d pick Van, Richter, and Celsius just because they aren’t protagonists in their original games.

          • Haha, i guess what i said only applies to me xD, im sure i would be using Emil and Marta every time i can, and will have trouble selecting the last spot (because the character you create have to be in the party) Maybe Senel…

          • Zero_Destiny

            I pick Reid, Senel, and Lloyd. Can’t be anymore epic than that. The Best 3 main charas out of all the TALES I’ve played in order (Best to Least)too I like to add. :P

          • Who will heal? xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            @WildArms HA! Healing is for wimps with such an awesome party we won’t need Healing. Heheheheheheheh

          • I can alraedy see your party wiped out :3

          • Zero_Destiny

            @WildArms Nooooooo!!!! Don’t sell my dream team so short. We may be limited on healing powers but our BURNING PASSION will get us through till the end. That and hording gels/gummies. Oh the hording that we’ll have. But yeah passion and all that jazz because we’re awesome.

          • He can play as a Monk(Farah type) or Paladin(Veigue+Healing).

          • Do they get stuff that heals all the party? because that is a must later on the game xD

          • Yui

            No Yuri Lowell? Seriously, guys?! What is wrong with you all?! >:|

          • I dont have a xbox SO I WONT EVER KNOW HOW VESPERIA IS T_T!!!! Unless i somday import the ps3 ver.
            Besides, Yuri was already in rm2 and Emil, Marta are new on rm3 so, that’s another reason xD

          • @WildArms Neither of them can, but the Monk’s healing artes don’t have any charge/cast time since their physical artes.

            @Yui The best part about crossover games is that you get to play as characters that normally wouldn’t be in your (final) party in the original games. With that said, I’m replacing Richter with Lilith. A party based on my favorites would actually be Yuri, Jade, and Estelle.

      • vadde939

        So RM3 has all the Symphonia cast except for Regal. Was he unpopular in Japan or something? Aww he was my favourite from the original ToS. T_T

        • He is too busy with his company (or maybe the person that made his voice is too expensive xD)

      • malek86

        Wow, they even have charas from Tales of the Tempest? I thought Namco wanted people to forget about that one.

        • Both of them has been appearing since rm2, and i actually find the girl funny xD, i wonder what sucked of that game? Main story? battles? the opening already looks kinda crappy haha, at least it has some parts with anime

          • malek86

            Someday I’ll have to import it, and see what all the fuss is about.

          • Apparently it was too short(est. 10 hrs) and too easy. I’m not sure about the actual story though.

  • Hm looks like Ni No Kuni may vanish from the charts next week….will 600K be its maxima.

    LBP2 go!!!! Such a phenomenal game deserves the unit sells!!!!!

    • Ren

      Wow, LPB2 sales were really low. Hang in there buddy, I don’t particulary like you, but my brother and childhood friend would hang me if I said otherwise.

      • Dude, how can you not like LBP2?!

        • lbp in general rocks! its one of the games that might make the psp2/ngp an awesome system to buy at launch(if it is a launch title ^^;)

        • Ren

          I’m generally bad at platformers, and I dislike games that focus too much on user created content. Even though the single player is well crafted and can be fun, I don’t find the game compeling. Jump fisics and layers aside, the game is every single platform I ever played without anything different. Not a bad game by any way, but it’s just not my cup of tea. What I played from the first game on my neighbor’s PS3 didn’t strike me much, and I quit my brother’s PSP version on the second level. The only platform I can play for more than ten minutes are Sonic games(mostly because of nostalgia, Sonic The Hedgehog was my first game ever, both played and owned) and ‘sometimes’ 3D Mario games.

          Besides, I don’t find Sackboy cute. THERE, I SAID IT!

  • i totally want tales of rm3 in English >.<
    Emil is awesome!

    • Sadly, the first one did pretty badly here T_T, i already lost my hope for the 2 and i couldnt even think about the 3rd one coming here

    • I loved how he was like two totally different people, his badass personality was great. Marta was quite funny herself. xd

      Though, whatever, I agree I want it in English too, but it probably won’t happen as I think the second one was never released here.

      • Me too xD, Tales of symphonia Dawn of a new world became one of my favorites only because of Emil and Marta combo (and tenebrae xD)

      • Zero_Destiny

        Emil was cool. I liked him. His split personalty reminded me of Yu-Gi-Oh and to be honest I atcually like wimpy main charas. I HATE whiny ones like some recent Final Fantasy charas but I don’t mind wimpy. In fact it’s a nice contrast to all the [email protected] out there in Video Games. :) I think Emil does skate on that fine line between wimpy and whiny and your mileage may vary but he never pushed it for me. Maybe it’s because when ever he got too annoying his [email protected] side got some screen time. BUT there’s no way anyone can argue against Emil and Marta. They were so cute together. Especially when you get the good ending. Brought tears to my eyes. :D

    • Wait…Emil actually has fans?!

      • Emil is annoying at the beginning but he gets pretty cool later on, and he has Marta :3, besides, Emil on ratatosk mode is awesome.
        Oh and i love Emil’s/Ratatosk’s fighting style, is my favorite fighting style of all the “Tales of” Characters i’ve seen

      • Ren

        Shut up, Hope fan. Emil is great!

      • a main character who is actually 3 people? what isn’t to like about it!


        (emil, the amnesia made persona, ratatosk the guardian, and the corpse of the final bosses friend.)

        i liked how much he changed in the game. he was almost useless at the beginning, and by the end of the game he was pretty much leading the way.
        A pretty good tales main character indeed! ^^

      • Darkrise

        Emil: Ha… Hahahaha! Darkness Devours! Ain… Soph… AUR!!!

        • lets not forget that its counter-able!

          • Darkrise

            Yes but TS can’t counter it since he’s from KHR!

        • LLOYD WHERE IS LLOYD?!?! LLOYD!?!?! FOOD!!!

      • Wait…Vaan actually has fans?!

    • AdamBoy64

      Yes, I thought Emil was the most real and relatable Tales character to me on a personal level. A very memorable character, with great development as the game went on. He’d be in my Top 3 favourite Tales characters.

      • vadde939

        Agreed. I really liked both Emil and Marta and they’re definitely among my favourites in the Tales series. Both of them felt much more human to me flaws and all and not just designed to be ‘likeable’.

  • Cloud_ST

    Maaaan,MH and Pokemon are like two titans opposing each other in sales,of course Pokemon still has better numbers,but still they are sooo close.

  • MisterDandylion

    The power of the Tales Of… Saga compells you!!! :3 SO MANY CHARACTERS!!! ;D A must for any fan!

  • endaround

    The Last Story looks like its floundering

    • That worries me too….

      • Darkrise

        You still have to consider the fact that it outsold Monado, their previous game so its not a total loss. Besides, over 100k is pretty good.

        • agreed, nis tries to hit the 50k mark with there games(higher when its something like disgaea)

          • yes but NIS is considerably smaller than the company that made this game, just compare their finances and we can easily see why NIS would enjoy 50K sales and more…

        • What? I think 100K is good only if its a small company…100K for a Wii game..well, thats really nothing to write home about considering say its lifetime sales were beat out in one week by the a psp non mainline tales of game and a ps3make of a wii game…

          • The Last Story being a new ip says hi.

          • You make it sound like its an IP in the sense that they will start a “last story” series after it. I cant even imagine they made much money off of selling so few copies.

          • Don’t even begin to use that defense. It’s creator is only the creator of one of the biggest franchises in RPG history.

            Not to mention, I could bring up a list of new IP’s this gen that sold more than 200k in Japan, but on the PS3/360. End of Eternity (Resonance of Fate), Bayonetta, etc… I honestly think that the only thing that held Last Story back was the console it was released for. Otherwise, there is NO reason for it to sell that poorly. Sakaguchi is a well respected creator whose previous games have sold millions. I mean Blue Dragon sold 210k on a system that no one in Japan buys (the 360). Saying Last Story is a new franchise is no excuse, whatsoever.

            And when I say this, I say it with sadness, only because whether I can play it or not, everyone can see how much love and care Sakaguchi puts into his games. And it makes me a bit sad to see one wasted like that.

        • This.

          Also, if Xenoblade is any indication (Media Create revealed that from 06/10/2010 until 01/02/2011 that it had sold 161,161), The Last Story will probably reach around 200k for it’s LTD.

          Which is pretty good considering it is a new ip.

    • HarryHodd

      Is it even going to outsell Blue Dragon?

  • Isshan, I just wanted to point out that the tag for “This Week in Sales” seems to be missing.

    Also, comparing Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends to 3Z isn’t really a fair comparison, when XL is an “expansion pack” to SW3 and the other is not.

    • Ahh, thanks for pointing out the missing tag! I’ll add it in. As for 3Z/Xtreme Legends, I wasn’t implying that the Wii version was inferior in any way if that’s what you were thinking. :)

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Ni no Kuni is still sticking around! I’m so proud to see that game doing so well.

  • Darkrise

    If only the first Radiant Mythology sold so well in NA. Maybe then we could’ve had 2 and then 3. =(

  • Those Last Story sales are sad. I know Wii third party titles don’t sell particularly well, as a rule, but I figured with it pedigree, it’d be Nintendo’s Final Fantasy.

    And actually, I could’ve sworn it actually was a first party title, but it says Konami there.

    • vadde939

      The Konami thing has got to be a mistake. It was published by Nintendo in Japan.

      • I thought it was. I was very confused when I saw the Konami thing.

    • Tokyo Guy

      I commented on this too. I think it’s basically that no one cares about the pedigree, other than a set group of fans (all of whom bought the game). And speaking from my own feelings, The Last Story isn’t really such a good game as to deserve mindblowing sales: it came across (to me) as a total let down of years of hard work and effort.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Well it looks like everyone’s fears about The Last Story are indeed true…as satisfying as Sakaguchi must feel in being free of Square, I can’t but help he is also somewhat upset as you know TLS would have sold better were it a Square[Enix] game…

    On a side note, it appears that table has an error as Nintendo published TLS, not Konami.

    As for Tales of the World 3…I’m surprised it did so well as stores have already started to lower its price.

    • HarryHodd

      Gooch would have been better off releasing his games on the PS3. I guess he goes where the highest bidder is which has limited his sales.

      • Tokyo Guy

        I think it might be more about financing actually. It’s probable that Nintendo contributed money or something to the project. And of course it took responsibility for all of the marketing and distribution.

        Mistwalker has yet to produce anything for the PS3 whatsoever, something I think might also be a result of the company’s inability to hire a programming team that can adequately work with the PS3 resources: making a game for the Wii is a LOT easier.

        • Just to clarify — Mistwalker don’t do the actual hands-on programming work themselves; they’re simply a design studio. The technical aspect has always been outsourced to AQ Interactive studios like Artoon (Blue Dragon, Last Story) or FeelPlus (Lost Odyssey).

          That said, the cost of development is definitely a factor, regardless of whether they’re outsourcing or not. Having stable publishers like Microsoft and Nintendo fund their games is far more important than making giant sales at the moment given that Mistwalker aren’t a giant company.

          Buuut yea. Last Story definitely deserved more than the numbers on that chart. The question is, how much did they expect it to sell. I’m certain Nintendo had realistic expectations in mind for it…they’re well aware what a wasteland the Wii market is in Japan right now.

          • HarryHodd

            What I am saying is Mistwalkers games have been funded by game companies trying to gain a stake in japans hardcore gaming community, but his big games have not gone naturally to where they would have had the biggest sales or the biggest impact with an established target market. Doesn’t it makes sense that the FF userbase might be the most receptive to his games?

          • I would say that description only applies to the Microsoft of three years ago. Nintendo are the most single most global publisher in the games industry right now, and they take worldwide sales into account any time they fund a big-budget title, whether it’s first-party or not.

            Also, while the FF audience in Japan might have been more receptive of the game, you’ve also got to take a game’s budget into account. The Last Story is as content-rich as it is because it isn’t a PS3 game, and because the system they developed it for is cheaper/easier to work with.

          • HarryHodd

            @Ishan Content rich? Isn’t Last Story a 30 hour game? Nier, Star Ocean, Ar Tonelico 3, resonance of Fate and Tales of Vesperia say hi.

            Plus it is clear Nintendo was trying to use Last Story to get more hardcore gamers on the system. They have admitted the problem in the past.

          • Tokyo Guy

            This is something that I have personally argued on many occasions as well. Why exactly, did he make Lost Odyssey for the 360? The console was doomed to fail here and yet he still went ahead and made the choice. (Again though, I suspect financing was a key issue, especially when you look at all the studios MS paid in the early days, to make games for it).

            It’s sad, because Lost Odyssey would have been the first “real” RPG for the PS3 at the time, and thus could have potentially sold far, far more. And personally, I think LO was the best game produced by Mistwalker and should have been the start of a full-blown series.

            And you know that Sony (or whomever would have published the game on the PS3) would have put something like “From the Creator of Final Fantasy” on the box or something to immediately get attention from the consumer.

          • The thing is that TLS is designed to be a very replayable game, rather than an overly long one. The focus was on making it not long to complete, but a game that you could come back to and still discover new quests, weapons, dungeons etc. I’d say “streamlined” is probably a suitable word to use.

            And I agree that Japan is definitely a part of the overall picture, but it’s not the only market in the world. Nintendo are still funding core Wii games in Japan (Fatal Frame, that Tower game that people think is by Monlith etc.), and they’re very well aware of how those will probably sell.

            I’m just saying, the global picture is important to keep in mind, before we start to say the game should’ve been on a different platform (which is a moot point anyway, because the game wouldn’t have existed without its publisher). After all, look at Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter…both of those series benefited from being published on new platforms overseas.

            The same could be said for Final Fantasy, back when Square moved it from N64 to PS1. Sony weren’t a big game industry player at the time, so you could likely have argued that Squaresoft moved the game to the “wrong” system, and that’s precisely what a lot of people said back in those days. Another example is Atlus publishing Persona 3/4 on the PS2. Budgets/sales/global reach are all factors.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Yes, thanks for that; I was actually going to say the same thing in the previous post. My thinking was alluding more to the overhead costs, and that perhaps Nintendo contributed something to the project overall, or may have secretly commissioned it or whatnot. With respect to the programming, I was not sure which AQ studio made the game, and therefore if they had experience with PS3 development. (Actually part of me was thinking Nintendo itself had made the game).

            Putting aside the conflicting opinions of if TLS is a great game or not, I think it’s clear that both Mistwalker and Nintendo should seek to find the root cause of this consumer malaise. It’s quite possible that interest in the Wii is so depressed at this point in time, that only the most hard-core gamers would buy TLS. It’s possible that the core audience who would have bought the game simply doesn’t have a Wii, and weren’t prepared to buy one specifically for it. It’s also conceivable that the RPG demographic has changed so radically as to be outright disinterested in anything not MMORPG/Monster Hunter-like. (And yet Sakaguchi even tried to target this by allowing Online Co-Op).

            And let’s not forget the talent involved with this game on the whole: creatively, musically, even visually. Again, putting aside opinions on quality and content, just looking at how something like Dirge of Cerberus sold based on the fan community’s interest (i.e. without knowing how bad the game was) it’s all the more astonishing…

            Then again, maybe it’s just that no one really cares about Hironobu Sakaguchi. Perhaps the real issue is that his name carries very little value among the mainstream gamer and thus people don’t care what he makes. All they have cared about is the title, and because he doesn’t make Final Fantasy anything now, they don’t move from SquareEnix support.

            I’m sure any of us could go on for days debating the cause of this situation really, but there is something to be said for a game like Xenoblade selling so well (comparatively) and this one faring so poorly. As there are/were FAR more fans of Final Fantasy than there were Xeno-anything, I would find it hard to believe that XB achieved higher sales simply because it came from Monolith Software.

          • I agree fully…it is rather disturbing to see a game like TLS (subjective quality aside, like you said) being ignored by such a large portion of the market. It’s also safe to assume that far more gamers that would be interested in a game like Last Story own Wiis than people who actually bought the game. Monster Hunter Tri sold very well, and well…there are a lot of Wii owners in Japan.

            I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t simply a question of perception. One factor is definitely the general quality of software on the Wii. Owners of that system are likely used to the garbage that most publishers choose to release on it, so it could simply be that they don’t trust anything other than a known I.P. at this point. Disasters like FF Crystal Chronicles and Tales of Graces probably did little to help, too.

            The other possibility I can think of (also related to perception) is that the Wii doesn’t really have stellar RPG on it to convince people that there’s a future for those games on the platform. If I think back to the DS, I recall that the RPG support for it REALLY took off in full force after Square announced Dragon Quest IX would be a DS game.

            By the time DQX releases, obviously, it’ll be too late for it to be any sort of leading example. I don’t know if there’s anything Nintendo can really do about the core Wii market in Japan right now.

            And finally, it could also just be how the Japanese market is at the moment, where the average consumer is reluctant to invest in any sort of new I.P unless it’s on a portable system.

            update: Just wanted to add — your theory on Sakaguchi’s name carrying little weight is entirely plausible, too. It would be very ironic if more people bought the game on account of it being “by the creator of Final Fantasy” overseas than in Japan.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Ishaan, there is no space left to reply to your comments below so I will type them here.

            Perception is a good topic to point out, as indeed when one looks at the sheer number of games available for the Wii and then considers their overall quality, it’s quite alarming. Along with Crystal Chronicles and Tales of Graces, I would also add games like Sengoku Musou 3Z which, according to The Magic Box, has sold more than 9X more than the Wii version.

            I find it a bit ironic that Nintendo seems to be annoyed by this, yet it doesn’t want to accept the fact that its business model and decisions are what caused the problem in the first place. Why doesn’t the PS3 have as much crap? Simply because of how much money it costs to make a game for it. The Wii is making use of hardware from almost a decade ago and thus any developer with a decent sum of money can churn out a modern Gamecube game. This makes it all the more sad when you have a developer who DOES put in as much effort into a Wii title as one would a PS3 title, and it “flops”.

            In addition, through Nintendo’s courting the “non-gamer” to its ranks, it has facilitated the “need” for all this garbage software. Before the game consoles were always for gamers/kids, and thus the software would still be crap but on a more limited scale, but the appeal of the Wii has blown the roof off the box. Grandparents and housewives aren’t going to buy a racing game regardless of its quality. They might, however, be interested in some kind of gimmicky sport or leisure game.

            Nintendo’s management needs to make a decision as to where it’s going. When you look at someone like Howard Stringer, he has a clear goal for Sony and plans to get it there, despite the fact that said course of action all but eliminates any semblance of uniqueness and creativity that once defined the company. He was, essentially, called in as a rescue plan.

            I don’t see where Iwata is taking Nintendo. Was his goal to appeal to the widest audience possible? If so then he succeeded. But if that was in fact his goal, he can’t then turn around and get angry that the core gamer has deserted him. Was his goal to ensure strong support for the Wii by making development very easy? If so then he succeeded, but he can’t turn around and complain about all the crap that was also made in the process.

            As things are right now, it really seems like a total fluke that resulted in the current success, and that Nintendo has no clue whatsoever how to deal with it other than try to offer direct branding and whatnot. But this of course doesn’t work because the entire situation has been turned on its head and thus real strategy and planning is necessary less more and more 3rd party developers jump ship.

          • Hehe, that’s one thing we’ll always disagree on. I think Iwata’s a brilliant man, and I think he knows what he’s doing. Howard Stringer is, too, no doubt…but I don’t think Sony have had much to be proud of from a business perspective over the last 4 years at all, and we’ll see how Stringer’s rescue mission works out in a while.

            I think the situation with the Wii can be rectified with their next console. The situation with third-parties is very much a learning process, and as long as Nintendo continue to keep trying new things, it’s just something they’ll have to account for right from the start. I think the 3DS already shows that they understand this to a great extent.

            I don’t think Iwata has ever complained, honestly. He points out facts, sure, but I’ve never seen him complain about a situation and do nothing to address it. I don’t understand your dislike for him, haha…in my opinion, he’s the best president they’ve had, since he’s an ex-developer turned manager and he clearly understands Nintendo’s shortcomings and is trying to fix them. :p

          • Tokyo Guy

            Again, there is no room to reply to your previous message, so I will post it here.

            My opinion of Iwata is linked with my comments that Nintendo doesn’t seem to have any goal for its future. The success of the Wii and DS weren’t really anticipated, rather they happened by sheer “accident” and thus while it’s great financially, it doesn’t really say much about Nintendo’s future prospects. Various business management consultants I’ve spoken with have pointed out a number of problems/faults with the company’s management and performance as well, with profitability being one of them.

            From a gamer perspective, I can easily see why people would love Iwata, so I am in no way trying to claim my dislike of him is “correct” or even “warranted”. Like with my opinion of SquareEnix, much of my thinking has been “tainted”, so to speak, in this context, by that of consultants and whatnot.

            With respect to your other point, Nintendo didn’t used to have problems with 3rd parties. Think back to the Famicom and Super Famicom days. How many games released for those two consoles, and yet the 3rd party offerings really stood out. Square comes to mind, as does Enix, Capcom, Konami…and Nintendo has never really had a problem with its portable consoles as much as it has the home consoles, since the N64 era. Feel free to dispute me on this if you think I’m wrong BTW.

            Anyway, IMHO the problem is very much tied to the users: the Wii has “failed” the hardcore gamer that once constituted almost all of Nintendo’s consumers, and as a result when you have “hardcore gamer games” like The Last Story, they don’t respond. I think you have a good point about Dragon Quest X, because that would immediately awaken a substantial portion of the core gamer market, but also like you said, too little too late. The game doesn’t even have a release date; it may very well be pushed to the next Nintendo platform for all we know, or even moved to the 3DS. I would actually question the logic behind SE releasing DQX as a Wii game in 2012 given that the console is almost dead now. I very much saw XB and TLS as indicative of the final arc in the lifespan.

          • Sorry I took a while to reply to this…I was exhausted yesterday. But now I’m glad I waited!

            We’re all entitled to our opinions, of course, but I do think it’s a little odd that people still think the Wii/DS were both entirely a fluke. While it’s true that their success was unexpected, Nintendo have been very careful about not tiring those successful massively-mainstream games out by reiterating on them repeatedly (see: Guitar Hero).

            So, I do feel like they’ve adapted very quickly to this new market that they’ve carved out for themselves, and that it’s been a very significant learning experience for them. I understand third-parties were a different matter back in the Famicom days, but the market was very different in those days, there was less competition, and they had a very different kind of president running the show.

            As for Sony…I kind of feel about them the exact same way you feel about Nintendo. Don’t get me wrong; I love Sony. I adore my PSP and I’m very fond of a lot of Sony’s first-party stuff like Wipeout and Motorstorm. The thing is, if there’s any company lacking direction at this point, in my eyes, it’s them.

            Apple announces smartphone that can play games? Here’s Xperia play! Nintendo has motion controls? Here’s SIXAXIS/Move! iPad market is doing well? Here’s our very own tablet! Do you see what I mean? It’s like they’re being dragged around by everyone else. :p

  • Yui

    If I could, my main team would be Yuri, Yuri, Yuri. You can NEVER get too much Yuri Lowell. Period.

    But, seeing as that’s probably not possible, I’m going to go with Yuri, Luca, and either Raine, Zelos or Sheena. :D

    • Don’t give up so fast! Everything is possible as long as it is Yuri! xO
      No really I love him and that as a dude. <3
      But I like your team. :D

      • Yui

        You’re right! Nothing can stop Yuri, greatest of the unsung heroes! >:D
        I swear, if I was a woman, I’d have Yuri’s kids. Seeing as I’m not, all I can do is offer my body. XD
        What’s your team? Is it as good as Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, or Yuri, Luca, Kohak? (I decided I’d probably pick Kohak. If she’s not available, then Raine. :D)

        • Agreed, it’s all I can do too. xD
          Nothing is as good as Yuri, Yuri, Yuri..actually I always have a hard time deciding when it comes to something like this, Yuri, is a no-brainer, but the rest..Rutee, Sheena, Spada, Asch, Estelle, Judith, Rita, Shing, Kohak, Hisui, Asbel, Cheria, Emil, Marta etc. they’re all so great for me. Argh I can’t~ xD

          • Yui

            See, I know there are a ton of other characters I love. Spada, Iria, Nanaly, Senel, Reid, Lloyd, Judith, Chloe, and god knows who else. Too many to list, which is why it’s nice that we can switch around. But…there has to be a main party, and I can’t pick either!!! XD

          • Exactly, argh I just stop to think about it, the game will tell me which group will be my main, this way it’s easier for me. :P
            Though honestly if Repede would have been playable, I would be one happy panda. xD

          • Yui

            Oh god, the idea of putting Repede and Yuri together in a party would just blow everything else out of the water. What would I do with Luca then?! I love Luca!! ;_;

            You know what? I agree with you! We should just let the game pick for us, and hope that at some point we get to play it in English too. :D

  • Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (PS3 version) does well.

    No surpurises for Tales of the World getting the #1 and a strong position as well. And maybe, just maybe, Monster Hunter 3rd Portable hit the 5 million spot.

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