Moon Diver’s Story Begins In Barcelona

By Ishaan . February 17, 2011 . 1:45pm

If you haven’t kept up with Square Enix’s upcoming Strider-inspired sidescroller, Moon Diver, you can catch up with the basics of the game here. Once you’ve done that, we can talk story and characters.


Moon Diver’s story takes place in Barcelona. The chap in the screenshot up above is Faust, and he appears to be the game’s antagonist. Faust is apparently responsible for destroying half of Europe. By the time the year 2081 comes around, his evil has extended to the rest of the world.


Luckily, 2081 sees the appearance of the “Moon Divers,” an elite squad of ninjas that are dispatched to take the world back and set things right. The Moon Divers have rather unique background profiles. Let’s take a look at two of them.



Seyfert is a Swedish high-school student from the city of Kiruna, located “under the dancing northern lights of the Arctic Circle,” according to Square Enix. He used to live a perfectly ordinary life in a perfectly-constructed city that was protected against Faust’s evils.


However, through watching news reports, over a period of time, Seyfert sees the rest of the world being destroyed bit by bit, and comes to the realization that it is his destiny to defeat Faust (seriously).



Hitori is a little more interesting. An office worker employed in the accounting department of a Tokyo-based company, Hitori’s shy and a bit of a loner. She also has a rather punny name — “hitori” in Japanese refers to a single person, and the kanji in her name can also be translated to “fire-bird” (“hi” = fire, and “tori” = bird).


Hitori has fairy blood in her veins. Fairies in the world of Moon Diver, however, are mythological creatures thought of as pure savages. Upon removing her business suit, Hitori turns predatory.

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  • Code

    rar, can’t wait! I’ve been throughly enjoying my platformers lately and this looks like it won’t, be any exception >w<; Also loving the notion of 4 player co-op, I'm going to have to get some friends who'll also have this opo;

    Also on the note of platformers, rar, Hard Corps Uprising came out yesterday, and I've been really enjoying it TwT If only ASW had started doing platformers years ago, I've really gotta say they've been doing a bang up job on there games this generation.

    And the last platformer lately I've played +o+ The Great Gatsby! Had I known it was this good maybe I'd have done more then skimmed the book in highschool +o+;

    Seriously what's not to like about this picture.

    • I just played this yesterday. So fun.

    • Lmao. I can’t believe they managed to make a game out of the book… well at least it’s setting. The book wasn’t bad, and I skimmed most of the other books I got assigned in high school, so… I dunno where I was going with this but, the book is one of my all time favorites.

      • Code

        haha, I usually read most assigned books during highschool, but Great Gatsby had come when I was swamped with all kinds of work and it was just easier to skim the chapters and do up the work. Sadly I think I got my highest book report grade that whole year on it, despite not reading much of it at all opo;

        Reminds me of my grade 12 English Exam too, I wrote 5 pages about deep-sea scuba diving instead of the topic I had been planning on writing about, simply because I had watched a show about scuba diving on discovery channel the night before and it was all I could think of opo;; Oddly enough I scored best on that portion of the exam too opo;

    • andref

      I loved castlevania harmony of despair and now it has gotten old luckily Hardcorps Uprising came in to fill the gap. Now after seeing the trailer on gameinformer I am now officially psyched to get this game when it comes out. Day 1 purchase for me(maybe if I have the funds)

      • Code

        Yeah Harmony of Despair was surprisingly really fun >ww<'

        • andref

          Well i sometimes wish it had a boss rush mode like how sometimes the handheld versions sometimes did once you beat the game

    • PrinceHeir

      i plan to buy Hard Corps Uprising too bad Harmony of Despair is not out on PSN and wii ware yet. damn it konami release it already. shanoa and soma started on a nintendo console yet they don’t have wii ware release? ridiculous.

      what’s TWT and ASW?

      im playing Megaman X6 right now. i really missed 2D platformers. will buy megaman anniversary collection as well as 9 and 10.

      can’t wait for this. definitely have a strider feeling :D

      • Code

        TwT is a dorky face, and ASW, is Arc System Works >w<' lol — But yeahh I might have to double dip with Hard Corps, and Harmony of Despair (if it ever does come out on PSN). Usually I always pick up platformers on PS3 if it's an option, but it just happens that the only two people I know off hand that were getting Hard Corps and wanted to play co-op were getting the 360 version so I had to bend my own rules a little opo;

        • PrinceHeir

          do you have a wii? you should try muramasa, sins and punishment and the VC :D

          • Code

            haha yep >w< I have Sin & Punishment and love it. Admittedly though I didn't actually like Muramasa that much, I played through it and I enjoyed the artwork and particularly some of Momohime's bosses (and her storyline in general) but I felt like the fights and combat was just reallly repeative T_T'

  • Hitori’s background is more interesting! Too bad I don’t get the pun. ;[

    • Kris

      Hitori can also mean “alone” or “by oneself”
      Did that help? :D

    • 一人 -> This is hitori, as kris said, it means alone, or it can also mean one person, these kind of kanjis together have a special pronunciation, the first kanji means one and is normally said as “ichi” and the second, meaning person, is pronounced “hito” but you dont say (ichi)(hito), you say hitori (there is a special way to learn this stuff), the same can be said with 二人, that means pair, or 2 persons, but you dont say (ni)(hito) you say futari (“ni” is 2 in japanese)…

      火 -> When this kanji is alone, this is spelled as “hi”, wich means fire.

      鳥 -> This is spelled as “tori”, wich means bird.

      So yeah… they kind of used that special pronunciation of hitori and used the meanings separared to create the character…

      • I probably should have said “Don’t bother explaining it to me.”, ’cause I still don’t get it. ;[

        • lol xD, yeah is weird, is like, they play with words meanings and pronunciations a lot >_<, is pretty hard actually, most of the kanjis have 2 or 3 different ways to spell… so is not weird you can't get it

      • Thanks for explaining it to people! I couldn’t possibly have written all of that in the post, so I appreciate that you did it in the comments. :)

        • Lol no problem xD, i actually enjoyed to write all that, i feel that i at least know japanese to some degree! :P

  • ShinGundam

    To be honest, I like this game’s artwork :3 would love higher resolution of these pictures.

    • Silly you.

      Siliconera only hosts like microscopic-sized images.

    • z_merquise

      I’m also looking for other artworks for this game but I only got one:
      (check post #35 ; what’s more interesting is that there are 5 characters here whereas in the trailer and in the released screenshots, they only showed 4 playable characters)

  • HarryHodd

    Sounds really interesting. Strider is one of my all time favorite gems so I hope this delivers.

  • New teeth. That’s weird. So where was I? Oh, that’s right – Barcelona!

  • Faust has a really nice character design.

    As for everyone else… mm.. I’m not sure if I’m too into the klunky-power-rangers-in-ninja-form suits, but they’re nice individually. I just can’t help but think that they’re extremely .. mm.. noticeable on screen – but not in the best way.

  • Croix

    So…here I am in Sweden, living a nice cushy high-school student life, when I see in the news everyday that the people of Egypt are feeling oppressed by their current president. After having seen this gone on so long, the only conclusion I can come to is that I must be the one who goes out and sees to it that he is removed from office.

    Related to more ‘real life’ terms, I have to say that it’s still a concept as wacky as it is interesting. Wacky enough for me to start seriously following this game, if only to see what they’ll think of next.

  • suzaku_hien

    As much as I want to comment on the poor back stories, I will refrain and wait until the game comes out.

    I’m loving the style though. Very appealing, color wise.

  • raymk

    Seyfert main goal is to defeat faust…..really. I do love the art work though and Hitori has a better story than seyfert and a little better look though I like them all. I’m glad square is releasing info on this now I can’t wait till it comes out :).

  • I honestly hope this would lead to a Square Enix vs Capcom, with Megaman X as its main Megaman unit.

    So far, I hope we’d get to see this outside of Japan.

  • In Barcelona? You mean this is a Square Enix game that takes place in my homeland?

    In a different time I would have said “SOLD!”, but the company isn’t precisely in its prime.

    Oh, well, we’ll see.

    How will they portrait Spain? Would they use the (sickening) cilchés of Sevillanas dancers and bullfighters? Will they confuse (AGAIN) Spain with Mexico? Or will they do their research?

    Considering this is a post-apocaliptic future… probably neither. lol

    I bet we will get to see the Sagrada Familia completely destroyed. That will be weird… lol

  • capristrider

    At the moment my most wanted PSN game and second Hard Corps: Uprising! Super duper artwork, great stuff!

  • I can’t help but the massive blades on Faust’s shoulders are compensating for something.

  • z_merquise

    Artwork looked awesome! For those interested, I found that the illustrator and character designer for this game is an Italian artist named Roberto Ferrari and he previously worked on animation studio Tatsunoko Productions and also in Namco as a character designer in a PS2 action game starring Nina Williams of Tekken (Death by Degrees, I think was the title).

    • Thanks for digging up that info! I kinda had a feeling that the artist was not Japanese given the presence of two darker-skinned characters, haha.

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