The Next Tales Series Project… Is Tales Of Town?

By Spencer . February 21, 2011 . 11:27pm

imageAside from Tales of Xillia for PlayStation 3, Namco Bandai appears to have another Tales series project in the pipeline. The home of Pac-Man and Splatterhouse filed a trademark for Tales of Town in English and Japanese in Japan.


Usually, Namco Bandai files a trio of trademarks for major releases. Two trademarks are red herrings while one ends up being the actual title. This time Tales of Town was filed alone.


Kind of has a virtual world vibe to me. It’s either than or another crossover title similar to the Radiant Mythology spin-off series.



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  • Sal


    • Croix

      This…actually seems just reasonable enough to frighten me.

  • Pichi

    Jumping the shark in names now…

  • tales of for mobage town?

    • That’s the first thing I’m thinking about… I’m not committing any emotional hype to this yet. Shenmue Town taught me that.

  • Sounds like a competitor to the sims

  • Over 3000 hours in Paint.NET

    • Zero_Destiny

      Oh man you took my idea. lol Oh well great minds think a like. So here it is the more Western TALES game. :)

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    When I heard the title the first thing that sprung to mind was a JRPG about a typical JRPG town and its seemingly mundane townsfolk… until some rampaging hero parties storm through wave after wave ransacking yo pots and slaughtering yo chickens–then it becomes a town(er) defense game!

    …That’s totally what it is and you know it.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Oh you mean like this :D `

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s


      • Barrit

        LOL, gotta love RPGs where you can go into random houses and take everything in the chests.

    • Hexen

      just like Suikoden IV, that revolved most of the time on the Boat. they should just call it Suikoden: Boat

  • joesz

    I like Tales of Siliconera better:)

    • Starring Tunayoshi Sakanada (changed due to copyright)! Buying fish DAY 1, baby!

    • I see microtransaction hell

    • I was going to post this but yeah it’s basically an internet browser based MMO.

      • So does this mean we can start complaining now?


    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Should I like you for digging up such relevant information or hate you for finding the awful truth?

    • Oh man. We all joked about it, but it’s true…?

  • cmurph666

    I wonder if it has towns…?

    • Croix

      If this was Square Enix we were talking about, it might be a legitimate concern. But somehow I don’t see any Tales staff putting it off as too much work.

  • vadde939

    It’s a social network or browser game. Probably a social MMO.

  • I’ll prefered that he release all the tales of .. in Europe and no a new tales of …

  • I would prefer that ihe releases all the tales of .. in Europe before to make a new

  • Yukito

    Friend brought up a good point. Sounds possibly like an MMO. THe interesting thing is, it was filed in English too? I am calling PSP game, on the lines of probably Phantasy Star here.

    • Why not NGP?

      • Ren

        It’s development costs. This game is probably a spinoff, so it won’t have a very big budget. Putting it on the NGP will make it cost as much as a PS3 game to make.

        • Where does it say it will cost that much to develop games for NGP, havent developers said the contrary thing? If the game is in the same style as the Radiant Mythology series then I cant see how it wouldnt be able to be on NGP (thats of course saying that I am under the impression that that game is my idea for what a Tales of “Town” could appear as)…

          • Yukito

            Not just that, but aren’t the sales of Tales games the issue here? No one has an NGP yet, so pushing it on that would be a really stupid move I think. Also, judging by the images I have seen, I think it is probably a Facebook Social Game or something.

          • I agree. It’s either some kind of game for a social network, something similar to the Square Enix members network, or something similar to Gaia Online. I just wanted to show him that he missed a comment that was on here 4 hours before his reply to you and 8 hours before his reply to Ren. (There are others who missed that comment too, but they pretty much guessed what it was.)

          • Ren

            Games can be divided in code and assets. Code it’s what makes the game be playable, and assets are things like models, sound, and everything else. Sony and a lot of developers said that NGP has a developer friendly development kit and architeture, which makes much easier to write the code. But the assets are where the real cost of most games come from, and the better graphical, input and sound capabilities the platform have, the costier the assets become, after all, you’ll expect PS3 graphics and sound when playing a PS3 game, principally exclusives, not Wii or PSX ones, right? If the NGP has PS3 like graphics, it will have PS3 like development costs. Unless you meant as the game releasing like an XBLA indie game or like PSLite games, those shouldn’t cost much to develop.

          • Youre making it seem like for a “Tales” game they will really be pushing the system to its limits and using a 300+ manned team, high quality groundbreakingly powerful graphics and processes, to max out all cores on the unit, and deliver the most stellar voice acting and musical talent available on the market.

            That being the case and seeing that which theyve done with Tales of the Abyss 3DS and seeing how they could really release a similar game for the NGP, I do not see still how the costs would rival that of PS3 games for this studio. Regardless of the browser game that this Tales of the Town is shaping up to being…and knowing that they have done 3 Radiant Mythologys, a slight update in the RM engine would still probably not cost that much to develop for the NGP…

          • Ren

            @ Trist
            You both have and haven’t a point at the same time. Try to discover why.

  • DanteJones

    I immediately thought Harvest Moon when I read this, just with Tales characters from all the games so far as the town folk. I… don’t know how that would go. :O

  • This could be interesting! They had something up about that on Namco’s social site…but then I got distracted by the Tales Face Skit Maker. :)

  • Please don’t let this be like a Farmville version of Tales game (or any micro transaction or AP/time waiting casual kind of game). A Sim City RPG kind of game (or “Recettear An Item Shop’s Tale” only in charge of a town instead of a shop) would be awesome.

  • This sounds like it could be one of those online browser game thingys. It’s possible since lots of other companies seem to be going these route, like Atlus with Persona and the company that makes Sakura Wars.

    I actually would be interested to try it out if possible, I think the Tales series would lend itself pretty well to something like this since some of the series’ strongest points are the humour, the characters and the sidequests.

    • Oops, just read the other comments and realised that it’s already been revealed that it IS a browser game. It looks ADORABLE. And I don’t even LIKE browser games.

      Definitely trying this out when I have the chance. (Seems like the Tales of Community website is currently down for maintenance.)

  • PrinceHeir

    might be a browser game or mobile phone one :P

  • Less and less creativity with each new title, expecting Tales of the Tales or Tales of ___ after this

  • kupomogli

    Tales of Town will a Japanese Farmville or something.

  • Okay, since this is a fairly large thread and people are paying attention to it, I’m going to make the announcement here.

    From now on, we’re going to delete comments that complain about platform decisions for games. It’s annoying, it derails conversations, it pisses people off, and honestly, nothing good ever comes of it. I’m just giving everyone a heads up here (maybe we’ll make a weekend post about this, too) so that nobody gets taken by surprise later on.

    So seriously, those of you that like to go “Why not PS3?” or “Why not NGP?” or “Make it for a real console” in the comments, you can stop now. Unless you have a really, really solid reason to back up your complaining, those comments are getting wiped, no questions asked.

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