What’s That You Say? More Devil Survivor Overclocked Screenshots?

By Spencer . February 24, 2011 . 1:37pm

image2011_0127_1451_0 image2011_0127_1454_02

Atlus, reminding us Devil Survivor Overclocked is indeed on target for a summer release, sent us a new batch of screenshots. The Nintendo 3DS version has improved graphics and for a quick comparison between releases check out this post.


Perhaps, more interesting than seeing the SDF Officer warn the group about poison gas is hearing him say his line. Devil Survivor Overclocked has voiced event scenes and Atlus USA posted a few samples on the official site.


image2011_0127_1433_0 image2011_0127_1435_1 image2011_0127_1502_0 image2011_0121_1258_0

image2011_0127_1511_0 image2011_0127_1517_0 image2011_0127_1527_1 image2011_0127_1628_0 image2011_0127_1633_1 image2011_0127_1641_0 image2011_0121_1208_0 image2011_0127_1246_0

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    • uhm excuse me?!

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        He/She touches him/herself looking at Overclocked screens. You’re excused.

        • I dont understand

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Neither do I. Some people, right?

          • SolidusSnake

            Take a closer look at Yuzu’s chest.

          • Zero_Destiny

            *Thinks about what I would say to Yuzu* You know what, I think Stocke said it best:

          • Its understandable, you are still too small, dont worry

          • Zero_Destiny

            Some people just don’t have Hentai no Tamashii’s like us WildArms don’t worry. If they don’t get it, they never will. lol

          • For the record, I’m replying to every reply to my post, not just to WildArms’ post.

            Okay, I couldn’t help but laugh a bit.
            I really needed to go to sleep, but then Siliconera tweeted about this,
            and I was like “OH GOD YES” and I just needed to write something.

            – I don’t understand what joke anyone could possibly have discovered, for I had intended no pun at all.
            – Also, it had nothing to do with Yuzu’s breasts (Yuzu isn’t beautiful in the least).

            /Anyway/, it’s fun to know that my least intelligent post is the most liked one.
            Way to go, Siliconera members~! ^-^

            PS: I need to know what Hentai no Tamashii is.
            It probably won’t be any worse than Saya no Uta*, though.

            *: /Don’t/ google that. I repeat, DO NOT google that. Especially you, Tsunayoshi. No offence, I just don’t want to shatter any still-pure souls lingering here to bleeding pieces of flesh.

          • @Isabelyes well, that which I saw from searching it…didnt seem to be my type anyway

          • @Tsunayoshi: You googled Saya no Uta, even though I asked you not to?
            You’re such a naughty boy.

            You’d probably even google Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica or the term “Tentacle Rape” (Don’t think about it, just google it – I mean, don’t) if I told you not to.

            Tsunayoshi, /do not/ google them.


            *eats popcorn*


          • Code

            It’s the biology they didn’t teach you in school omo;

          • What?

          • Saraneth

            Ha ha. I get the feeling that you’re serious and that your parents haven’t had “the talk” with you yet.

          • Nah… I think he knows about that. He needs this talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qezJcCIH4Jo#t=2m44s

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Lee Genshiken reference = Automatic Like :D

    • You should have known Siliconera is not all-ages-at-any-time-of-the-day page, shame on you.

      For example, thank god that when they talked about AT3 for the first time, good thing i was in my house…

    • Oh well, I see…

      *teleports inside a COMP*

    • Ah I get the joke now…But I’m going to take this literaly :D

  • The upper screen being a different size makes cutscenes that involve both screens just look weird…I dont think it looks that hot.

    • Ren

      Then go look at Yuzu’s ample bossom. I assure you it looks hotter.

      • FX102A

        At the end of the day, this what all the fuss about 3D was for? Losing your face in the depth of a virtual bosom?

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Hey, it’s a perfectly legitimate reason! Right? Right?!

          … Maybe.

          … I guess.

          • FX102A

            I never said it wasn’t. Any character designed by Suzuhito Yasuda is good in my books (so where is my Volume 6 Del Ray?!)

          • lightningrook

            If you’re talking about Yozakura Quartet, scanlations are in the midst of Volume 9. Sure it’s not official, but it’s there and not horribly horrible as far as I can tell.

          • Naturally it is! You have to believe!! XO

        • Ren

          She’s drawn on 2D, so no 3D boobies for you.

          • Don’t make me sad man..I want my 3D game boobies. ;___;

          • Ren

            Four words for you: Dead or Alive Dimensions.

          • but her pixels in the battle might do the trick

      • alundra311

        But he’d rather look at Vaan’s bossom than her’s. O_o

        • Ren

          Me too… Maybe. Vaan doesn’t count as a guy on my book. No guy is that annoying. And he’s not handsome either, in my opinion.

          • Dude take that back! Vaan is epic and everyone nows it. He only rivals that of Hope and Advent Children’s Cloud in that department.

          • Ren

            Yup, but only on mediocrity and annoyance.

  • Haha, Spike Spencer as Atsuro. I’m loving this.

  • Looks neat. I never beat all the paths in the original game, mainly because I lost interest after grinding to level 99 to beat the secret boss. I just might give this one a shot and finish up all the paths this time (maybe). Only hope that there is a new secret boss or something though.

  • . . . Hmm… I wonder if this will come out in the UK… *knows it is a futile wish, but wishes all the same*

    • Why wouldnt it? It seems silly that some developer would miss out bringing it to the Europe at the debut of a system.

      • FX102A

        Its possible because it will only have been a few months since the 3DS’ release; then again the release of the more niche DS JRPG’s in Europe after a US release has a pretty dire record. I count 10 on my shelf with an 11th just been released.

        Hence the announcement of region-locking made me want to modify the GPS coordinates for one of our release trial bombs at work to that of Nintendo HQ.

      • Ephidel

        It would be nice if things worked that way, and I hope it does, but it isn’t as simple (or obvious, or likely) as you make it sound.
        The original version never came out here, and Atlus doesn’t have a European branch, so that means its release here would likely depend on someone else acquiring it first. Even if that does happen it would probably take a while which would make the “at the debut of the system” part more of a non-factor.
        I do hope I’m wrong about that though – it would make me feel a lot less bitter about the region locking if it weren’t as noticeable due to games coming out in more regions ;)

      • Tom_Phoenix

        You would be suprised how many games never see a European release. Plus, as Ephidel mentions, Atlus doesn’t have a European branch, meaning that any games that get localised by Atlus USA are only released in the US/NA market.

        Well, most of the time. When I was checking the website of my local online retailer recently (I live in Europe), my jaw wanted to drop when I saw Persona 3 Portable listed as available (but then again, that is for the PSP, which is region free).


    I would go back and keep going from day 5, but… I may have to wait until this comes out to finish the game.

  • Is Shoji playable yet? :O

  • Zero_Destiny

    I still really want this. It’ll probably be one of the first 3DS games I get too. Looks awesome :) and only heard good things about the DS game. Also the voicework sounds great. I’m really looking forward to this game.

  • I want to play it in my PSP =(

  • PrinceHeir

    i really love the art by Suzuhito Yasuda :D

    soo awesome :)

    yay hopefully we get more features like Persona 2 ^^

  • Sal

    Amane/Remiel sounds like Laura Bailey

  • DanteJones

    Hmm, I wonder if they’re gonna add new story elements to this version? Already played the first one but if they add enough new stuff I’ll probably pick this up as well. :D

  • urbanscholar

    Probably beat the original DS version more times then I can count but I’m still getting this as well.

  • fisico

    Yuzu’s voice is done by the same person who has done Anise in Tales of the Abyss, damn.

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