Glance At A Hand Of Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Cards

By Spencer . February 25, 2011 . 12:38am

Square Enix and Hobby Japan are launching a Final Fantasy Trading Card game this month with 162 standard cards to collect. That number does not include promotional cards like the Aya Brea card packed inside The 3rd Birthday, bonus Tifa card from Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy, and Squall card from V-Jump.


Let’s take a look at some of the regular cards and the elements they’re assigned to.



1-016u[1] 1-005c[1] 1-006c[2] 1-008u[2] 1-009c[1] 1-012u[2] 1-014u[1] 1-015s[1]



1-039u[2] 1-040r[1] 1-041u[2] 1-042r[1] 1-043c[1] 1-034c[1] 1-036c[1] 1-037u[1]



1-061u[1] 1-064c[1] 1-066c[2] 1-067r[1] 1-068u[1] 1-054c[2] 1-056u[2] 1-057c[1]



1-087r[1] 1-090s[1] 1-091u[2] 1-093c[1] 1-094u[1] 1-095c[1] 1-097u[1] 1-086c[1]



1-119u[2] 1-121r[1] 1-122c[1] 1-115c[1] 1-116s[1] 1-108u[2] 1-106u[1] 1-103r[1]



1-136c[1] 1-137c[1] 1-142u[1] 1-146u[1] 1-129u[1] 1-134u[1] 1-149u[1] 1-144u[1]



1-152r[1] 1-153s[1] 1-154e[1] 1-155r[1] 1-156r[1] 1-151r[1]



1-159r[1] 1-160r[1] 1-161r[2] 1-162s[1] 1-157r[1] 1-158e[1]


You can see more cards on the official site. Artwork for the cards are from Final Fantasy II (a few heroes), III, VII, X, XIII, Tactics, and Dissidia. Why not say Final Fantasy VI or IX? Square Enix needs to save some games for future sets. Players can pick up a White deck with Cosmos or a Black deck with Chaos to get started for 1,500 yen ($18). Each entry pack has 50 cards plus either Chaos or Cosmos. Booster packs with eight random cards are 330 yen ($4).

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  • Wow… reminds me of the Marvel CCG. ROCKED the playground with my deck

  • pridesin

    Why is Yuna card drawn on 2D model when Wakka and Tidus cards are drawn on 3D model ???

  • Yui

    Sense, this does not make! Cloud started out with both Ice and Bolt materia, and he was both frosty in personality and lightning-quick! Why is he fire now when he’s never, ever, ever done anything fiery?! Also, Sazh just winked at me. I’m a little scared now. ;_;

    EDIT: A lot of FFVII/X/XIII characters in there, but at least there’s a little representation for Tactics too. Thunder God Cid could stand to be a bit more powerful, though, certainly more so than Lightning. :D

  • Ugh. Should have done this at least with the same artworks. And why are the FF7 characters facing backwards?

  • evilmoogle

    terra is ice?
    from what i can remember, celes get ice spells & terra learns fire spells.

    • Guest

      The elements don’t correspond to characters’ personalities or in-game elemental skills. They’re based on whether or not a character is a damage dealer, healer, debuffer, etc.

  • That Jihl artwork is so droolworthy *___*

    Wished they’d stick with 2D or 3D art exclusively. The mix of 3D and 2D is a mess

    • doomspeller10

      I wouldn’t mind a messy mix of 2D and 3D art, if it were NEW, you know, as in having a team of people drawing specifically for this game, so it doesn’t look fan made. I was looking forward to this game, since I have some friends that still play magic (they’re 20+ years old and there’s one 30+ XD) and a FF TCG would’ve sounded interesting to them.

      • My thoughts exactly when the TCG was announced a couple of months ago. Not to badmouth them, but this is just lazy. Would’ve preferred new art for this TCG rather than recycling old stuff from previous games. For example, although most of Gundam War cards were scenes from the anime, but they did some neat new artwork for the Gundams.

        Also… I play magic too, although not competitively and I’m 20+ XD And there’s my friend who plays yu-gi-oh and went to world tournaments and he’s 24 :P

  • In fantasy works, elements tend to reflect a character’s personality.

    In seriousness, “Cloud = Fire”!? He’s not even HOT BLOODED, for crying out loud, and this is coming from someone who hasn’t played FF7!

    • He was pretty hotblooded in 7, at least in the beginning…

    • kupomogli

      Then how would you know if you haven’t played FF7?

      • You can thank the whole ‘”OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED AERIS!!” “YOU BASTARDS!”‘ gag for that.

  • fallen

    It seems Spencer probably spent more time planning this article than Squeenix did the entire card game…

  • PrinceHeir

    they should have used the dissidia artwork instead of CG. and make the rules Triple Triad and you got yourselves one hell of a game :P

    • Oh man, I miss triple triad cards. I had some, since I used to buy tons of packs from EB Games, when it was known as EB Games.

  • Don’t care which character in which catergory dosen’t make sense. What I do care is they bring it to the UK (or at least North America where I can import it).

  • Hhmmm…. Nice idea, but looks like a 5 minute ‘we can make more money’ job to me. The fact they just copy pasted old art work, with no original stuff, makes it look more like a weekend project by a fan than an official licensed product. But that’s just me…

    • Seriously. Even Gundam War, which is by cash-in kings Bandai on their flagship cash-in property, has original art for a lot of the cards.

      • I can understand that almost all the final fantasy games have different art styles, so a unified art style is virtually impossible. But is it too much to ask for original art for the main cards with maybe some specials using old shots/art that we’ve fallen in love with over the years?

        • If you go to the website for the game and look through the catalog, you’ll see that’s exactly what they’ve done.

          • No they haven’t, they’ve used pre-existing concept art and pre-existing renders for all the cards. Okay, some are fairly awesome looking, but these are all pic’s that I’ve already got in art books and guide books. Where there is nothing wrong with that, it makes all the cards clash, they don’t look like they belong together. Maybe it’s got something to do with the lack of a border? And the fact some cards have extra art in the background, whilst some don’t – not that any of this matters, cos I seriously doubt it’s going the leave Japan.

  • This looks like a mess.

  • holyPaladin

    This is relevant to my interest actually ;)

    Last card game I played is Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • Man i hope this comes stateside

  • Boris_Althema

    it’d be best if the concept arts were taken off the dissidia artwork instead. anyhows, im interested. haven’t played tcg’s for a while.

  • WyattEpp

    Cute, but I’d rather have a mobile-phone version of Tetra Master (with multiplay).

  • Lazy…As…Hell. Really square? Can’t believe all they just copy and pasted old art work and ugly CG renders. They should have gone the Pokemon TCG route and hired multiple artists to do original art work and new renders than I actually would have thought about getting into these. The design of the cards just seems so bland in general though. Completely unappealing.

    • Joanna

      I don’t play the pokemon TCG but I still have my old cards and buy some of the newer ones from time to time for exactly those reasons. I love looking at all the new artwork.

  • Roanoke834

    I’m a sucker for trading card games so hopefully this gets brought over. I’ll never have anyone else to play with but atleast I can look and drool over them.

  • ToSeektheChosen

    Yea…they need new artwork. The Kingdom Hearts Trading game actually featured new work, maybe it was too much for Final fantasy.

  • Bakuryukun

    Isn’t it kind of odd that there isn’t cards for VI and IX and those just happen to be the games that don’t have new characters in Duodecim. Hmmm…make me wonder if Squenix is hiding something.

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