Assemble Your Own Ikaruga Gunship This June

By Ishaan . February 26, 2011 . 2:02pm

Japanese manufacturer, Kotobukiya, have a rather cool item listed for interested collectors: a build-it-yourself Ikaruga gunship model kit that you need to assemble yourself using adhesive.


The news comes via Treasure’s website, which they recently updated with a link to the model on Kotobukiya’s site. Meanwhile, a quick look at Hobby Link Japan reveals that the Ikagura model kit is scheduled for a June release. If you pre-order the kit before April 6th, they’ll knock 20% off its 4,800 yen (around $58) price.

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    rar, maaann I want one — it looks like it’d be way far beyond me though, but maan it’s so badass T_T’ I did enjoy picking up some of the Shooting Game Historia ships that were put out a few years back that were cheap but I liked them never the less. I’d order one of those whenever I did an import for myself or others, and have a couple sitting on my desk now >w<' I'd love to get that Ikaruga one, but it's too expensive for me at least right now.

  • Pre-painted? I’d so get one if it’s pre-painted.

  • This here my friends is a very well detailed awesome Modelkit ship of an awesome game series <3
    I'm tempted to get this, but don't have money at the moment, maybe later. :/

  • WyattEpp

    Oh my god, I’ve wanted this for years!

  • BTA

    It’s 26% off over at AmiAmi:

    • Knowing AmiAmi, it’ll stay that way.

  • I don’t understand the need for adhesives when Gunplas come with snap fit and they’re high quality

    • It’s Kotobukiya, they don’t know the awesomeness of snap fit, in most cases at least, the SRW models I have are snap fit, but they are more the exception.

      • Lol, don’t put it like that >_<… I've seen several Kotobuki SRW models and they're snap fit, although the quality of the product leaves a lot to be desired, especially compared to gunplas…

        But yeah, I'm just afraid I'll destroy this piece if I have to use adhesives :(

        • The newer SRW models are nice though, Alteisen and Gespenst at least, don’t have my hands on Ialdaboth or other new ones, but indeed in comparison to Gunplas they lack the poseability and easy-to-build-ness. I’m tempted to buy the Takemikazuchi though.

          I’m super bad with adhesives, so everytime something needs that I let a friend of mine do it, as he is one of these pro builders. x3

          • Really? I generally stay away from kotobuki srw models as they are too shiny, like those bootleg gunplas.. I don’t really mind the harder than usual build, since they actually bothered to include all the coloured parts to make it colour accurate without painting, which I refuse to do, as I just plain suck in artistic stuff :P

            But yeah, good to hear their quality is improving. This Ikaruga ship looks exceptional in particular.

          • Yes they learn, slow, but they do. The Gespenst is exceptionally good made. The Takemikazuchi is very nicely done too, have seen it by the friend I mentioned. There are these Super Robot Chogokin SRW models, but I never had one of them so don’t know how they are. :P

            You don’t have to tell me about painting, that’s the only reason I don’t buy the awesome non-prepainted models, sad, but I’m sure I would mess up. :(

          • I is disappoint orz. Oh well, we’re lucky plastic models are prepainted, so it’s a win-win XD

  • I’d so steal that.

  • I really want this!

  • Hell, I’ll buy this and keep it in the box… I don’t think I have the skills to put it together.

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    About sixty dollars retail price model kit that requires cement and is only six inches long? What a joke. Leave it to Kotobukiya to overcharge for lesser quality.

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