New Pokémon Manga And Fullmetal Alchemist Author’s New Series Coming Soon

By Ishaan . February 26, 2011 . 5:00pm

Fullmetal Alchemist author, Hiromu Arakawa, will be debuting a new series in 2011’s 19th issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in Japan, report Anime News Network.


Arakawa ended Fullmetal Alchemist last June, although, she did draw a related side story more recently in September. The name of her new series has not been revealed yet.


Meanwhile, the new Pokémon manga, reported to be aimed at a slightly older audience, will launch in the 15th issue of Shounen Sunday. Titled Pokémon RéBURST, this series is set to debut on March 9th.


Also debuting in Shounen Sunday in the near future is a new boxing manga by the author of baseball series, Major, which concluded last July. Takuya Mitsuda’s boxing series, titled Buyuden (pictured above), will make its first appearance in the magazine’s 16th issue on March 16th.


Image courtesy of Moe Ota-News Sokuhou.

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  • Unfortunately, Fullmetal Alchemist is really only enjoyable in its animated format. It seemed it pinned down the emotion, tension, suspense, and comedy much better than the written counterpart did (so kudos, accolades, and encomium to the studio that produced it), and yes I do own the manga.

    Its going to be interesting to hear of what it is and read JPN reader remarks about it, I wonder which US Publisher would pick it up (or would they wait and see how popular it is before picking it up, regardless of her past success?).

    Speaking of mangaka who are coming off of hiatus…what has CLAMP been doing? I feel so unfulfilled now that my Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles has ended (even out here in CONUS) and that XXXholic is winding down too, I love their artwork and character designs.

    • Only enjoyable in its animated format? What blasphemy is this D: You know if Arakawa sensei didn’t drew FMA in the first place there wouldn’t be any anime, right? The final chapter drove me to tears. I might be insane by your standards

      • Saraneth

        It can be hard to empathize with characters as you’re flipping through a comic at six pages per minute. With an anime, you pretty much have to follow the intended pace. With books, when your mind drifts while reading details, you ponder the plight of the characters. That doesn’t happen when you’re reading manga. That’s why whenever I’ve tried reading manga, I’ve always just ended up disappointed.

        • I prefer mangas over anime because I can read them at my own pace, compared to anime which has a duration of about 24mins give or take. Sorry, but I don’t really get the book and manga comparison. You’re saying that you can symphatise a character in a book, but can’t symphatise with a book that has visuals? Also, I’d say that if you’re reading 6 pages per minute, probably you’re better off with anime…

      • Well Ive yet to reach the final chapter as its not been released, so maybe my opinion would change once it comes, but thus far (based on 39 anime episodes), the anime is > manga.

        • I’m still confused whether you’re watching Brotherhood or the first one.. It would be good to watch the first one, and then Brotherhood

          • Brotherhood is still being released as we speak, which Ive been watching. Saw the first non Brotherhood FMA (thanks to the schools anime club)…

          • KyoyaHibari

            Both FMA animes have crappy endings IMO but thats just me.

    • Typical Trist comment. The manga was perfectly fine.

      I guess every anime > manga because anime consists of animation and voice acting, while manga only consists of doodles and text bubbles.

      • I would necessarily make it a generalization like that…Tsubasa manga is better than the anime, Naruto is equivalent. Soul Eater manga is better than the anime.

    • Ren

      Really? I could never enjoy the animes after I started reading the manga, bu then again, I pretty much dislike animes when then have a better manga counterpart.

      Wasn’t CLAMP also working on Kobato?

      • They also have a brand new work called Gate 7 being serialized in Jump SQ.

        • Oh whats this Gate 7?! Is it good, coming out in the English?!

          • It’s literally brand new. Chapter 1 was in the February 2011 issue, so I don’t know anything about it other than it’s title.

          • Aoshi00

            Seems like it’s a yomikiri one-shot manga.. I bought Jump Sq for a while for Watsuki’s Enbalming, the tankoubon are so slow..

          • @Aoshi They did a one-shot for it back in the December issue. I think it got approved serialization after that.

            I should correct myself about it being in the February issue, it’s actually in the March issue. Magazines are so confusing when it comes to issue dates…

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Part of me thinks those gals — as much as I respect most of their work — try too hard to hold to their multiverse. It leads to things that get written into a corner or disappear somewhere to die (Legal Drug, Clover, X) or turn batshit (X again, holic, Tsubasa). Perhaps that’s why I appreciate a smaller work like Wish or Suki. Of course everything gets turned 180 – and more than once of course — over the course of the work, but they are shorter!

          Of course that’s not a situation exclusive to them, and likely the result of the Japanese manga ‘system’ — Masumoto is just as bad — but it certainly can be a reason manga still struggles stateside. Dark world continuities aside, American comic book fans still like to cheer for the recognizable hero in blue spandex.

          • Loved last episode of Go Sick, Victorique is just too…
            >w< !


          • M’iau M’iaut

            Well from here on out, the stories and events go beyond the two stateside published novels, so everything will be new to me too!

            Yes, they did a wonderful job with this last arc. My only issue is they are being a bit too blatant with some of the ‘surprises’ (i.e. the two folks who watched them from the hillside).

      • I usually like to follow both the anime and the manga counterpart just because I love getting as much of a serving as the franchise allows since I usually fall in love with them. Ive only seen a few cases where the manga, I felt, was perhaps more enjoyable than the anime (that being Soul Eater for example)

    • If you’re talking about the original anime series (not Brotherhood), then yea, I’m going to have to agree. Better than the manga, overall. More personal, great music, and everything ties in very neatly plot-wise. The manga just went on and on and on…

      • Well, it was Studio Bones’ work~ <3 I admit that the manga went a bit stale in the middle, but at least Arakawa knows when to end a manga…
        I respect the first season because although it branches out of the manga midway, it had its own quality plot and not some half baked filler

        • Bones <3, they made Eureka Seven right? Ahh i loved those games, they were so anime fused with game, and so fun, and then the mangas with the backstory, and then Eureka 7 anime wich i loved… AHhh great times, i always remember them with a smile.

          • Zero_Destiny

            BONES is one of the better animation studios in Japan. They produce high quality original series not based on other materials and have BEAUTIFUL ANIMATION !!!!!! You should check out their newest show STAR DRIVER. It’s an awesome Super Robot show with AMAZINGLY pretty battles, awesome music, and great story. Plus good actors. :D That and Deadman Wonderland. It was made the team that made the Eureka Seven Manga adaption and is totally awesome.!!!!!

          • I love Eureka 7, too. The LFOs, story and cast were awesome.

            Which Eureka game are we talking about? The one on the PSP or the 2 on the PS2? I personally think they’re all *cough*bad*cough*

          • They were all quite clunky to play, the graphics are not the best either, not to mention the uber emotionless English voice actors, but the characters were amusing, I liked Sumner and Ruri. :P

          • The PSP one was bad, i loved the ps2 ones though, i loved how you could get out of the machine at any time and make them into vehicles, and i also loved how you could ref at any time.

            But i admit, what got me into the game were the characters, specially because i read the manga that talks about the characters before the games

          • OneOkami

            Oh man, I could barely stand Eureka 7 by the time if was over. Renton alone made it painful to watch. Never wanted to punch a little kid so hard in the face in my life.

          • I absolutely have to disagree here, Renton was one of the best made anime characters to date, he was full of emotions, and feeled already like a real human(I feeled for him too, he was just a kid that felt in love, but has to fight and kill other people..that’s harsh man). The whole story was beautiful made, good pacing, great and I mean great character development, probably two of the best anime characters EVER (Charles and Ray Beams <3<3) and a really sweet and innocent love story~
            The character I hated the most would be Holland, probably, he was the most childish one in the series. But for everyone his/her own opinion. :P

          • Really? I thought Renton was made pretty naturally, the only kid i’ve liked so far in any game/anime, he didnt felt fake, he was as selfish as any normal kid without parents could be, he was insecure.

            Almost everything Raioh said could be inserted here :P

      • I personally prefer the manga. I thought it went in a lot deeper than the original anime, and was just more interesting all around.

        Though I will agree that they dragged it on a bit too long. At least they ended it nicely.

      • SolidusSnake

        I haven’t finished the manga, but I thought it was greatly paced up until volume 17 or 18, after they finished the flashback to the Ishbalan war. After that it started losing my interest as the series began to drag on from one fight to the next, trying to come to some kind of conclusion.

        I couldn’t watch the anime, I thought it was terrible and just a bunch of crying, although the visual style was nice. Can’t recall ever getting into a shounen anime though, so maybe you just have to be a big shounen guy to “get” whatever value there is (if any) in the anime.

        • Ahh, I’m a pretty big shounen guy, hahaha. I read/watch shoujo/seinen stuff as well, but shounen will always be my favourite genre just for its style. :P

          “Kukuku…an interesting guy.”

      • holyPaladin

        They make quite interesting original stories, even continued to Shamballa.

        Although after compared with manga, I like manga story better. First anime never show the “real” homunculus and Father!

    • There is no thing like anime or manga is better than it’s counterpart, both support each other to one awesome experience, my friend!
      While the manga holds the emotions and the overall awesome plot in a good told pace and mostly with better drawings, the anime gives you the awesome soundtrack you never could have imagined in you head while reading, the voice acts that makes it easier for you to differentiate the characters while reading and the animations for scenes you would love to see animated! That is how it works. Not one or another, but both!!

      • I dont know, Ive found that One Piece anime is just better than the manga, surely I cant be the only one that found that the manga is just extremely hard to follow and rivals that of Bakuman in the amount of text on a page (though Bakuman has far fewer characters and events and thus easier to follow plot).

        For series with messy events and numerous characters, the anime always outshines the manga; manga is constricted in space and often the writer has to be challenged in showing what is most important for driving the plot forward and letting a lot of things go unspoken and up to the readers imagination.

        Im not saying that they are lightyears different or that one material is garbage compared to the others; as I read and watch series, when available, in both formats.

        • KyoyaHibari

          Bakuman is terrible from what ive seen, I read one chapter and I hated it, the plot seems like an excuse to have Obata and Ohba or whatever working on a manga again, like the whole “Will you marry me if my manga becomes successful?” sounds like something a 3 year old would say and it seems so derivative and boring.

        • KyoyaHibari

          One Piece manga seems better I think, the new director is wasting his time with the episodes to a nearly sluggish pace, I liked the pacing of the 1st few seasons of OP now its getting a bit dragged out, I remember recently that in one episode Luffy was poisoned and there was like a screenshot for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER AT THE TIME even the most obsolete, nameless and random pirates each yelled “Luffy, hang in there!” the entire episode, it was just awful.

    • I’m going to say thats false. While I DID personally enjoy the FMA anime more then the manga, the manga was still great, if not fantastic, in its own right.

      Also Bones made the anime. You might be familiar as they also did Darker Then Black, Soul Eater, Star Driver, and Gosick.

      • Oh wow, BONES, hm, no wonder the animation quality and music choices sound so good, I loved Soul Eater anime (up to the part when it diverged drastically from the manga). I wanna see Star Driver, as the main character seems pretty epic in all the fan arts I saw, but I havent heard of an english release yet :(

    • Since these are Shonen Sunday titles, it’s likely that it’ll be VIZ to pick any them up if they wanted to.

    • SolidusSnake

      That’s backwards, the manga is one of the greatest shounen epics ever created, whereas the cartoon is practically unwatchable. You’ve got very suspicious tastes, bub.

      • Unwatchable, Ive not seen anyone else say FMA Brotherhood was unwatchable before! The character dynamics and the emotion was so good in the first few episodes and beyond that the action and suspense has been pretty amazing, literally high climax action!

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      “only enjoyable in its animated format”
      ……I try and try and try to take you seriously, but comments like these really make me wish I could just hide all of your posts

      • What do you mean? I even went and provided details on how it is enjoyable in that format, certainly nothing of note to find difficult to take seriously or controversial enough to hide? After watching the episodes, then going back to reread the chapters (for the second time), I found that the anime made it more enjoyable than the manga did on both the first time I read the manga before watching a segment of episodes, and then rereading the chapters after watching the episodes. Decent manga, but nothing worth writing home about with the availability of the anime.

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          “Decent manga, but nothing worth writing home about” =/= “only enjoyable in its animated form”

  • Sure do hope she’ll come up with a new quality manga.

    On the other hand, the Buyuden boxer looks like Setsuna F Seiei *__*

    • Setsuna with a badass grin and a boxer.., I demand a 3rd Season of 00!

    • OMG SETSUNA is simply epic!!!!! Im still going through the second season as they release it! Definitely will be buying on blu-ray if they decide to reissue the series!!!

    • But then, is he a gundam?

      • Zero_Destiny

        I get your reference but I can’t resits this:
        Oh Gundam Maxter you’re so silly . . . Ah I mean AMERICAN!!!!!! :D

  • Probably wont live up to the hype, im sure everyone will be expecting a lot after FMA

    (i mean i hope it does but…..)

    • if nothing else, you’ve gotta respect the author for standing up to the publisher and refusing to draw it out for nothing more than the sake of money. *totally not looking at Kubo Tite’s latest bleach chapters*

  • Ren

    I’m pretty interested in that Pokemon manga, hope it doesn’t disapont. Altough RéBURST with a acento agudo(don’t know how to say it on english, is it diacritic mark?) sounds pretty stupid, principally if you consider ré means back direction(dar ré, give ré means go backwards) in portugese.

    • Zero_Destiny

      *Ash is shot in the head, clothes tear off flames burst from his brow* POKÉMON REBORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ops I mean RéBURST lol Come on Ren pretty stupid names is the way Japan works. It’s just like the new Yu-Gi-Oh show ZeXal. It’s pronounced ZEAL and the X serves no purpose it’s just there to look cool. lol This is the same. Also the accent marks. I believe we call them tilde’s in English. But no one uses that word because well no one knows what to call them .lol Everyone just calls them accent marks.

      • Caligula

        A tilde is a ~. The accent over the é is a type of a diacritic mark, known as an acute accent.

        Study Ancient Greek, and you’ll know your diacritics very well~

        • Ren

          Hmm, I have both on my language. We also have ^(acento circunflexo) and `(crase). Not that they serve any relly useful purpose, diacritic marks in portuguese are mostly for decoration and to take away test points when you forget to write them. I ignore them for most part. Greek? I know a bit of the alphabet(someone bet I couldn’t memorize greek and cyrillic in one week, I won, but lack of use made me forget), but nothing about the language.

          • Apollonis

            Yeah, that seems pretty similar to the English terms–from my time studying ancient Greek, at least, I think the acento agudo is an accute accent, the circunflexo is called a circumflex accent, and the crase is called a grave accent. Most English-speakers probably wouldn’t know those terms, though, and would just call them all accent marks or something.

            Edit: oh, of course other people said more of that above than I had recalled, now that I read it more closely.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Actually you can put ~ on top of a letter for a diacritic mark. That and it’s what my Spanish teachers always called the accents back when I was in High School.
          That’s why I called them that. :) Anyways being interested because of what you said I looked into it more and you were right the proper word FOR THAT accent is an acute accent which looks like é and ó. Then there’s the Tilde accents which I referenced which look like ã and Ñ. There’s then the grave accents that look like Ù and Ì. Those are the words that the English speaking people have given said accents. But yeah I had to look’em up so what I said about everyone just calling them accents still stands. :) And also there’s no way you can get me to learn Greek. I’m not a masochist. lol I have a hard enough time with English and self-teaching myself Japanese. Sorry crazy Old Dead Roman Emperor but Greek is not at the top of my list lol I kid of course.

          • Caligula

            Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that a tilde wasn’t a type of diacritic mark. Calling an acute accent a tilde is kind of like calling a apple an orange–same general category, just too specific a term :)

            But no worries, I wouldn’t expect anyone to learn Ancient Greek, ahaha… it’s a bit of a complicated language. People complain about Latin being hard, but Latin is a cakewalk compared to Ancient Greek.

  • Cloud_ST

    Very interested in the new arakawa manga,is the pokemon manga any good?,I mean the one with a color each volume I think,I been thinking about getting it for some time now.

  • Ah, all the good memories of FMA. I’ve been looking forward to more from Arakawa.

  • SolidusSnake

    Not a big shounen guy but I thought FMA was pretty good. Hopefully the mangaka doesn’t turn out to be a one hit wonder like the guy who did Rurouni Kenshin.

  • Pokemon doesn’t need to be specially aimed at older children. Have they read the Pokemon Special series?

    Or maybe Japan just has different ideas about what appeals to each demographic. XD I’m not ashamed to say I still love the original pokemon monsters years after I first picked it up.

    • I suppose they’re just adapting the series in recognition that their fan base is 10+ years older than the original series idea’s were aimed at.

  • darkfox1

    I never read the FMA manga but i did watch Brotherhood and man did i love it so. Brotherhood was so awesome and the fights all epic. I may read this new manga. Hopefully it gets an anime too?

  • Shame they didn’t end Bleach when they could – seems too drawn out now :( A new Kubo Tite series would be awesome (or at least the rest of Zombie Powder please!)

    • Sorry but Bleach is phenomenal and doesnt need to end, the places where people suggest it to end (end of Soul Society, and now, end of Arrancar Saga) leave so many plot points unaddressed and unanswered, and I want my happy IchigoGrimmjow ending, I mean, Ichigo Rukia ending. And I want to see Ulquiorra again, and I want to see the level beyond Bankai, and the Soul King, and Aizen again, and Capt Retsu Unohana fight, and Yoruichi’s bankai.

      • HE WONT END WITH RUKIA, RUKIA IS DEAD, IS OLD, she has like 81281893 years old, and she already got married when she was alive, and was dumped by 109 men and couldnt have any child… (i just made that up lol), ANYWAY, RUKIA=DEAD, ICHIGO=ALIVE, INOUE=ALIVE ICHIGOxINOUE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!! WOHO!!!!!!!!!!!! the author said he loves Inoue, and inoue has been closer to ichigo’s lips more than anyone// muehehe, and she is sexier than Rukia.

        I want to see so many faces when they end together… i will feel so happy to pwn so many people, same goes for naruto and hinata, Hinata deserves to be happy, more than any manga-living-being…

        *sigh*, i should go sleep…

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol I just watched an episode of BLEACH like 6 minutes ago and now everyone is talking about it. XD I always liked Rukia better. Orihime just too boring for me. I don’t particularly care ether way but when if presented with the case of choosing I’d go with Rukia. I love how they always arguing. It’s far more entertaining than Ichigo and Orihime’s screentime together.

          • NEVER!!!! XO
            Rukia can go and die right ahead a second time, as long as Inoue is happy, I’m happy too! <3<3<3 xD
            But honestly, Inoue is a lovely girl, I can't see how so much people dislike her, in the new manga arc she is even more beautiful than before! :D

          • Perhaps, but I cant wait to see how beautiful Rukia became (well she already was)


          • Yep! You and i have pretty close tastes in anime xD (agree with what you said about renton too), i just can’t see Rukia with Ichigo, i just see them as really close friend, but ive never felt the romantic way…

            Im pretty sure nothing will happen with Rukia…

          • @WildArms
            Ha, great minds think alike, or something like that~ That deserves a bro fist! xD

            I agree, I never saw them as love interests myself, Rukia was always more of the big sister type that cares for her younger brother, in this case Ichigo. But that’s it. Inoue has a far greater interest in Ichigo and she became a pretty important character in the last 2-3 arc’s so the chance for them to end up together is a lot higher. Then again this is shounen we are talking about, maybe no one will end up with anyone and all live their happy single life until they meet some random dudes and dudettes. xD

            Edit: I wholeheartedly agree with what you said about Renton, he really didn’t felt fake, and that he had no parents made his life even harder(not to mention the time he met Charles and Ray, he finally had “parents”, but no, Holland has to…argh damn I hate that arrogant…>_<)

        • I dont know, Inoue seems kind of annoying at times with her Kurosaki-kun stuff, and she has no fighting ability; it also seems Ichigo and Rukia have great character interaction; what has he and Inoue had? She probably has more development with Ishida than with Ichigo.

          • I see more like Ichigo sees Rukia as a good, close friend rather than a lover or anything (Well is not like ichigo ever thought about that anyway -.-) But this, from all i’ve seen, makes me think that.

            And Inoue was about to kiss Ichigo!!, i dont think Rukia could ever do that, and i think she just really cares a lot about Ichigo… ive never seen her looking at him in the romantic way. And well, Inoue, heh, she almost died when Ichigo invited her to his room xD

          • Joanna

            I didn’t want to turn this into a shipping thread, but I have to ask this WildArms, I really do. You know the last few chapters? The reboot? Do you remember how miserable Ichigo was? Do you remember how everyone around him kept asking about Rukia and Soul Society? Why would they be doing that? Why would it take Ichigo a year to mention Soul Society? Answer me honestly. After that chapter, I honestly can’t see anything but Ichigo and Rukia being official. Hell, that Fade to Black movie was APPROVED by Kubo! and that was the shippest thing I have ever seen. Look, I’m not asking you to like Ichigo and Rukia as a shipping pair. We all have our preferences, but you are flat out denying actual evidence from the manga. Sure it’s a shounen and it may end without an actual pairing, but if there is a pairing, objectively everything is pointing to it being Ichigo and Rukia. /rant

        • Joanna

          WildArms, I understand you have a shipping preference but that first part about Rukia was rather immature. Also, Ichigo’s dad was “dead” yet that didn’t stop him from getting it on with Ichigo mom who was “alive”. So that dead/alive logic? It doesn’t work in Bleach. :P

          Also I fully admit that Rukia-sama is the sole reason I continue to slug through Bleach. And if I could have my way, I’d give Rukia-sama a reverse harem ending with Renji, Ichigo, and Byakuya. All three are her man servants. :P

      • The bankai’s I wanna see are Aizen’s, Isshin’s (If he has one), Kisuke’s and Shinji’s.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Bleach is just getting really dull for me, I mean, we need some more unique and flamboyant characters and atmospheres, Aizen needs to be dethroned already, we need some new intriguing antagonists, someone that is has a complex sadistic personality sortof like Gin but more colorful, and I heard Bleach is ending soon actually, and the story is getting rather bland for my tastes anyways although it would be rather nice if they shifted the story in some different directions with new characters and such instead of having Aizen throughout the entire series..

        • But Aizen has been dethroned and new characters have been introduced…

          • KyoyaHibari

            Not so much antagonists, aside from those Fullbring characters really, they still seem a bit uninspired, and Aizen is STILL sttempting to break free from his prison and wreck havoc again, and considering I’ve heard that there will be only 2 more arcs, I can only assume Aizen will retunr once more for the final arc with possibly those Fullbring characters added to the assortment which won’t be much left to expand the plot’s originality

      • Sorry Dude but I think Bleach should’ve ended AFTER Aizen was beaten this new arc is just a way for Kubo to make money and sell the franchise out
        Ulquiorra’s dead the Arancars are *Cough*Dead*Cough Cough*
        You should know that by now right

    • alundra311

      Yeah, I wish they would just end Bleach now. Now, I’m only reading Bleach just for the sake of finishing the whole series. Weird, I know. O_o

      I guess I should just quit reading it. Since the more I read it, the more I think Bleach is boring and lame.

      • I did read somewhere that Bleach will go on for another 10 years.

        • alundra311

          Oh, crap. Just googled that.

          • I started watching/reading Bleach since December and I really liked it since I just got into it I don’t want it to end anytime soon. Watching Bleach without the fillers makes it much more interesting.

          • You didnt skip the materialized zanpaktou one did you? I thought that was the best filler arc they made, loved all the fights, and the zanpaktou (Sode no Shirayuki was so gorgeous), and the Byakuya fight was amazing.

          • alundra311

            I really liked Bleach when I started reading it. But the story and the dialogue just felt lacking and lame as it went on.

            I do hope you enjoy it until the end unlike me. :)

          • Yeah I missed the Zanpaktou Tales arc, but if it was good I’ll start watching it.

        • 10 more years of awesomeness ( I guess thats 500 more chapters?), I wonder if it will reach the number of chapters One Piece has. I cant wait to see how Kubo’s artwork changes over the years, I love where its at now, and I hope it continues to be animated

      • Well I guess now is a good time to stop since the arc has yet to even get rolling…though what do you find boring and lame about it?

        • alundra311

          I find the characters, the dialogue, and the plot boring. I did enjoy it when I first started reading the manga. I liked the ideas of the zanpakutous but then the story and the dialogue just didn’t do it for me.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I’m still really excited for this new Pokemon series. Should be really interesting. I can’t wait to see where it goes. :)

  • joesz

    That’s definitely my 2nd fav character from Pokemon.The 1st being Leo/Wes from Colosseum.

  • ToSeektheChosen

    Wow, these look boring, Full Metal was actually a good manga, the only good ones left now are One Piece and Bleach.

    • Apollonis

      One of my favorite things about manga is that there are more artsy and indie series out there than there are in animation. I like how it’s easier for individual artists and writers to get their visions across and try weird experimental stuff that way, and there are tons of great series and one-shots out there if you bother to do a little digging. I don’t mean to rag on you for your tastes or anything, but maybe you might consider expanding beyond only the ultra-popular shounen fighting series before making a statement like that?

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