Gamestop Still Love Atlus, List Catherine For July Release

By Ishaan . February 28, 2011 . 10:05am

With Atlus USA starting to drop hints about a possible Catherine localization, it’s looking more and more likely that some sort of official announcement is to be expected in the near future.


While we wait for that, maybe a helpful Siliconerite that works at EB Games can shed a little more light on the subject. A reliable reader reported in yesterday to let us know that EB Games have Catherine  pegged for a July 26th, 2011 release in their database.


Furthermore, Gamestop had a listing for Catherine on their website a while ago, too, that was subsequently taken down. However, the page still exists in cached form and also lists the game’s release date as July 26th. Whoops!


As always, we’d recommend that you don’t think of Gamestop/EB’s listing as a date set in stone that won’t ever be changed. That said, a summer timeframe when game releases tend to slow down would make sense for a game like Catherine.


A big, cheesy slice of pizza to the awesome reader who sent us his findings. You know who you are!

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  • The reader who must not be named?

    Anyway, this is probably shocking news to the naysayers and negative Nancys, Nadines, Narias, Nikolai’s, and nanettes who were angry with burning passion at Atlus. Atlus feint plan was as clear as a sunny day.

    I was hoping for June, if it doesnt interfere with Disgaea 4 then I will be there on Day 1. Oh and I hope we get a soundtrack too, because I love the songs, especially this one…

    • KuroAlmaz

      The soundtrack should be a guarantee with Atlus’s track record. I enjoy the music from the Persona series. I would like to see the artbook, too.

      • I hope that any collectors edition comes with a decent collectors edition box. I love that atlus packs in special stuff, but the cardboard boxed collectors editions are just simply too hard to open without damaging

      • puchinri

        The artbook that was released disappointed me. It was cool how they had the progress shots of the cover art, but there wasn’t any cool concept art or any new pictures or anything. I almost want something else (posters?) instead of an artbook.

        • Posters! Awesome extra is awesome! I would love a big one of the two girls in sexy poses, but dude would I fear the reaction of my mom. xD
          Or Dakimakuras of both Catherine and Katherine, that’s even more awesome!!! xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            I want a bust of Catherine’s . . . er face? lol Posters Oh man I go to bed dreaming that there’s a world full of high qualtiy posters based on video games. There great. I’m so Happy TiTS is coming with a Poster. That LE is so awesome I had to pre-order it the second it hit Amazon. :D

          • Man you have some crazy dreams. xD
            But yeah game posters are awesome, I loved that games in the past came almost always with a cool poster, so my room was full with them xD.
            I did exactly the same, the poster of TiTs looks really nice. :D

          • PurpleDoom

            I love not only that TitS is coming with a poster, but that said poster has the original Japanese box art. I just got Ys I & II Chronicles and I’m pre-ordering TitS as soon as I can because XSEED and Falcom are great.

          • puchinri

            Right~? I would take posters and an OST (or just both OSTs) for sure. Hehe, I actually never put my posters up, I suppose a K/Catherine poster would just be more risky to put up, unless they keep it clean (and I feel clean and classy suits Katherine ♥). That would be great too! x’D

        • Aoshi00

          The artbook was okay, a small booklet that didn’t have much art but a lot of comments, haven’t read it yet..

          I love the soundtrack though, 11 tracks of classical rearranged for stages’ background music (Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude reminds me of Eternal Sonata). The pre-order sound disc was actually quite important because even the official OST for the game didn’t have the classical rearrangement, so only have the 2 CDs could complete the Catherine soundtrack.

          BTW, I just beat the game over the weekend, difficulty was pretty demented but I eventually overcame it (after a lot of swearing and impulse to throw controller *.*), just had to see the ending, loved the game. I got 4 endings on the PS3 ver now (w/ the meter leaning on the angel side), true happy ending w/ Kat :). Now I’m going for the devil meter for the other 4-5 endings, getting endings and pics from Cat :)

          K, Last Story, Catherine, time to move on to Gyakuten Kenji 2, haven’t beat games in a while, what a great feeling :)

          • puchinri

            It does have a lot of commentary, which is nice~. But I wanting commentary, new art and concept art. I feel cheated only because it was called an artbook, and well, it just isn’t really…

            Definitely. The soundtrack (sound book?) was great. I’m kind of sad I didn’t see certain composers I like get an arrangement, but it was cool to recognize certain pieces and some were most unexpected.

            Yeah, I’ve listened to both and while I like the official OST slightly more, having both is definitely the better option. (Getting both OSTs instead of the ‘artbook’ and OST would be great.)

            Haha, how did it compare to the demo? I’m eager to play just to see more Kat and to get into the puzzles. And that’s great~! How many hours did it take to get that far? I’m glad there’s actually a true happy ending (I suppose it’s sweet then?).

            I know how you feel. x’D
            I just resolved myself to rooting myself to my chair and actually finishing things. Progressing and even getting near the end is exciting, it’s going to be very fulfilling to actually beat everything (especially with my enormous backlog). Have fun beating Gyakuten Kenji 2 and getting the other Catherine endings~!

          • Aoshi00

            lol, I was prepared for the “artbook” not really having that many arts because I read from others’ reviews, definitely was more of a commentary booklet w/ a few illustrations..

            I haven’t gotten my OST yet.. Yes-Asia is so dang slow.. well, they do need to sell the OST separately, considering that, the bonus sound disc was actually very beefy. Some people were upset the OST didn’t even have those tracks. Love Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude, reminds me of Eternal Sonata :)

            Hm.. like people said before, the demo was nothing, probably the easiest stages in the entire game, because it was the intro stage and stage 2-3 (first boss). In retrospect, even 2-3 was pretty easy (on easy mode at least).. you just need to familiarize yourself w/ bosses’ patterns, obstacles (lots of devious ones to come), and mastering the tricks to climbing and moving around, even though you will panic on your first playthru like I did, I got pawned by the final boss so bad at first (and other boss stages too), at first I was like “how do I get more than 1 ending?” but later I got pretty good at it.. sometimes you need a bit of luck.. but mostly skills, composure, and practice.. Normal is definitely much harder.. I tried the baby boss on easy and normal, normal was hard (easy was hard at first too). I’ve written some more below… one thing that caused a lot of frustration was very few checkpoints.. sometimes a stage is quite long and they give you a check point like 1/6 of the way, and then none for the rest, why? They give you items to pick up for extra retries though, some you have to risk getting, but still.. Even patching w/ checkpionts on easy mode would help a bunch. For now, you just tough it out, driven by the desire to see the story/mystery thru the end..

            Long games are such a daunting task to me these days.. I only played like 20 hrs of Xenoblade and think to myself “I have like what, 80 more hrs to go *.*?” But w/ Last Story when I got 20 in, I know i’m at the halfway mark.. I definitely prefer shorter games, I thought the pacing was great and it was encouraging (but I admit I liked it so much I wanted it to be a bit longer, multiplayer and new game + are fun though..).. I doubt I would ever finish my ever increasing backlog.. I’m happy just to beat any game now. Finishing Last story in 3weeks and Catherine in a week (time for the game’s story too lol) in ~22 hrs (getting some endings you need to pick different choices before fighting the last boss, but for some endings you need to replay the game again, there’s this angel-devil meter, I leaned on Angel first) was like a record for me. But the replay should be a lot faster now.. funny thing is I never finished P3/4 and I got thru Catherine, bad w/ dungeon crawlers…

            Thanks, hopefully Gyakuten Kenji 2 would keep my interest, the first one took me forever to beat because I got bored by how the last chapter dragged on…

        • KuroAlmaz

          Oh well. I have not seen it. I was hoping for something like Persona 4 had. It was not a big art book. Nevertheless, it was quite nice to be bundled with the game. Maybe, Atlas USA can come up with a nicer setup. Most likely a long shot.

          • puchinri

            I was also expecting and hoping for something like P4’s. I’m hoping so.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Double-sided poster with Catherine & Katherine on each side.

          • puchinri

            I would love that. I’d be more sold than I am now.
            (Unrelated note, your (user)icon is schway~.)

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Thanks! You too, can get one like today, from the internet, yours for only… free! (really, you should get an icon)

    • PurpleDoom

      I don’t think they’ll be “shocked” so much as “pleased”, but regardless, good to see more hints of a localization happening. And yeah, like KuroAlmaz said, soundtracks are pretty much a given with Atlus.

  • Zero_Destiny

    This and Disgaea 4 :) This summer will be jam packed with awesome games. Also may not be concrete evidence but ha take that none believers!!! I still love you Atlus and you haven’t let me done :D

    • KuroAlmaz

      There are too many games coming out this year. Disgaea 4, Yakuza 4, Catherine (hopefully), Deus Ex, Ar Tonelico 3, and more on my list to buy.

      • Zero_Destiny

        I’m feeling it right now too with TiTS, YS I&II, Dragon Quest VI, Neptunia, Final Fantasy IV PSP, and Ar Tonelico. XD My wallets crying out in pain and with an awesome summer line-up I don’t think it’ll get anytime to recuperate. lol

        • Awesome summer line up? Whats coming in the summer, apart from the confirmed Disgaea 4? On my list, D4 is the only game I’m getting from June (I2) -September (R3)

          • PurpleDoom

            Yeah, I don’t see much confirmed for Summer either yet… there are a bunch of games that COULD come out in the summer (Metal Gear Solid: Rising, perhaps Catherine, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, or Tales of Graces f, for example) but not a lot is confirmed.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Summer starts mid-April for me since that’s when my semester ends. Then I don’t go back until the end of August. So yeah My definition of Summer’s a bit different than yours lol Plus by just having Disgaea 4 in it, any line-up automatically becomes awesome!!! :D And I know it’ll eat up like 500 hours of my life even if it comes out in Sept and I’m already back in school. lol Besides I still have a massive backlog and so many new games that came out in Feb/March to burn through so yeah Summer’s looking to be jam-packed with gaming. :D

          • Darkrise

            For me, summer starts in the 2nd week of may. You are so lucky… Oh well, I’ve got a nice backlog of games to finish that have been sitting around for the past 2 years and I got a bunch more coming in so it’s worth it. =P

          • @PurpleDoom the last time I checked Rising was moved to the Fall. I do hope Graces comes in the summer. Oh I forgot, that Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 has been confirmed for the summer.

      • Darkrise

        Agarest Zero included on that list for me. Plus that BRS LE and Queens Gate. I’

        • Same for me! :D
          Heck, I will spend more money on games this first quarter than the whole last year!

        • For me too, after i get AT3 ill wait for Agarest Zero

    • Damn, I need a job…well money “at least”! >-<
      I never stopped to love you Atlus, you just made our relationship quite a bit harder, but I knew you would eventually understand and come back to me and our little girl! :D

      • Zero_Destiny

        Heheheheheh If you combine your Ha with my Ha we get Haha!!!! We’re laughing at you non-believers XD

        • Damn, that’s the ultimate laughing death move Nr.52!! What awesome power level we have, when combined! xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            Fuuuu…….sion HA!!!!!!!!!~ lol

  • I like pizza.

    Edit: Looking forward to seeing the other 7 endings in English, but man was the ending I got the other day insane. In the best way possible.

    • I’m waiting on the english release to see the other endings too. And I have to say, my ending was fucking insane as well.

    • Aoshi00

      So did you get the True Catherine ending? I got the True Katherine ending and 3 others.. I’m going back to get the other 4-5 now.. this time being bad :) I think the whole game is pretty insane though… the puzzles and horror story both made me panic.. but w/ the skills and instinct drilled into me now, I think i could play thru it to the end w/o much problem.. sometimes you still need luck on your side though..

      Babel tower is hard :(…

      • I’m not 100% sure I got the True Catherine ending, but I certainly got one helluva an awesome one. After you get the ending we can talk about it, cause there is some really unexpected things that I’d love to go “wtf!” with with someone :)

        If temptation gets the best of me, I may still get a couple more endings in the JP edition (subsequent play-throughs will certainly be easier). But for now I have a few other games I need to get through!

        Oh and Babel is nuts.

        • Aoshi00

          No no, please don’t spoil me, I take your word for it :) I’ll work on the Catherine route this week :) Just tempted to see all endings.. it’s so nice they thought of so many.. because that gives you incentive for replay, as hard as the puzzles are..

          There’s normal affair ending (浮気ノーマル) and True affair ending (浮気トゥルー), and a bad affair ending (I got that one too, pretty stupid and funny).. this was the guide I was using for the branching endings..

          But man, what a game!

  • Arcm

    Well, I’m preordering as soon as it comes back up : )

    I always figured Atlus would bring it over they usually don’t announce games right away for localization.

  • Barrit

    Wow, nice find! I wouldn’t even be picky about the cover as long as we get it.

  • KuroAlmaz

    While I would like to hear some good news about Catherine, it still does not excuse the old art of lying and then doing it. Just do not say anything at all. I understand it might being a “lame joke”; however, it really is not funny. Atlus better come up with some good swag for pre-order if this ends up a “misunderstanding.” I would really like to see the same items offered on the US side. Of course, Altus generally does not disappoints.

    • Volcynika

      All they said was standard PR, we’ve heard stuff like that a thousand times. Not really the same as lying.

      • KuroAlmaz

        Sorry. While I understand this is common “PR”, it is the same as the famous “little white lie.” I personally don’t like companies who do that kind of thing. There are more positive ways of saying the same thing without resorting to its “a Japan release only.” Making it sound like they are not getting it while saying they are getting it. It is sad that politicians and companies alike use their word games, and people go gaga over it. Don’t get me wrong. I am not ready, by far, in abandoning Atlus. Bandai is far, far closer than that.
        The fat lady hasn’t sang yet. I will need an official release date in order to believe that Catherine is coming.

        • Volcynika

          Well you might as well dislike most companies because that’s how a lot of people handle it. They plan announcements to happen at certain times, and the ever so important “no plans…at this time” is an important part of the statement. If companies just outright told you one way or the other, someone would ask, they’d give an answer, and it’d be over. There’d be no wonder, no interest from the fanbase to keep speculating, drawing attention to it, etc. This is how they run their business, they garner hype for the games that are announced, and when a lull happens between releases, they shed the light on new games that will come in the near future.

          Keeps attention of people longer to the game, and in the end, they hopefully achieve more sales. This is just how things go.

          • PurpleDoom

            They didn’t only say “no plans at this time”, though, there was also “Catherine is a Japan-only game”. While that’s probably PR speak as well, it’s a lot more misleading than the normal “nothing at this time” line, and is more likely to set people off.

          • Volcynika

            I went to the ever so silly site that actually reported this normal PR speak and the article in question is quoted:

            “Catherine is a Japan-only game and there are no plans for a NA release at this time. Sorry about that!” reads the statement.”

            Not misleading at all, the statement is correct (it is still a Japan-only game until it is announced for localization) and the plans at any time can change to when they announce it. It also doesn’t give the site that posted this an exclusive for the announcement when they obviously shouldn’t have one.

          • PurpleDoom

            What I meant was that it sounds a lot more like a “no” than “no plans at this time”. While it’s technically correct, it sounds to most people like “no” rather than “we’re not saying yet”, which is generally the effect of “no plans at this time” used by itself.

          • KuroAlmaz

            Let me correct myself. I dislike the practice of saying one thing to hide another, not that I dislike Atlus. You can candy coat it as PR dribbling. As of the PR itself, the “no plans at this time” would have been fine. I agree with PurpleDoom. Saying Catherine is a Japan-only game means no. That statement has been used for some H-games, hentai and games like Gal-Gun. Games with sexuality, which even Catherine can be placed in, are a touchy subject here in the states. It would not surprise me to see Catherine not come to America since there are some loudmouths complain about it. The “Japan only” phrase is the misuse of words. I can probably give a list of games that will FOREVER be “Japan Only.”

        • Guest

          The fat lady sang

  • MisterDandylion

    YES YES YES!!! :D Right after my birthday! I don’t know what to think or say….
    I want to preorder this game! :)

  • Code

    rar, Catherine’s apparently coming over just in time for my birthday >w<~!

    • Mine too :D Perfect birthday present!

    • neo_firenze

      I’d actually kind of like it to get pushed back 3 weeks to release on my birthday… But I guess I’d be fine with getting it in advance too ;)

  • Roanoke834

    Think I’ll wait to see how much easier they make it with the patch before I consider picking up an english version. I’m bad enough at puzzlers as it is XD

  • pridesin

    I love you Atlus USA.
    At least this information confirm that Catherine will be release in the U.S.

    • PurpleDoom

      While it’s likely that it will be released here, retailer listings aren’t always confirmations. For example, Amazon has had Monado: Beginning of the World listed for release for a very long time now, yet Nintendo has neither confirmed nor teased at a US release since the initial E3 2009 announcement.

      • Aoshi00

        Exactly.. I thought they listed Archaic Sealed Heat too even w/ a cover and a rating.. but that too disappeared. Right now I think the Atlus pink e-mail tease was actually more of a confirmation than any retail listing.

  • Where is the cached Xbox 360 listing?

  • Now all we need is for them to announce Solatorobo and my 2011 is complete. :3

  • Ladius

    Personally I never had a doubt about Catherine’s localization (and Persona 2 IS’, when the time comes), still it’s nice to see a semi-confirmation :) Let’s hope for a lush limited edition now, this game would really benefit from some extra in boxed form.

    Also, I hope Radiant Historia is selling decently and that Atlus USA is moved to turn back to its days of JRPG localization galore, there are some non-Atlus jrpgs that really need to make it to the USA (at least Sting’s, if LA3, SRT OGS EFE, Summon Night TXC and others are not feasible).

    • PurpleDoom

      From what I’ve heard, it seems their more Western direction didn’t do very well for them, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go back to their JRPG roots. At least we still got SMT and Etrian Odyssey games in the meantime.

      Perhaps NISA will pick up LA3 due to its deal with imageepoch.

      • But it’s Marvelous’s property, ain’t it?

        It’d still be nice if it came over thoug.

        • PurpleDoom

          If they were willing to license it for overseas release to Atlus, why not to NISA? Marvelous usually seem to be pretty open to licensing stuff.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Weell… Divinity 2, Cursed Crusade, Trine 2 and Rock of Ages haven’t even released yet, which are precisely the games in question whenever the premature “Atlus going Bro” discussion comes up. Until they go on sale, I thinks it’s too early to determine whether that direction has failed.

        Not that I would be against a return to more J-games.

        • “Atlus going Bro”…is that really what people are saying? While an increasing number of their recent games aren’t on my must-buy list…WRPGs, fantasy-themed platformers and crazy twists on tower defense hardly fit the “brogamer” mold. Really?

          Not calling you out since you don’t seem like the type who’s repeating this…just expressing my incredulity. Wow.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Yea, some people have really been overreacting, and while no one has actually said the exact words “Atlus going Bro”, there have been lots of people saying “Atlus going mainstream” or “Atlus westernizing/ abandoning J-games”. I have heard people say, sarcastic or serious, something to the effect of “What are they publishing next, FPS’s?!”

            Personally I liked what I played of Trine 1, so maybe I’ll buy Trine 2. I also like weird puzzle games and Monty Python so Rock of Ages is right up my alley. I honestly don’t care where these games are coming from as long as *somebody* out there still localizes a decent amount of J-games.

          • KuroAlmaz

            I thought the same thing as you. At first, I thought Rock of Ages was some Monty Python game.

          • I would say that Atlus USA has gone more mainstream…starting before the internet started spreading FUD about Index Holdings. But “bro” would be going too far, and I’m glad no one’s actually said it. I’m gonna keep it in mind when I need to troll some people though… ;)

            But hell, their company. They release good games that I’m interested in—mainstream, niche, Finnish, American, Chilean, Japanese, whatever—I’ll buy; they release games I’m not interested in, I won’t buy. I agree that as long as good localization work is still being done, it shouldn’t really matter that it’s not necessarily from Atlus.

          • Ladius

            “Atlus going bro” is simply stupid as an analysis since,as you say, even their western games are kinda niche. That said, they aren’t the kind of games that would appeal a more japanophile audience (aka the traditional Atlus USA userbase), so you can expect some broad generalizations (the same happens with all the “animu games” nonsense).

            Personally I like wrpgs as much as jrpgs (albeit for different reasons), but since the jrpg-devoted publishers are really a few I would like Atlus to follow its traditions. Of course I would be happy if they managed to bring us a steady stream of japanese games AND western ones since that could provide the opportunity for many gamers to broaden their horizons, but if the new western focus means stopping practically all the non-Atlus japanese localization then something’s off.

          • I dunno. Even taking you up on that unlikely proposition, XSEED, Aksys and NISA would still be localizing JP games. All three publishers have gained serious clout this gen. And there are still potential dark horses like Carpe Fulgur. So I guess I don’t see Atlus’s scaling down their JP output as such a big deal, given that others are picking up steam. There are a few games being left behind, true…but we can’t assume they’d be picked up even if Atlus was still localizing like they did a while back.

            …I rag on choices like 101-in-1 Megamix and Naruto games because I think they’re low quality—but I think it’s pretty cool that Atlus is bringing interesting niche games like Trine from countries other than Japan to the attention of that “japanophile” audience. Given your comment about broadening horizons, I’m inclined to think you agree. :)

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Since there’s no room to reply, I’ll do it here.

            I’m open to anything Atlus releases as well in terms of enjoyment, but my concern is that Japanese niche games are called niche for a reason and if they don’t do them anymore that’s one less company bringing stuff over. But in the end with whatever they localize you lose some, you gain some, and there’s always other localization companies interested a good deal of the time (as you noted).

            And that “Bro” thing was the first term that popped into my head to described people freaking out, I don’t believe that at all, perhaps no one does to that extreme–didn’t mean to troll (so don’t use it)! >_<

          • They should look for ways to expand the appeal to more than just a “niche” or decrease the number of titles as I think its becoming more and more infeasible to support the market (Surely people do not buy games just because they are “niche games”…)

        • KuroAlmaz

          While I play just about every type of game, I can’t say those titles interest me. IMO Demon Souls rocked; however, Divinity 2 and Cursed Crusade look meh so far. I will wait for reviews before buying.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Divinity 2 looks like a very generic WRPG, but who knows?

          • Wasnt Divinity 1 a very generic WRPG?

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            @Tsunayoshi Sawada
            No idea. Never played it.

  • This news makes my heart smile.

    • Valkyrie Profile forever :3

    • Guest

      Someone stabbed you in the chest and carved a smiley face into your heart?

  • Xeahnort

    Better wait an official response from Atlus

    • Guest

      I waited and it came.

  • Darkrise

    This almost made me scream in joy. But then I remembered the possibilities so I’m just going to say that I’ll calmly wait it out until we get an official announcement.

  • WyattEpp

    It’s going to be a good year for RPGs. I can feel it. Also, goat-based psycho-platformers.

    • From your avatar, I can see Atlus going, “Here’s Catherine!” *crush*

  • I love you so much Atlus, day 1 purchase.

  • F*** Yeah. I’ve been waitng for a NA release date (confirmed or not) since this was announced in japan. I never hated you Atlus, just so you know. ;) Now don’t let me down and confirm this glorious news.

  • sqeeee :(:)

    I’m happy – – hopefully it’s true

  • I think I know who the one sent the information.

    Also, kinda sucks for me. I’ll be out of the country in July. At least it’s coming over. LOVE IS NOT OVER JUST YET.

  • Keima_Katsuragi

    This news pleases me.

    Atlus, I never had a doubt in my heart.

    *breathes heavily*

    • Zero_Destiny

      There you go sir

  • amagidyne

    It’s listed on Metacritic too.

    *cautiously optimistic*

  • Release date (probably?) falls when I’m out of the country. Grrrr *grits teeth*

  • Don’t tease us Atlus baby.

  • Phoenix_Apollo


  • robomomo

    I really hope Atlus does a deluxe edition like they did with Demon’s Souls

  • I was feeling quite annoyed earlier, but hearing a (potential) release date for Catherine, just made my day 10x better. *w*

  • puchinri

    After seeing the Cathy Punch vid, I now need this even more. I knew Catherine was as crazy if not crazier than Katherine. Whether we get the game in July or later, I just need it this year. I hope we get dual audio too.

    • Aoshi00

      Come on, you shouldn’t spoil yourself lol.. dual audio or not, I would get it again just to hear the Eng. dub.. hope they do a good job, it’s pretty hard to top Kaji and Misato.. they were soooo good.. the whole Jpn voice cast was great.. Minagawa Junko voiced 3 chars (Midnight Venus, the cheeky voice in the confession booth, Erica the waitress), crazy..

      • puchinri

        Lol, I actually told myself I wouldn’t. I didn’t for the longest time. But then I hopped on youtube, and there was the Cathy PUNCH vid, and I couldn’t resist. It was as ridiculously humorous, painful and wow as I expected, but better. (Have you seen that in the game yet? I’m curious if it’s an event from each side of the meter or just shows up on K/Catherine’s angel/devil side?)

        I’m definitely getting it~. Though I would love to hear everything in English and Japanese voices (and buying two different copies is harsh x’D ). I am loving the Japanese cast. It does seem hard to top, let alone compare to. But I am curious about who they’ll get. And that’s amazing! Can you tell it’s all Minagawa for each voice? I would if they’ll do the same for us.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, I saw that scene, crazy and funny, I guess that youtube title was tempting :) I was like “holy!” and thought it was nuts. I think all the cutscenes/events leading to the conclusion are mandatory and the same no matter how you talk to people in the bar or answer your e-mails, the endings are only different depending on the devil/angel meter by the end, and the last couple of essential questions leading up to the final boss. I got 2 Kat endings just playing on my own, but later refer to a guide for the rest, there are 9 endings, you could get 4 by maxing the meter to angel, another 4 by maxing to devil, and the other one is the meter at neutral, the rest depends on the answers before the final boss (there are 4 questions)

          I recognized Minagawa Junko for 2 chars, but didnt know she was also Midnight Venus until the credit rolled. The voice in the confession booth was so cheeky you just know it, because it’s the bratty Ryoma from Prince of Tennis.. and I knew Erica was voiced by her before (that led me to speculate things in the story, but she just happened to voice more than 1 role, I bet they did that on purpose..) The funny thing is the VA’s normal talking voice is actually more like Ryoma, and her feminine voice is more from acting lol.. she’s so cheeky, namaiki you know..

          Koyasu (Johnny) and Hirata Hiroaki (Orlando) were so cool.. I’m really not sure who they would use, I think they would stick Steve Blum in there somewhere as usual.. Katherine would be a tough role to do for the nuance where she sounds bossy, sympathetic, crazy, and caring at the same time.. Mitsuishi Kotono was great of course..

          Overall, great and unique game, if only a little too unforgiving even on easy..

          • puchinri

            Haha, yeah, that video title was too tempting. I managed to resist everything else, but that one got me. x’D
            Ohh, okay. Having different scenes to correspond to different endings would be nice (after a point), but that still works just as well. That’s quite a few endings, more than I would have guessed. It is like two good and two bad endings? Or are they all ‘good’ just not on the low and extreme scale? (I don’t know if I made any sense just now, so sorry if I didn’t/)

            Hah! I’m going to love listening to that. It’s too bad it’s just intentional-coincidence and not more (especially since Erica and Venus have about the same hair color, or just red in general, right?). That kind of reminds me of Haruko Momoi (in reverse?), but I look forward to hearing both voices. Midnight Venus did have a very smooth, mature and feminine voice, so I never would have guessed.

            I loved their voices too~. I think it definitely comes down to how cool they sound and nailing the tone and voice in particular scenes (I don’t know how you can come close to Vincent in the Cathy Punch scene x’D ). Good point though. One thing that I love yet find unsettling about Katherine is how she’s caring/loving, sympathetic, even a little coddling and yet crazy and bossy. I think her moments of rage would be fairly easy to get, but it’s those calmer moments that get me. Now I’m even more excitef for the game. I wish I had enough money now to import and pre-order here. ;u;

            I am a little worried about it being unforgiving, but I do like that a little in puzzle games. Oddly enough, it pisses me off in RPGs, but rhythm and puzzle(-adventure) games like that get me really fired up. But it is Atlus, so I’ll probably be fired down and crying in a corner instead.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, the difficulty was pretty tough, but it kinda works like shmups where you keep retrying and retrying once you get better by recognize patterns. I don’t like RPGs to be too hard though.. and this is a relatively short game compared to the longer RPGs, so getting stuck is not so bad.. Actually some stages really got me so mad at the time they really drove me bonkers, and I thought I couldn’t get past the final boss to see the ending… they could’ve been more generous w/ checkpoints, it’s like Sonic, if you play a really long stage and mess it up, it’s less irritating you start at 1/3 or 2/3 or the stage instead of the beginning.. but Catherine does offer a lot of tutorial video in-game, weaved into the story elements, so well done..

            The seiyuu are all veteran and really nailed the parts, I guess you should wait to see if dual track is available in the US ver., if not you could import the PS3 ver later for the original voices. Yamadera Koichi and Mitsuishi Kotono are just awesome.. I still get a kick out of the conversation btwn Kaji and Misato, where they argue and spilt their regrets when they were drunk, and then he finally kissed her at the end (after she threw up lol..) It was so adult for me at that time.. well it still is.. can’t believe I’m older than Misato now *.*…

            Hm.. I don’t think this would be spoiler-ish.. but you could get a normal, true, and bad ending w/ Cat or Kat, so that’s 6, and normal and true neutral.. I think I made a mistake before, it’s 8 endings in total instead of 9… so more than I expected, I thought you get like 4 or something.. so that’s cool because it rewards you and gives incentive for replaying to see the different conclusion.. I’m glad I got my favorite ending by going w/ my instinct the first time, being faithful :)

            Actually I wasn’t thinking of Erica could be Midnight Venus.. I thought if she had something to do w/ the mysterious voice in the confession booth torturing and testing Vincent. So cheeky :)


      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Japanese VA cast… soooo expensive… oh god please have the money to keep it in, Atlus…

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    I’d say knowing ATLUS they tend to release their games in the summer so this may be true, and It’d be a nice thing to hold us Persona fans over until Innocent Sin is released or the inevitable Persona 5

  • Aoshi00

    Viva Catherine! The game is amazing! I just beat it yesterday morning, been playing it non-stop for the last week, the game was so hard but worth the effort to beat it, first playthru ~22 hours. The last couple of stages absolutely drove me bonkers at first especially the last stage, sometimes you need to take a breather before tackling it again.. Normal was even more demented, and w/ no “rewinding” when you’re stuck it would be even harder..

    More chk points would’ve saved some frustration, some stages you work a long time to the top (having heart palpitation) and once you mess up you almost need to start over from near beginning)…

    Got 4 endings so far, 5 more to go.. I messed up my plan though, I got the Katherine endings for the PS3 ver while I’m getting the Catherine endings for the 360 ver :(…

    The pre-order bonus sound disc was good.. I ordered the OST, but I heard it doesn’t have the rearranged classical pieces…

    Rapunzel was hard.. only played about 10 stages, 64 stages for the trophy is insane.. couldn’t get on the leaderboard for the Babel tower either (needs to beat 1 stage on normal w/ gold to unlock the first Babel stage)..

    This game is not for the faint of heart… I hope they would do a good job on the Eng dub if there’s no dual audio, the story and chars were really great..

    I’m glad I was able to finish it before the patch comes out though whenever it might be.. they could’ve been more generous w/ checkpoints at least.. it’s like taking away the checkpoints in Sonic..

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      5 more endings? A whole 5 more times through or is it like Nier where they start NG+ a good ways into the story?

      • Aoshi00

        lol, I’m glad I got the ending I wish :) Hm.. if you leave some saves a bit before the last stage (like midpoint or later, there are 12 save slots), you might not have to go thru the same game twice. Basically you’re able to get 4 endings when the meter is swung to the angel side and 4 more when swung to the devil side (one more when the needle is in the middle), depending on how you answer people in the bar/sheeps in nightmare, the polls in the confession booth, or the e-mails you send to both Cat/Katherine. I was able to get 4 endings on my first playthru and only play thru the last boss stages 3 more times.. I guess if I want I could go back midway to swing the meter back to the other side and continue from there.. And for the different endings you need to go thru the final stage again, comprised of several parts.. w/ enough practice it gets better but still no cake walk.. so for 2 playthrus you could at least get 8, but for the different ones you still need to play the final boss stages again and answer the questions differently.. anyway, playing this game is still quite scary.. if you don’t want to miss some trophies, just make sure you drink all the liquors and talk to everyone every night, but time passes by like social links, but you could get everything if you’re careful..

        It would be cool if they have dual audio, but I’m looking forward to some good Eng voice acting and experience the story differently :) Then there would be another 9 more endings to get.. it’s like I’m caught in the nightmare :) Hope I’m not spoiling too much..

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          That’s kind of a relief, I thought the choices you made throughout the game would all explicitly determine one of the endings, rather than 1 of 2 sets with the final stage/ boss determining a specific one in each set. Haha I’m not a trophy man (I’m a glasses man), so as long as I see the endings I think I’m good.

          Well YOU can say that about the audio because you’ve already heard the Japanese dub. Think of us poor English peasants! :P
          …Either way, dual audio and everyone wins. Hopefully.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, I definitely prefer you don’t need to play thru the game 9 times to get the 9 endings.. the multi-part boss stage was still pretty hard though.. as it is now, I say play on easy first (which is not easy)… I finished stage 3 on normal and that was my limit.. and you could only change difficulty setting at the bar and not in the nightmare, so make sure you heave an extra save before you ramp up the difficulty..

            Lol.. English peasants, I’m no Colin Firth :) If they have dual track, then it would definitely be perfect, the Jpn dub is too good to be missed, see when I say it makes a difference to use experienced veteran VAs unlike all the new Ghibli flicks.. Miyazaki is a fool to think that seiyuu can’t sound like real people.. a lot of them dub Hollywood actors anyway.. Yamadera Koichi is still the king, he could do Vincent, Kaji in Eva, Tom Cruise, Spike in Cowboy Bebop, Ryoga in Ranma 1/2, and the adorable P-chan w/ no electronic alteration.. he so cool..


          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Man, Ranma, so classic… and now I lament the period of great anime that was the late ’80s early ’90s… but ah well. What Koichi was P-CHAN!?! Good god I didn’t want–oh too late it’s ruined… amazing but aw my image of it all is ruined… XD

            Well, for better or worse, whether or not we get the awesome original VAs, Vincent is being dubbed by Troy Baker. I don’t follow American VAs much, but from what I heard he suppose to be pretty fitting. Dunno if he can match Yamadera Koichi…

          • Aoshi00

            Yep, both Ryoga and P-chan :) Ranma anime was pretty good, I prefer the drawing style in the earlier seasons though, that episode was actually one of the best, Akane getting her hair cut off. I preferred the Takahashi Rumiko manga though.. but yea, anime in the late 80’s/90’s were great, part of my childhood.. The news of Troy Baker is indeed great, that makes me confident for the rest of the cast. Vincent is actually a tough role to fill, but I think he has that humorous range to play the bewildered and dramatic sides of Vincent. He doesn’t necessarily need to sound like Yamadera Koichi as long as he could portray the char in his own way.. In general I’m not familiar w/ Eng VAs either except a couple of prominent ones.. but I heard him as Yuri from Tales of Vesperia and Snow in FFXIII, he was really good in both of those roles. He should make a good Vincent.. I just hope Steve Blum would be either Johnny or Orlando, he’s my favorite..Seems like he’s Kanji from P4 too (I mostly just played the Jpn ver and the seiyuu was Seki Tomokazu, Vaan from Escaflowne or Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi..), and that role required a wide range, his personality in real life and the TV thing, so he should be cool.

  • j.

    My “Good news of a long awaited event will arrive soon” fortune cookie was right. :o

  • KuroAlmaz

    Some of the other gaming sites heard an report that Atlus will officially announce Catherine tomorrow. It would be cool to hear some good news soon. Crossing fingers.

  • In for one. On PS3.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    It was totally me who handed in this tip >:)
    I’m kidding, please don’t hurt me dude, at least share some of the pizza!

  • Hmmm… Cheesy slice of pizza… :D

  • Hehe, looks like I can look forward to this game after all.

  • I swear, if they’re just playing with us I will drive up to the company building and send a life-sized persona statue through it. This is the first game that’s actually getting me thinking about buying a PS3.

    • amagidyne

      Which Persona?

      Is it Mara? I hope it’s Mara.

      • I was thinking a twin set of Apollo and Artemis.

        Mara I’m holding in reserve just in case Atlus ever gets completely dissolved :)

    • PurpleDoom

      If you’re talking about GameStop, feel free. If the listing turns out to be incorrect, it’s their fault in all likelihood.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS(slams hes head to the tabe)OW!….YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSss IM going to buy this for sure been looking forward for this game to be released in the usa

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Captain Falcon? Is that you?

  • Soma

    Even though this isn’t an official date, DO NOT WAIT TO PRE-ORDER!
    The more pre-orders and buzz this game gets, the better! If you love Atlus, as I know you all do, please help ’em out.
    The more sales that Catherine gets if (when) it’s localized, the better the chance of other awesome niche games making their way to North America.


    • KuroAlmaz

      I REALLY do not think there will be a lack of people pre-ordering Catherine. That said. The hell with Gamestop. They are last on my list in purchasing titles. In order in where I buy, Amazon, the publisher (if they have a special edition), and everyone else. I will go to Gamestop as last resort unless they have a good price (very rare) or a good bundle (on occasion.) I really do not like the place any more. Reminds me of Radio Shack, upsale, upsale, upsale. They drive off the good employees.

      I did have one pleasant experience with Gamestop. They had Yakuza 3 on sale with a stacking coupon, free shiping, and free dlc. Otherwise, I have to go to the store, get told that they have to go to the trouble of finding said item (after they call and said to come get it), and have to remind them of extras that is supposed to come with the game. I worked at Wally World (another company who drives off good help) in electronics for a while (the nightmares). I harassed my department manager to tell me what came with the new releases, and where he hid them. I tried not to be a d-bag if I could help it. I know of the excitement of getting the game.

      Now that NISA has free shipping, I am happier giving the money directly to them.

      • Soma

        I really wish that Atlus didn’t have to do away with their online store. I would much rather give them my money directly, too, but until then, I’ll be pre-ordering through EB Games.
        The thing about buying NEW games is that there is hardly any mark-up. Gamestop/EB Games relies entirely on used sales for profit, so I usually don’t feel bad about buying new.

        • Excuse Me?! ENTIRELY? One shouldnt discount the effects of new software and hardware…

          • Soma

            Sorry, I meant to say “relies heavily” not entirely.
            Bottom line is, I don’t care WHERE people are pre-ordering Catherine, as long as they’re pre-ordering and helping out Atlus. =3
            Since Gamestop/EB is the only North American retailer that I know of that has the game available for pre-order, better sooner than later.

        • KuroAlmaz

          I was wondering about that. I thought Atlus had a store. I do not have a problem buying new especially if CD/Art Book is involved. I have Ar Tonelico 3 pre-ordered through NISA. As soon as Totori is available, I know my sister will pre-order that game. For most part, Amazon is easier to deal with. Yakuza 4 has the same bundle as everywhere else. I have it pre-ordered and paid 99 cents for release day delivery.

          • Soma

            I guess it’s just easier for Atlus to distribute through Amazon? Maybe that would be a good question if SE ever gets to do any kind of Q&A with Atlus.

            NISA’s online store is great. The only recent title I didn’t order through them was Neptunia and that was only because I forgot about it until I saw it show up at EB. Still debating if I should get Ar Tonelico since I’ll never have the time to play it. Still struggling to find time for Atelier Rorona.

  • Maybe they’ll announce it at E3. That seems a bit far off though.

    Isn’t GDC happening right now?

    • PurpleDoom

      My guess is it’ll be announced relatively soon, possibly not in time with any event.

      • Reminds me of their Knights in the Nightmare PSP announcement last year. It was either the day before E3 started or the day after E3 ended. “Oh, hey, we’re localizing the PSP version.”

        Might as well have announced it at E3 then… 8/

    • KuroAlmaz

      Has Atlas waited for gaming events to announce titles? It seems to me they just announce them as they get them. Correct me if I am wrong. I am curious to know. Quite of few of their titles generally get visibility from fans word of mouth, Atlas’s newsletter, and gaming sites who generally support their games.

  • Jirin

    I believe it’s coming but I don’t trust Gamestop on the release date. They sometimes just make those up.

    • KuroAlmaz

      Like with the Sony NGP (codename for next gen PSP). And Gamestop had the audacity to list it for the lovely price of $999.99. Really. The PS3 did not come out anywhere near that price. $999.99 Really!?! Would anyone buy a portable game console for a grand? Really? To quote my favorite Youtube video, it needs “an app that builds you an island, and then transforms into a jet, and f#@$*^ takes you there” before I would entertain that price.

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