Cubic Ninja Is The First 3DS Game Without 3D

By Ishaan . March 1, 2011 . 9:03am

When AQ Interactive’s Cubic Ninja releases, it’ll be the first Nintendo 3DS game that isn’t in 3D. This is because the puzzle-platformer is controlled by moving and tilting the 3DS, making use of its internal gyrometer.


Instead, AQ Interactive are giving Cubic Ninja other features to make up for the lack of 3D. The game will come with over a 100 stages, report Inside Games. The stages will be divided into five areas, each with their own hazards like water, fire and so on.


The game will also include an editor that you’ll be able to use to edit stages. You’ll also be able to share your stages online. In Japan, Cubic Ninja is a budget title, and will be priced at 3,990 yen when it releases on April 7th.

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  • I hope developers will be willing to forgo 3D effects from time to time, and for other reasons than just control scheme limitations like we see here. I’m sure 3D looks great and that it can be incorporated into gameplay in a number of ways, but I’m guessing most developers will see it simply as eye candy.

    In that sense, I’d be willing to trade 3D for just an overall better looking game, as I imagine that without the need to render the image twice, the 3DS would be capable of delivering very pretty games with that extra horsepower.

    Not that 3DS games aren’t pretty now, and I’m assuming every game we’ve seen so far will be making use of 3D. It’d also be interesting if developers could include graphics options (similar to what Square did with Birth by Sleep) and make them available in the event the game detects the 3D slider being off.

    Kinda off topic, eh?

  • This actually looks like a great, difficult, yet fun game.
    Definitely interested~

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    That’s a problem with the 3DS. If you want to employ the gyrometer, you can’t use the 3D at the same time, and vice versa, because the 3D only works with a set angle and the gyrometer only works by changing the angle constantly. A contradictory feature set. Not a major problem, but a problem nonetheless.

    • Actually, you can! Sort of. Steel Diver makes some heavy use of the gyrometer to control the submarine’s periscope (think of like a real sub). The catch is that you’re moving your entire upper body along with the 3DS so the picture stays in focus. :p

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Well that’s certainly… a workaround. XD

    • malek86

      Yes, I think that’s the best idea. Nintendo put together two features that can’t be really used together, so the best thing to do would be to use either one or the other.

      That said, it would have probably been better if they at least offered some kind of 3D option, just because people will probably expect to see 3D in every 3DS game. Imagine if a PS3 game only supported 480p…

  • Saraneth

    I don’t think that the whole gyrometer and 3d thing is really going to be a problem. Not many types of games really need a gyrometer, especially now that there’s a slide pad.

    • Joanna

      I have to agree. Only really experimental or quirky games ever used one (Kirby Tilt n Tumble and that one Wario game), so I honestly don’t expect to see too many gyrometer games. Although, I wouldn’t mind if someone could come up with a fun game using this feature (Cubic Ninja could work, but I’ll have to see some footage to judge how the game plays). :3

  • I’ll pass on this one.

  • That’d be like advertising a 360 game that doesnt do HD.
    You made it for the wrong system. It could have been on DS and sold far better. Now its a sllap in the face to almost everyone buying a 3DS for the 3D.

  • Chrischoff

    Good idea. I was wondering about the gyro-controlled games. I’m glad to see some studios have the balls to choose when and when not to use stereoscopy (like any technology, it should be fashioned around the experience).

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