Zoo Mania Sounds Like Another Name For Marvelous’ Animal Resort

By Ishaan . March 3, 2011 . 4:02pm

Marvelous recently filed a trademark for Zoo Mania in the U.S., associated with video game goods and services. While we can’t say for certain what it is, the title sure sounds a lot like their debut Nintendo 3DS game, Animal Resort: Let’s Build a Zoo.


We’d also like to point out that, curiously, if you look around the databases of websites such as IGN and 1UP, Ubisoft are listed as the publisher for Animal Resort.

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  • The trees look like paper, well, lol, paper is made from trees, so maybe it fits, lololol.

    I have not been to a zoo in ages, since taking up the platform that animals should not be cramped in cages and such.

    • Ren

      I never went to a Zoo that had cages. The only one I went had chasms with high walls and border protections, and it was really big, like, every ‘cage’ was at least the size of a pro soccer field.

      • Wow then how did you see reptiles such as snakes? It must be pretty hard to spot them in such a huge enclosure? Unless the zoo gives everyone binoculars?

        • Ren

          They had a ‘snake hall gallery’ with smaller chasms and glass windows, they also painted the walls in collors clashing with the snakes, to make them easier to see. I miss that place, it was only 20 walking minutes from home and 10 walking minutes from school. I still regret moving from that city. If you ever venture into these unknow lands called Brazil, visit a southern state capital called Belo Horizonte(Beautiful Horizon) and the beaches of the country northeast region, they are worth it.(north here means hotter, for your american head to process)

          • Caligula

            I think most Americans can deduce that northern Brazil is warmer than southern Brazil :/

          • Why? I thought the whole country was under the water bubble generated by the rainforest, thus trapping the heat in the entirety of the country?

          • Ren

            I love the irony of the answer you recieved to that. Remember, Trist isn’t most americans.

          • Caligula

            @Ren: If you were aiming that statement at just Tsuna, you didn’t need to use the generalizing term of Americans. There are stupid people in every country, not just the US.

            That aside, I’m pretty sure Tsuna doesn’t actually mean what he said anyway. I’m about 100% certain he’s a troll/acts dumber than he actually is.

          • Well I should take a trip to visit our CONSA bro’s! I thought Brazil was just a beautiful rainforest that one needed permission to visit, especially for the honoring of the ways of life of the indigenous people.

          • I recommened – if your old enough – to watch the film City of God to see a darker, somewhat more common side to Brazil.

          • Ren

            Nope, Brazil is actually the fifth biggest country in the world just after the USA, and while the USA are horizontally big, we are vertically big, starting with half a state on the northen hemisphere and stopping near Uruguay, this means there’s a lot of variation on the climate and flora through the country. The rain forest only cover the northern part of the country and some border countries. I think Venezuela is one of them, ask Wildy, he might know better, I never seen nor studied rain forests before. The south states actually snow and are very ‘european’ in a way. The northeast is the hottest part of the country and fairly arid outside of the coast cities, and the middle-west is where the government and the Pantanal are located, it’s filled with camps. The southern part is where most of the people live and where the more well know places are, like the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It’s not hot, not cold and not rainy, and it’s around where I live. Life here is pretty normal compared with USA standards, just less pratical and more expensive in regards to technology(very more expensive) and our big cities are as big and as complex as the american ones, although the last part can be said to almost all the south american countries.(also, I never seen a full raced idian before(they are rare) and we have a indian day if that’s what you mean by honoring them; we’re not North Korea, this is a big turism country, entering here id fairly easy, and you can easily enter the rainforest if you go to Manaus but I will advise not doing that unless you want to die of mosquito based illness; I can count the white and black people I know with my fingers, we categorize race color fairly differently from you; the only food we eat foreigners might find icky is barbecued chicken hearts, most of our cuisine is fairly normal for your standards, just much better and less fattening; people here are warmer)

            Wow, I ranted. Hope I could put a better light in the whole South America for you.

          • Ren

            @ Gabriel May
            City of God… Cidade de Deus? Oh, it’s that miniseries that became a film. I’m afraid of what kind of standard that film would set for Trist, since that pretty much only deals with the favelas.

  • Here’s hoping for an animal hunting mode :D

  • stevezz

    But Marvelous doesn’t own the zoomania.com URL and they like to own the URLs for all of their games. We own it. Anyone want to buy it and sell to Marvelous?

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