Importers Rejoice! Bullet Soul Will Be Region-Free

By Ishaan . March 4, 2011 . 2:38pm


Siliconera reader, Denpa no Sekai (who some of you know from his site), recently wrote in to publisher, 5pb. Games, to ask about whether or not their upcoming bullet hell shooter, Bullet Soul, would be region-free as they hinted back in January.


A representative from 5pb Support replied: “Thank you for your interest in our products.We are pleased to announce that we have decided to make Bullet Soul region-free. We hope you will enjoy our products.”


Additionally, Bullet Soul will be quite import-friendly, given that the menus and game’s interface will be in English. The video above, which is a tutorial for maximizing your score, shows off some of the in-game English footage.


5pb. have Bullet Soul scheduled for an Xbox 360 release on April 7th in Japan. First-print copies of the game come with a soundtrack CD that includes a bonus 8-bit track.


A high-five(pb) to Denpa no Sekai for the great sleuthing!

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  • superdry

    Awesome news! Not that it affects me either way since I have a Japanese 360, but still good to know that they decided to file the paperwork to make the release region-free for importers.

    Good move 5pb.

    • Great thinking. I know the hardcore Cave maniacs are always like “if you’re a real STG fan you already have a J360” (and I do agree) but my brother’s a “casual” SHMUP player and I want to buy Bullet Soul for him, since it’ll be right up his alley (we grew up playing Raiden).

  • Oh what a nice site!

  • Jeez. It’s like they really want me to get an xbox or something.

  • Code

    rar, awesome, I own a J360 any ways, but honestly going regional free can only really be good for all shmup fans~! Which in-turn is good for me and other J360 owners since it means more competition and less devisions/complications between regions and versions >w<'

  • Fantastic! I’m glad that it’ll be region-free. Also, it’ll be my 3rd game on my Xbox 360. First one being Deathsmiles, second one being Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets and now this.

    I know there’s Mushihimesama Futari, DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label and Espgaluda II Black Label from Cave that I need to get, but…future project.

    Yup, I bought a 360 only for SHMUPS.

    • Dude. Raiden IV and Raiden Fighters Aces. 40$ for 4 wicked SHMUPs.

      No excuses.

    • mikanko

      Not sure if you have a j360 or not, if not you might wanna cross Dodonpachi off the list as it’s not region free. If you have a computer that can run it, DoJ is available on shmup mame now.

      Also, I can’t say for certain as I’ve never played it, but 5pb isn’t exactly high pedigree when it comes to shmups
      (this is actually their first I think). I’d reccomend picking up Futari for 40bucks’ish(platinum hits) or Galuda2 as those are possibly the best two shooters on the system before grabbing this game at full price at release.

      If anyone has actually played and can reccomend this game at the same level as a Cave shmup I’d certainly be interested in hearing about it though! c.c

      • Yes I have played Bullet Soul and yes it will rule (my world). Have you even looked at who’s in charge of the music and artwork?

        Regardless, demo should be available late March.

        And yeah too bad about DDP… dunno who has the balls to bring it outside Japan. Really hope Aksys is at least considering Deathsmiles 2 for a Summer release.

        • mikanko

          I like the art and music, pretty much the only reason I have interest in the game. Clips like this one in the post the gameplay looks a bit underwhelming compared to the other games Hoshi K said he/she didn’t own. The Raiden games you mentioned as well.

          I haven’t seen as much from this game as 5pb’s upcoming fighting game, which just looks beyond horribad from a gameplay perspective, so maybe I’m a bit quick to judge. I still have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth from their shoddy DoJ port as well.

          • I can’t comment on the DoJ port myself as I haven’t played it (and I’m much more of a SHMUP enthusiast than maniac) but have you read the following comment by Shiki?


            Seems with the patch there’s absolutely NO reason to complain about DDP. A later comment points out that they outsourced most of the game to another company, so the “5pb hate” is undeserved. Who knows, really? It’s bound to plague them for years regardless.

            As for the fighter, yeah it didn’t seem that interesting to me so I skipped the playtest. The animation was way too stiff (and I’m no graphics whore) but at least the backgrounds and characters were interesting. It proved extremely popular with the rest of the crowd however. In fact I’d wager Phantom Breaker will outsell Bullet Soul 2:1 in Japan. I really do think region-free will help move more Bullet Soul copies, good forward thinking from 5pb.

          • mikanko

            The port itself mostly had horrible load times and fewer gameplay options than other Cave ports. It also looked a little worse than the PS2 port because of resolution limitations of the 360(SD or HD tv). The only game altering bugs occurred on the 2nd loop, and since most people aren’t 1cc’ing the first part of the game, it doesn’t affect a lot of people. Then there’s the whole someone getting caught for “borrowing” the Arika source code from the original PS2 port without asking permission thing. Whether that was the fault of whoever 5pb outsourced it to, I couldn’t say, but it was a pretty unprofessional port for what’s one of my favorite Cave games. My fault I guess for selling my PS2 copy at the time thinking BL would be an improvement when in pretty much every way the PS2 port was superior.

            Glad to hear it finally got patched though! I kinda gave up waiting after the 1 year mark. <.<;; I actually sold my J360 and the game sometime last year as Galuda 2 is pretty much the only shmup I have time to play these days.

            And yeah, Phantom Breaker is what I was remembering that looks beyond bad gameplay wise. I have the feeling most people picking it up are casual fighting game fans at best, or have interest in the source material of the characters(which is cool and all, I've been there). From videos it reminds me of those barrel fulls of poorly made fighting games coming out in the old Saturn/PS1 era based off popular licenses. It's kinda cool in a way because I miss those days, but I have zero interest forking out 80$ to import a copy.

            For a small time developer made fighting game something like Skullgirls coming out as a download title sometime this year(I hope) looks loads better for what'll probably be $15.

  • Arcm

    While I’m happy for this news how about Phantom Breaker 5pb? I would love to import that game as well. : )

  • For anyone who cares, AmiAmi has a super cute bookstore card as a preorder bonus.

    I’m totally getting it.

    • Cool, I like amiami. I believe this is one of 6 different cards.

      • You appear to be correct, sir. (Gee, AmiAmi sure got the tamest illustration of the six, didn’t they!)

  • Man I’ve been craving some Cave games (I know this isn’t Cave) but most of them are Japan only or for a system I don’t own… :(

  • thaKingRocka

    I just found myself hypnotized by that video. Straight gameplay is far better than any commercial and I will certainly buy it.

  • High five! Great news!

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