Lose Your Nintendo 3DS AR Cards? Just Print Out New Ones

By Ishaan . March 4, 2011 . 11:33am

The Nintendo 3DS comes with six “AR cards” that allow it to play augmented reality games (here’s a quick example if you don’t know what they are) such as a Billiards game or a dragon shooting game.


Some of these are for proper AR games, while others just display Nintendo characters in your surroundings or let your Mii walk around on your dining table when viewed through the 3DS.


With smaller accessories like the AR cards, there’s always a chance that you could lose them. Luckily, Inside Games report that in the event that you do lose your AR cards, you can simply print out new ones. This can be done via this PDF file.


Alternatively, you can also buy new AR cards in Japan for 500 yen.


Note: We aren’t sure if the cards in that PDF will work with a non-Japanese 3DS yet.

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  • Guest

    Wow. This is really impressive technology. I mean sure it might be simple if you know all the details or whatever but being able to print AR. I dunno thats pretty crazy I think. I thought there was something special on the cards. Guess theres some software inside the 3DS that just needs to recognize the image and it does all the work from there?

    • Xekyo

      The iPhone can do the same thing but I think the 3DS has a more advanced method of recognizing the patterns on the card. An example of augmented reality games on the iphone is AR Defender.

      • Guest

        Cool. I’ll try that out on my sisters phone.

      • Jellybit

        One thing that 3DS does over other augmented reality technology I’ve seen, is recognize background objects. For instance, you could drive a virtual car on your desk, and have it crash into cups/hit pencils/etc… iPhone can do a simplified version, but 3DS is advanced far beyond that between its stereoscopic camera (allowing it to better understand shape/depth) and gyroscope (to understand its location in 3D space far better than just accelerometers, which in turn helps it better understand what it’s looking at and from what angle).

  • AR cards are probably region-locked. :P

    • Haha, I can’t imagine how can they region block that… Is not like its an inner microchip or w/e lol xD

      • Thats the joke.

        • Really? thanks for telling me… -.-

          Is like a follow up joke

          If someone says “Oh i wanna play Resonance of fate in the N64”

          Then “Is not like you could play it in there without the N64 could burn into ashes lol”

          That’s what happened here…

          Maybe i should had put a “lol” at the end so it could be easier to understand?

          • Jellybit

            No, it’s not a follow-up joke. You merely explained his joke to people, but mostly to yourself.

          • Why would i explain it to myself?…
            *sigh* ok then, seems i have to explain this better,
            I was just participating in what he said, participating with he community, saying i cannot even imagine his joke because of how ridiculous it would be, there?

            I can understand why you would say i was explaining the joke though, it could be read from that point of view too….

            There, i added a face, a “haha” and a “lol” Hope it doesnt cause more… misunderstandings…? Even if i still can’t see the point on what you guys said, or with what purpose…

          • Lol I think its best you just give up WildArms ^_^

  • AR Cards kick ASS.

  • Oni123

    i wonder if any of the million card games out there would use something like this for a full game =O pokemon cards with monsters that pop out. would be neat

  • Gio32k

    Heck, if they make a pokemon card battle game that uses AR. I may just get back into Pokemon.

  • I overheard one of the Nintendo guys get on security at GDC about AR cards getting stolen. Paraphrased: “We lost another one.” “I’m walking back and forth constantly between stations.” “I know, just do what you can.”

    Good to know that they were able to just print out some new ones. :P

  • Ooh that’s good to know. This way maybe I don’t have to be Nintendo club member to see life-size mario. *printing it on 13×19*

  • Guest
  • Just decided I’d come say, the AR cards can be printed from the web and will work just the same. Bonus, you don’t even have to print the cards if you don’t want, I just spent the last 30 minutes free fishing on my laptop screen.

  • the japan card do work in uk just pointed mt 3ds at screen :)

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