Gust Announce New Alchemist Of Arland Atelier Game

By Ishaan . March 6, 2011 . 12:03pm

Gust have announced a new Atelier game at a company event in Japan. While no name or platform have been attached to the game, Gust say it is the third title in the Alchemist of Arland series.


As you would expect, the game stars a new female character. Gust showed the game off in video form at the event, but all that’s available publicly at the moment are photographed screenshots, courtesy of Dengeki Online (more at the site).





That second screenshot reads “Princess x Maid x Butler = “Kingdom.”


Meanwhile, Manga Jouhou report that someone at the Gust event that goes by the handle “hesa_na,” has uploaded pictures of a booklet distributed at the event. It gives one a better look at the new protagonist in this Alchemist of Arland game.


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  • Did totori have a time limit? I seriously hate the time limit in Rorona. I missed out on so many flags.
    I hope this is not timed base and I can take the game easy without planning everything.

    • The time limit in Totori was a lot more lenient, but yeah it still existed.

      • Depends just how you intend to do it. In Totori, if you try to shoot for the ultimate ending, you’re going to be REALLY short supply. (Good luck getting half a million cole in the 6 year period with the massive deflation without sneaking around it)

        Then again, it’s easier in Totori to play through a second time, since weapons and money carry over.

    • Ereek

      Most of the Ateliers have that time limit. Only the Mana Khemias and Iris’ do not. It would be best to expect this one to have the limit as well.

      Well, Mana Khemia did too, but it’s quite lenient.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Well the point of the time limit was to miss out on some Flags. It meant you had to play it more than once to see things. Half of the game’s difficulty came from how you managed your time. I thought it was pretty fun but I can understand iif some people don’t like it. :)

    • Yeah, the time limit really cut back on my enjoyment of the game. I was into the characters, into the world of it, but I never felt like I could just sit back and explore or do too many side quests because I had such limited time to fulfill the alchemy requests. I felt so much potential to love the game because all the other ingredients were there, but that time limit…ugh…

    • dont think you played alot of Atelier games, the time limit, like Pamela, is a concept in almost ALL the games only iris and mana khemria didnt have that. the reason for that is to give replayablity so you can go back see event you missed, fix anything you messed up and explore a new path/ending


    The burning Gust Fanboy within me craves this with the firery passion of a million super novas! As a long time Atelier fan, I can’t wait to add this to my collection!

    Before that, I patiently wait for Totori to hit stateside~

  • BelmontHeir

    So, I got into a semi-argument the other day when I said that the last piece of artwork you see on this page (pre-pubescent fantasy girl with over-developed breasts) was “so wrong.” Someone I know said that it was only wrong if I had that kind of mindset. I just kinda went “:|” at that.

    I mean, in general I like GUST’s titles but it seems to me here that they’re trying to market this game based off the sexualization of pre-adolescent girls. To put it another way: I think people would be suspicious of any adult male who was seen with that poster that’s next to the magazine. o_O

    • Zero_Destiny

      It’s a tricky subject. On one hand yes I’m shamelessly liking the kawaii anime girls in the Atelier games. BUT on the other hand I don’t think it would warrant a purchase from me, just to ogle said girls. I’m quite found of the Atelier gameplay with a lot of customization and it’s slower pace. There fun games to play. But then again I don’t know if I would of looked twice at the game without the girls. Hhhmmm . . . Well I’ll just say this cliché line. Sex sells. It’s not really anything to be too afraid of if you’re selling a product of substance (which I think these games are) but if you’re just trying to sell only the sex it’s not cool. So I guess I’m saying just don’t be afarid to embrace your inner-nerd if you like these kinds of things.

    • androvsky

      Well, the thing is… what makes you think they’re pre-adolescent if they have boobs? Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction? And with the exception of Totori (who was very flat-chested, iirc), all the Atelier main characters have been adolescent, at least.

      • theris1

        He was probably trying to give that phrase the creepiest feeling possible. Too bad he was also totally unaccurate.

      • Joanna

        Yeah, I’m not a fan of the lolicon (loli characters are fine in themselves, it’s the certain demographic/genre of anime that makes them into a fetishism that I dislike), but it seems like you would have to be grasping at straws here to conclude this character is suppose to be prepubescent (which by definition means someone who has not yet undergone puberty. Visible breasts are a sure fire sign of puberty).

        That and well, this sort of art style really makes everyone seem very young. I’m sort of shocked that people with such exposure to this form of art (playing Japanese games) still can’t come to terms with the young looking 20/30 year olds and the “androgynous” males. It’s part of the art style. And in fact, this particular artist’s style isn’t even that bad. I recall that the .hack//Legend of the Twilight had a really chibi style where even clerks probably in their 30s looked like they were 15. And if I may be permitted a slight digression, anyone who reads manga regularly will know that within manga there are so many varied styles: from heavily realistic to highly cartoony and everything in between. So I don’t mean to suggest all art in Japan falls under these problems, just that it is a well known art style and anyone familiar with Japanese culture/products shouldn’t be shocked at these elements.

        So I agree with you 100% :)

    • Xeahnort

      Welcome to Japan, a country where people love under-aged girls (mostly in underwear) with huge tits are sharing a huge sausage, being raped by tentacles or having sex with relatives.

      • As opposed to the generic bald space marines of Western games. Yes, those are so much more creative.

        • I can say Im not a fan of space marines, well any marine to be honest, they all end up the same.

          • Tired, in your bed?

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            OH SNAP.

          • This kind of thing is really uncalled for.

          • @Ishaan – I know. But he just set it up too easily for me to be able to resist. ^_^

        • Zero_Destiny

          Space MARINES are XTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
          FYI GUNS ARE FOR WUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • BelmontHeir

          For some reason it won’t let me respond to your latest comment. I think you’re blowing my statements out of proportion, and I don’t think that Ishaan even necessarily “agreed” with me. The last thing I was trying to do was come across as the “Omega Man”…but, you know, you already labeled yourself an admitted pervert so I guess I don’t need to argue anything anymore. ;P

      • Guest

        you forgot groped in trains and dating guys that look like girls

    • I just have to laugh at your unease when presented with a drawing. Like morality has any sort of relevance when it comes to arts, thoughts or representations.

      But it makes no rational sense to talk about “sexualized” pre-adolescents insofar as the term contradicts itself somewhat. Giving the girl breasts makes her unlike pre-adolescents. What is the matter here is that youth itself is associated with sexuality. Which is a spectacularly benign phenomenon when thinking about standards of beauty these days. What is more specifically the matter is that you are expected to lust after an uncomfortably young girl. Anatomically speaking it’s hard to pin an age on anime drawings. In fact, what looks good on an anime drawing bears no reflection of what might look good on a human being made of flesh and bones. What also deserves mention is that Japanese women act like children to look cute all the time.

      1) Anime characters acting like children bears no reflection on any real age.

      2) An Anime character looking perhaps like a child bears no reflection on taste for real individuals.

      What is often done is that the ages are often stated outright as 10-13 year olds. Again, not too alarmed. An anime character’s age doesn’t need to be considered in parallel to normal age.

      • BelmontHeir

        I suppose I respect your opinion but I couldn’t disagree with you more, and more than that I’d say your line of thinking is rather dangerous.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          It is certainly less dangerous than what passes for acceptable pre-teen/early teenage girl behavior on Nick or Disney channel. There we are talking real underage girls portraying underage girl characters set in the here and now. All one must do is look at Miley, Lindsay and multiple others to see where that leads.

        • theris1

          What is really dangerous here is your inability to discern the difference between fictional and real characters, not to mention the idea that a cute artwork is “sexualizing” something simply because it portrays a teen girl with décolléte and exposed legs, something that is actually absolutely normal in real life, at least in the western countries.

          The one with issues here is you, if any, not Gust or those who like a drawing.

        • You know, if you think the way she thinks is dangerous, that’s the opposite of respecting her opinion.

          Still, it’s good to see you’re the official thought police here. I’d hate to be exposed to any dangerous thought.

        • mirumu

          What’s dangerous is applying the concept of human rights to fictional creations. That does nothing but lead us down the road to cultural vandalism and group-think, and in the end we all lose. I’m not entirely comfortable with overly-sexualized young girls in art myself, but art is art, and reality is reality. We mix the two at our own peril. One of the very advantages of art is that it can provide a sandbox to experiment with controversial ideas. I’m not saying that’s necessarily what’s happening here, but if we allow art or ideas we don’t like to be suppressed then no idea is safe.

          Honestly your line of thinking scares me.

          • BelmontHeir

            I never said that this cartoon had “rights” or that these games need to be regulated in some way. I merely question the judgment of people who choose to surround themselves with artwork like this on a near-constant basis (and I know some who do), as well as those who use this imagery as the chief means of marketing their game. I would say that such behavior is unhealthy. Sorry if that scares you.

          • mirumu

            Dangerous and unhealthy mean very different things, but if unhealthy is truly what you meant, then rather than scaring me I’d instead say I agree with you.

            I still don’t feel it’s quite as clear cut as you originally suggested in that there’s quite a significant gulf between a highly unrealistic depiction of a young girl and the real thing. I can certainly understand someone enjoying the cheerful and colorful designs out of artistic merit alone rather than due to any likeness or desire of actual young girls. But yes, I cannot disagree with the idea that too much focus on it is unhealthy. Of course many things we do are unhealthy unfortunately.

    • I dunno, it may sound less masculine, but I like cute things. Not in any sexual way, but cute designs are just more fun. Like how in Marvel vs Capcom 3, I enjoy an all-girl team instead of glistening man-hunks. I dunno, it doesn’t make me feel dirty at all. Not like these characters are even “real” to “objectify”. The ones arguing that are the ones who can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy in my opinion.

      That said, we had male leads in all the Iris games, so I guess it’s just female leads for the Arland games? Unless having attractive males is also “sexualization” since they may also have been “underage”?

      • To be honest, the mainline Atelier series (Where alchemy is the pure focus, and saving the world is an optional) have always been traditionally female – I have the odd feeling that it’s one of those subconscious ‘Women don’t do the gallivanting to save the world’ thing which they decided a long time ago and stuck to ever since.

        Iris and MK had an overarching storyline which involved some grand plot, and it seemed for that they decided male leads were more important.

        Then again, I’m a girl myself, so I find leading as a female works fine.

    • I’ve basically played every Atelier game since Iris to Mana Khemia to the Arland series and I have to say all of them are pretty innocent. Atelier games normaly don’t “sexify” anything, they focus on cuteness. And its not just the girls, everything from the guys to the monsters in an Atelier game is meant to be adorable ( Just look at Sterk’s combat model). There shouldn’t be anything wrong with liking cute things. That being said, I love Atelier games for their casual alchemy systems and charming character stories ( and the Battle system for Mana Khemia).

    • HarryHodd

      These games are about an alchemist student or the next young alchemist protege’ that comes along to run the Alchemy shop. It wouldn’t make sense to have an older women in the title role and Roronas youth and inexperience is what makes her such a fun character.

      That and an imagination is something that can envision several different scenarios, why does it always have to be about sex?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Or a historical understanding that 10-13 was the time frame one became an apprentice. The concept of adulthood not starting until 22-25 is a post WWII Western culture creation when a higher education degree became first widely accessible and then required.

    • I think it is you. You are the one perceiving some sort of sexualization when others can look at it and just go, “Oh. Whatever.”

      • BelmontHeir

        I think if you asked most anyone outside of the anime/otaku community, they would agree with me.

        The spotlight, highlighting her breasts and thighs? I’m not sure there’s any way to excuse that. o_O

        • theris1

          Yeah, a joke on breast size (a sober one, at that) is completely unexcusable, horrible and worthy of a thousand deaths.

          Really guy, in what kind of reality are you living? I can understand your reasoning if you aren’t able to joke about sex and innuendo with anyone in a hundred miles area and every girl around you is dressed in burka, making exposed legs incredibly erotic, otherwise you are making no sense at all.

          • BelmontHeir

            When people can’t win an argument in a logical fashion, they turn around and make it about YOU – that you’re the one with the problem.

            Yeah, I’m disconnected from reality – I’m a supporter of $#%*in Sharia Law – all because I think there’s something creepy about loli art?

          • theris1

            Reading comprehension (or maybe good faith?) isn’t your strongest trait, I gather.

            I never accused you of supporting any kind of religious law.

            My reasoning is simply that if you can’t stomach a totally bland joke on breast size and if you are unable to avoid thinking about sex (or the prospect of sexualization) seeing a décolléte and some exposed legs in a drawn teen girl then yes, the issue is all yours and maybe derives from the context where you live, since both things are absolutely normal in all western countries and won’t induce any “dirty” thought.

            Also, I as well as other users answered some other posts of yours pointing out how absurd it is for you to think to be able to stick your ideas upon others without anyone pondering if maybe those ideas can be traced back to the one who thought them first, i.e. you. If you see sexualization where there’s none, maybe it’s in your mind rather than in that (absolutely normal) artwork.

            I could’ve understood this rant (and maybe supported it, to a degree) if we were talking about ar tonelico or agarest’s fanservice or real hentai material, but this is really getting out of hand. Next stop is having only over-30 years old characters with full dress, maybe with ID cards included in the limited editions to show the thought police that they are really (fictionally) mature characters because some people can’t deal with teen or simply young drawings without thinking about sex, or about how terrible it would be if someone else was thinking about sex, and so on.

        • I don’t consider myself a member of the anime community. I couldn’t name a single Bleach or Naruto character, I don’t have Evangelion figures all over my apartment, and while I may have a piece of signed Toshio Maeda art, it was more because we thought it’d be funny to see if he’d sign my friend’s panties if she was dressed like a schoolgirl.

          You’re seeing things that say more about you than the actual creations. I’m one of the biggest perverts I know, by my own admission (and having grown up in the porn industry, that’s saying something), and I don’t see anything wrong with this. It’s not like, say, Xenosaga, where there were constant Momo panty-shots where there didn’t need to be. This is just a young girl, not even dressed particularly sexy.

          You are projecting your own subconscious with these protests.

          • To be fair, there’s a big old shot of her bloomers in that video, which really didn’t need to be there either. I get where he’s coming from, and I understand where Ereek’s coming from, too.

            It does look like they went “OK, some bloomers here, some ‘moe’ there…all right, done!” If these games really aren’t oversexualized for no reason, Gust certainly aren’t trying to prevent people from thinking they are.

          • malek86

            Makes sense though. These games are aimed at a niche audience which is probably, at least for a good percentage, into otaku stuff too. And otaku today means moe seeker. The moe factor will definitely increase sales. It worked for Rorona and Totori.

            Besides, the moe will probably mostly be in the promotional material. You have to catch attention somehow. It’s like using naked women in car ads, even though the car doesn’t actually come with a naked woman. Unless you go and pick one up with your brand new car.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            And it really is a valid point about how others may see it. I worked at a game store with folks who d*mn well knew what the ‘culture of cute’ was. And even they thought I could be a bit overboard with my love for all things NISA, Aksys or Atlus. Cultural attitudes are well established things, and often well established for good reasons.

          • And don’t get started on some of the marketting for Totori when it came out? I recall fans of one of the female’s uh… Bloomers? No, hotpants?, Um, leotard? being splashed around in stores.

            Uh… Actually fashion designers couldn’t explain what the heck she was wearing (And one of the jokes in Totori revolves around said character’s outfit.)

            It does say a lot how you react to a certain picture, and it’s both ways too.

          • But you must keep in mind that this is 2011. Bloomers haven’t been viewed as erotic since the beginning of the last century. You can find women walking down the street where I live, wearing less (although obviously not until summer). If this conversation had been happening a hundred years ago, I could certainly see this as being a case of a young girl inappropriately displayed, but in this day and age, I’d go so far as to say that she comes off as innocent, if anything, dressed in that manner. Quaint, even.

    • theris1

      If you aren’t able to enjoy cutesy artwork without thinking about sex (or about someone else who is sexualizing them, which is actually almost the same) then no offence, but maybe you’re better off staying away from this kind of titles.

      We aren’t talking about Ar Tonelico’s innuendo, Agarest’s fanservice CG or some hentai, this picture really hasn’t anything even remotely wrong, at least if we aren’t going the Taliban way saying that having uncovered legs and a moderate décolléte is immoral.

      Also, there isn’t any “pre-pubescent girl with overly developed breasts” here. This character is a teen girl with an absolutely normal physique (again, décolléte == gigantic breasts).

      Of course you are free to contradict me if you have asked her (fictional) ID card to check her (fictional) data, or maybe you will feel better contacting her (fictional) parental authorities to ask if they are fine with her being a (fictional)cute alchemist in a JRPG?

      • In GB and a few other countries, the girl being real is not a requirement to determine child pornography, with an ‘appears to be’ clause in place. The cutoff mark? 18.

        I’ve yet to see a case where it’s happened, but I’m waiting for the day when an expert witness is called into a case to determine if a fictional picture is 17 or 18.

        It’s complex legal stuff (There’s other applications, which aren’t game related where this sort of legal ambiguity comes into play), and fun, if you don’t think about how absurd (or dangerous) things would get…

    • >pre-pubescent

      You….know how puberty works right? :P
      and yes it is only wrong if you have that mindset, there are other interactions to be had beyond can I shag it or kill it? Hell, Gust’s games have a huge female fanbase for one thing.

    • malek86

      Uhm, this is not nearly as bad as other games. She looks young-ish, but then, the game shouldn’t be about innuendo and stuff. I know Rorona and Totori weren’t about that, so I say this will be the same.

      If anything, I’d criticize her lack of practical sense. What’s the point of wearing a skirt if it’s so short it doesn’t even cover your bloomers? I guess I’ll never understand fashion.

      Reminds me of Koudelka, the main girl there had an impossibly short skirt too… but not bloomers, so every time she so much as took a step, resulted in a gratuitous panty shot.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Far as I can tell, Nep Nep doesn’t have anything underneath that hoodie but blue and white striped panties. It must be darn cold down there when walking through Lowee!

        • malek86

          We could just assume it’s a very heavy-weight hoodie, and her thighhighs are made entirely of wool or something. That should keep her warm.

          As for the lack of decency, well, it probably doesn’t matter when everybody you meet is either a woman or a black shadow.

        • (this is a reply to your comment below)

          Yea, cultural difference is definitely the key here. It might be cute, but to a lot of people, regardless of whether they’re into anime/manga or not, it can be too cute or maybe even bordering on creepy. How old you are has a lot to do with it as well. I know that I feel uncomfortable looking at certain kinds of imagery now, even if it’s entirely fictional.

          That’s just how things work. Entertainment exists within the real world and you can’t blame people for relating the two on some level.

          Also going to reply to Malek’s comment here:

          I don’t know if the obsession with moe can used to define Japan as a whole, as much as publishers sometimes make it appear that way. What the very vocal ‘moe’ nerd community in Japan likes may not be representative of what the whole of Japan likes at all.

          Let’s consider the fact that Gust games don’t exactly light up the charts over there, despite the fact that they’ve been around just as long as some other brands. Compare them to, say, Level 5 and you can tell the difference between a mainstream success and the desires of a very vocal minority.

          I don’t know if Gust really care either. It’s easier to keep making the same kind of game and satisfying the same audience that you’ve come to associate yourself with over the years than to really try something different, which is why you see the same “type” of game over and over. It works for the moment, but long-term, it’s a dangerous situation to be in.

          • malek86

            It’s definitely a risky strategy long-term, but today it seems that small-medium sized companies have a rough time trying to increase in size. Especially in Japan.

            Although, in the future, they’ll eventually have to reinvent themselves, or things will go down the drain. Look at Shiren, each game has been similar to the previous one, and each game has been selling less than the previous one. Chunsoft will have to think of something fast.

          • Myself, I would rather a company add to their portfolio, rather than reinvent themselves. Continue to do what made you popular, what gave you your audience, but do other things in addition.

            If you represent any sort of niche, it is imperative that you respect the audience that allowed you to keep your head above water in the first place. Lose them and you have nothing, especially if you manage to gain any sort of mainstream credibility, because every trend changes, and when the trend no longer favors you, you ONLY have the original audience left, and then only if you kept them happy.

            Should they do different things? Of course. Should they stop doing what they’re doing in order to do those different things? No.

          • BelmontHeir

            Thanks for being the voice of reason, mate. For a little while I kinda felt like I got ganged up on here.

          • I don’t think anyone ganged up on you. It’s more that other people said, “I disagree with how you view it.” And you turned around and labeled the opinions of some of those people “dangerous,” which is a very absolutist way of looking at things. You don’t like something that doesn’t bother others, fine. That is your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it. But you went out of your way to be all, “NO, you people are wrong and it’s horrible and perverted!” like you were the last sane man on earth or something and the rest of us were degenerate hippies. This is not Omega Man.

            Even here, someone agreeing with you is the voice of “reason.” So, what you are basically saying is that the only “reasonable” viewpoint is your own. You can’t expect people to not treat you like an extremist when you were acting like one.

      • Oh, Koudelka…if ever there was a game in need of an HD remake or at the very least, a slot in the Playstation One Classics section of the PS Store…

        • malek86

          Oh, so you want to see panty shots in HD.

          • I’d say you can never have enough panty shots, but then I played Xenosaga. lol

    • DlanorKnox

      There isn’t much sexualization of the characters in the Atelier games.

      As a straight female I like the cutesy art. I’d take it over logic defying skimpy costumes any day.

  • malek86

    The way these girls dress, you’d expect them to freeze to death during winter.

    Not that I mind my girls being frozen.

    • Silly dood, they don’t need warm clothes. Their clothes are chock full of fire fonons. :)

      • malek86

        But those clothes don’t cover the legs. At worst, they’ll need to have them amputated after severe frostbite. It doesn’t help that most of them seem to live in places where there is a lot of snow during winter.

        • Well, I dunno if you got that ToA reference but…

          Has there ever been a JRPG when characters wore winter wear during these occasions? “Ever?”

          • malek86

            Uhm, I didn’t play many Tales games.

            Anyway… I think there might have been some… I just don’t know any myself. But it doesn’t seem too farfetched. I’ll have to take a look around.

          • Is likely referring to this:


          • Zero_Destiny

            YES!!!! In Tales of Destiny II(Eternia) When you have to climb a snowy mountain top all the main charas buy winter jackets and snow pants before going. Their sprites even change too. Then after said event they never wear the jackets ever again. lol

          • SolidusSnake

            Come to think of it, you had to buy winter clothes in Tales of Destiny I for one section when you go through the ice country, although their appearance didn’t change. That game sucked, though.

  • “Princess x Maid x Butler”

    Ah, typical Gust. ^^

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Dump the x Butler!

      • Why? The Butler is necessary for appealing to the female audience as well. :)

        • M’iau M’iaut

          I’ll accept that long as the Butler is like Hayate, making a harem out of all the princesses and maids!

          • What if he turns out to be a Sebastian? :)

          • Then we win.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Then we would need to find a means to merge worlds and put Wilhemina in as Senior Maid.

      • I’m expecting a female butler, myself.

        • DanteJones

          Hmm, Whim cameo? Although she was a maid in Khemia, I think she would look pretty cool wearing a butler’s attire.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Gust x Arland x Poster = Me really want this!!!!! XD

  • HarryHodd

    Such beautiful art. That field shot looks great.

    Rorona surprised me by how addictive it is. Definitely on board for the trilogy.

    Edit: I can’t wait to see in-game footage.

  • Xeahnort

    i hope this new entry goes for PS3 instead of PSP or NGP.

  • Ereek

    I love Atelier, but the main character’s art is feeling rather same-y to me this time.

    I’m not sure what happened.

  • Why no male character lead? :( Anyway, the character design is rather, hm, bland?

    • Zero_Destiny

      I like the design myself. Besides we don’t need EVERY GAME staring a male. I didn’t see you complain about Final Fantasy XIII or XIII-2. Female leads are fine by me.

      • Its way easier to enjoy a game with a male lead than with a female one I think (Bayonetta was an exception).

        • Zero_Destiny

          Wait not to question your taste but why is it way easier? Do you have something against playing as a women? Is it harder for you to to relate to a female or do you not you think females aren’t as compelling leads as a male? Do you feel a female lead is only meant for fanservices? I mean why is it easier for you? Personally I think it shouldn’t matter if the lead is female or male the chara is what matters. Like if the main chara is a @ss I won’t be able to get behind said chara whether it’s male or female.

          • I dont know, perhaps its just easier to relate to if it is a male character. Often times I find myself connecting with them more than with females. Even with Bayonetta and Lightning, I dont think I connected, it was just more of playing for the sake that they had flashy attacks, whereas say, Hope, had an intriguing past and character, looked so stunningly awesome, and was just overall cool. In western style games, fortunately with the advent of character creature, I havent had to endure playing as those military brutes, etc, though Nathan Drake was cool but not one to connect with (impure motives? gruff?). Though in RPGS, typically always males, Zephyr, Hope, Edge Maverick, Allegretto and Frederic Chopin, Almaz, Laharl, I could go on and on. (WRPGs female, for the sake of voice)

            Though fan service is awesome.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I see. It’s kind of sad to me. Reminds me of when I was younger and totally refused to play any thing or watch anything that didn’t star a male because “girls were stupid”. lol To each his own and I’m glad to see a REAL response from you but I do feel sorry for you. Limiting yourself to only male charas means you can miss out on a lot. Anyways your choice.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Hey when I started PSO I knew I could spend hundreds of hours looking at the a*s of a RAmar or a FOnewearl. The choice really wasn’t that hard to make.

            @ Zero English can let you have wordplay too! But our resident English Xpert already knows that I’m sure.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I didn’t mean that kind of @ss lol But seriously I don’t like those Dark brooding main charas who are complete @ssholes. I can’t get behind them. Like Squall in Final Fantasy VIII. What a whinny jerk. “There’s no such thing as good and evil, there only two opposing sides.” Yeah why don’t you tell that to all the victims of war. You @ss. Besides by the end you Definitely picked your side so who are you to talk. Jerk.

          • I think it ruins the point of the word being censored to utilize the “@”…

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Sawada I think you’re an idiot but you don’t see me saying that to you face to face or without reason. If someone wants to censor let them. Their being respectful. Something you know little about. :P

          • I can’t say for sure, since I’m a chick. But my brother says that he can’t play games that star a female lead because he finds it to be awkward. If there is romance in the story, he would feel strange running around wooing men. Not to say that it’s so bad seeing things through the eyes of a woman, it’s just that it makes it awkward to relate to.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Wow there. YOU’RE A WOMAN!!!! My mind is blown! I’ll never think about you in the same way again. lol I kid. I don’t know. The Romance thing would defiantly be awkward but I don’t think that’s really an issue here. Besides if you’re too afraid to play as a woman you’ll miss out on some of the best games ever like Metroid, Perfect Dark, and Final Fantasy VI. Such great games. :) Really I think anyone can relate to any WELL WRITTEN fictional chara regardless of their gender. I’m sure there was a male chara you felt that you could relate to. But then again I don’t think I’ll start and play Otome games even though I’ve been falling in love with VN’s lol So I guess you got something. But with Atelier I don’t think it’s a big deal.

          • alundra311

            He just wants a male lead for fanservice and look at his @ss. ;)

        • Xenosaga, Persona 3 Portable, and Valkyrie Profile 2 would like to argue with you.

          • I never did the female main character story in portable. Never played Xenosaga nor a Valkyrie Profile game.

          • theris1

            Your loss.

          • “Never played Xenosaga”

            All my energy to argue with you has just turned to pity. Let me go fetch a hot soup for you, poor child.

          • Natat

            You… never… played… Xenosaga…


          • @Everyone who is reacting to his statement with disdain.

            He only started gaming this generation.

          • @ Everyone surprised he hasn’t played Xenosaga because he started gaming this generation: I started taking gaming seriously since 64/PSX gen and hasn’t played Xenosaga either. (Doesn’t mean it isn’t on my list of games to play SOMEDAY tho, along with the Tales games.)

          • malek86

            I haven’t played Xenosaga either, but I can chalk it up to Namco hating Europe.

          • Soma

            @ Everyone:

            Xenosaga was nowhere near as good as Xenogears. Just sayin’.

          • @Soma: Can’t we say they were both amazing in their own ways :3

          • Valkyrie Profile is more an exception, and P3P had a male lead too, while Xenosaga had Jr. who obviously was the main male lead in the series. :P

        • I feel the exact opposite.

      • He’s still holding out for Hope to be the main character.

    • Atelier Iris 1,2, and 3 all had Male leads.
      Mana Khemia had a male lead. MK 2 and a male and a female lead.
      Give the girls a chance to shine!

      Also, I don’t know your art sense, but those designs are beautiful.

      • Ereek

        The art is beautiful, it’s the design that is rather bland. Uninspired, even. It just feels too similar to Rorona’s and Totori’s to me.

        • Is it really that strange that a game’s designs look similar to the last instalment of it?

          • Ereek

            It’s not that, it’s just that they feel somewhat copy-paste. It’s, as I said, above, uninspired. Nothing catches my eye as interesting.
            To get an idea of what this feels like to me: Let’s say you’re walking down the street. In front of you are three women, all with bleach blonde hair, breast implants, and tight pants. You know the look, it’s perhaps the most unoriginal look for women out there. It might look nice (to guys), but it’s uninspired and overused. Its novelty has worn off.
            Or, another example would be the not-so-recent obsession by western developers of adventure games to have a gruff, 30-something brunette male as the main character who usually is only partially shaved and likely has a smirk or a grimace of some sort.

            The same-y look worked well in Marie and Elie and Judie/Violet because it was a more subtle outfit. Less over-the-top and was used as more of a uniform. I’m not getting that feeling here, but I do realize that’s what they’re going for.

          • I guess thats fair enough.

          • Sort of like the almost painfully clear same-y transition of Rinoa-Garnet-Yuna-Ashe-Lightning? I swear they were all cut from almost the same cloth, but in the end… I guess it’s the world surrounding them and their co-stars who make them unique. Or fail to.

          • @NickyD – it’s funny you should say that, because that was always one of my ex’s hugest complaints about the Final Fantasy games. “These girls all have the same face with different hair!”

      • Hm, when I think of beautiful designs, I think of the characters created by the phenomenal Hiro Mashima, Tite Kubo, CLAMP, Eita Mizuno, and Kishimoto (well only three females were beautiful in the series…)

      • See, I didn’t even know about the male leads in the Iris games, as I never played those, although I was talking about games that specifically have “Atelier” in the title. Learn something new every day.

    • I don’t think the Atelier games have ever had a male lead. Why should they start now?

      Wait…that was a rhetorical question. I don’t actually want you to give me your theory on why they should.

    • I kinda of agree though. It would be interesting to see an Atelier game with a male lead again. I know about the Iris series and the Mana Khemia series, but having a moe male would be cute, no?

      Anyway, I don’t think the character design is bland. But most Atelier games have the same style of dress anyway. So they all just kinda seem the same to me.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Moé Males in an Atelier game. I got it!!!! The best combination game ever. Atelier Hetalia: Axis Alchemy. Yes it’ll sell millions XD

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      I’d rather have more female leads.

  • please tell me its for PS3

    • PurpleDoom

      Almost certainly, all main series Atelier games have been for PS systems. No need to worry.

    • It’s either PS3 or NGP. I’d be betting on PS3, though.

  • DanteJones

    Oh, silly Gust, surely you meant to announce Totori being released outside Japan, right? Hahaha.


    • Kunio_kun


    • DlanorKnox

      Yeah, I really got my hopes up for a second there.

    • Wait a second, from memory, Totori’s been dated, if I recall correctly…


      • DanteJones

        Wait, really? Crap, must’ve missed it somehow, my bad.

        • Er, you might have not, and I’m kinda worried that I might have let something slip from one of my sources I wasn’t supposed to now… (Not a Siliconera source, I maintain my own source lists, for various reasons.)

          Uh, just in case, can we just say ‘Very, very likely’ in case I accidentally broke embargo?

          • DanteJones

            Of course! As far as I know they have no plans to localize it at this time. :)

          • Kai2591


  • Haven’t even played Totori yet but this looks great, looking forward to seeing the rest of the characters, hopefully it’s even bigger than Totori which was already huge compared to the ample content of Rorona.

  • theris1

    neat, i hope nisa announces totori’s american release soon.

  • Is that more of Kishida mel’s art I see?

    He’s the whole reason why I bought Rorona.

  • Oh, Gust… Quite possibly the only people who have mastered the art of combining Moe in to a quite compelling RPG game (Hyperdimension Neptunia?). Guess they figured it was time they gave their ‘Alchemist of Arland series’ a bit more love. I approve!

  • kroufonz

    more gust with kishida mel cute and beautiful art!
    wish NISA could use kishida art in their US game box cover art (maybe they can start with totori)-_-

    still waiting for totori (and dreaming the third game doesn’t take long time to be released in the west)

  • FireCouch

    It sucks how almost every new RPG this generation has such a baby anime feel to it.

  • Can this site get some larger images?

    • NEVER.

    • It’s the awesome tease these small pictures are, that makes us want the described games even more! :D

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome Gust :D

    hopefully they do release this outside along with Totori :P

  • Soma

    Maybe the GUST fan in me is starting to die, but I’m becoming less interested in their games.
    Don’t get me wrong, they’re still good and all, but I’m having a hard time enjoying Rorona. It’s making it hard for me to be excited about any forthcoming releases.

    • Don’t worry. From what I’ve seen, Totori is a huge overhaul over Rorona =D

      • Soma

        That is reassuring. =)
        I really want to like Rorona, but the gameplay is lacking. Love the characters, though.

        • DanteJones

          Rorona started off pretty slow for me too, but yeah just give it some time and it starts rubbing off on you. :D

    • HarryHodd

      How far are you? It takes a while to get the hang of it.

      • Soma

        I haven’t played in awhile (too busy with Radiant Historia and many other games), but, last I remember, I was at least 10 hours into the game. The story is good, the characters are great, and synthesizing is still a lot of fun, but the combat is just awful.
        Combat has never really been a main focus of the Atelier games and it’s usually been pretty straight forward, but come on, Gust! At least make it a little more dynamic.
        Combat and the time limit are the only things that are really keeping me from loving these games. Oh, and the translation isn’t the greatest, in my opinion. Thank goodness for the Japanese voice track. =3

  • BadenBadenPrinny


  • Sakurazaki

    I reaaally want to know the artist for this and the previous Rorona/Totori~

    • It’s Kishida Mel ( 岸田 メル )

  • Kai2591

    Win x Forever = GUST

  • Im still waiting for Rorona…

    Ahh looks good. but GUST, remember you guys also make some great rpgs too! D:

  • I love the character design. It’s so cute.

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