Did You Know Ignition Tried To License Blood Of Bahamut From Square Enix?

By Spencer . March 8, 2011 . 5:17pm

image Under Shane Bettenhausen’s guise Ignition Entertainment remains committed to bringing Japanese games overseas. Here’s one behind the scenes story – Ignition tried to license Blood of Bahamut from Square Enix.


"Square, we actually tried to bring out Blood of Bahamut for DS," Bettenhausen said in a Siliconera interview. "But, Square very rarely licenses things out. They are very reticent. Unless you’re Nintendo they’re probably not going to license it."


The Nintendo DS game has players fight giants like Shiva and Ifrit who are summoned monsters in other Final Fantasy games. Think & Feel, the studio that created Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, developed the title and Square Enix chose not to publish it outside of Japan. Check our playtest for more details about Blood of Bahamut.


I asked Bettenhausen to elaborate on the proposal. "We just contacted them and they weren’t interested in licensing it. That was the kind of deal where they [Square Enix] were probably not going to publish it here so it was worth a shot," Bettenhausen replied.

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  • Almost two years since the release and still no interest in releasing it? Screw you, Square Enix.

    Thank you for trying Ignition.

    • Aoshi00

      Heard this one is a stinker as well.. Like Sigma Harmonics, probably a blessing they didn’t come over…

      • Really? It’s that bad?

        • Yeah, is kinda dull, like, all there are is the battles (and most of your actions will be, touch the giant golem on the horizon, run, touch him run, kill some guys around by touching them… and so on) and between them, was just some dialogue, and a window where you save, buy stuff or equip. I didnt found what i could understand of the story that interesting either…

          The graphics are great though

          • Not to mention you get to strip a giant Shiva

      • Sigma Harmonics, THAT is a game i would LOVE to see here, seriously, but the horizontal texts must be hard to deal with… But the game wasn’t bad, this one was bad (blood of bahamuth), but sigma harmonics…, it was pretty good, interesting, great graphics/drawings and an interesting story. The card/sound battle system was interesting, and that *attack front, left behind right* thing was awesome xD

        Actually…., what happened to that ATLUS (i think?) game for psp, that was close to the persona 3 system (with school sim, and demons), but it had horizontal texts? Do you remember the name?

        • Aoshi00

          I didn’t like it so much, really regret spending $60 on it.. the card battles were pretty repetitive…I really couldn’t piece those clues together before the boss (actually I couldn’t even tell where to find all the necessary clues, they seem arbitrary), I thought it’s pretty far fetched and impossible unless you look up a FAQ, but that defeats the point of the murder mystery puzzle.. and you don’t get to go anywhere other than inside the mansion right? It just felt like deja vu to me.. w/ the same people getting killed over and over.. The Hamauzu music is the only thing I liked about it though.. I thought it was wasted on the game.. but both Sigma and Bahamut bombed, so maybe that’s why S-E didn’t want them to be brought over.. I don’t think the vertical text is a problem at all.. Hm.. I’m not sure which Atlus game you’re referring to.. not Infinite Loop right? I didn’t like that game so much either..

          • Haha, yeah, you dont get out of the mansion, but i loved the game’s style and the battle system with the rythm and change the girl’s body, etc.
            But yeah, i wouldnt pay 60$ for it, maybe 40$ max.

            Ummm infinite loop? I searched google and siliconera’s searcher and didnt found it…

            I remember Siliconera talked a lot about that game before, i think it was 1st person dungeon…? I dont remember, i just remember reading about it in siliconera, that it was for ps3, i think it had horizontal dialogues, and it was close to persona 3….

          • Aoshi00

            I got it for the bonus drama CD (and Hirano Aya), but didn’t really listen to it because I didn’t like the game.. I think even $10 was too much though, Sigma had been in the bargain bin for the longest time..

            Infinite Loop was like a visual novel, had a similar concept, you play as the ghost of a prince, he keeps repeating the same events in order to prevent certain bad things or death happening to others, felt literally deja vu.. it was a bit interesting but quite repetitive, also I got really stuck at one point and just gave up..


          • Is the one Chippel mentioned Tokyo Mono Hara Shi! xD, did you got that game?

            And then infinite Loop is that bad? Or you just got stuck and got bored because of that? o.o

          • Aoshi00

            I thought you were referring to Tokyo Mono Hara Shi, but I didn’t know it was on PS3? I thought it was on the DS or PSP? Nah, I just got the more recent Tsukumonogatari on PSP and played only a bit, it’s kinda plain… but I’m a bit discouraged because it has rec’d across the board bad reviews and rated mediocre (at best) compared to games like Tokyo Mono Hara shi..

            Hm.. Infinite Loop was interesting (it was a Nipponichi game btw) like Shadow of Destiny, but it was repetitive, you have to go thru the same time line again and again but pick different choices to alter the path and change the course of events (the prince’s ghost could possess other chars and get a different perspective).. I couldn’t deviate from this one path and got several game overs.. I guess I would’ve kept playing if I didn’t get stuck.. the art and voice acting are pretty good, just too much deja vu..

            What bugged me the most about Sigma was the mostly arbitrary and impossible puzzles (the fact that they could be skipped over proves that), that was what drew me to the game, the mystery part.. and the random encounters just got in the way.. Hamauzu soundtrack was good though.

          • Ops, sorry, i said in my first post it was for psp, but in my second post trying to describe it i said ps3, sorry for that xD

        • Chippel

          Tokyo Mono Hara Shi? It came out last year in Japan, but I guess there’s little-no chance of a localization.

          • That’s the one!!! Thanks a lot lol, i was having a hard time remembering

          • Great man, thanks! I was really interested in the game, but couldn’t remember the name of it…now I can finally buy it, phew~ xD

          • Chippel

            If you get it, I’m pretty sure some of us wouldn’t mind an opinion on the game. Perhaps on Bounce or something… Just saying. I hope you like it. ^^

      • lostinblue

        I dunno about that, but perhaps it’s a blessing it didn’t come over by the hands of ignition. They screwed up too many games already.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Say what you want about Ignition, but hey. They tried. They have balls.

    • Kunio_kun

      “You have balls. I like balls.” – Team America, World Police

  • I checked the game out a while ago, the game’s graphics were really impressive, but it wasnt thaaaat good… Still, it *might* had been nice to get it

    • ;_;… the name…. wheres mah Wild Arms 6 for PS3 Media.Vision D:!

      • Yes T_T! what the hell they doin’, they have a great franchise here and they are making it die with the time, and im sure a lot of people are still willing to play more of WildArms D:

        • landlock

          UBI Soft managed to get Drakengard 2 guess they just need the right deal to come along.

        • landlock

          I loved Wild ARMs 1-3 but 4/5 were OK but they were no where near the standard of the first three. They really needed to come up with some different ideas if there gonna do a WA6.

          • Yeah, they should really go back to the story’s style from WA 1-2-3, and they really killed lots of fans with WA4 T_T

          • Can’t say I liked 4 myself, though 5 was quite funny, but probably because I started the series with it, lol. And I love how Yoko from Tengen Toppa, is almost obviously a homage of Rebecca. xD
            I agree with you both, though, the first three were exceptionally good. :D

          • Yeah lol, but the ending was just like “aw D:!”
            It was pretty cool though, it would had been cooler if there was some post game, and Dean tries to change the destiny of you know who with that ending

      • You aren’t the only one that would like to see that. I just started getting into the franchise through Wild Arms Alter Code F and, while I have been told to avoid 4 by almost every fan of the series I know, I’m curious to play the rest of them.

        • If you get the chance, you should really get WildArms 2 from PSN, since i doubt you can find the ps1 ver. xD, or if you find it used somewhere, get WA3 for ps2, those are great rpgs, with great music, and great “wild west” themed feeling, nice story, and great characters/battles.

          I specially love WA2, that game is my favorite of all, maybe now the story might be more cliche at some parts (but it will still surprise you, im sure, specially the part where you change CDs, it’s just awesome)

          And yes, skip WA4, and you can try WA5, the story is more mainstream in my opinion, and the MC is like a kid, but he has his moments. The battle system is different than WA1,2,3 though, is interesting, with the hex system, is like a new turn based system.

          Is not bad, but i wouldnt mind either if they go back to the good and old turn based system battle.

          • alundra311

            Wild Arms 2 is a really good game. Played it but never got to finish it because of school. Aside from Radiant Historia, I’m currently playing Breath of Fire IV (one of the best PS1 RPGs ever which I never got to finish before either) and I’ll be sure to play WA2 after I finish.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        It exists. It’s called… Resonance of Fate.

        Uncanny similarities and joking aside, I don’t think WA6 is happening. The original creator/ director left Media.Vision to form his own company, Witchcraft or something. A lot of people who worked on the Wild Arms games left with him. Don’t know what they’re doing. Last title M.W made was apparently an iPhone title for Square. That was a couple years ago(?). Haven’t heard from them since. :(

        This discussion is totally off topic, so… Square should invest the money they saved from not localizing Blood of Bahamut towards a M.W developed WA6.

        • Hahaha yeah, this went out so off topic xD Seriously, the graphics and style used for WA5 was great, it was always my dream to play an RPG where the world map is normal sized in reference of the MC, so is like, you are always inside the world, and the graphics, characters faces in WA5, were just great, the ps2 never stops to amaze me.

          Lol resonance of fate, well, if only it had a more “wild west” “cowoy” feeling, it might do the trick…
          Let’s all hope for a future where we see a WildArms 6 in the horizon

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I agree. Wish they took the bold WA5 anime style to the next level. It was so stylish.

            Resonance of Fate, closest we’ve got man, telling you. Hexes, guns, dying planet, bounty hunters/ guns-for-hire, I think I’ve said this before though… O_o


          • Omfg O_O Som..something weird happened here, now that i saw that picture… This is just way too close to be truth…. or is just our imagination doing tricks to us?!

  • They should try to localize The Last Ranker on PSP ;) I didn’t play it but the soundtrack, made by Yoko Shimomura, is amazing !!

    battle theme > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ-aQ4YcWSw&feature=related

    • Yes they should!, That game is awesome and the main theme is great

  • PrinceHeir

    that sucks :

    thank you for trying ignition :P

  • JustaGenericUser

    Or maybe Square Enix turned you guys down because you suck.

  • Jirin

    If a company has no intention of releasing a game of theirs overseas they should license it to third parties. The only reason I can think of not to is if they want to specifically customize their brand by region: Which is a slap in the face to fans whose tastes are not typical of the region.

    • Joanna

      Well to be fair, I’m sure SquareEnix doesn’t want any random company messing with anything even remotely related to Final Fantasy to maintain the quality of the localization for the brand. And given Ignition’s track record, they were right to reject them. No offence, but compared to FFXII and XIII, (say what you will about the games themselves) Ignition’s localizations aren’t that good.

      And I was hoping the game would be brought over, but a few Siliconera readers are saying it’s pretty bland, so maybe SE just thought the game wasn’t up to par and passed on it.

  • neo_firenze

    I went ahead and imported Blood of Bahamut after it became apparent that it wasn’t making it out of Japan. It isn’t incredible, but it’s not a terrible game. Graphics are quite nice and it makes decent use of the touchscreen. It’s a bit grindy (repeating missions again and again to grind for exp/items). One downside for western audiences is that it’s somewhat geared toward local multiplayer (think teaming up a la Monster Hunter), and that’s something that doesn’t really go over so well outside of Japan.

    Soundtrack is terrific though – by Naoshi Mizuta of Final Fantasy XI fame (FFXI and its expansions also have absolutely stellar music). Honestly the Mizuta soundtrack is what pushed me over the edge to get the game, and in that respect I wasn’t let down in the slightest.

    • Aoshi00

      I think that’s the main problem, an almost impossible or at least a very grindy (=not very fun) for single player, that’s the same problem I had w/ Wizard of Oz.. and what are the chances people playing local co-op on this you know… I know that’s not my type of game..

      All in all, I don’t think people are missing much, there’s probably a very good reason why Sigma Harmonics and Bahamut are staying in Jpn, they’re not bad games (I thought Sigma was though), but are mediocre at best. They even bombed and weren’t well rec’d in Jpn anyway, forever in bargain bin..

  • Soma

    While I do own an import copy of this game, it would have been nice to have a North American release.
    I can definitely understand why Square-Enix hasn’t published it here.
    Very brave of Ignition to at least try to get this one published.

  • nyoron

    I happened to be in Japan a week or so after this launched and I saw numerous stores selling it at a large discount. I remember thinking “wait… didn’t this just come out?” If it did that poorly I’m surprised Square Enix wasn’t interested in trying to make some extra licensing money on it.

  • Phlo

    Even if they offered to localize Sigma Harmonics, I don’t want Ignition touching anything I want to play, ever again.

    • fallen

      What did they botch?

      • MPHavoc

        The english dub of Arc Rise Fantasia, which was rather uninpired(though it’s nowhere near the bland mediocrity of Chaos Wars). Other than that blemish, they’re a pretty solid localization company for JRPGs.

  • Zero_Destiny

    For some reason when I saw the headline with Bahamut and Square I figured it was Bahamut’s Lagoon [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahamut_Lagoon] and was like awesome. :) So they want to bring the Wii VC version here but I guess I was wrong. :( I guess Bahamut anything has a hard time leaving Japan. :(

    • Yui

      Bahamut Lagoon does have a translation patch already, though. It’s not ideal (certainly not the best way to enjoy the game), but it can be enjoyed. :D

      • Zero_Destiny

        I know!!! but I WANT TO OWN IT!!!! (Plus how do you think I played it back then *grins evilly*)

        • Yui

          I know!!! I want to own it too!! But I’d really rather own Treasure of the Rudras first, if you don’t mind. ;P

          • Zero_Destiny

            Also Treasure Hunter G (Sting all the way baby), Cyber Knight 1&2, the unreleased (for the west) Mother games, Live-A-Live, amazing Seiken Densetsu 3, and of course the masterpiece Terranigma. Which you Europeans were lucky enough to get. Us Americans can’t handle Religious references, and awesome games. Argh so many great games I won’t be able to own. :( The list still goes on but listing anymore just makes me sad.

          • … You mean we couldn’t. At least for the religious references.

          • Yui

            I find this list to be most depressing. Most depressing indeed. ;_;
            …on the other hand, yay for being European, I guess? It makes a nice change. :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Lee I put “can’t handle” in italics because I was being a smart Alec. lol

  • Nice of Square Enix to let the fan translators do it instead. Okay, fan translating groups! Over to you guys now…

  • Nintendo mentioned that they wanted to try and release more RPGs here in the US (mentioning this title, plus others) before the 3DS’s release date… but looks like it didn’t really work out too well. XD Oh well, it was worth a try, I suppose. Nice try, Ignition. lol I had a friend who was hoping this game would come out in English b/c he wanted it too.

  • My first reaction was to be mad at Sqaure but after viewing comments that the game isn’t any good I’m not fussed.

  • Way to go S-E

  • At least they tried.

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